Magic Star ⭐ Concealer & Setting Powder Reveal | Jeffree Star Cosmetics

  • Published on Apr 12, 2019
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    I can't believe this day is finally here!!! The first ever Jeffree Star concealer is long overdue and I'm so proud of what I've created. From the formula to the custom packaging, I wanted my first skin product to make a statement. The concealers have a range of over 30 shades & there are 2 color correctors! Vegan. Cruelty-Free. Fragrance free. Talc & Paraben free. Anti-aging properties.Retail price: $22.00
    The setting powders come in 8 shades. Blurring. Soft focus effect. Weightless. Retail price: $22.00
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  • Ashley Vu
    Ashley Vu Day ago

    Has anybody noticed that Jeffree has no eyebrows and he never does them

  • joey blondeyedboy

    This is real fucking Star Wars. I Love/ and live for it.. thanks for being a warrior/ uh Jedi, duh.

  • Ginger falast
    Ginger falast 2 days ago

    Fukin gayy

  • Catira App
    Catira App 2 days ago

    Lmaooooo this is soooo fake. Watching after the drama. So fakenlmaooooo

  • Sue Sousa
    Sue Sousa 2 days ago

    It's so pretty!!

  • Jennifer Cunningham
    Jennifer Cunningham 3 days ago

    I got mine last week, never need another concealer, ever. So serious. I'm so in love with this concealer I'm planning on buying stock in c14.

  • Alanis Jade
    Alanis Jade 3 days ago +1

    can you please restock the concealers 😭 i’m dying to buy this

  • Stacey Bennett
    Stacey Bennett 3 days ago

    I want to buy one of these gorgeous concealers sooo bad, but my shade (C 4) is still out of stock. Help me girl, restock asap!! I need it in my life!!

  • thy reveluv kate
    thy reveluv kate 4 days ago

    You should make a video about your wigs 🔥🔥🔥

  • Cassie C
    Cassie C 4 days ago

    Jeffree we need a restock in the concealers!!!!

  • Alyssa Roberts
    Alyssa Roberts 4 days ago

    you don’t know this but diamond is gonna die a couple videos from now

  • Katie Frost
    Katie Frost 5 days ago

    I LOVE your hair!!

  • Hannah Clark
    Hannah Clark 5 days ago

    Jeffrey: ok, let me just put this on and cover the skin.
    Gabriel: we’re just covering the skin.... I love that

  • Remi A
    Remi A 6 days ago

    Rename c5 to jail time

  • 소노Sono
    소노Sono 6 days ago

    love your hair

  • Remii Dee*
    Remii Dee* 7 days ago

    Why doesnt ulta carry it? I dont want to drive 2 states away. 😔

  • Brown Eyed Beauty
    Brown Eyed Beauty 8 days ago

    I’m shade C17 - and I feel like I’m so pale compared to Gabby- but HOW ? (I’m not the skin tone in the profile pic)

  • Santi A
    Santi A 8 days ago

    instead of setting power. would setting spray work as good??

  • Novi Rochelle
    Novi Rochelle 8 days ago


  • GoluckyOrb8105 Estes

    0:04 favorite part

  • Nikolett Madar
    Nikolett Madar 8 days ago

    I'm so sad that JSC concealers are not available in my country. Every fucking concealer/foundation just looks orange/yellow/brown on me. But these with the undertones may have some hope for me. Im the palest pinkiest biatch alive. Rip

  • Koley Mcnally
    Koley Mcnally 8 days ago

    Those are so beautiful they look like a little magic wand !

  • CypoKat —Gacha!
    CypoKat —Gacha! 9 days ago

    Your nails slay 💅🏼

  • Stephanie Pires
    Stephanie Pires 9 days ago

    I had gotten one of the stolen ones it had no uv shit -_-

  • Brittnie P
    Brittnie P 9 days ago

    Super excited to get this! Albeit, my color is sold out right now. Too popular of a shade :p I’m also waiting for a Jeffree Star foundation one day!

  • Saima Bi
    Saima Bi 9 days ago

    I don't like Tati shes so washed up and absolutely boring. Plus her reviews are sometime faked.

  • Marshall James
    Marshall James 9 days ago

    this video sucks.omg !!!!!!!!!
    the whole channel sucks
    and this fuckin man-woman
    aren't you ashamed??OMG
    stupid subscribers who's watching you
    go fuck yourself bitch
    How USclip could possibly allow uploading this videos?

  • Lyndsey N
    Lyndsey N 10 days ago

    why is he considered luxury? and the size of this concealer is so tiny. for $22. Okkkkkkk.

  • mikkiluv2
    mikkiluv2 10 days ago

    Get your gas out of here

  • Jennifer Hinrichs
    Jennifer Hinrichs 10 days ago

    When are these going to back in stock online???

  • Lil Shauty
    Lil Shauty 11 days ago

    WHY is everybody talking about this Gabriel guy??? What did he do???
    Meanwhile this vídeo is beautiful and the makeup is Amazing !

  • Brittany Sorg
    Brittany Sorg 11 days ago

    Honestly iconic is all I have to say!!

