The BEST Foundations for Mature Skin | Drugstore AND High End!

  • Published on Oct 24, 2017
  • In this video I share with you what I feel are the best foundations for mature skin. I've tried a lot of products over the years both on myself and on clients, and these are my recommendations based on those experiences.
    I know not everyone can afford expensive products, so I have included several excellent affordable options. There is something for every budget in this video!
    I hope you like the video, and please give it a thumbs up if you do!
    Trish McEvoy Beauty Balm Instant Solutions SPF 35
    Wet N Wild Photo Focus
    L'oreal Pro Glow
    Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk
    Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless
    Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation
    Too Faced Peach Perfect Comfort Matte
    Jouer Essential High Coverage Creme Makeup

    Disclaimer: Some of the above links are affiliate. This means that I do make a small commission when you use them. I truly appreciate your support of my channel, but I completely understand if you would prefer to look up items on your own.
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  • Risa Does Makeup
    Risa Does Makeup  Year ago +103

    I want to clear up a few things because even though I do address them in the video, I know not everyone watches the entire twenty minutes! :) First, I am almost 45 years old and have worked in the cosmetics industry for over 22 years. "Mature Skin" typically refers to anyone over age 35. A dermatologist friend told me that our skin starts to age beginning in our mid 20's, and that a person's biological age is not always in sync with those changes. Lifestyle, environment and genetics all play a role in how early our skin shows those signs of aging. This video is for ANYONE, regardless of age, who is dealing with the signs of skin aging.

    Secondly, while I personally have been trying to purchase only cruelty free products for the last 6 months, I am not a 100% cruelty free channel. When I make these "BEST OF" videos, I try to include all brands regardless of their CF or non-CF status I am aware that L'oreal, Armani and Maybelline are not cruelty free. I wish they were, but I chose to include them because in my opinion they offer some good products and it is my "job" as a beauty content creator to give people options, and let them choose for themselves what to purchase or not purchase based on their own values. Thank you again for watching! xoxo Risa

    • luvfitall
      luvfitall Month ago

      Thank you! I need help girl!

    • TheMSPtwins gummybear vlogs
      TheMSPtwins gummybear vlogs 4 months ago

      I cant believe you're almost 45. What is your secret?

    • Diana Verhulst
      Diana Verhulst 9 months ago

      Kate Fuller: I'd be interested to know where you've landed with your routine - I'm 63. Thanks.

    • Gerda Reznik
      Gerda Reznik 10 months ago

      Risa Does Makeup on 7j

  • Shelby-Lyn Lawton
    Shelby-Lyn Lawton 3 days ago

    .... I enjoyed your reviews , and being over 55, is more of what I ( personally) consider to be " mature skin " ....; Even at 55,my skin still looked pretty good. I'm now mid sixties, and I was watching your video, as you said " mature skin / drier", ... And although " oily skin " was mentioned ( many times, lol), I still appreciate your reviews.... Having previously lived in Vegas, I ALWAYS used sunscreen ( a physical sunscreen, not a chemical one) and it seems my skin doesn't " like " many foundations.... I used Victoria Jackson cream foundation FOR YEARS, my skin loves that foundation!! Nothing I've used since has given the same results.
    My skin loves cream foundation and it's difficult to find, in a good form. Thank you for your suggestions, I may try a few of the ones mentioned.

  • Billie Marie
    Billie Marie 12 days ago

    I hope this DOES not offend you but do you get botox or fillers?

    • Billie Marie
      Billie Marie 12 days ago

      +Risa Does Makeup people are just rude and mean! You are gorgeous! I only asked because I have considered it and you being in the beauty industry I figured you have knowledge in that area. Do not pay attention to any negativity. You are helping many women including myself. I appreciate you

    • Risa Does Makeup
      Risa Does Makeup  12 days ago +1

      I’m not offended because you didn’t accuse me of getting them and lying about it like some others do. I do not get Botox or have fillers. I did at one time have lip filler, but it was dissolved in January 2018.

  • Helen Reynolds Jenkins
    Helen Reynolds Jenkins 16 days ago +1

    Why have you stopped using Double Wear Estee Lauder?

