73 Questions With Kim Kardashian West (ft. Kanye West) | Vogue

  • Published on Apr 11, 2019
  • Kim Kardashian West invites Vogue into her sprawling home in Hidden Hills, California, and answers 73 intriguing questions. While surrounded by her husband, Kanye West, and their three children (Saint, North and Chicago), Kim talks about motherhood, studying law, and their upcoming addition to the family.
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    73 Questions With Kim Kardashian West (ft. Kanye West) | Vogue
    Directed by Joe Sabia
    Producer: Marina Cukeric
    DP: Jess Dunlap
    PM: Josh Young
    Edit and Color: Ryan Powell
    Post Sound: Bang World
    Styling: Taylor Angino
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Comments • 48 914

  • Lay Bur
    Lay Bur 14 hours ago

    The phone call looked like it was fake

  • Shannon Cooper
    Shannon Cooper 14 hours ago

    Gagging the whole time☺️

  • Reena Durai
    Reena Durai 15 hours ago

    Kanye West Diahrea

  • cosima kazak
    cosima kazak 15 hours ago

    What you think about climate Change ?
    How long humans can exist on this planet ?
    What can we Change or its too late ?

  • can u have mexican??
    can u have mexican?? 17 hours ago

    "whats your favorite food"
    Kanye: Food

  • can u have mexican??
    can u have mexican?? 17 hours ago

    Kanye is literally is me when my relatives ask me questions

  • Joeowateva
    Joeowateva 17 hours ago

    Did that meme bring you here? No? Just me. Okay

  • Marcel Czubak
    Marcel Czubak 21 hour ago

    I want her house.

  • Megggss
    Megggss 21 hour ago

    THESE are so cringey

  • OhAbbi
    OhAbbi 22 hours ago

    saint: I wanna. go to the playroommmm with the nannies

  • Ali Bin sheikh
    Ali Bin sheikh 22 hours ago

    Interviewers: kanye what's your favourite thing about your wife?
    Kanye: her bubble butt

  • Donald Ason
    Donald Ason Day ago

    1:54 Money

  • Vanya Wolfie
    Vanya Wolfie Day ago

    Their house is empty af

  • D. Z.
    D. Z. Day ago +2

    More like... 73 awkward moments

  • Grace Half light and night fury

    Interviewer-what’s the best thing about life. Kanye-life

  • Praxedes Mubanga

    Kim is actually nice...

  • Andrew Hutchinson

    Watching her frolic with her kids was the most refreshing moment 😌

  • Niko Bellic
    Niko Bellic Day ago

    I judge her for being silicon. But she's a good ma

  • Chad
    Chad Day ago +12

    Interviewer: what’s the best part about talking

    Kanye: the words

  • JAPAN 178
    JAPAN 178 Day ago

    japanese please

  • Funny family Kids

    Her kids are so cute❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😂

    MARALAND SAWZY Day ago +1

    Kim is so humble

  • 73 questionsDR
    73 questionsDR Day ago

    *please guys help a dreamer, I want to do a (73 questions) dominican version, please subscribe*

  • Muslim Masterpiece

    2:17 ** I LiKe SquIShYS** **Kim: OoOoOoH**

  • B MC
    B MC Day ago

    5:06 I don’t think she even realises how spoiled she sounded there

  • Leah Ginsburg
    Leah Ginsburg Day ago

    Do 73 questions with Kylie Jenner

  • Papenfus Charlie

    Her house is so plain and boring!

  • keke millon
    keke millon Day ago

    I’m the one that asked her to adopt 🤣🤣 it was a joke though

  • Nazia Bhatti
    Nazia Bhatti Day ago +1

    When 99% of the comment section are kanye jokes

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  • j a y d a !
    j a y d a ! Day ago


  • Mzz bitty
    Mzz bitty Day ago

    They seem so unhappy

  • Olivia Case
    Olivia Case Day ago

    I love Kanye, Kim and the kids so much

  • Adam Mnuotley
    Adam Mnuotley Day ago


  • Drawing With Roses

    Poor Kanye

  • liluwuvert
    liluwuvert Day ago

    this seems so staged lol

  • Paul G.
    Paul G. Day ago +1

    keeps the apartment minimalist in order to avoid another robbery lol

  • Heckin Cool Dude

    Interviewer: "what's the craziest thing a fan has ever done"
    Kim: "well, a fan has asked me to legitimately adopt them"
    Interviewer *trying to act nonchalant*: "what?! That is so weird"
    Boy we all know you wanted to ask that too.

