Dark Magicians | Marvel Top 10

  • Published on Apr 7, 2019
  • Get ready for Marvel’s Top 10 dark magicians!
    10. Modred the Mystic
    9. Brother Voodoo
    8. Clea
    7. Doctor Doom
    6. Baron Mordo
    5. Hela
    4. Loki
    3. Morgan le Fay
    2. Magik
    1. Dormammu
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Comments • 324

  • Kavita Sharma
    Kavita Sharma 21 day ago

    Why dr strange and ancient one are not added in this list.....

  • Rajesh Kumar
    Rajesh Kumar Month ago


  • 박예준
    박예준 Month ago

    put the ant man on the list

  • Smacky Boy
    Smacky Boy Month ago


  • Demy Jack
    Demy Jack Month ago

    My favourite are Loki, Hela and Dormammu

  • whatever
    whatever Month ago

    Where is chocolate man?

  • Soham Saha
    Soham Saha Month ago

    Ofc that would be Dormammu

  • Thales Cardoso
    Thales Cardoso Month ago

    Hi guys! You forgot Nightmare!

  • Top Scenes channel
    Top Scenes channel Month ago


  • Moe Haas
    Moe Haas Month ago

    This is a tough list but I’ll put my top 5 favorites
    5- Brother Voodoo
    4- Magik
    3- Mordo
    2- Doctor Doom
    1- Dormammu

  • Rajesh Rameena
    Rajesh Rameena Month ago


  • Apex Flare
    Apex Flare Month ago

    Anybody got PewDiePie reference?

  • Juan Ruiz
    Juan Ruiz Month ago

    Haha I knew Dormammu would be #1. I disagree with some of these but I'm glad we agree one that

  • Jina Margaret
    Jina Margaret Month ago +1


  • Anuradha Dwivedi
    Anuradha Dwivedi Month ago

    Dormammu leads the all...

  • Sujal Shaw
    Sujal Shaw Month ago


  • T1k TaK
    T1k TaK Month ago +1

    I mean where is Nightmare?

  • Alakesh Deka
    Alakesh Deka Month ago

    I have a question for Marvel.
    Please answer this question:-
    Why Loki couldn't able to control Tony's mind in Avengers first movie ?

  • Siva Sankar
    Siva Sankar Month ago


  • all for you
    all for you Month ago

    Only doctor strange no other

  • Ashton Chong
    Ashton Chong Month ago


  • Dinesh Saravanan A
    Dinesh Saravanan A Month ago

    We want Iron man old dubbing voice in Tamil language

  • Dinesh Saravanan A
    Dinesh Saravanan A Month ago

    We want Iron man old dubbing voice in Tamil language

  • prashant kumar
    prashant kumar Month ago


  • Aahil Hudda
    Aahil Hudda Month ago

    i think they should mention doctor strange

  • Padmini Nagarajan
    Padmini Nagarajan Month ago

    Loki 😍

  • calibro 714
    calibro 714 Month ago

    I like the music in the background...

  • fun centre like knight

    Please change marvel india dubbing team in tamil worst ironman voice poor dialogue writing and get back old dubbing team please fans are very upset

  • Jalix Turner
    Jalix Turner Month ago

    Are we gonna talk about how Clea was the doc’s pupil, then girlfriend? Tale as old as time.

  • Santha Kumar
    Santha Kumar Month ago


  • Zatanna Zatarra
    Zatanna Zatarra Month ago


  • 丂ɦíѵɑʍ ӄɥɱαя


  • Super Gamer
    Super Gamer Month ago

    Loki is my favourite dark magician

  • Prajay Reddy
    Prajay Reddy Month ago


  • exotic matter
    exotic matter Month ago +1

    My favourite loki and dormamu

  • maxcap60
    maxcap60 Month ago


  • john michael mora
    john michael mora Month ago

    Dormammu's so fat.
    -Chris Pratt (2018)

  • Jasur Mamatqulov
    Jasur Mamatqulov Month ago

    Why there is no Doctor Strange

  • Capitain Marvel
    Capitain Marvel Month ago

    I remember dormammu the only one in the game of Marvel vs. Capcom 3, it was fake appeals

  • Che  Faris
    Che Faris Month ago

    *I'm a blue-eyed white dragon and you just dark magician*


  • Chirag Chaurasia
    Chirag Chaurasia Month ago


  • J.P Sportzz
    J.P Sportzz Month ago +1

    I love these kinds of videos!!! Keep it up Marvel!!!

  • Thondarasan Ta
    Thondarasan Ta Month ago


  • Vignesh Karthy
    Vignesh Karthy Month ago +1

    My Favorite - Scarlet witch aka Wanda

  • Murli Yadav
    Murli Yadav Month ago


  • Murli Yadav
    Murli Yadav Month ago


  • Josie Chacko
    Josie Chacko Month ago


  • Ask Me
    Ask Me Month ago +1

    Hi I am in a Indian we want old tamil dubbed team we love and serious watch

  • spooder man
    spooder man Month ago


  • Moba Coach
    Moba Coach Month ago

    Dormmamu obviously

  • Col G
    Col G Month ago

    I don’t like this list

  • Cheddar Titan
    Cheddar Titan Month ago

    Thanos is the best because he can snap his fingers then half of the universe is gone

  • Ferzeje Cp
    Ferzeje Cp Month ago


  • Frazor07
    Frazor07 Month ago +1

    I’m a blue eyes white dragon while you’re just dark magician.