  • Alexa Makeup and spa
    Alexa Makeup and spa 18 days ago

    The peach foundation its to heavy because the formula its to drying and for my skin its to matte i have a combination skin but more dryer lately. Only can use it wen i mix it with some face oil and i hydrated primer.

  • Burren Girl
    Burren Girl 21 day ago

    SOOOO glad you are promoting cruelty-free products! Thank you!

  • rals gradi
    rals gradi 23 days ago

    I have normal to dry skin,i prep very good before foundation,but photoh.doesn.t work,its to dry for me..i feel old and caky..and in the past i was very oily and used matte and poreless and again this one made me to face was like the desert.

  • Leah Rouse
    Leah Rouse Month ago

    I am sooooo happy to hear you say you won’t use a product that’s not cruelty free!!! Another reason to follow you! 🐰🐶 ♥️👏🏼🤗

  • Leah Ingraham
    Leah Ingraham Month ago

    It's funny how even us in our 30's feel we have mature skin, Lord what we gonna say when were in our 50's lol

  • Melinda Gutierrez
    Melinda Gutierrez Month ago

    Hi Risa, what shade do you wear in theToo Faced foundation?

  • April Brobston
    April Brobston Month ago

    When I’m looking for products and techniques for mature skin, I’m not looking for fantasy “mature” skin or luckily and genetically young for an older person skin videos. I’m looking for what is typically mature skin. If you know anyone who has actual typical mature skin And does beauty videos, please forward their videos to me. I’d love to subscribe to their channel. Maybe your mom can make videos?
    I’m realizing I sound like a bitter old woman now. You know, a woman with pores and some wrinkles and some sagging. I am a woman who is vain enough to wear make up and try to look a little younger and yet not enough or brave enough to get “work” done.

  • Dawn Beattie
    Dawn Beattie 2 months ago +2

    Thank you for going cruelly free. Please don't give up on your quest for 100%

  • Hiedi Rios
    Hiedi Rios 2 months ago

    I'm in my early 40s, I use the Wet'n Wild Photo Focus or the Loreal Infallible....doesnt break the bank but does look good!

  • Debbie  Holzherr
    Debbie Holzherr 2 months ago +1

    Very informative. I also liked the fact that you were not hounding people to subscribe. I really dislike when other UScliprs start out going on and on about that before they give you any information. If you like the content of the video you will most likely subscribe.

  • Carol Carr
    Carol Carr 2 months ago

    Please repeat the names of the foundations name at the end of each section. I'm still not sure what the final foundation is. Is it called jouer?

  • Jessica Storm
    Jessica Storm 2 months ago

    Risa, I SO appreciate this video! What color of L'oreal Pro-Glow do you use?? I like it for my mature skin (60 🙄)

  • Roslyn Winfield
    Roslyn Winfield 3 months ago

    Risa you look so good in your video. I liked this video. I like that you are honest and explain good & bad. Can"t wait for your upcoming collabs. Thx 💟

  • Britt Fansler
    Britt Fansler 3 months ago

    I’m still on the hunt for the right foundation. My skin is dry year round, and this time of the year it’s crazy dry. I’ve been going through your videos trying to make a decision for my next Sephora trip. I was wondering what your opinion was with the make up for ever hd stick foundation and the Josie Marin argon oil foundation. The stick foundation says it’s best for dry skin and has really good coverage. I’m wanting a more high medium if that makes sense and i want a more natural or glowy finish, but honestly the finish doesn’t matter as long as is works well with my dry skin. I had another youtuber suggest the Lancôme skin feels good, but it’s a light coverage and the shade range is so small that I when I got online and did the shade match where you type in the shade that you wear in other brands it tells you which one would work for you and three different ones I typed in it said there was no match so I won’t be picking that one up. Sorry for such a long comment but I just really need help in this area!

  • Pawsitive Leader
    Pawsitive Leader 3 months ago

    87 dollars for foundation bb cream, it better give me new skin LOL

  • SSunshower
    SSunshower 3 months ago

    How can i keep foundation from settling into cracks?

