Guess Who's Had Plastic Surgery | Lineup | Cut


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  • dagda3000
    dagda3000 9 hours ago

    That redhead with a boobjob would be fire

  • Alyssa Creates
    Alyssa Creates Day ago

    Wait but they did a new version of this but it’s the EXACT SAME THINGGG

  • Amir Sezar
    Amir Sezar Day ago

    Fuck xqc for not showing the first part

  • Untitled
    Untitled Day ago

    I love how they had an actual surgeon XD

  • Gin Argent
    Gin Argent Day ago

    I love the guy in the green pants.

  • Noti Famz
    Noti Famz Day ago

    Guy in green pants when black girl shows up: Mmmmhmmmm, can you turn around for me? MMMMMHHHHHHH....**just busy appreciating, can't talk right now**

  • Gin Argent
    Gin Argent Day ago

    The Indian girl holy shit

  • hannah
    hannah Day ago

    The doctor dude was so unprofessional with Hailey. like when she talked about her gender confirmation surgeries TWICE he said "little more information than we needed but okay". She's talking about relevant medical procedures and all the other people handed it way better than the only medical professional

  • Adelaide Walker
    Adelaide Walker Day ago

    Cried at the last guy

  • Da Nope Meister
    Da Nope Meister Day ago

    Couldn't tell the chick was a dude until they talked. Idk how i feel about saying damn shes hot at first xD good job on that

  • Haruka chan
    Haruka chan Day ago

    What's the name of the transman on instagram ???? 😍😍

  • p
    p Day ago

    that last guy, you cannot even tell that he transitioned!

  • Allie Jules
    Allie Jules 2 days ago

    the small woman plays a munchkin in a porno version of the wizard of oz.

  • Varsha Ganesh
    Varsha Ganesh 2 days ago

    you know, i just tell everyone that a shark bit me... and i was left with two perfectly symmetrical scars on the same body parts.. cause that's common
    jk, jk i am NOT hating... it's just a joke

  • AJ Mathis
    AJ Mathis 2 days ago

    "Mhm... "
    "What do you think stands out? "

  • Vicky Carter
    Vicky Carter 2 days ago

    can we talk about how fiNE THE LAST GUY IS 🤪😍🥰

  • Avril Vincent
    Avril Vincent 3 days ago

    7:32 Helena& Ethan's mom!

  • Astroman64
    Astroman64 3 days ago

    People who get plastic surgery are insecure animals who should be happy with what they are born with. Stop trying to play gods you humans....

  • Ig-nat-ius
    Ig-nat-ius 3 days ago

    The reason people don't assume other people are ever trans is because they assume everybody is cis until stated otherwise. And when they assume someone is trans, they're still usually assuming they're a cis person trying something different.
    My advice (as a trans person), just try not to assume things and be open to the possibilities in everyone. Everybody has a different best self and they are the best judge of that. If you're not sure how somebody feels or what they want to hear, it never hurts to ask them what kind of compliments they are comfortable with, and what is or isn't a compliment to them. Everybody's different.
    Personally I love when people say that they recognize that I am more confidently myself than I have ever been. That they can see that I've grown into my skin and made it grow with me, in the ways I have. If someone just met me I'd rather they stick to complimenting my hair or outfit or something. But that's just me! :)

  • Mar S
    Mar S 3 days ago


  • deuelmeb!tch
    deuelmeb!tch 3 days ago

    I would never ges the trans
    Good for them "was not clear on the pronouns"
    What no both of them stay strong

  • Amy Goodman
    Amy Goodman 3 days ago

    Why is everyone in this so fucking hot?!?!? All my bi feels are killing me!

  • Haxy Quinn
    Haxy Quinn 3 days ago

    The last guy is hot AF

  • Egg Justis
    Egg Justis 3 days ago

    _A little more information than we needed, but Ok_

  • Emily Escott
    Emily Escott 3 days ago

    I'd kill this, I've had plastic surgery on my lower back.

  • modify
    modify 4 days ago +2

    3:32 I really need her ig (for masturbational purposes only)

  • Mai
    Mai 4 days ago

    Mentally 🙌🙌 ill 🙌🙌 person

  • Celebrities TV
    Celebrities TV 4 days ago

    49 Celebrities Before and After Plastic Surgery
    How do you feel? Speak Up and Share Your Thoughts and Opinions.

  • Madeline Iriarte
    Madeline Iriarte 4 days ago

    aww that was such a fun cut episode hahaha :)). the girl with short and curly hair was so funny and cute, i wish i had a friend like her lololol

  • Kalpita Vijul
    Kalpita Vijul 4 days ago

    7:50 is she Ethan and Helena's Mom?

