Miz Cracker and Carla Make Chanukah Latkes | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

  • Published on Dec 3, 2018
  • Drag Queen Miz Cracker reunites with Carla in the Test Kitchen to make latkes for Chanukah! And this time they actually get to look at each other while they cook!
    Check out the latkes recipe here: www.bonappetit.com/recipe/adam-maxines-famous-latkes
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    Miz Cracker and Carla Make Chanukah Latkes | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit
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  • Bon Appétit
    Bon Appétit  4 months ago +107

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  • Vin. cy
    Vin. cy 14 hours ago

    Love this duo

  • Miriah
    Miriah Day ago

    *i love getting things off in one stroke, its one of my specialties* 😂

  • Brienne Harris
    Brienne Harris Day ago

    I had a visceral reaction to watching Miz Cracker mix the sour cream and applesauce on her latke

  • cbmbdb
    cbmbdb 3 days ago +1

    I just cant take anyone serious with that hairdo. Lol

  • Luke Blowes
    Luke Blowes 3 days ago

    I want to thank you guys for this recipe as I make this at home and it a big hit x

  • Drop Bear
    Drop Bear 3 days ago

    Is Miz Cracker an honorary BA Chef at this point?

  • Nà LOub
    Nà LOub 4 days ago +1

    "oh my god 'he' is so strong"

  • Matthew Weiss
    Matthew Weiss 5 days ago

    Miz looks like lady gaga here omg

  • jhfdshks
    jhfdshks 6 days ago


  • astoldbymila
    astoldbymila 7 days ago

    I love the chemistry that Miz Cracker and Carla have... definitely hoping for more episodes with these two!!

  • Samira Abdelhady
    Samira Abdelhady 9 days ago

    do they taste like hash browns?

  • Shailja Singh
    Shailja Singh 10 days ago

    Can someone tell me what flour are they using? All purpose? Wheat?

  • Shailja Singh
    Shailja Singh 10 days ago

    Can someone tell me what flour are they using? All purpose? Wheat?

  • Shailja Singh
    Shailja Singh 10 days ago

    Can someone tell me what flour are they using? All purpose? Wheat?

  • Francesshi X17
    Francesshi X17 10 days ago

    Invite namjoon. 😂😂😂

  • Diabolical Butler
    Diabolical Butler 11 days ago

    ive never had a latke but.... these seem like hash browns.... can anyone tell me if they taste completely different than hash browns please?

  • Diabolical Butler
    Diabolical Butler 11 days ago

    miz cracker. now my favorite history teacher and home economics teach rolled into one

  •  13 days ago

    Nice to include some history about the food :)
    Love Miz Cracker!

  • Nicholas G
    Nicholas G 14 days ago

    I love how many times Miz made Carla laugh hysterically. They are a fun pair

  • Gemma Pecorini Goodall

    I want a Cracker cookbook with a foreword by Caitlyn and guest recipes from other wonderful queens

  • maddie grass
    maddie grass 14 days ago

    getting things off in one stroke lmfaooooooo

  • Sara RC
    Sara RC 15 days ago +2

    They look amazing! But I was suprised to see that this is the exact same recepie as for "gromperenkischelcher" which is a dish Luxemburg claims as one of the Nations dishes, its intresting to see different cultures or countries history overlaping and sharing similarities!

  • Nadine Rei
    Nadine Rei 15 days ago

    Mix cracker looks so gorgeous

  • flowerdaisies
    flowerdaisies 16 days ago

    this duo.... kinda iconic

  • אורי מימון
    אורי מימון 16 days ago

    In my family we eat that with sugar and I like them with katchop

  • Karen Willet
    Karen Willet 18 days ago

    These looked so delicious I had to get up and make them right away! First time and I sure will be making them again soon ✨💕

  • SLAMSwan
    SLAMSwan 19 days ago

    I ship these two. Please more Carla and Miz Cracker episodes!

  • alyona shumilina
    alyona shumilina 20 days ago

    старые добрые драники

  • emily p
    emily p 20 days ago

    My babcia always served her potato pancakes with applesauce but never sour cream.. I need to try it !

  • Dinda
    Dinda 21 day ago +2

    this is my favorite TED Talk

  • Braeden Flynn
    Braeden Flynn 21 day ago

    Can they have a TV show cause this is so entertaining

  • Tannee Hanson
    Tannee Hanson 21 day ago

    Giorno Giovanna lookin dude.

  • deborha palacio
    deborha palacio 23 days ago


  • Thalia Velázquez
    Thalia Velázquez 25 days ago


  • Boram Yi
    Boram Yi 26 days ago

    Loving Miz Cracker’s makeup

  • Natalie Bushman
    Natalie Bushman 26 days ago

    That was amazing. Loved seeing how willing Carla is to learn. And Miz Cracker's voice. Forgot how amazing you are

  • Carrie Coats
    Carrie Coats 28 days ago

    I love that she actually came back!