  • Adox Artist
    Adox Artist 3 months ago

    I never thouht I'd miss my oil-slick skin. But I do. :'(

  • Cynthia Brandt
    Cynthia Brandt 3 months ago

    I am 62, never had acne, dry skin, oily skin. I do however have dark circles (hereditary). I am trying to figure out the best foundation and concealer. Oh, my pores have gotten larger, but not huge! I think I would like a med to full coverage. (What I do have and hate, wrinkles around my lips....from drinking water, whistling, smiling, and just because gravity is taking over, and it is not fun!)

  • spinoza888
    spinoza888 3 months ago

    Great channel. Love the cruelty free recommendations. What earrings are you wearing? I have been looking for earrings like that.

  • Laura Calcaterra
    Laura Calcaterra 4 months ago

    Have you tried The Body Shop's BB cream? I am in Love with it. I have normal to dry skin and it's not a full coverage makeup obviously but puts a gorgeous glow with a tint that promotes compliments when I wear it.

  • Sharon Farquhar
    Sharon Farquhar 4 months ago +1

    You are 45!! Wow, I thought you were in your thirties! Thanks from Australia 🇦🇺

  • Lori K
    Lori K 4 months ago +1

    The wet and wild cushion foundation is my favorite

  • Karen Seymour
    Karen Seymour 4 months ago

    What about Clinique Even Better make up? Do you have an opinion?

  • Tracy McGinty
    Tracy McGinty 4 months ago

    What lip colour you wearing? , it's really nice !xx

  • Tina Marie
    Tina Marie 4 months ago +1

    Your skin looks AMAZING, and I LOVE your lip color!! Gorgeous!! I am 48, and found your channel through Emily. I have learned a lot of tricks already!! Thank you so much!!

  • Maja Kaczorowska
    Maja Kaczorowska 4 months ago

    . I buy only cruelty free and as much I would like to I couldn’t pick anything from the list of products you presented. I believe a lot has changed in beauty industry in a last 6 months and a lot more brands are cruelty free now. Would be great if you made like a updated version of this video :)

  • scotzmnswife
    scotzmnswife 4 months ago +1

    Thanks for this informative video, Risa. I'm a new subscriber & discovering all your wonderful content here. Unfortunately, the Maybelline Matte and Poreless didn't work well for me. I get fairly oily in my t-zone, and it broke down after just a few hours despite using a mattifying primer. It also accentuated pores & lacked coverage on me. The best drugstore foundation I've found that works well for my skin is the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Breathable Foundation. It makes my skin look flawless with a medium coverage (using a beauty sponge application) which I think could be built up to almost full. I still have to set it with powder & do usual touch-ups, but it really lasts decently throughout the day on me. I still can't say that I've been successful in finding a drugstore foundation that doesn't eventually settle into the deep lines in my forehead, so that search continues! 😉

  • Sherry S.
    Sherry S. 4 months ago

    Great video Risa! You have great skin!

  • Martha Byron
    Martha Byron 5 months ago


  • Erin Randall
    Erin Randall 5 months ago

    I LOVE the Jouer foundation. I have dry skin and I use it on scars and then use another more dewy foundation after. It works really well for me.

  • Kate Cook
    Kate Cook 5 months ago


  • Kate Cook
    Kate Cook 5 months ago

    I love the lashes that you are wearing the pic of this vedio what brand are thet

  • Renee Kerner
    Renee Kerner 5 months ago

    I would love to know your impression of the IT cosmetics CC cream. I have an oily T zone and normal in other areas. It seems the Maybelline Fit Me keeps my nose much less oily. Thank you for a great video.

  • Samantha Levesque
    Samantha Levesque 5 months ago

    So good! So much insight. I have the fit me and it so has a subtle olive hue. And you have no idea what it meant when you said, “girls...and boys.” Those two words completely made me feel so welcome! Craving the jouet now

  • Alicia Cambrils Sigala
    Alicia Cambrils Sigala 5 months ago

    Your makeup looks flawless and love your eye look and earrings xoxoxo

  • TAZ Wise
    TAZ Wise 5 months ago

    Your face looks flawless. Wht are u wearing? Thnx u sooo much for this review on mature skin that can u these foundations.
    Can we do concealers and blurring products?

  • Barbara Bivens
    Barbara Bivens 5 months ago

    Wet and wild is wonderful for mature skin.

