Brunch at 7-ELEVEN VS LAWSON in Tokyo Japan


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  • daysofrust
    daysofrust 2 hours ago

    I never knew it would be so great to watch a cute guy eat haha.

  • royroy428198
    royroy428198 3 hours ago

    Your not in Tokyo but Fukuoka for Lawson! I live there haha

  • Matt Miller
    Matt Miller 4 hours ago

    i like your general delight about things

  • Dee Ann H
    Dee Ann H 4 hours ago

    7-11 looks like a good place to go if you go to Japan. The food looks so good. This is 100 times better than the restaurant reviews.

  • Martin Santos
    Martin Santos 5 hours ago

    What is the name of those ice balss he mixed with sparkling water? Anyone?

  • Screaming Realz
    Screaming Realz 7 hours ago

    U look like ur related to Jackie chan haha. Honestly tho

  • enoerauqs
    enoerauqs 7 hours ago

    I wish I could eat like this, I'd need like 4 or 5 sittings to make it through all that. xD

  • Selena Medrano
    Selena Medrano 8 hours ago

    I wish we had a 7 11 like that because watching this makes me want to live off that food

  • Flameshroob
    Flameshroob 8 hours ago

    Your channel is awesome!

  • Liz Loz
    Liz Loz 8 hours ago

    hi .... my chain

  • AccioTV
    AccioTV 8 hours ago

    GDI MIKE!! I just ate!! now im hungry again!!!! hahaha

  • Von Abac
    Von Abac 8 hours ago

    You mean the chicken that goes on top of your bacon

  • VeryFast Butler
    VeryFast Butler 8 hours ago

    I need to go to Japan and try that strawberry cream sandwich

  • Shelly Lee
    Shelly Lee 8 hours ago

    New sub!

  • Minh Cao
    Minh Cao 9 hours ago


  • E/x/ODUS
    E/x/ODUS 9 hours ago

    imma go to japan🤤

  • Tian Gan
    Tian Gan 9 hours ago

    How much can you eat everyday? Really wanna share the egg sandwich or the strawberry one or the mochi tofu pocket....

  • Josue Ravena
    Josue Ravena 10 hours ago

    Whoa. Its interesting how they sell so different food and products comparing to my local 7-11 and Lawson. Philippines and Japan have different
    Culture stuff i guess?
    Also, the last splatoon 7-11 had a splatfest comparing onigiris

  • Joy Yang
    Joy Yang 10 hours ago

    I'm so impressed

  • rarefeline
    rarefeline 10 hours ago

    You look like a young Jackie Chan and no I'm not trying to seem racist, you really do!

  • Messi10Soccer Roblox
    Messi10Soccer Roblox 10 hours ago

    Why Iam I watching this

  • Kovacs Kovacs
    Kovacs Kovacs 11 hours ago

    Ho much food do you eat in one sitting??

  • Ardent King
    Ardent King 11 hours ago

    U can put down some food 😮

  • Otto Parker
    Otto Parker 11 hours ago

    processed junk

  • Justin Maranon
    Justin Maranon 12 hours ago

    How long do you starve yourself before the video to be able to enjoy so much food😂😂

  • Jamie Ambrose
    Jamie Ambrose 12 hours ago

    You can eat in the store?!

  • Jay Jeeg
    Jay Jeeg 12 hours ago

    I wish I can eat as much as Mike Chen! I eat like a bird and give the rest to my husband lol

  • Barbecuetie
    Barbecuetie 12 hours ago

    such a sweet lil man thank you for bringing this positivity to the world

    XXXoXXoXXXX 13 hours ago

    eating 10 meals at once... how?

  • Kharmitas
    Kharmitas 14 hours ago

    Imagine what this looks like to the other people in the Seven Eleven or Lawson.

  • Ker Miwu
    Ker Miwu 14 hours ago

    I rly want to try that pudding!

  • Chef Cheferson
    Chef Cheferson 14 hours ago

    whats the name of the first istant ramen?