  • Mackenzie A
    Mackenzie A 11 days ago

    Can't wait for the restock!

  • Musfirat Hasan
    Musfirat Hasan 11 days ago

    The only reason I couldn't watch this video till the end was Gabriel. Idk if I am the only one who finds him annoying. :3
    Jeffree please do your unveiling videos all by yourself, literally can watch them all day.

  • Cassandra Bowman
    Cassandra Bowman 12 days ago +4

    when is restock anyone know? ive been waiting forever to try and get my hands on mt shade

  • Lucinda Schroyer
    Lucinda Schroyer 12 days ago

    Weave goal love hair

  • Tina Styles
    Tina Styles 13 days ago +1

    When are y’all restocking online store? I need these in pasty bitch shade lmao!

  • Maia Terry
    Maia Terry 13 days ago +3

    He’s literally wearing a shirt that says UNFOLLOW

  • Maia Terry
    Maia Terry 13 days ago +1

    No one cares what you have to say @GabrielZamora

  • Maia Terry
    Maia Terry 13 days ago

    Fuck Gabriel

  • Christina Williams
    Christina Williams 13 days ago +1

    I love your hair Jeffre

  • Lena Marie
    Lena Marie 13 days ago +5

    I wish I had both the concealer and setting powder😍

  • Noah Vargas.v1
    Noah Vargas.v1 13 days ago

    Yes botch

  • Marisa R
    Marisa R 13 days ago

    I wish JSC and Beauty Bakery was available on Ipsey because i got my hopes up when I saw Morphe was available and I’m only just now dipping my toes back into make up but I gotta respect whatever her reason is for not doing it 😭😭

  • TheTallGirlWTattoos
    TheTallGirlWTattoos 14 days ago +4

    Lowkey still waiting on the Pastel purple jeffree star mirror restock😭😭😭

  • Skeedoodle 000
    Skeedoodle 000 14 days ago +5

    Jeffree needs to open up stores I would really love to try swatches in person and shipping costs no thanks😂

  • Alicja Majewska
    Alicja Majewska 14 days ago +1

    Looks like paint not cosmetic for your face,need to have it.

  • Anahi Velazquez
    Anahi Velazquez 14 days ago

    I just want to say I had the absolute best experience with Jeffree star cosmetics.. I ordered a concealer that wasn’t my shade and so I contacted customer service and they told me I could exchange the concealer and told me what to do and so I shipped it back and today just received the one that worked better for me! So happy! 💕

  • Hadilynn Thomas
    Hadilynn Thomas 14 days ago

    You look stupid and crazy so get a hair cut

  • lilie rosetta
    lilie rosetta 15 days ago

    yeah im italian but im pale asf so thx for that light olive ishhhh

  • Angel The unicorn
    Angel The unicorn 15 days ago

    Yass i would try it but ummm i spend all my money on food woops 💵🥗

  • Courtney Terry
    Courtney Terry 15 days ago

    I love this component! So gorgeous, magic wand, love it! And to me, it's not 1990s, its definitely 2019! if not 2020... I never saw anything like this in the 90s...

  • Thisainy J
    Thisainy J 16 days ago

    Where does he get his wigs?😭 They all look so great

  • pinky1068
    pinky1068 16 days ago

    luv u girl but those Horrible/witchy nails GOTTA go dayummm lol YIKES

  • Anna Pulliam
    Anna Pulliam 16 days ago

    Sis that wig tho 😻

  • Smoke of Spades
    Smoke of Spades 16 days ago +1

    I adore jeffree

  • Marlow Andrews
    Marlow Andrews 16 days ago

    you. are. the. kkk

  • its gracious
    its gracious 16 days ago +3

    yesss shade range workkk ✋✋🏻✋🏼✋🏽✋🏾✋🏿 love that

  • Ice_Kookie ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    Ice_Kookie ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 16 days ago +8

    *Lets just take a moment to BEAUTIFUL his hair is im not creepy or anything it just looks like unicorn hair🦄*

  • charlotte gaming
    charlotte gaming 16 days ago

    Someone has to make a meme palette. Basically let’s say one of the shades are called ‘croissant’ , it’s short for “you almost made me drop my croissant!” (The vine) . Does that make sense lol. Same with that guacamole meme lol, it would be called guacamole.

  • Melissa Vazquez
    Melissa Vazquez 17 days ago

    So wish you could do a whole makeup makeover for me! 😩 this is so pretty!!