  • Jeanzy C.
    Jeanzy C. 5 months ago

    I'm 52 and I get dry on my nose and around my mouth in the winter, but most of the time I still am oily in the t-zone. Guess it's good for wrinkles. I love IT foundations, CC, Bye Bye. I like them all.

  • Irma De Santiago
    Irma De Santiago 5 months ago +12

    I like your name. In Spanish "Risa" means laughter. :)

    • Irma De Santiago
      Irma De Santiago 4 months ago +1

      +Catherine Whittaker "Sonrisa" does mean smile. "Me da risa " means "makes me laugh." It's an expression I would use when I find something funny and it causes me to laugh.

    • Catherine Whittaker
      Catherine Whittaker 4 months ago

      I thought was part of the word, sonrisa which I think means smile😋

  • Michelle Gallas
    Michelle Gallas 5 months ago

    Do you lighten your eyebrows?

    • Risa Does Makeup
      Risa Does Makeup  5 months ago

      Hi Michelle! No, I don’t. I actually have super light, sparse brows that I have to fill in daily.

  • Veronica Salas
    Veronica Salas 5 months ago

    You do the best reviews! So happy I found your channel 😊👍

  • Karen Vee
    Karen Vee 6 months ago

    Thank u for this!! My forehead wrinkles are my issue, ugh, lol

  • Healing Wings Counseling DeeDee Fetters, LPCC-S

    I love Armani but it is pricey. I am 50 and I thankful to try the other ones too! I am a foundation junkie. Always willing to try cheaper and other brands. Thank you! :)

  • Kytshu Black
    Kytshu Black 6 months ago

    W7 makes a Vegan Foundation here in Australia it's about $7.00
    Comes in only 4 colours
    Most of the Chemist( Drug Store) brands are SO much more Expensive than, America.Most costing $25-$40... including most brands of CC Creams,BB Creams...
    I just want to know what is the best Primer for Mature Skin for 50_55 young women.
    Normal Skin/ but needing Full coverage.Minimal wrinkles.

  • Tammy Roy
    Tammy Roy 6 months ago

    Love love love the wet and wild photo focus and was also pleasantly surprised 😲
    I have a lot of different foundations of all price points and this is one of my favs. My skin is normal to dry.
    I’m definitely going to try the Georgio Armani just to see what the hype is about:)
    Thanks for sharing all this great info bella!
    Tammy Roy from Canada 🇨🇦

  • The Green Beauty Collective

    Its great that you re used a product you didn't love on someone else skin and liked it!

  • Patti Ryan
    Patti Ryan 7 months ago

    Hi Risa, Just now watched your video, which I enjoyed. I have mature skin with very few wrinkles . No crows feet either. I take very good care of my skin. Do you have any opinion about Sephora liquid makeup in the pump?

  • Kelly Oster
    Kelly Oster 7 months ago

    Just watched this video and would have loved to see a product list for your look in the vid as well! Very pretty so would have probably bought them all!

  • Ancora Imparo
    Ancora Imparo 7 months ago

    Do you remember which foundation you're wearing in this video? Looks great!

  • Em hearts Bel
    Em hearts Bel 7 months ago

    trish mcevoy bb cream is effin expensive for a bb cream ...btw r beautiful

  • Shannon Herrington
    Shannon Herrington 7 months ago +2

    I'm a new subscriber, great channel love the color of your lips beautiful

  • Cybil Cameron
    Cybil Cameron 7 months ago

    Just found you and think you are so gorgeous :)

  • Ida Fiftyyearsofawoman
    Ida Fiftyyearsofawoman 7 months ago

    Hi dear I am a new youtube woman from Paris be nice to subscribe to my channel thanks dear

  • David Thomas
    David Thomas 9 months ago

    When it comes to skin, the rate of satisfaction for any drug store skin care products is ZERO. Please watch a video by Dr obagi who is the founder of ZO MEDICAL that supplies prescription skin care products to dermatologist. They also carries none prescription version online as well. Also read a book by Dr Anthony youn called THE AGE FIX before undertaking any kind of DIY Homemade snake oil treatment. I am 56 and my skin is the same since I was a kid and I don't put any bougs drug store skin care products on my face. All my skin care products are by prescription only...and it doesn't cost much

