Huge Fried Prawns Mukbang from Great Alaska Seafood

  • Published on Jun 16, 2019
  • Hey Y'all we had fun & this food was delicious! I got the prawns from Great Alaska Seafood. Go check out their fresh seafood at
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    Artwork by Paris L. Wilson
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  • Ms Cth Stnl
    Ms Cth Stnl 2 days ago

    That is right Nate...that's 80...82 1/2 ...💯

  • Bo
    Bo 2 days ago

    Enjoyed this video! Especially the kitchen with everyone singing jingles. That's me and my family singing loud, off key and don't know the words 😂 I honestly love watching these types of videos. It's shows your authentic selves, no filters and just keeping it real. I appreciate that. Thanks Fam Bam!

  • Vivian Ruffin
    Vivian Ruffin 5 days ago

    Yesss!! Loving the seafood prawns ❤❤❤❤ and love you Nate and Belove ❤❤❤ heyy Dalvin Zaddy 😎😎

  • Makesha Hankins
    Makesha Hankins 5 days ago

    I was watching

  • Zandra E
    Zandra E 5 days ago

    It was called ICIES

  • Zandra E
    Zandra E 5 days ago

    It happened to me with SHRIMP 🍤 and LOBSTER 🦞. When I was younger my mom would cook it every Wednesday and now I am allergic to it.

  • ป้าใจ ไทยแลนด์

    Hello I liked videos you very good

  • Saxena brothers zone

    Dear u look beautiful 😘 n ur husband's smile is wow ,, innocent ,God bless u 😘😘

  • Marissa Lewis
    Marissa Lewis 7 days ago

    Your husband looking good nowadays keeping himself fit love u guys looking good belove 😘 makeup on 🔥🔥🔥

  • Only Truth
    Only Truth 9 days ago

    I love how stingy she is and that she could say no because Dalvin is just doggish

  • Ashley Edward
    Ashley Edward 13 days ago


  • Julia Latham
    Julia Latham 13 days ago

    Hey guys.

  • jvickers67
    jvickers67 14 days ago

    i never seen cucumbers like dat...blove give us the details on where to buy or are u pickling

  • Diane Wheeler
    Diane Wheeler 17 days ago

    Hid that Salt! Lol

  • The Underdog
    The Underdog 19 days ago +1

    Nate, your weight is NONE of my business, BUT, Brotha, you are DEFINITELY looking like a Smaller man! You're looking VERY WELL, ma Brutha 👍👍! God bless your journey, Sir....🙏

  • Livia Gabriela dos Santos Fleitas Gabriela

    Parecem que são uns bichos se alimentando meu Deus chega da nojo de vê

  • Livia Gabriela dos Santos Fleitas Gabriela

    Meu Deus a mulher fica desesperada parecendo que nunca viu comida

  • Livia Gabriela dos Santos Fleitas Gabriela

    Meu Deus quanta falta de educação alimentar

  • Eunique Beauty
    Eunique Beauty 21 day ago

    That clear water and BWW seasoning is bomb

  • Erica Grant
    Erica Grant 22 days ago

    Alot of salt

  • DnA4E
    DnA4E 24 days ago

    I stayed to the very end, I'm not gone... I love yall too!!!

  • Gail Gatling
    Gail Gatling 24 days ago

    OMG... We are twins-!!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE SEAFOOD!!!! If I become allergic they will have to hook me up to an IV because I WILL NOT STOP EATING SEAFOOD!!!!! 🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Jessica Davis
    Jessica Davis 26 days ago

    Dalvin look like play from the rap group kid n play! He is so fine!

  • janice craft
    janice craft 26 days ago

    Still waiting I'm in Oklahoma City ok

  • janice craft
    janice craft 26 days ago

    She's so beautiful send me my belove sause

  • Reagan Plummer
    Reagan Plummer 26 days ago

    What was the name of the seasoned flour that you used? Is it available for purchase???? I don’t even eat seafood but I’m wanting to try it lol

  • jg king
    jg king 28 days ago

    I love this video😝

  • The Lady Darcele
    The Lady Darcele 28 days ago

    I developed an allergy to shellfish as an adult. I can't eat any shellfish sad.