  • Joe D.
    Joe D. Month ago +2

    Morgan Le Fay and Magik should be below Doctor Doom, Baron Moro, Hela, and Loki

  • Cesar Ayala
    Cesar Ayala Month ago


  • Nicole Portnov
    Nicole Portnov Month ago

    isn't Malekith a dark magician

  • Piyush Tiwari
    Piyush Tiwari Month ago

    Dr. doom is my favorite dark magician.

  • Alfonso J. Ramos
    Alfonso J. Ramos Month ago


  • Bala Kumar
    Bala Kumar Month ago

    Dr . Voodoo my favourite one

  • ibel bawuntu
    ibel bawuntu Month ago

    DORMAMMU 🖒🖒🖒

  • Thanos The mad Titan

    Where’s me ain’t I a magician since of my gauntlet?😡

  • Felgrand Luciferiuum


  • randez626
    randez626 Month ago

    Dark Magician and Magician of black chaos could spell binding circles around these 'magicians'

  • Hokage Arriola
    Hokage Arriola Month ago

    Fact of the day: Jesus is always here for us people who lost the sunshine while turning on a wrong path, he will help you too... Trust him

  • wayne hardy
    wayne hardy Month ago

    Black talon??

  • Best football Tv
    Best football Tv Month ago


  • smy plt
    smy plt Month ago +1

    Morgan le fay and magik 😇❤💚❤😇

  • Samu Vel
    Samu Vel Month ago +1

    Pls..chang tamil(language)
    Dupping team...
    Old team is best....
    New voice totaly damaged tha movie

  • Ali Shahhoseini
    Ali Shahhoseini Month ago

    God of mischief😈

  • Nicolas Ningaba
    Nicolas Ningaba Month ago

    Brother Voodoo and Dr Doom

  • GSUS 00
    GSUS 00 Month ago

    I don't even know any of these characters. 😑

  • Ambrose Rockwell
    Ambrose Rockwell Month ago

    Magik better be on the list.... #2 OK, we good.

  • Дарья Чубарова

    Of course, Loki is number one!

  • lenny sivi
    lenny sivi Month ago


  • Austin Capell
    Austin Capell Month ago

    I came for yugioh memes and I was not disappointed

  • sister grimm
    sister grimm Month ago +1


  • Nijar Maideen
    Nijar Maideen Month ago

    We want old tami dubbing team for end game..please this is entire Tamil marvel fans request..

  • Narayanan K
    Narayanan K Month ago

    Indian marvel I vote old Tamil dubbing team in avenger film because my mind was set all charector of voice suddenly you break my mind set, I want old avenger Tamil dubbing team

  • Juan Leiva
    Juan Leiva Month ago +7

    I want to see Clea in Doctor Strange 2 and Morgan Le Fay in the Dark Avengers movie. I think this Top is missing Enchantress, Nico Minoru and the Hellstorm brothers.

    • Andre Palmer
      Andre Palmer Month ago +1

      This top 10 list is just about right.. those u listed would be placed in a top 20 list

  • selvam sanjay deepa

    iam requesting u please change iron man voice pls

  • selvam sanjay deepa

    please marval studios change the iron man voice which it changed to vijay sethupathi voice then u will lose your fans we want old dub team in tamil trailer loose A.R murugadose

  • Andrécio Costa
    Andrécio Costa Month ago

    DR. D O O O O O O O O O M !!!!!!!!

  • Ruben Avalos
    Ruben Avalos Month ago

    I summon Dark Magician!

  • Kishan Kumar
    Kishan Kumar Month ago


  • Sachin Chaurasiya
    Sachin Chaurasiya Month ago +2

    Dormammu and Morgan Le fay

  • Arun Pandian
    Arun Pandian Month ago

    Pls don't play with feelings of Tamil marvel fans . We want old tamil dubbing team. Plz upload any changes video, thank u bye☺️

  • White Phoenix of the Crown

    Chthon, Cyttorak, Sise-Neg, Scarlet Witch etc? Magik is by far the most interesting and underrated magician imo

  • Arul Ram
    Arul Ram Month ago


  • Sami Manzat
    Sami Manzat Month ago +4

    My favorite dark magician is Loki.

  • Devil Paul
    Devil Paul Month ago

    Hella is my favorite dark magician

  • Praveen P
    Praveen P Month ago

    Indian Marvel please we need old iron man voice in Tamil

  • Jhoslin Peña
    Jhoslin Peña Month ago +1

    I love Dormammu
    I've come to bargain with him

  • Linet Rodriques
    Linet Rodriques Month ago +1

    I'm obsessed with Loki and Hela I love them😘😘😘

  • Andy Allom
    Andy Allom Month ago

    Obviously Dormammu wants to conquer other dimensions. The woman in his all look like demonic imps on crack.

  • Admiral Yavok
    Admiral Yavok Month ago

    Loki and Hela of course

  • daniel eduardo figueroa contreras

    Morgan le fay

  • Bidoofus
    Bidoofus Month ago +6

    I’m blue eyes white dragon (yeah) while you’re just dark magician!

    • Maelstrom Crow
      Maelstrom Crow Month ago

      +Bidoofus Now I just wait for the Pewdie army to harass the hell outta me for insulting their "god" xD

    • Bidoofus
      Bidoofus Month ago

      Undestined Pirate true

    • Maelstrom Crow
      Maelstrom Crow Month ago +1

      Get that T series drama outta the Marvel franchise, it's doing bad enough as is without the help of a few has beens and a sellout of a youtuber.

  • maha lakshmi
    maha lakshmi Month ago


  • KesorodaBlk
    KesorodaBlk Month ago

    **Immediately starts scouring the comment section for Yugi comments**