  • Kenny Kam
    Kenny Kam 14 hours ago

    GOTO NEPAL try their food now ! MUST DO

  • Robert Bustamante
    Robert Bustamante 15 hours ago

    I wanna eat at 711 now lol but I’m Japan haha

  • 6ft8incyclist
    6ft8incyclist 15 hours ago

    I was stationed in Japan for a total of 12 years, 7 elevens in Japan are a cyclist dream. Hitting a convenience stores back here in the states, only thing edible is a F'ing frozen burrito .. And that will kill you..

  • Siwoo Kim
    Siwoo Kim 15 hours ago

    Damn. This guy can eat a lot!!

  • alexander collaco
    alexander collaco 16 hours ago

    Food looks tasty and the prices are not bad at all

  • Gabby McIntire
    Gabby McIntire 16 hours ago

    Now I’m hungry 😩😂

  • NhanooPhonix
    NhanooPhonix 16 hours ago

    Btw, "bon appétit" is pronounced without the last "T".
    You're welcome !

  • Tova H
    Tova H 16 hours ago

    How did you eat all that food? Also egg sandwiches are so gross...

  • Alexandré Stenbérg
    Alexandré Stenbérg 16 hours ago

    God I love Mikey so much, what a legitimate genius. Best food dude on the whole of USclip❤️❤️❤️

  • Viness Acosto
    Viness Acosto 17 hours ago

    "oh,what in the world is... sure" HAHAHAHAHA this is really funny :D

  • Frances Carranza
    Frances Carranza 17 hours ago

    711 in America = Dog food 711 in Japan = 5 Star Gourmet Michelin Restaurant!!!!

  • G Quantum
    G Quantum 17 hours ago

    This is my favourite video on USclip. Period !

  • Siyaam Ajaz
    Siyaam Ajaz 17 hours ago

    That tofu look good

  • Lynda Nguyen
    Lynda Nguyen 18 hours ago

    Bunch of fake food

  • Simone Pringle
    Simone Pringle 18 hours ago

    He should have his own tv show

  • JLAShazam
    JLAShazam 18 hours ago

    How do you not gain weight??? You can put down so much food and always look good lol
    I eat a bag of chips and gain 30lbs

  • Ryan Wilson
    Ryan Wilson 18 hours ago

    Once again, you managed to eat my weekly food intake in one video

  • hakan sepik
    hakan sepik 18 hours ago

    you need to be more critical of the food great vid though

  • cookies and cream
    cookies and cream 18 hours ago

    I need that 7-eleven🙌🏻👌🏼

  • SARISS80
    SARISS80 19 hours ago

    Wow Japan stores are hooked up. American gas station food is nasty.

  • I hate everyone
    I hate everyone 19 hours ago

    Jackie Chan has lowered his standards a bit...

  • 슬퍼Yūgen
    슬퍼Yūgen 20 hours ago +1

    so cheap ! great quality ! not unhealthy ! and most of all, tasty ! 🤞🏼🤗

  • TheUnknown One
    TheUnknown One 20 hours ago

    Watching him eat makes me hungry

  • DBear
    DBear 21 hour ago

    I want sooomeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • Nina Zheng
    Nina Zheng 21 hour ago +1

    Cheap stuff only 39 bucks for all of that

  • asulil igounane
    asulil igounane 21 hour ago

    the amount of sugar carbohydrate and salt in that dish is unbelievable

  • Kelz Pinero
    Kelz Pinero 21 hour ago +1

    USA sux

  • Unus Yousuf
    Unus Yousuf 22 hours ago

    everything looks good except for the red bean paste

  • lindholmaren
    lindholmaren 22 hours ago

    That looks goddamn amazing
    Is this like what he does? I gotta checkout the rest of the channel

  • TaehyungAshanti JungkookWinona


  • Mallory Fraser
    Mallory Fraser 22 hours ago

    I am the only one who thinks oden looks gross and bland? What does the broth taste like? WHAT IS THE HYPE!????

  • Dalton Kimbro
    Dalton Kimbro 22 hours ago

    Can anyone tell me what those grape soda type balls are called?

  • Viktor Åsbrink
    Viktor Åsbrink 23 hours ago

    watching this in japan 200 meters from a 7/11 made regret cooking dinner tonight.