  • Cindy P
    Cindy P 9 months ago

    Great video. I just wanted to add that the Jouer is a completely different feeling liquid, it feels very thin and watery. But that doesn't mean you lose coverage. I was so shocked by the texture I almost returned it, I did buy the brush (great combo) but used the beauty blender at first cause I felt I had more control. Now I only use the brush and I love it. It has quickly become the go-to foundation in extremely hot environments like Florida where humidity alone will melt off your makeup. Jouer holds up, stays dry and looks great!! It is unique, so if you're tired of foundation all feeling, looking and holding up the same try this one it's worth it. Oh and half a pump is more than enough for the whole face, you don't need concealer (beautiful under the eyes) or setting powder (normal to dry not sure about oily). I think the colors run just a tad light, I have Pebble, it's workable but not on its own in the summer. Speaking of which, Risa what tinter to darken foundation (cool toned person) would you recommend? Clinique's looks very orange...

  • Cindy Saciolo
    Cindy Saciolo 11 months ago +25

    Glad I found your channel. It’s been quite helpful. I am 42 and don’t feel comfortable with the younger USclip tutorials. If I put on concealer the way they demonstrate, I would notice lines in places I never knew I had 😱 and I can’t draw on eyebrows like a cartoon. I doubt my job would appreciate that. I think most of the girls look beautiful but their looks are simply not for me. I want to look like myself but in a tasteful way. And it doesn’t bother me when people say they like my makeup. It’s obvious I’m wearing something since you can see my eyeshadow and mascara. I just don’t want to look like a caricature of myself. Thanks for your useful tips.

    • m ricchia
      m ricchia 5 months ago

      Absolutely agree. In addition to that, most of the younger UScliprs (and some of the actually-not-so-young-any-more-but-acting-as-if-they-were... I will name no names) are sponsored in a way or the other, whether they admit it or not, so their opinions are not completely honest. More mature UScliprs (there are so few, alas!) are really focused on the quality and actual performance of the products and, not being paid for what they say, they are truthful in their opinions and much more careful in testing and reviewing the products.

  • Suzie Crim
    Suzie Crim 11 months ago

    no worries..As we age, to me powder is absolutely no no..It settles into any fine lines..

  • Tammy Brock
    Tammy Brock 11 months ago

    I don’t hear a lot about foundation for dry skin. I have such dry skin.

  • Rhonda Rose
    Rhonda Rose 11 months ago

    can you wear BB cream over 60

  • Kick it with GrammyK
    Kick it with GrammyK 11 months ago

    I just subscribed and hit the notification bell, could you please return the favor and subscribe to my channel and hit that little bell to become a member of the GramFam? We're going to be starting to upload videos very soon, just need to heal some more from having skin cancer cut out on my face.
    Thank you, Kelly. ❣️❣️❣️❣️

  • Leah's Place Avon

    I love double wear.

  • Leah's Place Avon

    I love primers

  • Leah's Place Avon

    What do you think of Avon makeup. Would you think of trying these products. I am 56 and think you do your makeup so beautiful. #leahsplace

  • Luann Feld
    Luann Feld Year ago

    Thank you for all the suggestions! I looked some of them up before scrolling down to see you'd listed all the products, much easier than backing up the video countless times to hear the names of the products! Thanks for clarifying what "aging skin" means in the cosmetics industry; this helps me to understand why some of the women in other videos on the same topic look so young (30's to 40's). I'm in my late 50's and my concept of "aging" keeps going up as I see my beautiful 93 year old mother age (and as I age). BTW my mom still wears full makeup, jewelry, lovely, colorful clothes when she goes out and she doesn't worry about all the wrinkles around her eyes on on her neck.

  • stacy miller
    stacy miller Year ago

    Love the video and will be checking some of these products. I would LOVE for you to repeat the name of the product after you review it before you move to the next product. I have to swine to hear what it is and that's aggravating and easily solved. Thank you

  • irishwench333
    irishwench333 Year ago

    I am cruelty-free as well and there are a lot of good companies now that are vegan and cruelty-free. Perhaps a video for all of us out here who are learning about the cruelty-free lifestyle, it would be greatly appreciated, I know this because there is so much discussion in vegan groups about makeups.

