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  • Jermaine Weaver
    Jermaine Weaver 4 hours ago

    That dude should of got the part he could sing,every body have bad days.

  • Tj Johnson
    Tj Johnson 7 hours ago

    Googe is definitely gay

  • Mala Loodacha
    Mala Loodacha 12 hours ago

    I feel bad for the second guy😔
    But I still wanna laugh as idiot

  • Chad Khad
    Chad Khad Day ago

    unemployed smartass

  • Spider Man
    Spider Man Day ago +1

    I 💘 the *last guy.*

  • David Gamerz
    David Gamerz Day ago

    What the fuck why they so fucking stupid judges

  • CanVas Cope
    CanVas Cope Day ago


  • Randall Taylor
    Randall Taylor Day ago

    They girls were pissed because they were kinda attracted to him

  • Randall Taylor
    Randall Taylor Day ago

    Simon want he to fuck him in the ass

  • Altina Washington

    George George George..... why????????!!!!!

  • Holly Coles
    Holly Coles Day ago

    First guy seriously a mental head serial killer

  • Cheryl McHugh-Hall
    Cheryl McHugh-Hall 2 days ago

    The first guy is cute but the attatude tho oh my 😍 I've got a serious thing for bad boys lol. But you got to love Simon tho.😂😂😂😄😄

  • sugi
    sugi 2 days ago +1

    You dont have to be rude to be Superstar dumbass.

  • xXxbossgmingxXx The bosses

    17:19 she sounds like a dolphin lol

  • Bradley Tucker
    Bradley Tucker 2 days ago

    Actually the Judges are a bunch of stuck-up muppets not the contestants

    MARINEUF45 2 days ago

    3rd guys cringe

    MARINEUF45 2 days ago

    I feel sorry for the second guy the audience and judges are dickheads

  • Pino Kio
    Pino Kio 2 days ago

    white judges in asia got talent??? lol its either the people who issue license for such shows forced white judges on ASIA got talent or we Asians cant get enough of thses piggies looks

  • Isaac Ibnoumaryama
    Isaac Ibnoumaryama 3 days ago

    Give me everything tonight LOL

  • ezequiel godinez
    ezequiel godinez 3 days ago

    The first guy looked like Clark Kent smallville

  • Fahad Nezam
    Fahad Nezam 3 days ago

    If I was the first guy, I would have told the truth, and say I popped too many pills.

  • simplycbh
    simplycbh 3 days ago

    Goorge is fine on the low ...even though he can’t sing , felt bad for the second guy though 💀💀💀 that first guys attitude was a nightmare

  • Theoneandmarlboroman

    Can't believe how Djoooorge doubled down on his previous performance. What a twat.

  • blanca uribe
    blanca uribe 3 days ago

    The first guy was in the spectrum

  • Grzyby
    Grzyby 3 days ago

    Fucking feminists

  • Heizel Loterte
    Heizel Loterte 3 days ago

    That just...rude

  • Vinson Huynh
    Vinson Huynh 4 days ago

    I don’t care if you want to Harvard, a doctor or whatever. But no one should ever disrespect one another. Don’t respond rudeness with rudeness.

  • Omar Ker
    Omar Ker 4 days ago

    Our world is fucked up .

  • Eddie Doezit 2
    Eddie Doezit 2 4 days ago

    The first guy was right and was bullied.... The question "Why are you here" is a stupid ass question... Every contestant is there for the same reason... to be the next American Idol and become a famous singer... Dumb Question...If I go into a Starbucks and the person at the counter asks me why am I here... I'm probably going to sound off and say why the f%^&K do you think I'm here... I obviously want some food or some coffee...that was a stupid question... and I would probably have said some smart ass thing to Simon for that stupid question too... and the woman judge running her mouth... I hated her the entire time she was on there... she was arrogant and had a tremendous attitude... couldn't stand her... when she left I was so happy... I am on the contestants side on that one... he didn't get a fair shake on this audition...

  • Ichiya
    Ichiya 4 days ago

    The first guy doesn't sing THAAT bad but he's a jerk

  • Myke's Vision
    Myke's Vision 4 days ago

    The first guy singing actually wasn't bad... A little music would have definitely helped... it was his attitude that killed his chance!!

