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  • Maria
    Maria 3 hours ago

    George's scene was iconic. He clearly came back on just to talk to Tulisa

  • Nassan Sousa
    Nassan Sousa 5 hours ago

    He s an actor!!

  • Keira Biscotti
    Keira Biscotti 6 hours ago

    15:52 is a big mood

  • Sophia Alcalde
    Sophia Alcalde 7 hours ago

    F4 Van Ness holy shiet.

  • BasicTruth1109
    BasicTruth1109 7 hours ago

    The blond chick was beautiful and can sing, but she had no clue on how to maintain timing. She has the full package, but needed it sharpened. She is very marketable and someone will pick her up

  • BasicTruth1109
    BasicTruth1109 7 hours ago

    The third person and his friends gassing him was horrendous!!

  • BasicTruth1109
    BasicTruth1109 8 hours ago

    The second guy was right to come back and apologize and they should have shown some respect to his feelings when he apologized, People have said worse in their everyday lives

  • BasicTruth1109
    BasicTruth1109 8 hours ago

    Victoria looks horrible!! She has too much makeup on. Also how the fuck can someone say, "Simon you have an attitude, but you are charming." no the truth is, "Simon is the fucking boss and you have to kiss his ass to survive on this show.!"

  • BasicTruth1109
    BasicTruth1109 8 hours ago

    Andrew was definitely an idiot with zero talent and a shitty attitude. He is a pompus ass who is used to getting his way! From the onslaught should have given him the boot from the beginning without even letting him even audtition. He was very boring when he sang. He sang with zero emotion,

  • Elizeuenglishteacher
    Elizeuenglishteacher 10 hours ago

    Andrew did not pass for his bad attitude. His voice is nice, but his personality is hard.

  • TheUniqueBanana
    TheUniqueBanana 16 hours ago

    How is the last guy rude 😂

  • Ayman Djeffal
    Ayman Djeffal Day ago

    Give me every thing tonight guy omg 😂😂😂

  • PrinceTrexus
    PrinceTrexus Day ago

    That George Gerasimo makes me so angry he can’t sing to save his life and he has such a bad attitude and yet he gets TWO freaking chances while others struggle for years to even get ONE shot at being noticed!

  • liljayjay 666
    liljayjay 666 Day ago +2

    The triple trouble guy needs to come back for his 3rd and final part... to complete his trilogy

  • PrinceTrexus
    PrinceTrexus Day ago

    The fact that some of these horribly rude people get multiple shots while other more deserving people work so hard for years to get noticed and end up getting passed up is heartbreaking

  • PrinceTrexus
    PrinceTrexus Day ago

    Lol Simon gave the first guy a yes 😂

  • NickyMicky888
    NickyMicky888 Day ago

    It said that the first guy was an ‘unemployed musician’ 😂😂😂

  • Supreme Rap
    Supreme Rap Day ago +1

    The second person escaped from somewhere? The Mental Hos........

  • Emily Mackenzie Sue

    you can tell some of these people have mental issues . especially in number 2, the judges were being so rude considering he’s probably suffering of something. Not trying to be mean or anything . credits to the guys for having the courage to showcase his talent like that !:))

  • Gavaskar B.
    Gavaskar B. Day ago

    George: "I have matured"
    *shows the finger*
    Yup.. defenetly matured 😂

  • Nicole Zhawu
    Nicole Zhawu Day ago +1

    George Gerasimou was behaving like an idiot, he emberassed himself, called a judge a bitch and still doesn't give a damn. He must realise the world doesn't evolve around him

  • NickyMicky888
    NickyMicky888 Day ago

    *”You need a spanking! You’re very naughty”*

  • Roman Romero
    Roman Romero Day ago

    15:00 give this girl a medal 😂

  • Ulysses Arao
    Ulysses Arao Day ago

    He came and made his name even worse

  • SeT IcoN
    SeT IcoN Day ago

    Hahahahhahaaa xd lol

  • Safi Nasir
    Safi Nasir Day ago

    gooj is a fucking twat

  • Sister Souvenir
    Sister Souvenir Day ago

    *"LiSTeN sWeeThEArT-"*

  • Adessa Mora
    Adessa Mora Day ago

    George.. well.. I think I'm deaf now from hearing him...And he totally matured.. Yay totally...
    Mind:no he didnt

  • Sans Dorky Ditty
    Sans Dorky Ditty 2 days ago

    First guy came straight outta a murderer horror movie

  • Alexandra Seinvada
    Alexandra Seinvada 2 days ago

    I thought #1’s singing wasn’t bad...maybe a different song...and a different attitude😂😂

  • Kristian Case
    Kristian Case 2 days ago

    Actually he isn't bad ... attitude sucks but he is pretty good

  • David Reyes
    David Reyes 2 days ago

    Paid actors

  • Lazy Lin
    Lazy Lin 2 days ago

    The judges and the audience are so ruuuuudeeeeeee

  • Grace Hicks
    Grace Hicks 2 days ago

    The first one was horrible to the judges l

  • Kerigan Schroeder
    Kerigan Schroeder 2 days ago +1

    The second guy should have said he had like mental bursts so people would have felt bad for him😂that is what I would have done

  • trappin296 is herre
    trappin296 is herre 2 days ago

    Simon and Ramsay mean asf

  • Pan Da
    Pan Da 2 days ago

    George sounds like his nose is plugged..