  • johanna lopez
    johanna lopez 17 days ago

    Oooh I see Brittanya 🙌🏼🙌🏼🤪 love her

  • Stephyislive
    Stephyislive 17 days ago

    Omg the fact that you said sailor moon made me happy sailor moon is the shizzz i wish you were my friend i sound weird but you're so down to earth and badass to have in someone's life everyone thats around you are so lucky ❤❤ ^_^

  • PureUnwindASMR
    PureUnwindASMR 18 days ago

    So confused. I love this subtle fragrance but my skin can't take fragrance. Is it only the packaging that smells like cotton candy? Is there some fragrance in this powder/concealer? Thanks in advance!! Also PLEASE restock, pretty please

  • MyrnaCeleste
    MyrnaCeleste 18 days ago

    They look so flawless✨✨
    See if you want to help me out

    Just made a look using his highlighter
    Go check it out please, I would greatly appreciate it☺️
    Currently have 123 subscribers and close to 150 almost there!💜

  • Lil Princess Isis
    Lil Princess Isis 18 days ago

    Omfg girl you just slay the fuvking game!!! Ive never worn foundation or concealer because I cant find my shades.... I wish I had a few of these to play with I would love it amd probably use it all over my face. Lol

    MARCY STANSDAY6 19 days ago


  • 莫关山
    莫关山 19 days ago


  • Cat Carter
    Cat Carter 19 days ago

    Just got my concealer and setting powder . Video comming soooon!

  • Doina Georgiou
    Doina Georgiou 19 days ago

    Omg is that a wig

  • Ayaan Khan
    Ayaan Khan 19 days ago

    R u girl or boy

  • Wenchede Wenchede
    Wenchede Wenchede 20 days ago

    Do Jeffree read any of the comments here ? I don't think he does.

  • Sophie Mallett
    Sophie Mallett 20 days ago

    Wait I'm confused why is Gabriel a snake

  • Shaquana Bradley
    Shaquana Bradley 20 days ago

    Who sales his product

  • Elizabeth Perkins
    Elizabeth Perkins 20 days ago

    I wanted to try this but it was sold out 🙁

  • Soel Soel
    Soel Soel 20 days ago

    will the magic star setting powder be restocked?

  • Elaine Adams
    Elaine Adams 21 day ago

    Love your hair !💖

  • kyliee mariee
    kyliee mariee 21 day ago


  • Emily Snow
    Emily Snow 21 day ago

    You're creepy but I like that rainbow hair and can you change up the intro a little bit it gets annoying but still love the hair

  • sauceslut
    sauceslut 21 day ago

    15 minutes into this video, I went to JSC and spent $380 on makeup..... Jeffree.... how and why do you do this???!!!!

  • J-Life channel
    J-Life channel 21 day ago

    Omg, I’ve seen Gabriel for the first time, but he’s so cute and really beautiful ✨

  • obrienz3
    obrienz3 21 day ago

    I have tried to contact you in social media’s I bought 2 C5 concealers from Poshmark and they do NOT have that special sticker please reach out to me I have screenshot and the persons address and phone #

  • Julia
    Julia 21 day ago

    Has anyone returned a shade? I'm seriously conflicted on what shade will work for me. I have olive undertones but I'm super pale because I have a chronic serious health issue so while c6 is the lightest with olive undertone, it may be too dark. I'm just 99% sure I'm going to end up buying the wrong shade. I don't have alot of money to throw around sadly, so I can only afford one. I'm wondering if anyone has had to return/exchange for a different shade? Did it go smoothly?

  • Ms.MADIgascar
    Ms.MADIgascar 21 day ago +1

    Tbh Gabriel is so fucking annoying😂😂

  • RPG Delisi
    RPG Delisi 21 day ago

    Are you elf?

  • Shauna Jennings
    Shauna Jennings 22 days ago

    Ok so I think the shade range is very one sided towards a lighter skin tone 💖

  • 20sxygrl
    20sxygrl 22 days ago

    When are you making us foundation ! 🤩

  • Raevyn Elicia Adams
    Raevyn Elicia Adams 22 days ago

    I wish I felt confident enough to ask for help finding my shade in the department store.. Lol

  • Dixie Chick Slots
    Dixie Chick Slots 22 days ago

    I want it all!! Gabriel what mascara is that?

  • isauraDL0099
    isauraDL0099 23 days ago +5

    Jeffree, I know your products are out of this world. But it could more awesome if you had a recycling program.

  • Solange Costa
    Solange Costa 23 days ago +1

    I just got my package today it came supper fast😭😭 omg I’m so excited to open it I feel like where best friends ! POST ANOTHER EVERYDAY MAKEUP

  • Yuliana Osorio
    Yuliana Osorio 23 days ago +1

    Él es hermoso y auténtico...
    ¡Miles de éxitos! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Sarah R
    Sarah R 23 days ago

    Is anybody medium in the shape tape ? If so what shade did you get in this concealer?

  • Ed marques
    Ed marques 23 days ago

    Essa bicha fecha a atmosfera viu🤭

  • Savanna Cantrell
    Savanna Cantrell 23 days ago

    I wonder if you buy the wrong color (because I suck at finding something that matches by just looking at it from the website) are you able to return colors that dont match?

  • Jazzy Narwhals
    Jazzy Narwhals 23 days ago

    Ok now where’s the foundation 😂

  • Windex Cleaner
    Windex Cleaner 24 days ago +3

    FACE JUST USING YOUR CONCEALER!!!! Luv u Jeffreeeeeeee

  • I Buholzer
    I Buholzer 24 days ago +1

    Who else noticed his unfollow shirt? I feel like he’s trying to tell us something..

  • rebeccah pug Miller
    rebeccah pug Miller 24 days ago

    You should make a pallet make up palette with all your fans faces on it not all of them but some of them