Game Grumps Office Tour!

  • Published on Jul 18, 2017
  • Come on a magical tour through the office where we do grumpy stuff.
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Comments • 12 586

  • Bronson Barnett
    Bronson Barnett 5 hours ago

    Nathan Barnett? NANI?!?!?!

  • Sppooky y
    Sppooky y 6 hours ago

    I wonder what the bill is

  • Axel Hult - Elev Ramdalaskolan 6

    I want this to be my house

  • Dankenhoi
    Dankenhoi 9 hours ago

    *electricity bill intensifies*

  • Mr. Floop
    Mr. Floop 15 hours ago +1

    Arin * walks into room *
    Also Arin: *”Hey, didn’t see you come in!”*

  • Commander yoshi
    Commander yoshi 16 hours ago

    Man i wish i can go there its such a cool place

  • Meme Queen
    Meme Queen 20 hours ago

    Coolest place ever! It's so amazing!

  • kickkss
    kickkss 22 hours ago

    Why doesnt danny have his own office???

  • JoshPie
    JoshPie 22 hours ago

    Do you even need half the rooms?

  • Old Otaku
    Old Otaku Day ago

    I want to work there, if only I knew how the hell to do anything that you are doing

  • Lunar Liam Productions

    Arin sounds like a little kid, showing a grown up his new toy.

  • King Willex
    King Willex 2 days ago

    Great video XD now a 2019 tour XD

  • Silence is dead inside

    1:19 Hold up those are Kamen riders,Ultraman and super sentai masks..also a hello kitty

  • Aaron Menzo
    Aaron Menzo 2 days ago

    1:55 nice reference Arin

  • imabotpaynoattention

    I did not think Arin was competent until I saw this, and even now I’m still not sure

  • White Bread
    White Bread 2 days ago +8

    Wow you have a lot of games! You should make a channel where you play games!

  • WingMan
    WingMan 2 days ago

    1:25 is always funny

  • Jz Vazquez
    Jz Vazquez 2 days ago

    They should do more videos like this

  • Zachary Taylor
    Zachary Taylor 2 days ago

    I love Ryan’s bit he does where he acts like he’s scared of Arin since he’s the boss.
    It IS a bit, right?

  • The Sinstah Gamer
    The Sinstah Gamer 2 days ago

    So... when do we transition to liquid grumps?

  • Tarol Hunt
    Tarol Hunt 3 days ago

    Hang on. You guys put out Game Grumps at an astounding rate. You manage merchandise storage and distribution. You have multiple hobbies, like trying to beat an old Donkey Kong high score, repairing arcade games, travelling, etc. AND you somehow have the time to plan and put together this jaw dropping office? How?! I know it's not cocaine, because Arin doesn't touch drugs. How do you find all of this time?!

  • Future
    Future 3 days ago

    I had an orgasm watching this

  • Renegade Hero
    Renegade Hero 3 days ago

    This is pretty awesome, really cool setup.

  • Roo Too
    Roo Too 3 days ago

    Dude. I want this office

  • Scott Karrasch
    Scott Karrasch 3 days ago

    Arin is like the Elon musk of gaming

  • Courtney Deatherage
    Courtney Deatherage 3 days ago

    Still the coolest office I’ve ever seen

  • Lord of Dirt
    Lord of Dirt 3 days ago

    Can we get another one of these? I want to see the progress on the monster hunter bathroom. I'm also sure a lot has changed in a year already.

  • Lilly Silly
    Lilly Silly 4 days ago

    I want to fricking work at game grumps now

  • The Bread Bot
    The Bread Bot 4 days ago

    heart :(

  • Soviet Flareon
    Soviet Flareon 4 days ago

    I heard somewhere that Arin bought a Bad Dragon and hid it somewhere in the office, and to my knowledge no one has found it yet.