  • Corinna McNair
    Corinna McNair 4 days ago

    awh, that poor guy was trying so hard to be super polite and not overly stare at boob jobs and stuff 😂😂

  • Lia Nalini
    Lia Nalini 4 days ago

    "well they did a good job" im dying

  • Rachelcookie321
    Rachelcookie321 4 days ago

    If I ever get plastic surgery it would probably be on my nose or my thighs.
    I have a random bump in the middle of my nose which gives me a weird side profile.
    I also have really thick thighs which I HATE.

  • K.B Productions
    K.B Productions 4 days ago

    Holy shit the last boyo looks so good! I'm shook! Would've never had misgendered him.

  • Natalia Ondruskova
    Natalia Ondruskova 4 days ago +3

    I knew immediately the change sex surgery, because the girl had too large collar bone - I would say disproportial. Usually men have a large chest bones. And also the person was acting too much girlish. If it would be a real girl satisfied with her sexuality, it would not have to take so much effort to act like a girl. However, the boy transition worked pretty good, despite of his height. I would never believe he was a female before. And he acts like a guy - like that balanced type of guy. I would even believe the shark attack story. WOW!

  • nassir isk
    nassir isk 5 days ago

    davion looks so hot😭😭😭😭

  • Maame Agyemang
    Maame Agyemang 5 days ago

    Ethan’s mommy 😭

  • Destiny Zero
    Destiny Zero 5 days ago

    That last guy is who I envy to be. I'm so scared to transition though...

  • Eden The Subwoofer
    Eden The Subwoofer 5 days ago

    10:32 is he like standimg ten feet further away from the camara???

  • McKenzie` Hartman
    McKenzie` Hartman 5 days ago

    I'm in love with the green pants guy. this video rocks!!!!!!

  • Cat the Hufflepuff
    Cat the Hufflepuff 5 days ago

    Such a great way to represent the trans community 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 and surgery in general

  • bluejay lily
    bluejay lily 5 days ago

    Omg that last dude is so beautiful. He seems like a really great person. I hope he lives an amazing life 💕

  • Lois Peters
    Lois Peters 5 days ago

    4:06 give me those genes

  • Austin Bedwell
    Austin Bedwell 5 days ago

    that midget is a pornstar fun fact

  • Cho Shin Hyun
    Cho Shin Hyun 6 days ago +1

    the last guy hes so fucking handsome im inlove with him

  • Nathalia De Souza
    Nathalia De Souza 6 days ago

    Was the doctor super stuffy or was that me

  • Jillian Neal
    Jillian Neal 6 days ago

    can someone tell me that lipgloss?

  • le meme lord de boiz


  • le meme lord de boiz


  • zoned247
    zoned247 6 days ago

    4:33 Best looking transgender woman I have ever seen. Wow, absolutely stunning. Plus she seems a legit great person

  • yellowbreadtrucks
    yellowbreadtrucks 6 days ago


  • Louis Vuitton’s grandchild

    *What’s **10:13** @* 😩 *he’s adorable*

  • Vegan Peasant
    Vegan Peasant 7 days ago

    6:52 oh waaiiittt EXCUSE ME SIR, WHAT DO YOU USE ON YOUR FABULOUS FACE???? YOU IS GLOWING!!!!!!!!!!!???????

  • Vegan Peasant
    Vegan Peasant 7 days ago

    6:05 bye....

  • Fidgety Rock
    Fidgety Rock 7 days ago

    hottest trans ive ever seen

  • King _kai15
    King _kai15 7 days ago

    I love how they put transgender people on here( am part of the L(GBT)Q too)❤❤❤❤❤😭🌈 i love he was just starting at her like why eles would i have scars on my chest ❤ and says that he would tell other kids a shark bite him i loved that

  • FaithBetta
    FaithBetta 7 days ago

    The girl is so sweet and nice to everyone she guessed for. And the last guy, woah!

  • malaina sharapan
    malaina sharapan 7 days ago

    i thought 100% her booty was fake. honestly shocked it isn’t

  • kaizn jade
    kaizn jade 7 days ago

    i wanna cut my hair like the girl that has the denim shorts uGh

  • Phindile Khumalo
    Phindile Khumalo 7 days ago

    Looool, they did a good job

  • Rachel Cardona
    Rachel Cardona 7 days ago


  • halley amelia
    halley amelia 8 days ago

    5:18 my mind has been obliterated

  • Ivar Boneless
    Ivar Boneless 8 days ago

    Ilah has beautiful legs I just had to say


    So we not finna address how fine the last contestant was.

  • A.m P.m
    A.m P.m 8 days ago

    Soon as that lady came up there I was like sex change, I got the butts right lol I know my bootys.