  • Olivia Howard
    Olivia Howard 28 days ago

    I'm still watching!

  • Olivia Howard
    Olivia Howard 28 days ago

    I had a lemon with peppermint in the middle not not a so gotta try it☺

  • Olivia Howard
    Olivia Howard 28 days ago

    Nate is so handsome. You two are a great looking couple with handsome sons. Yes, I used to be able to eat seafood and now I cannot eat shrimp, crab, mussels or lobster😢 I still love watching y'all eat it though!

  • Reina Moe's Designs
    Reina Moe's Designs 28 days ago

    What kind of cucumbers are those

  • Lavern Jones
    Lavern Jones 29 days ago

    Hi Bloveslife, I would love to get that salt u were putting on the cucumbers. Could u tell me where u get it from

  • Debraann McRae
    Debraann McRae 29 days ago

    I am still here to the end you are my friend like you talk to the camera I talk to my phone

  • Jessica Mur
    Jessica Mur 29 days ago

    U should totally go check out Cuzzo her 🥰

  • Tamia Wrencher
    Tamia Wrencher Month ago

    2:42 do you notice that when she is holding the seasoning bottle it blends in with her background and the seasoning bottle makes it’s clear

  • Donna Ward
    Donna Ward Month ago

    Love y’alls videos!

  • cheekybaby
    cheekybaby Month ago

    Man those crunching sounds from eating those fried 🍤🍤🍤 had my ears a tingling.

  • Eva Eva
    Eva Eva Month ago +1

    Can you eat food with out any type of sauce because all sauce does is cover up the flavor of food

  • Cynthia Johnson
    Cynthia Johnson Month ago

    Girl how you keeping your weight off, the way you eating and all the salt? No hate

  • Wacky Experiments
    Wacky Experiments Month ago

    Do y’all ever look back on your videos for memories & remember the moments

  • Wacky Experiments
    Wacky Experiments Month ago +1

    Lol Bloves expressions you better not eat All my shrimp 😂😂to nate

  • maxie mason
    maxie mason Month ago

    Mrs. BLOVELIFE why do you eat so much salt! too much salt is not good for your blood pressure! …….. girl ?????????

  • Ritu Srivastava
    Ritu Srivastava Month ago


  • Heather misscheeks
    Heather misscheeks Month ago

    I love how crunchy the food sounds

  • Views 24/7
    Views 24/7 Month ago +2

    Do veggies still count as being healthy when you drench it in seasonings?

  • Pamela Moore
    Pamela Moore Month ago +1

    Why they look a little burnt it must be the flour

  • WhtsNotToLuv
    WhtsNotToLuv Month ago

    I started watching ya'll videos during my fast and I've been here ever since.. Love all ya'll ❤️

  • Rozzy 54
    Rozzy 54 Month ago +1

    Blove that is just too much salt. I don't think your paying attention to how much salt you're adding on the cucumbers😳😳

  • Will & Jae
    Will & Jae Month ago

    Are those cucumbers or pickles

  • Alice Jackson
    Alice Jackson Month ago +1

    Bethany be careful with that salt... 🥰

  • Virgo55 Foster
    Virgo55 Foster Month ago

    I order from Great Alaska seafood every month😃

  • Virgo55 Foster
    Virgo55 Foster Month ago

    Great Alaska seafood is the best! Promo WILD18

  • Janine McCaskill
    Janine McCaskill Month ago +1

    I kindly ask you Ms. Bethany and your husband to get into the habit of eating healthier foods. Seafood like lobster and shrimp, is high in fat, and you already know how unhealthy fried, salty foods is........

