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  • Published on Jun 28, 2018
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  • Dikran Tatyosian Jr.

    I am a actor for Forza Motorsport 8 the movie

  • Mack Enzie
    Mack Enzie 2 months ago

    I love u Safire❤️🤗 also we have the same shirt😂😂

  • CyanideAcid
    CyanideAcid 7 months ago

    wait. first dude. he said human

  • Noor 19
    Noor 19 9 months ago

    13:57 wow you are a good singer

  • Noor 19
    Noor 19 9 months ago


  • Minecraft vs playing vs Legos vs gaming

    8:48 never trust them Shadow manssss!

  • Bsrbara Gaskins
    Bsrbara Gaskins 9 months ago

    Hey gorgeous girl kidding you’re ugly

  • Deadly 2Tails
    Deadly 2Tails 10 months ago

    Holy shit human!!!!The man ate human

  • Lorena Garcia
    Lorena Garcia 10 months ago

    MOOOOOOOOM im on a scary site again...

  • Dakota Does Things
    Dakota Does Things 10 months ago


  • you cannot kill me in a way that matters

    miss sapphire sounds henotheistic?

  • Bertuni Clenord
    Bertuni Clenord 11 months ago

    I heard the riddle but smaller

  • weird wonders
    weird wonders Year ago

    Eew someone at human....😑

  • ITookTheCookiesMom


  • Liranne Meowpew
    Liranne Meowpew Year ago

    Hey!!! Am from philippines cebu tooo!!!😱😱😱

  • mr nobody
    mr nobody Year ago +1

    Honestly i miss the old something scary... it was so much better and scarier

  • Geroda Adderley
    Geroda Adderley Year ago

    Hi !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ginger Hopper
    Ginger Hopper Year ago +1

    Wait a sec....
    If the old man said human...


  • •Strxwberry Milk•


  • Domagoj Kovacic
    Domagoj Kovacic Year ago


  • Amayah Jimenez
    Amayah Jimenez Year ago +2

    So the homeless man said human about the tall guy??😐😐

  • Grace Holtby
    Grace Holtby Year ago

    I figured it out the creepy part was when the tall guy walked past him, he said human! The tall guy was a cannibal!!!!!!!

  • Alok Srivastava
    Alok Srivastava Year ago


  • Alok Srivastava
    Alok Srivastava Year ago


  • dead4life 89
    dead4life 89 Year ago

    You lyed you promised to never fuck with oujia

  • ayuki senorin
    ayuki senorin Year ago

    actually that creature that separates it's body in half is called manananggal... and my great grandfather had an experience with that creature...

  • ayuki senorin
    ayuki senorin Year ago

    oh my God you went to our country... I'm from the Philippines!! A proud Filipina fan of your something scary stories... 😁😁😁
    I hope I can send some of my stories for you soon...

  • Pluto
    Pluto Year ago


  • Angel XVII
    Angel XVII Year ago

    So he ate a human.

  • pops sam
    pops sam Year ago

    You are ignorant

  • ThePblocker
    ThePblocker Year ago

    Human he ate a human

  • Katelyn
    Katelyn Year ago

    He ate a human!

  • Bella Li
    Bella Li Year ago

    I like the last one cause it gave me the creeps

  • Neko Melon
    Neko Melon Year ago


  • XxX-Itz Chanelle -XxX


  • XxX-Itz Chanelle -XxX


  • Rogue_Overseer
    Rogue_Overseer Year ago

    I got something scary one day I was walking through the woods with my friends Max and Aj and we split up to find Max,s dog cause it had ran from the house a little while before so I was alone and I started needing noises in the woods and then I saw a greenish black figure I thought it was my mind playing tricks on me but the i saw it again but it had black horns and green at the tips of the horns and it had a sword with eyes and in the middle of it head was a single eye and his hands hands shape claws like a heads and in his hand was the dogs head and he told me why are you alone it's not good to be alone I ran so fast I didn't know we're I was going but I just wanted to get out of there

  • RexTheRulerOfTheUniverse

    One time me and my friends played Charlie Charlie and when we said Charlie Charlie do you have a sister or brother and it spun so fast and landed on yes