  • Summer Kaye
    Summer Kaye 2 days ago

    Kim: There is no such thing as a lazy day. Look, I’ll show you.
    Cuts to the whole family RELAXING ON THE BED. If that’s not a lazy day, then what is? 😂

  • Nadab Fitsum
    Nadab Fitsum 2 days ago

    Shes a pritty good mom

  • Black Panther
    Black Panther 2 days ago

    0:08 whoa so scary kanye like devil

  • Rakhi Gharami
    Rakhi Gharami 2 days ago

    I have to say this house is really big but it's empty and scary...

  • z3bro X
    z3bro X 2 days ago

    Sad Man .... Sad .... Golden Cage West .... i'm rly sry

  • Big J
    Big J 2 days ago +1

    Interviewer: "Kanye, what's so great about being a producer?"
    Kanye: "The producing."

  • Anna Sara
    Anna Sara 2 days ago +3

    *”Northie take your brother to go get Sprite”*

  • Humna Hashmi
    Humna Hashmi 2 days ago

    Is it just me or was this kinda stupid. She can eat with her toes??? Im sure she cant even lift her feat past belly height!!😂😂😂

  • Sara Esquivel
    Sara Esquivel 2 days ago

    “What do you think you will be remembered for?”
    Kim: “My many talents...”
    Ray Jay agrees...

  • Nicolás Díaz
    Nicolás Díaz 2 days ago +1

    Kris= Hey Kimmie, how are you?
    Kim= I'm fine, bye
    Kris= wai...

    Kim= Let's go back to the interview

  • Flux xo
    Flux xo 2 days ago

    8:47 she's like just a shell of a human..I felt a weird energy at this point.

  • Kelsey Kleynenberg
    Kelsey Kleynenberg 2 days ago

    Interviewer: What’s the best gift you ever gotten
    Kim: well my husband got me a Mickey Mouse Addis socks and iPhone ear buds and I was like.... okay? And he announce that I was going to be running with all those companies
    Me:..... 🙄soooooooooooo that’s it?

  • Nyasa Rogers
    Nyasa Rogers 2 days ago

    So her mom was just in full glam and lighting?

  • Efrain Hernández
    Efrain Hernández 2 days ago

    Kim just hung up on her mom while she was talking we just gonna ignore that?

  • Edward Trevino
    Edward Trevino 2 days ago

    Did Someone Notice Kanyes Eyes When The video startedd💀😭

  • OB1
    OB1 2 days ago +2

    Interviewer: Kanye what's your favourite thing about the Internet?
    Kanye: It's online

  • Ujjwal Sehrawat
    Ujjwal Sehrawat 2 days ago

    Who speeds up to 2X to just get a quick tour of the house?! XD

  • kaykay ah tong
    kaykay ah tong 2 days ago


  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark 2 days ago +1

    I knew he was the one when I made a *sextape* with him.

  • Eric Lopez
    Eric Lopez 2 days ago +1

    Flashing lights playing in the beginning

  • Samiya Gamble
    Samiya Gamble 2 days ago +1

    I love Kim Kardashian house cuz it's so big

  • depressedbizzle
    depressedbizzle 2 days ago +6

    interviewer: what drives you the most crazy?
    kim" unorganized closet's.
    me: well you really dont wanna see min then