  • FatGirlish
    FatGirlish Month ago +1

    Lmfao I screamed when yall called Dalvin swiper 😩😂

  • Keisha Parnell
    Keisha Parnell Month ago +1

    ''is this crab looking at me"🤣🤣!

  • #Val's Tasty Sensation

    yeah you get used to the fast if you can make it through those 3 days. you can handle it if you can just make it through those three days😀💋

  • #Val's Tasty Sensation

    we go to the Wild game cook out maybe two to three times a year on our motorcycles ride.. they are three different ones. sometime I show it on my main Channel 💋

  • #Val's Tasty Sensation

    I didn't have any allergies now I'm allergic to dust that's crazy 💋

  • #Val's Tasty Sensation

    Bloveslife, you must be like me watching your weight.💋

  • #Val's Tasty Sensation

    I was waiting on you to say hot sauce in a totter sauce great cooks know what to do💋

  • Whitney
    Whitney Month ago +1

    Now I’m craving cucumber and salt and vinegar seasoning 😩 I’ve never tried it before but it looks sooo good!

  • Ophelia Wilson
    Ophelia Wilson Month ago

    Hello bloveslife how have you and your family been doing fine I hope could you please tell your husband he need to wear more blue it look good

  • NaturallyMsMayweather

    Wow that's what I'm doing fasting on day number 12, 2 more days to go and this is helping me lol

  • Stephany Davila
    Stephany Davila Month ago

    What seasoning dose she use on the cucumbers??

  • K Hills
    K Hills Month ago

    Omg I wish I could take a bite of them shrimp!!!

  • LaJuan Empire
    LaJuan Empire Month ago

    you should do fried seafood alot

  • Cierra Scott
    Cierra Scott Month ago

    They’re such a nice looking couple! And her husband looks like he’s 25! Black don’t crack!

  • Vonda Jones
    Vonda Jones Month ago +1

    How much salt are you going to keep sprinkling on those cucumbers 🥒? Your heart is going to pop out your chest!

  • Vonda Jones
    Vonda Jones Month ago +1

    I’m sorry but Dalvin rubs me the wrong way. Why does he always have to come in and get on camera and bumming and begging for food? You see how B and Nate looked at him? Like he doesn’t know what a damn cucumber 🥒 taste like.

  • Mark Alexisjr
    Mark Alexisjr Month ago

    Fake pays for Peale to be in video

  • Nikkie' Nicole The Diva

    Ms.Blove where do you get your pickled cucumbers from?

  • Christine M_Believe70
    Christine M_Believe70 Month ago +1

    Great Alaska Seafood is only place I get my seafood from. Always the best. 👍🍋🍤🥒👍

  • Nikkie' Nicole The Diva

    I bet that tarter sauce is delicious Ms. B🔥

    VICIOUS PH0ENIX Month ago

    Is that salt and vinegar seasoning more vinegar then salt? Does it taste salty I wanna try using to season my food

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    boo Mama Month ago

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  • boo Mama
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    April lyn Martin Month ago

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    Ashley Leake Month ago

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    Ariel Lacoste Month ago

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    nayy goodman Month ago

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  • Lulie's World
    Lulie's World Month ago

    Mouth watering , I have to eat some now. 😭

  • Pamela Carter
    Pamela Carter Month ago

    Gurl........that SALT, making my Heart, Liver, Veins, Stomach and Head "hurt!" But Love the video though

  • Tennelle Worsham
    Tennelle Worsham Month ago

    I love you two together but what are you guys zodiac signs? I’m the same way about hotel checks, checks and double checks. But, I know for a FACT! That TSA comes up.

  • nikita smith
    nikita smith Month ago

    That can't be salt!😝 what is that you putting on the cucumbers?

    • Bloveslife
      Bloveslife  Month ago

      Lol, no its not salt its a salt n vinegar seasoning, it has a tangy taste 🥰

  • Joyce Andrews
    Joyce Andrews Month ago

    they are so expensive.. is there a discount code for you?