  • Deedee J.
    Deedee J. 23 hours ago

    You sir, have one heck of an appetite. XD
    Subbed! =D

  • valeriega30
    valeriega30 Day ago

    It's a bow not a BUN!!!!!!!!

  • TheChopstickKid
    TheChopstickKid Day ago

    How is it that when I eat while watching this video I get full before he even gets to the appetizers

  • Exploring Alabama
    Exploring Alabama Day ago +13

    I just watched a guy for 28 minutes buy food and eat it in the store. It was awesome!!

  • Austracy
    Austracy Day ago

    "Only Japanese people would make something that's obviously a dessert into a sandwich" Counterpoint; ice cream sandwich.

  • Bee Cat
    Bee Cat Day ago

    How do you eat so much ? dont u get full

  • Tiger Spills The Wine

    Best job ever

  • Nicк M
    Nicк M Day ago

    Is this Jackie Chan I see

    LJPLAYZ ! Day ago

    Are the buns dry cuz the look really dry

  • islandbee
    islandbee Day ago

    This guy totally has my personality on food. "Why not?!" on strange/interesting looking food.

  • islandbee
    islandbee Day ago

    I love these Japanese convenience stores. They really have good food. I never ran into this type of variety like this. This makes me want to go back to Japan and stay a little bit longer next time.

  • arsys68
    arsys68 Day ago

    You seem to be really enjoying! I envy a big eater lol

  • JJ
    JJ Day ago

    All of that food looks so good!

  • Bruce Rodriguez
    Bruce Rodriguez Day ago

    Get a Apple Watch!

  • andy moko
    andy moko Day ago

    hhaaaaahh...jackie chan junior..xixixixi

  • Im Too Random
    Im Too Random Day ago

    I eat that much food, I will gain weight like air to a balloon...

  • Durty_D’s_ Fishing

    Good meat because it’s dog

  • WalkingPromissoryNote 1963

    I love egg salad sandwiches. I didn't know it was popular in Japan tho.

  • WalkingPromissoryNote 1963

    Japan has some pretty good looking food.

  • Jules L
    Jules L Day ago

    The developed world in general doesn't look for quality food in a convenience store; this video only shows that the Japanese are willing to shop for quality foods in 711. You won't find fine French meals in a French 711 either. Any country could focus on improving processed foods, but they don't. It's junk food. Good and cheap french fries, pizza or tacos are cheaper and they sell better.

  • Luigi Joson
    Luigi Joson Day ago

    I didn't know Jackie Chan makes these kinds of videos...

  • Mr. Plank
    Mr. Plank Day ago +1

    7-Eleven Gluten-Free Phood Proddukts Are To Japan Tokyo.

  • Lornald Trump
    Lornald Trump Day ago

    how was the UFO ramen you bought?


    Watching videos like this make me want to visit japan even more...

  • greg4754
    greg4754 Day ago

    how big is your stomach!

  • Geovanny Exparza

    In the us I get an awful ham and cheese sandwich for like 6 dollars

  • AV8R001
    AV8R001 Day ago

    Keep in mind all of that is 50 Murican dollas

  • Theresa Robertson

    I’m amazed at how much food you can eat in one sitting.

  • Roderick MacLeod

    Bao down before the Mighty Mike.

  • Stine Kirkeby
    Stine Kirkeby Day ago

    This must be filmed a while ago. RIP mr bourdain 😢

  • Echo Vector
    Echo Vector Day ago

    Anthony Bourdaine isn't liking ANYTHING anymore...but I bet the worms are loving him!

  • I’m with the Band 🎶

    Your lucky if the pizza you get in a California 7-11 isn't stale or so wierdly textures you serious question whyyyyyyy you even bought it, topping it all off is the strange stares you get just because your a girl.. 🙄🙄

  • Toxic
    Toxic Day ago

    How can you eat so much your appetite it huge dude

  • Glorious Free
    Glorious Free Day ago

    How are you still hungry? Are you puking in the bathroom?

  • RenPotato YAS
    RenPotato YAS Day ago

    As a person who loves dipping sandwiches in broths,......IM HUNGRY. MD3C,ELDKELDK