  • Wendy Gonzalez
    Wendy Gonzalez Year ago

    Can you share what you are wearing on your lips, the color is beautiful.

  • Corinne Smith
    Corinne Smith Year ago

    Hi Risa love your sincerity in every videos ...smooches 💋💋💋💋💋💋♥️♥️♥️

  • Marianne McManus
    Marianne McManus Year ago

    I don't like foundations. When you sweat they melt off or they come off when you wipe sweat off.

  • Stephanie O'Regan

    L'Oreal also makes a demi-matte in the 24 Hour formula, I love it!

  • Renda Owens
    Renda Owens Year ago

    You are so cute and very knowledgeable, I learned so much in one sitting by watching this, all the way through. Thanks so much.

  • Louise Sharpy
    Louise Sharpy Year ago

    This is a very late late comment. I just had to share I got the Maybelline Fit Me poreless and matte. I do love it for my skin. I cannot wear powder either. Ha ha. Yes settle into lines. Liquid

  • Corinne Waterson
    Corinne Waterson Year ago

    Hi ya great video, Im just starting out with make up really at 47 lol..... I have oily skin and already gone through the menopause so would I be ok with the Trisha E balm? I am fair skin with redness in my cheeks, how do you know what colour to buy? Thank you

  • Cookie Grim
    Cookie Grim Year ago

    Risa, I bought and tried the Jouer foundation because I also have oily skin. I was so excited to try it when it came in the mail. I have worn it now 2-3 times and am so disappointed. It accentuates my pores and cakes in my fine lines. Am I doing something wrong on the application? I tried using a brush and also a beauty sponge. It just makes my face look full of holes. I am 62 years of age so I am certainly a mature skinned lady. Do you have any tips for me? I am determined to continue to wear this foundation do to the cost of it so it is not wasted money. I also apply the stri vectin blurring cream to no avail. My pores look large enough to park cars in them. Your skin and makeup always looks so beautiful and flawless. I do not seem to get this effect with other foundations that I have and use though. What can I do? Thanks so much.

    • Risa Does Makeup
      Risa Does Makeup  Year ago

      Hi Cookie! I am so sorry to hear this! How much are you using and is your beauty sponge damp? Try using the tiniest amount(like the size of a pencil eraser) and see how that goes. Also, you can try mixing in a touch of your daily moisturizer to thin out the consistency. Let me know if that helps!

  • Amanda Thompson
    Amanda Thompson Year ago

    1st video I've watched of you! What in the heck have you been doing to your under eye area? It looks flawless!!!! I'm only 27 and I have a lot of lines under there and I find that every concealer I use under there just makes it stand out even more...

  • Katharine Lockhart
    Katharine Lockhart Year ago +2

    I had oily, blemished skin until I was 60. Lancome Dual Finish powder was the ONLY foundation that I could use. Now I use a hydrating primer along with Lancome Dual Finish. I pray that they never discontinue it!

  • Janet Groom
    Janet Groom Year ago

    I googled the question about L’Oréal. The info on their FAQ’s is interesting. I believe in “Cruelty Free”. Well, you can read it and make your decision.

    • Risa Does Makeup
      Risa Does Makeup  Year ago

      I am aware that L’Oréal is not cruelty free. I say that when I talk about the Pro Glow foundations. I try my best to buy cruelty free, but I am not a cruelty free channel. When it comes to “best of” videos, I show all brands regardless of their CF status.

  • SavoieFaire
    SavoieFaire Year ago

    U need to google who owns Armani. They are not cruelty free.

    • Risa Does Makeup
      Risa Does Makeup  Year ago

      I am aware of that. I did state that in this video I was going to share both CF and non CF brands.

  • Alison Tull
    Alison Tull Year ago

    Melanie from Mr Kongs Mom has seriously oily skin but she uses Laura Geller Balance and Brighten powder foundation......she says it stops her oil coming through! She doesn't use liquid foundation,she says the oil makes liquid foundation run and move all over her face. I think I'm lucky, my skin was dry but since taking notice of you tubers skin care advice it's pretty much normal 😍😃 xx

  • Ontrend50 Sandy Alderson

    WOW...... Risa, Your skin just looks more flawless in each new video you post! You look amazing! absolutely beautiful :) Please share what new things you're doing? Sounds like I need to try the Jouer Essential High Coverage Creme Makeup. What do you recommend to prime with when using​ it on the super old dry skin.......LOL?