  • Compass
    Compass 4 days ago

    You ever wonder how much money they spent on all of this I mean it’s got to be over 100k

  • Unknown Link
    Unknown Link 4 days ago

    When are you gonna finish daddy simulator

  • Claíre Croft
    Claíre Croft 5 days ago

    I really wanna visit their office an just hang out an talk about stuff with the grumps, they're so lovely, be nice to tell them in person how much gg means to me an how proud i am for their success x

  • Gerry Duffy
    Gerry Duffy 5 days ago

    Jesus, is this the grump office or the fucking Bat Cave? This looks sick as hell

  • Kate Kursive
    Kate Kursive 5 days ago

    I'm just getting nauseous imagining dusting all that

  • TB 7788
    TB 7788 5 days ago

    which paramount is that brick from

  • raspberrytrap
    raspberrytrap 5 days ago

    I wonder what Barry's office is for now that he's left the company. Miss that fucker. When I saw him in this video it was like seeing an old friend.

  • Matt Crowell
    Matt Crowell 5 days ago

    This is seriously awesome. A small channel that turned into a entire community it feels like.

  • Herooftwilight 13
    Herooftwilight 13 5 days ago

    Holy Motherfucking shit crap that’s amazing

  • C.W. Roederer
    C.W. Roederer 5 days ago

    So is the podcast room where they do The Power Hour?

  • lylaroxs 9
    lylaroxs 9 6 days ago +1

    Barry is my fav

  • NovaKirby
    NovaKirby 6 days ago

    Game grumps;
    *mostly just playing games with mostly uncut footage*
    Also game grumps; We’ve got an office here, office here, office here, a bar, a big kicthen, a meeting room, a thing that switches consoles and completely fucks with HDMI, all this stuff that connects to help us play games, big ass mics.

  • Kyle Glenn
    Kyle Glenn 6 days ago

    What the hell is that thing they use to switch between consoles that's super cool

  • Mark Maher
    Mark Maher 6 days ago

    Can I work for game grumps?

  • Potato Draws
    Potato Draws 6 days ago

    oн мy god ι ғorgoт тнaт тнιѕ waѕ wнen вarry worĸed aт тнe oғғιce, aw... тнe god ole dayѕ

  • Eazy- Austin
    Eazy- Austin 6 days ago

    So cool to see a seperate office building for the grumps and other amazing channels… I love the grump room so much

  • Bitz NBlitz
    Bitz NBlitz 6 days ago

    I waaaaannnnntttt iiiiiittt

  • Dillon Pattyy
    Dillon Pattyy 6 days ago

    So is Game Grumps hiring? Cause I got a decent resume.

  • AZ4 gamur
    AZ4 gamur 6 days ago +3

    watching dis @ 2019,I just want doodle doods back

  • possum magic
    possum magic 6 days ago

    Danny actually not knowing the doors opened was a surprise for everyone

  • Jacobi 769
    Jacobi 769 6 days ago

    Oh man, I thought I had a cool man cave

  • Alexis Rugar
    Alexis Rugar 7 days ago

    Does anyone know who drew the fanart on the right at 4:24? I love that piece and would love to buy a print!

  • Anthony Cervantes
    Anthony Cervantes 8 days ago

    That’s weird I thought toys were made in china

  • Not The Shiftiest
    Not The Shiftiest 8 days ago

    You huys hiring??

  • [Channel Deleted]
    [Channel Deleted] 8 days ago

    I want to work with you guys, not joking

  • Bobby Osborne II
    Bobby Osborne II 8 days ago

    I missed this for a year and a half somehow!

  • jmazey
    jmazey 8 days ago


    • jmazey
      jmazey 8 days ago


  • Coptanium
    Coptanium 9 days ago


  • Crunky
    Crunky 9 days ago

    that bathroom is fucking amazing

  • Superb Doggo
    Superb Doggo 9 days ago

    Lol J.o. Lounge

  • Ya Boi Ayden
    Ya Boi Ayden 9 days ago

    I wonder if they got the super mega play buttons on that wall now

  • Jeff Wenz
    Jeff Wenz 9 days ago +6

    is the touchscreen input switch custom built or is that an actual switch someone can get?

  • The Oddly unsatisfactory king

    I really wonder what has changed

  • Grace Wawrzynaik
    Grace Wawrzynaik 9 days ago +1

    I lost it when Arin's office turned out to sat toy story

  • Jørgen Pedersen
    Jørgen Pedersen 10 days ago

    hmm would love to see the switching system works or is sett up :D

  • Box Comet
    Box Comet 10 days ago +1

    That portal bathroom looks awesome.