  • Danny Ismail
    Danny Ismail 4 days ago

    george i hope you lose your voice

  • Ibrahim Snobar
    Ibrahim Snobar 4 days ago

    First guy is definitely mental

  • call of Duty kaiden
    call of Duty kaiden 4 days ago

    First guy is funny ashell

  • Hassan Ejaz
    Hassan Ejaz 4 days ago

    I like how george's girlfriend came to stage to defend him

  • Sarah Ogiemwonyi
    Sarah Ogiemwonyi 4 days ago

    The truth is u re completely and utterly useless, simeon his such a bad guy

  • Hayay yay
    Hayay yay 4 days ago

    The first guy named Andrew wasnt that bad. Yes he was rude af when he came in but then he was quite symphatic, that bitch at
    the audience was rude

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson 4 days ago

    I don't understand the judges with tf was he aggressive? Wtf are they talking about.

  • Tierra Bolton
    Tierra Bolton 4 days ago

    The first guy... he could sing, he needs voice lessons... she said you need a spanking; he said 🤔 😃spanking.

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    First guy
    I feel like has a sireal killer and

  • kazuma kazuma
    kazuma kazuma 4 days ago

    WHATS THAT!!?? 4:36..😂😂😂

  • mintone2008
    mintone2008 4 days ago

    “Googe” obviously has mental problems....they should screen people before they let them make a fool of themselves....SMH

  • StukaJUNKERS
    StukaJUNKERS 4 days ago

    my names goooorge

  • Daniel Haris
    Daniel Haris 5 days ago

    First guy thinks he’s the smartest human alive. Second guy is autism.

  • Eyan Speaks
    Eyan Speaks 5 days ago

    He rolled his eyes

  • Ms.Sharon P
    Ms.Sharon P 5 days ago

    He would be great in a funny /Comedy movie 🎥 the second guy...the first one I smell Serial killer

  • Ilia Bashely
    Ilia Bashely 5 days ago

    first guy was fucking savage
    "you know that song?" LMAO

  • Nataki Qweeny
    Nataki Qweeny 5 days ago


  • J91 green
    J91 green 5 days ago

    Love Tulisa. She was a brilliant judge and the way she put George in his place! Not afraid too speak her mind!

  • Hatami Sensei
    Hatami Sensei 5 days ago


  • dottie Kelley
    dottie Kelley 5 days ago

    Fucken Asshole

  • Emmanuel Vincent
    Emmanuel Vincent 5 days ago

    The first guy though

  • Nisa Gitty
    Nisa Gitty 5 days ago

    First guy was judged for his [stink] attitude and not his [ok] voice.
    Second guy was really fragile and they should have handled him as such.
    George (Joooge) needs new friends bc, obviously, there's No one who will tell him about his singing nor his attitude.
    That 22 yr old beautiful gonna-be-a-star girl... idk.

  • Viktor Tomanov
    Viktor Tomanov 6 days ago

    In Davids case, the 2nd, Í wouldn't be upset that much by the audience but Simon'dve better shut his mouth before calling the guy "completely and utterly useless". I mean that would set it off.

    BEAR WALKEN 6 days ago

    Give me everything tonight thu rtf gaff g027 bcu

  • Metessio
    Metessio 6 days ago

    That second guy didn't deserve that. I really feel terrible for him.

  • Pixie Playz
    Pixie Playz 6 days ago +1


  • Pixie Playz
    Pixie Playz 6 days ago +1

    Hi Hi Hi Hi

  • Adnane Amara
    Adnane Amara 6 days ago

    That Iaconelli girl who said she will become a star. Well! She became w pornstar

  • Val Victoria Nelson
    Val Victoria Nelson 6 days ago

    George can't sing worth a dam!