  • Ilovesesshomaru! sama

    What age is considered mature skin. If you say 30s I'm going to flip a table because that's not mature skin to me. Mature skin I believe starts at 45 when the body's natural aging process speeds up. Before that, any signs of aging is largely due to poor skin care, poor health and bad habits. So if you're under 45 and you have wrinkles, it's the accumulation of sun exposure, free radicals act. But after 45 it's due to the speed up of aging and hormone changes.

    KAREN W Year ago

    You nailed it and the color of your lipstck looks perfect on you.

  • heather saddler
    heather saddler Year ago +1

    Love your video. Have you tried Young Living's Savvy Minerals make-up?

    • Keirah Johnston
      Keirah Johnston 3 months ago

      Is "Young Living Savvy" makeup with the Essential Oils (Young) ?

    • Risa Does Makeup
      Risa Does Makeup  Year ago

      Thank you! No, I haven’t heard of that brand.

  • joym824
    joym824 Year ago

    What are you wearing on your lips? I love it!

  • Ada Encarnacion
    Ada Encarnacion Year ago

    I need to find a foundation that is good coverage and I have oily skin and that last long not transferrable I get foundation all over my coat blouse?! 'Help"!

  • Linda Brandts
    Linda Brandts Year ago

    Thanks for the video... Cruelty free is pretty important to me, is Armani cruelty free? I thought that the parent company was Loreal and was a bit confused. Thanks

  • Jennifer Prentiss
    Jennifer Prentiss Year ago +1

    Great info. Thanks :)

  • Deana Hendrickson

    Do u still feel lar merce is the best for older mature skin. I have shiny skin. Prob still oily in tzone and could have smaller pores. Do u feel it is still light enough for mature skin?

  • deana mcdonald
    deana mcdonald Year ago

    Please when you click on a video for mature that actually mean 50 and above...

    • Risa Does Makeup
      Risa Does Makeup  Year ago +1

      Hi there, I have been working in the beauty industry for over 22 years where mature skin is classified as 40+. I am nearly 45. I have seen women as young as 35 make “Mature Skin” videos. Our skin loses firmness, elasticity and we begin developing fine lines starting around age 35. Of course our needs will be different at 40 versus 55 or 65, but I created this list to include what I felt would work for the majority of women over 40 with all skin types.

  • River Runner
    River Runner Year ago

    Can you type out the number one makeup on here? It is hard to read it on the video. Thank you.

  • Janners
    Janners Year ago

    I use a Burberry foundation that I love as well and I'm 50 with dry skin. Didn't know if you had tried. Thanks for the info.

  • Cher Silveira
    Cher Silveira Year ago

    I too absolutely LOVE the Too Faced soft peach ! It just looks so soft, pretty and touchable! I can't wear the pinker tones either, they turn an ashy beige gray on me. BUT I would LOVE to try the Jouer since you like it so much and say it is so nice! My ONLY problem is that if it is like Estee Lauder Double Wear (I loved the coverage and look) BUT IT OXIDIZED SO BADLY ON ME, EVEN when I used a shade or two lighter! It looked like I used cheap liquid Bronzer, smeared it all over and left it looking like a clown. It got SO dark Orange brown in just an hour! THEN it continued to darken the longer I wore it! I looked like a different ethnic group. I am very fair and I couldn't BELIEVE how orange, muddy looking dark it was! I would love to try the Jouer but was wondering, DOES IT TURN ORANGE TOO??? I HOPE not! I really liked the coverage of the EL DBL wear , just not the bad magic color changing act! LOL!

  • Deana Hendrickson

    The last pick that is your favorite, if it’s high long lasting is it too heavy for creases. Almost 53 and I still get shiny.

  • Deana Hendrickson

    What is your fav mattyfining primer

    MISSYMINX261 Year ago

    What lipstick are you wearing?

  • Yarn addict aka K lo

    I find it hard to match my color in a drug store. It's usually too light or too dark because I am fair skinned.