  • Lilo MM
    Lilo MM 8 days ago

    Girl with the jean shorts fine asf

  • Azzy Moore
    Azzy Moore 8 days ago

    my pansexuality was shook this whole episode uwu boys and girls are cute

  • ItsSimplyJayy
    ItsSimplyJayy 8 days ago

    someone drop the last guys @

  • TravisDaSavage
    TravisDaSavage 8 days ago


  • Courtney Sharp
    Courtney Sharp 8 days ago

    Why was that surgeon like "tmi"? He was kind of a dick. I wanted to protect that blonde lady after she told him about her labiaplasty, she was clearly so excited and he was like "ew."

  • Dianne Curran
    Dianne Curran 8 days ago

    He looks like Mark Ferris....

  • Mei Mastenbroek
    Mei Mastenbroek 8 days ago

    That plastic surgeon made everything so akward

  • Laurance Cain
    Laurance Cain 8 days ago

    Daveon is hella fine

  • One blue sock
    One blue sock 9 days ago

    It feels wrong/rude to say it but Rosa's (it think her name was) butt is simply a wonder.

  • Audra Jones
    Audra Jones 9 days ago

    He sounds so much like Keith from try guys

  • Ghost
    Ghost 9 days ago

    I love seeing the trans people here! It's nice seeing people post op and getting that sense of relief like "these people came through this more than ok, you'll be fine when the day comes." I am still pretty eagerly awaiting when I can start the physical transition process. It gonna be a while tho :/

  • Mary Watkins
    Mary Watkins 9 days ago +1

    I knew that sista's ass was real from jump. No plastic, just thicc.

  • Patricia Ann
    Patricia Ann 9 days ago


  • Chillinwdee
    Chillinwdee 9 days ago

    The tall white guy is cute and the lady at 7:57 looked really uncomfortable

  • zayda eve
    zayda eve 10 days ago

    the girl in the blue shorts and white converse is so pretty 😩you can tell she’s petite & thick slim , body goals man😩 im short n seeing someone short like her makes me appreciate my height & wobbly legs 💛

  • Tyrone Koduah
    Tyrone Koduah 10 days ago

    Corinthians 3 :17 dont destroy the temple of god. That is your body plastic surgery leads to hell.

  • KingYi Chi
    KingYi Chi 10 days ago

    That medicine chick looks bad built like a ford truck.

  • Mystically magical Aliens

    The girl with the brown hair is me when she was laying in the ground, I try so hard to resist looking a noice bootyyy omlllbdjdjdjd

  • N T
    N T 10 days ago

    I want to be on this :0

  • Sara Clark
    Sara Clark 10 days ago

    I need to know what lip plumper that was

  • Cheif Cheif
    Cheif Cheif 10 days ago

    So is that last person a guy or girl

  • Alex TT-zer0
    Alex TT-zer0 10 days ago

    I am a dude and I think I would fuck the “dude”

  • Traysha Dodson
    Traysha Dodson 10 days ago

    That’s Helena and Ethan’s mom!

  • wesley, unfortunately
    wesley, unfortunately 10 days ago

    as a trans guy i KNEW that the last guy was trans... the eyes and the nose for sure give it away, at least on my face they do, too

  • Aaliyah Turner
    Aaliyah Turner 10 days ago

    Sometimes i forget how gay i am, and then i say the really lovely gal with the black curly hair and shorts guessing...

  • Eddie Rivera
    Eddie Rivera 10 days ago

    10:45 was I the only one who thought that girl was a dumbass for asking why he got his breasts removed

  • Zaliyah Whitaker
    Zaliyah Whitaker 10 days ago

    How is everyone here so PRETTY

  • Nahuers
    Nahuers 11 days ago +1

    The mídget girl do porn.

  • allen iverson
    allen iverson 11 days ago

    The Spanish girl who was deciding 😩💨

  • Volfay Yrruf
    Volfay Yrruf 11 days ago

    The trans people in this made me feel better because I’m planning to be trans when I’m a bit older. But I don’t think people would want me to, but now I’m more confident on being myself. Thanks.

  • Yan Jen Lin
    Yan Jen Lin 11 days ago

    The last contestant dude did look like a girl, he (or she?) did have pretty eyes...

  • Molly Haymore
    Molly Haymore 11 days ago

    Am I the only one that wants to know what lip plumper he used

  • Scamma Mongoose
    Scamma Mongoose 11 days ago

    Yeah they can change your eyes, the color, and shape!

  • MissHannahLe
    MissHannahLe 11 days ago

    Wait I want to know what lip plumper he used

  • Joey Collins
    Joey Collins 11 days ago

    the redhead is nice looking