  • Zyon Mccolley
    Zyon Mccolley 2 days ago

    the third guy killed meXD

  • Barry Mcockener
    Barry Mcockener 2 days ago +1

    This guy has his own name tattooed on him like his dumbass forgets it regularly.

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  • Icegoddesswolf
    Icegoddesswolf 3 days ago

    i read the comments and i don't understand why people feel bad for the second guy? he's being an immature brat and should really be more aware of himself. all he did was dance horribly to a song, i'm sorry, but i know i can't sing or dance and if i know i can't do something or i'm bad at it, i KNOW. if i don't, i would ask an outside opinion or something before ever going to a major thing like this

  • EXO AND KINGS ican see no difference

    Why is tulisa even there?? She acts like an expert or something but if u see her performing she is absolute shit

  • G_quackers
    G_quackers 3 days ago


  • The Notorious
    The Notorious 3 days ago

    First guy just has a weird personality, wasn’t a terrible singer but the girl on the left was straight up being a bitch

  • Alif Hossain
    Alif Hossain 3 days ago

    7:22 My name is Geeeeeeeeeeeorge 😂😂😂😂

  • NationHypocrisy
    NationHypocrisy 3 days ago +1

    George's family did him dirty. Why they ain't tell that boy he can't sing?

  • Dave David
    Dave David 3 days ago

    the fist guy had a valid point that the fudges are all self centered assholes, have you ever waited 3 hours to get into somewhere only to find a bunch of complete narcissistic cunts waiting for you?

  • sweetheart Martin
    sweetheart Martin 3 days ago

    Very Judgement

  • JoshTDC
    JoshTDC 3 days ago

    When you didnt know there was a test today

  • JoshTDC
    JoshTDC 3 days ago

    The first guy was rude but gotta admit loved his voice

  • i feel sadness and pain

    simon: your are completely useless
    crowd: claps and cheers

  • i feel sadness and pain

    plot twist this first guy wasn't even angry

  • Jaikaran Ramroop
    Jaikaran Ramroop 4 days ago

    He sounds like a frog

  • Lilia I
    Lilia I 4 days ago

    No way the second was no conscient of his bad singing , they paid him to come and do a bad performance

  • Sofia Carmona
    Sofia Carmona 4 days ago

    Now its time for my opinion

  • Zapzzable100
    Zapzzable100 4 days ago

    I didn't like the 1st judge's overeaction at all😒in the first vid

  • I know Everything
    I know Everything 4 days ago

    Man I just freaking Love the way he looks on the Thumbnail 😂

  • Mariyah Johnson
    Mariyah Johnson 4 days ago

    Andrew wasn't that bad of a singer he just had a bad attitude

  • Zachery Kissoon
    Zachery Kissoon 4 days ago

    Grown up and matured. *HA!!*

  • lelechim
    lelechim 4 days ago

    That guy George can't sing for shit and he and his friends are ghetto
    The blonde girl has a nice voice but a terrible attitude

  • Erin Esser
    Erin Esser 4 days ago +1

    HEYYY HEYYY 2019???? still good and fresh

  • Porsha Ushery
    Porsha Ushery 5 days ago

    He's bad

  • bobby long
    bobby long 5 days ago

    Sad first one could sing ( I heard worsted () the rest were useless trash 👎

  • emigod TM
    emigod TM 5 days ago

    The first guy reminds me of Onision with a better voice

  • Lexi Doyon
    Lexi Doyon 5 days ago

    Wow I feel bad for the second guy

  • boro boy
    boro boy 5 days ago

    That posh spice is fuckin ugly posh can't Sing herself

  • David Rod
    David Rod 5 days ago

    Love being from Boston. Get people like the first guy Every where

  • Rockets #1
    Rockets #1 5 days ago

    17:21-17:26 laugh

  • Kaleeyah Hatcher
    Kaleeyah Hatcher 5 days ago

    The third guy... HE CANT SING! Even Jake Paul sings better than him. (I hate Jake Paul)

  • Sheng Yang
    Sheng Yang 5 days ago

    I hate the white lady she's a bitch

  • Brendan Foster
    Brendan Foster 5 days ago

    its not that the guy in the second one needs to expect some people to not like him, but they were literally all being bullies about it

  • sparklebutt111
    sparklebutt111 5 days ago

    Was the 2nd guy dancing?