  • RexTheRulerOfTheUniverse

    Good for you

  • RexTheRulerOfTheUniverse


  • Dramione heaven
    Dramione heaven Year ago

    Bish hi

  • GamesBond 007
    GamesBond 007 Year ago +1

    Plz - Select the topic :
    *Witch Stories* for _Something Scary_

  • sara kisssa
    sara kisssa Year ago

    There is slip mouth woman

  • Imre Trumpie
    Imre Trumpie Year ago

    Hey! I know a pretty scary story too! It happened to my aunt when she was about 14 years old...
    It was in the year; 1978
    She was playing the auji bord with 3 friends; kaja, Kim, Tom and ofcourse, herself. They where having a sleepover at my aunt's place and Tom brought his ouji bord. So they desided to play it, they turn off the light and put some candles on. They first asked; Are you there? "Yes"
    Are you evil? "M" "A" "Y" "B" "E"
    They looked at eachother, because it wasn’t quit a answer to get from a ghost…
    Are you here to give us information? “Yes”
    Tell us…
    They looked at eachother. ‘That is next year!’ Said: Tom.
    Then the stone moved again.
    ‘Is that a time?’ said Kaja.
    It moved again.
    ‘I think that is a data…’
    Said my aunt. A few minutes later my aunt’s mom came upstairs and tol dus to go to sleep, we said goodbye and cleaned everthing up.
    Nothing happened, untill newyears eve, 1979…
    Exactly on 00:00 we got a phone call, they first said, happy newyear, but later they tol dus that mu aunt’s friend died, in a axedent… Kaja. I thought of the bord; 1979…
    Later in the year (almost next year) it was 15 october. We got another phone call… It was the mom of Tom she was crying and only said; “They took him, they took him!” After a conversation of only that she told them that he was posessed and that they throw him of a cliff… she thought of the ouji bord… 15-10…
    The same day the phone woke them up… my aunt answered the phone… ‘Hello?’
    It was a dark voice and my aunt knew that it was the ghost of ghe bord, he called Kim too and told them to come tot he water place if they wanted there friends back… so they came, it was 23:40… They saw nobody and then agiant rock came down the hill, they run. Kim died… My aunt survived, tol dus the story and died of hart problems and mind storenesses…
    I hope to see my story in one of your video's someday! you always give me the chills, so i really like your video's!
    Love- Imre

  • Angel Cruz
    Angel Cruz Year ago

    Rip Some thing scary that's why I subscribed because some thing was so good come back to me pls

  • Swiss Cheese
    Swiss Cheese Year ago

    Where the hell are all the videos on here and hissy fit

  • Eleven StrangerThings

    I have a story sapphire

  • kay Sandoval
    kay Sandoval Year ago

    I'm a rely big fan

  • Vince V
    Vince V Year ago

    From Philippines here! Welcome home! :)

  • Marika Naudina
    Marika Naudina Year ago

    Snarled i saw a dream,in that dream i was getting ready for ved and my pillow was like some one pulled it but i was alone in my room i Valles my mom she checked under my bed and tērē was a monster called "Red" If you dont give him your blood, He Will TAKE you. I rushed to kitchen and grabbed knife and cut my hand and pressed the spot where i cutted and the blood was on the floor then the blood was gone and so as him we where safe. If you have the dream as i had remember in your dream grab a knife and ask one of your parents under your bed ir they ask you why you have knife say "Check the bed then i Will tell you why" and aswer"Becose of the monster Red"

  • hunter
    hunter Year ago

    Fuck you

  • Cry Baby
    Cry Baby Year ago

    I miss you😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Katie Haines
    Katie Haines Year ago

    I love your views

  • KPDWMSER shadowangel

    I love you guys and all but why did you stop doing the series , the something scary and the ghost guides

  • Eywa's Studio
    Eywa's Studio Year ago

    It's been along time when will you upload more school spirit?

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  • Charto
    Charto Year ago

    Please mqke more videos PLEASE

  • Emer Perez
    Emer Perez Year ago

    Snarled my grandpa's friend is seen a white lady a white lady is has a white dress and black hair

  • samplin same
    samplin same Year ago

    Hey wanna hear something scary there us shcool tomorrow