  • Linde Alcock
    Linde Alcock 28 days ago +2

    oh honey that leo/aires chemistry is giving me life.

  • laliah18
    laliah18 29 days ago

    Wish they have a show together

  • Heather Maichel
    Heather Maichel 29 days ago +2

    So happy and proud❤ I remember when Ms. Cracker talked about being poor and bringing lunch box w/ nothing inside just to get on the level of the other kids, and NOW look at her!!! She's shining ya'll and rising❤❤❤❤

  • Óscar Marques
    Óscar Marques Month ago

    Please stop this series. I'm so addicted! Love it :D

  • Keslyn Blake
    Keslyn Blake Month ago

    You two are a great pair! I have to say very entertaining and enjoying each others’ opinions... just lovely.

  • Nicole Arntz
    Nicole Arntz Month ago

    INSPIRED!!! Never made Latkes but thinking I NEED to!! Loved the personal and informative format of this vid. Thank you Miz Cracker & Carla!

  • Wolfie Boy44
    Wolfie Boy44 Month ago +1

    I need to stop watching these videos at midnight when I'm starving

  • Caty D.Gutiérrez
    Caty D.Gutiérrez Month ago

    when she introduced herself in DragRace she was like "The Cracker brand is: Stupid" but the truth is that she's very smart and really does know her stuff, so no, i dont feel her brand is stupid

    • cupiid
      cupiid Month ago

      she essentially meant she’s really goofy and funny but used stupid as an umbrella term sorta

  • Avery Elliott
    Avery Elliott Month ago +8

    When Cracker flexed I became 200% more gay

  • Steven Cannell
    Steven Cannell Month ago

    Great video. Definitely need to have a show together

  • Anderson Sousa
    Anderson Sousa Month ago

    Best video ever

  • Ernst Johannes
    Ernst Johannes Month ago

    I prefer them in pickle couture

  • BaLd SqUiRrel
    BaLd SqUiRrel Month ago

    I eat mine with grape jelly it’s like the best

  • Cris Alv
    Cris Alv Month ago

    I need Carla’s sweater 💕

  • Daniel Roby
    Daniel Roby Month ago

    “I Re-fluff because I feel like some guys got squeezed more than others” such an inclusive kitchen!

  • tatanacio91
    tatanacio91 Month ago +1

    4:09 "That's true to your roots"

    I don't think Carla realized she made a great pun because potatoes are root vegetables!

  • David Hutchison
    David Hutchison Month ago +1

    Miz Cracker is just a hoot. Can't wait for her cooking show 😊

  • garfreeek
    garfreeek Month ago +2

    This was so much fun, it cheered me up a lot! :D

  • Emily
    Emily Month ago +4

    Miz Cracker literally sounds and acts like my Jewish grandma in her entirety

  • Chloe Rose
    Chloe Rose Month ago

    in our house we have swimming goggles dedicated for cutting onions
    -- also the alt milk cereal comment. idk i've 100% eaten reese's puff cereal with almond milk before. there are a lot of junk food vegans out there. also lactose intolerant

  • tyeshia rain
    tyeshia rain Month ago

    PLEASE ANOTHER COLLAB PLEASE I love y’all together

  • Moon explorer
    Moon explorer Month ago +2

    I never expected laktke to teach me the meaning of life

  • Jerico Jimenez
    Jerico Jimenez Month ago +1

    They deserve their own showww

  • Sydney Brede
    Sydney Brede Month ago

    Miss cracker and Carla need a self help series 😍😍🤣🤣🤣

  • Cat Frost
    Cat Frost Month ago

    Can we please have a Carla and Miz Cracker show ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Will Robertson
    Will Robertson Month ago

    is it only me who’s eyes started stinging when they chopped the onions haha

  • Samantha
    Samantha Month ago

    Ugh Miz the answer is obviously applesauce 😭

  • Alfaye German
    Alfaye German 2 months ago

    My father taught me to put a cup of salt beside the work area where I chop or grate onions, especially red cebollas. And ever since, I have been doing it. It basically helps not to make your eyes water. I don't know the sorcery behind it but it works. 😅

  • Troykaka
    Troykaka 2 months ago

    She got like, JoJo hair

  • Alex Daniel
    Alex Daniel 2 months ago


  • harmlesslittlelies
    harmlesslittlelies 2 months ago

    Man, I came for Claire videos and Brad videos but now I am in a Carla spiral and I regret nothing. These two make a great duo, I need more!