  • illuminati undertones

    Why is the second guy acting like a little boy?

  • Superboy Kl
    Superboy Kl 5 days ago

    Gha ha ha

  • John Browning
    John Browning 6 days ago

    11:55, that lady judge was straight up being mean. I woulda told this dude, your energy and style can work in particular genres and I appreciate how you ran around and was physical. But your singing pitch is completely off. So while I would say to no to you for this show, I would encourage you to continue to have fun with performances while finding genres and venues that support your particular style.

    • John Browning
      John Browning 6 days ago

      They were all mean, but I just now got it. When I watched to the end and he started insulting them. Basically they all, as the lady said, have been in this business working their way up for years, and so I realized they would spot someone like that right from the get-go. They would understand the fakeness and the meanness. My version of judge that I put above is too benign, too naive, at least for this show.

  • Ariana Prenaj
    Ariana Prenaj 6 days ago

    Andrew was mistreated. That girl in the left end was extremely rude. I feel bad for any guy that she has dated.

  • Emma Levy
    Emma Levy 6 days ago

    The first one scared me 😯 it sounds like a opening seance of horror movie

  • Siena Agosti
    Siena Agosti 6 days ago +1

    What the hell that crowed and judges in the second one were pure disrespectful👿 one like on sorry for 2 guy

  • Christina Sanchez
    Christina Sanchez 6 days ago

    I liked the 2nd guy :(

  • lucien addison
    lucien addison 6 days ago

    The first guy what not bad fuck you Simon

  • Prady Jr.
    Prady Jr. 6 days ago

    That asian dude made my day

  • Michael Kroeker
    Michael Kroeker 6 days ago

    1st one was absolutely not a good singer. Entitled asshole.

  • Jade Pixie
    Jade Pixie 6 days ago

    Oh George, when will you learn?

  • Rogan Reicher
    Rogan Reicher 6 days ago

    I’m not trying to be mean but by stereotypes this dude is obviously from Boston

  • Kamal Elsayed
    Kamal Elsayed 6 days ago +1


  • Keith Harris
    Keith Harris 7 days ago

    😂😂😂😂😂 George thooo 😂😂😂😂

  • Jonelee Espinosa
    Jonelee Espinosa 7 days ago +1


  • MelodysAFreakingSecurityGuard

    imagine being immortalized on the internet like this

  • Jennifer Moore
    Jennifer Moore 7 days ago

    I think the first guy would have made it through if his attitude had not been so bad. His bad attitude affect his performance.

  • Luna Fall
    Luna Fall 7 days ago

    The second one is cute even if he’s kinda creepy. I guess he would be a nice friend & i like his voice idk why 😂🙈

  • Lauren loves Camila!!

    The judges really bothered me on the second guy.. especially the second time when the guy tried to apologize to them, and the girl was being RUDE. “You chose to come here” “You can’t expect everyone to like you” well wanting to be respected and wanting every individual to like you are 2 different things. Nobody even said he was expecting love from everybody. But their jobs are to JUDGE, not call him “completely and utterly useless” and embarrass him and have him laughed at on stage in front of the entire audience AND live TV. There’s honesty and then there is straight up rude and shouldn’t be said. I think Simon is typically a good judge, and honesty is always good and definitely needed, but what he said was not only insanely rude but untrue

  • MistyBlue102
    MistyBlue102 7 days ago

    Victoria Beckham looks like an old washer woman lol 😎

  • Dodi Ahmad
    Dodi Ahmad 7 days ago

    someone can tell name one of judges who wear white dress? a lady who judges George ?

  • Martine Banfield
    Martine Banfield 7 days ago

    Who also came down here to see if the first guy wasn’t bad at singing

  • Denise Alvarez
    Denise Alvarez 7 days ago

    That chick that talked to the first guy was so rude ! I don’t like her

  • Mystery Man
    Mystery Man 7 days ago

    Idk why, but the first guy kinda sounded like lightning mcween

  • Nathan Watson
    Nathan Watson 7 days ago

    14:23 What happens when you take dick out of a hooker’s mouth.

  • Nathan Watson
    Nathan Watson 7 days ago

    10:43 I think the mental hospital is short a patient.

  • Godfrey Ndlovu
    Godfrey Ndlovu 7 days ago

    Andrew Andrew what’s with the attitude. Confident vs arrogance..

  • Jo Sy
    Jo Sy 7 days ago

    well, ist not necessary to tell someone who cant sing or dance, hes completely useless.