  • alex sebhatu
    alex sebhatu 6 days ago

    How was the first guy mad LMFAO

  • Alif Ali
    Alif Ali 6 days ago

    " my name is guuge I'm neinteen "

  • Church boy
    Church boy 6 days ago

    both of them girls needs a life

  • Gangster Potato
    Gangster Potato 6 days ago

    The second guys dance killed me

  • EmmaLauren Xo
    EmmaLauren Xo 6 days ago

    George wasnt rocking that stadium

  • Alejandro
    Alejandro 6 days ago

    9:47 Is that english I can't understand

  • Станимир Колев

    Don't be creepy 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Elaine Cocaine
    Elaine Cocaine 6 days ago

    that chick was a right fucking bitch to the first guy, commending on his appearance and saying ‘have you ever had a girlfriend?’ and the second one was heartbreaking too.

  • Eden Banfield
    Eden Banfield 6 days ago

    These guys are more interesting for their rudeness and bringing the judges down to earth as their not gods because of their status

  • Mimi Bridges
    Mimi Bridges 6 days ago

    I knew Simon would like him because he reminds him of himself 😂😂😂

  • Muhummed YOUSSEF
    Muhummed YOUSSEF 6 days ago

    See now its proved that bad attitude will get you no were in life if your attitude is shit then you are shit.And that's what happen in the first audition if he didn't have any attitude then he would of got through.

  • Mazzi Maz
    Mazzi Maz 7 days ago

    9:31 he fine asffff

  • Khushal Aumeer
    Khushal Aumeer 7 days ago

    2nd guy seems to have some kind of issues, i don’t think he is rude

  • That_weird_loser _is_lame

    Okay but most of the comments for the first guy are either "he's a psychopath", "my god he's so hot" and "the judges were sooo harsh" but why are we sleeping on George's S/O who was ride or die with him that's the support I expect when Taco Bell gets my order wrong in the drive through and I gotta walk in.

  • Julia Sellmann
    Julia Sellmann 7 days ago

  • Shane Lamar
    Shane Lamar 7 days ago

    2nd guy tho

    J DOT EASY 7 days ago +1

    2nd dude is mgk before the black girlfriend

  • Frilara Betila
    Frilara Betila 7 days ago

    15:06, damm barbie queen 😂

  • jose martinez
    jose martinez 7 days ago

    nah they even had a thing were they said these things have super long wait times and they do interviews before hand, most people that get casted have families

  • Frilara Betila
    Frilara Betila 7 days ago

    10:13, brah look at this dudes face😳😦, hes like aww hell nah, get yo ass out of here😡

  • Alfredo Neyra
    Alfredo Neyra 7 days ago what it is
    We all need to know how to treat them
    Laugh is not the right way for sure (the guy how ran away)

  • Anayeli Cruz
    Anayeli Cruz 7 days ago

    The 3rd one wasn't bad he tried his best and had confidence in himself and the judges were being do rude

  • Faith Moss
    Faith Moss 7 days ago

    Goerges voice is annoying however you spell his name

  • Diamond Plays
    Diamond Plays 7 days ago

    #2 was not THAT rude. I mean he was rude, but not compared to the others.

  • Justice Hall
    Justice Hall 7 days ago

    You need a spanking 😒 WTF

  • XDgamer
    XDgamer 7 days ago

    2:23 It doesn't matter whether you like him or not, you're there to judge his singing, not his character.

  • Valerie F. Jones
    Valerie F. Jones 7 days ago

    Andrew is probably a serial killer

  • Shadow 01057
    Shadow 01057 7 days ago +1

    Gorge's singing sounds like pink sheep and purple shep

  • Namjin vkook
    Namjin vkook 7 days ago

    That third guy is a CHAV

  • chris reade
    chris reade 7 days ago

    the poor guy in the second one didnt do anything and they just took the piss out of him

  • gavloft
    gavloft 7 days ago

    Typical millennials

  • Laura Jones
    Laura Jones 8 days ago

    First guy had issues. Women Judge shouldve kept quiet and just said no..

  • Brendan Fleming
    Brendan Fleming 8 days ago

    The first guy may had been rude but he can still singer better on his worse day than Victoria on her best day

  • Sean Jones
    Sean Jones 8 days ago

    Simon is such an English Muffet

  • Sean Jones
    Sean Jones 8 days ago

    Andrew is a Savage 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • SimplyLimbo
    SimplyLimbo 8 days ago

    The first guy 😆