  • Aidan McGreenie
    Aidan McGreenie 10 days ago

    This video made me realize that the power hour is the reason we don’t have doodle doods anymore and now I’m mad

    • _ Pokemonlink246
      _ Pokemonlink246 7 days ago

      I think the reason doddle doods isn't on because Chris from oney plays went to a new office and Ross didn't want to continue without chris

  • Aidan McGreenie
    Aidan McGreenie 10 days ago +1

    Do an updated tour!

  • Hostile Pacifist
    Hostile Pacifist 10 days ago

    This is a fucking haven for gamers I’m in love

  • ButtPirate
    ButtPirate 11 days ago

    New tour pls

  • kitty x heroo
    kitty x heroo 11 days ago

    holy noodles this office is forking amazing

  • HelpfulUnic0rn
    HelpfulUnic0rn 11 days ago +1

    arin looks like kamski in that interview you can unlock in detroit: become human.

  • Kylie N.
    Kylie N. 12 days ago

    Arin´s office is the reason why you don´t give your child your credit card

  • Joanne Williams
    Joanne Williams 12 days ago

    lol nowwww im totally jealous

  • Mr. CHA0TIC
    Mr. CHA0TIC 12 days ago

    How does he do the switching system

  • Alex is out
    Alex is out 12 days ago +2

    Damn. I've been following Dan's music for years and only recently started watching GG videos (appart from the 10 minute power hours, I've been watching those for months). I knew they had an office but I never thought it'd look like this! Now I'm kinda sad they don't get more views, they deserve so much praise

  • SentaiRider33
    SentaiRider33 13 days ago

    1:18 I actually fucking screamed when I saw the Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, and Ultraman masks on the wall.

  • That1Yoshi
    That1Yoshi 13 days ago

    13:55 "coup de grâce" : A deathblow delivered to end the misery of a mortally wounded victim.


  • LittLe WoLf 875
    LittLe WoLf 875 14 days ago

    I didnt know old Cyndago was working at your office

  • Owerkill
    Owerkill 14 days ago

    You'r Rich as ass!!

  • My Thicc Goth Anime Gf Broke Up With Me

    This situation

  • Kalispell hi do to
    Kalispell hi do to 15 days ago

    How do i do that console shit?

  • Dylan Carden
    Dylan Carden 17 days ago

    This house is a nerds heaven!

  • spooky himself
    spooky himself 18 days ago

    Actually jontron made game grumps

  • DinoBroof
    DinoBroof 18 days ago +1

    I wish I was a grump

  • River wolf Plays
    River wolf Plays 19 days ago

    Damn now i wish i was a grump but instead I'm a river sage

  • Derryoshi
    Derryoshi 19 days ago

    i'm jealous

  • Lemon Slayer
    Lemon Slayer 19 days ago +3

    Where’s the room for the 10 minute power hour?

    • A
      A 5 days ago

      I believe it was the room that Vernon was in, they have just re-decorated it

  • Ronnie Hindman
    Ronnie Hindman 19 days ago

    how does one aquire he thing where they switch from one gaming console to another? That would be so nice to have at my house

  • Denis
    Denis 20 days ago

    listening to this while playing Call Of Duty: Shoot A Man!

  • Savannah Buist
    Savannah Buist 20 days ago

    I’ve how excited Arin is to show his office off!! The way he though to make this a space for everyone is great!! I love seeing the behind the scenes of GG ;)

  • Jessica Riley
    Jessica Riley 21 day ago

    Oh my god he is literally Halliday

  • Danjello YT
    Danjello YT 21 day ago


  • Chris Sommerville
    Chris Sommerville 21 day ago

    Hey! Let’s See What Barry Is Up To has been canceled. Up next, it’s Goddamnit! Tonight with Ross

  • emily somers
    emily somers 22 days ago +1

    It unnerves me how tall arin actually is...

  • sans is ness
    sans is ness 23 days ago

    That is not an office that is a fun land heaven
    Litterally this is all a 10-13 horny nintendo loving kid would want😂

  • SBTubbster
    SBTubbster 24 days ago

    "Barry Kramer, 29 unemployed"

  • Joseph Hornsey
    Joseph Hornsey 25 days ago

    Who came here from supermega Pokémon emerald

  • John Stewart
    John Stewart 25 days ago

    Awkward Ryan is my favorite Ryan