  • K
    K 2 months ago


  • júlia gavačová
    júlia gavačová 2 months ago

    I'm pretty stupid because I watched this from the distance just for their chemistry and to learn a new recipe, but since I can't see clearly things that are further than 1meter, I thought for the whole video that Cracker had a sunglasses on her head :D
    wonderful duo these two sweethearts

  • Maddi :p
    Maddi :p 2 months ago +1

    Omg miz cracker flexing at the beginning had me dead 😂

  • ahmed Qadi
    ahmed Qadi 2 months ago

    she sayed jewesh 3 time in 1min and im done so annoing

    • O'Hara
      O'Hara Month ago

      learn how to spell

  • Ri Ya
    Ri Ya 2 months ago

    we need her again

  • Raii Macklemore
    Raii Macklemore 2 months ago +4

    I remembered Trixie imitating laganja..
    Trixie: I am Jewish Mama.. I have no tree for you to decorate Mama.. 😂

  • Renee Lefebvre
    Renee Lefebvre 2 months ago

    Did anyone else cringe really hard when they were using the grater. I was literally biting my nails because i was so worried they were going to gouge their knuckles🤢😷😖

  • Vixen vapes
    Vixen vapes 2 months ago

    “I love getting things off in won’t stroke” how many peoples heads did that go over 😂

  • Beatrice Chillstrom
    Beatrice Chillstrom 2 months ago

    Another really great way to adapt this recipe is to replace the potatos with an equal amount of zucchini. Love this recipe!

  • Mario
    Mario 2 months ago +1

    We do have exactly the same stuff here. It's called Kartoffelpuffer.
    It's also served with applesauce.
    Wouldn't call it a Jewish invention, it's traditionally German food (also very common in Switzerland, Austria, and Poland), it just has a different name.

  • LA K
    LA K 2 months ago

    It’s hash browns

  • chelle m
    chelle m 2 months ago

    I am Polish, English and Irish and we make the same thing. We just call them potato patties/pancakes. Ours can be with made with shreds or with M Potatoes. But the ingredients are the same. Not sure where the family got the recipe, but, LOVE these!! I ask for them as much as I can! This potato "whatever" you want to call it, is the BEST!!! LOVED the way you two showed everyone how to make this wonderful food item so, it won't be lost to the next generation!

  • Riva G
    Riva G 2 months ago

    Miz Cracker my Dad always fried them in smaltz

    • Riva G
      Riva G 2 months ago

      schmaltz....don't know the Yiddish spelling

  • Zach Ward
    Zach Ward 2 months ago

    Loving the dress!

  • mizelene
    mizelene 3 months ago

    Ohh,nice to see some драники recipe))

  • Tastypulse
    Tastypulse 3 months ago

    Please comment with at what time you noticed the Star of David on Miz Cracker's dress! :) 1:21

  • Laynah DeLeon
    Laynah DeLeon 3 months ago

    Oh gosh, I love these two together!

  • Jasper The Kween
    Jasper The Kween 3 months ago

    They have so much chemistry omg i love it

  • Al Cogan
    Al Cogan 3 months ago

    Loved watching this lil Jewish mami makes her latkes 😩😂

  • Toni Jones
    Toni Jones 3 months ago

    Stunning girl miz!!!

  • Kieragirl
    Kieragirl 3 months ago +2

    I love all of Carla’s videos but this is next level. More please!

  • Elliott Murphy
    Elliott Murphy 3 months ago

    I watched this video already and I completely missed the Star of David on mis crackers dress.

  • Ouranor
    Ouranor 3 months ago

    Dude. I LOVE Miz Cracker. Who IS this glorious human being??

  • C.E P
    C.E P 3 months ago

    Those two need a cooking series together.

  • Gretchen Krebs
    Gretchen Krebs 3 months ago

    Those last latkes are burning! Nooooo! Don't forget about them!

    • Gretchen Krebs
      Gretchen Krebs 3 months ago

      Oh, good; someone rescued them off-camera. They're only mostly burned.

  • Danzarr
    Danzarr 3 months ago

    dont throw out the juices, pour them into your plants. The starch left behind in the water makes excellent fertilizer for indoor plants.

  • Viniaczek 69
    Viniaczek 69 3 months ago

    What if I can't eat onions.. ):

  • Breatta Benson
    Breatta Benson 3 months ago

    This VIBE is what I am taking into 2019💁🏼

  • HalfSweetSoyChai
    HalfSweetSoyChai 3 months ago

    This video was very helpful! My latkes keep getting worse the more I make them. Hopefully I'll see improvement when applying some of what I've learned from this video. :)

  • PollyPrissyPants
    PollyPrissyPants 3 months ago +1

    I mizzed you miz cracker. I'm looking forward to the series of this.

  • Ashley Demski
    Ashley Demski 3 months ago

    Film another! I love this! It has to be a series. They are so good to watch!