  • Klaudia Lom
    Klaudia Lom 2 days ago

    this house look so blind

  • chand 96
    chand 96 2 days ago +1

    Cute kidssss💕💕💕💕

  • Kailyn Sovine
    Kailyn Sovine 2 days ago

    I bet Kim was disappointed after he asked for some Yeezy‘s 😂

  • maddy
    maddy 3 days ago +3

    when the kids grow up and get new friends

    kim’s older kids: so uh yeah my mom is kim kardashian

  • Rosana Santos
    Rosana Santos 3 days ago


  • Zodiac Johnson
    Zodiac Johnson 3 days ago +2

    All that house but no furniture

  • Keily Flores
    Keily Flores 3 days ago +1

    Kanye is such a mood

  • Sofia
    Sofia 3 days ago +29

    “We always keep it real and there’s really no real situations”
    Me: 🤨 ?

  • Avilana Tienda
    Avilana Tienda 3 days ago


  • Rye Rose
    Rye Rose 3 days ago

    Best be Robs sock

  • Evelyn
    Evelyn 3 days ago

    It's obvious the questions were Not random because she answered without thinking...she already knew the answers!!

  • Natalie S
    Natalie S 3 days ago

    interviewer: kanye!
    kanye: yup

  • super don bros
    super don bros 3 days ago

    I can’t stand the Kardashians

  • çÈrj Charlebois
    çÈrj Charlebois 3 days ago

    This was more painful than getting teeth pulled... I'm never watching 73 questions ever again. And might I add re: Kim K. and Kanye: insipide.

  • Ream Khodr
    Ream Khodr 3 days ago +1

    Any 2019 people?

  • Averyrmrz 915
    Averyrmrz 915 3 days ago

    There house is so plain lol

  • Sharralynn Pierce Woolworth

    That house doesn't look like a house! It looks like a mausoleum! How cold and uninviting!

  • Marz Man
    Marz Man 3 days ago

    Kanye be looking like a scared deer when he said sum 😂😂

  • thankful4 mercy
    thankful4 mercy 3 days ago

    I wanna play with Chicago that’s why lol

  • Universal Potato
    Universal Potato 3 days ago

    Their house seems really empty.

  • Damian Copello
    Damian Copello 3 days ago +12

    Can we talk about how Kim walks backwards without even looking back? Like that's the level of security I want in my life.

  • Mia Phillips
    Mia Phillips 3 days ago


  • Aaron Walton
    Aaron Walton 3 days ago

    Why not 74

  • Hans Hartmann
    Hans Hartmann 3 days ago

    What a beautiful house

  • Chiranshie Vyas
    Chiranshie Vyas 3 days ago

    Her hi guys when she greeted her kids was so sweet

  • Overseas Episode
    Overseas Episode 3 days ago

    Best of life

  • hahasimp
    hahasimp 3 days ago

    I like that everyone is talking about Kanye for that one dumb thing he said and not the horrific awkward interview.

  • Thierry Melo
    Thierry Melo 3 days ago

    Perfeita demais

  • Jessica Telis
    Jessica Telis 3 days ago

    omgggg hahahh full of awkward moments

    Their house seems like a museum

  • Bonnie Alice
    Bonnie Alice 3 days ago

    omg this is so awkward I can’t even watch 😬😬😬😬

  • Nicole Patel
    Nicole Patel 4 days ago +1

    Such a beautiful FaMiLy!1 X

  • Claudia Medina
    Claudia Medina 4 days ago

    Smelling a cavity. Gross

  • Martyna Szlawska
    Martyna Szlawska 4 days ago

    I can not forget what kanye did taylor in 2009... selfish guy

  • maya 69
    maya 69 4 days ago

    Cette femme ressemble à mortitia famille adam's

  • Linda Mei
    Linda Mei 4 days ago

    I have to say it’s the most addictive thing watching them doing nothing

  • Red Rose
    Red Rose 4 days ago

    btw I’m proud to say that I came here to press the thumbs down button.

  • Vince Ábel Horváth


  • SonGoku SuperSaiyanBlue
    SonGoku SuperSaiyanBlue 4 days ago +15

    Interviewer: When is your birthday?

    Kanye: The day I was born!

  • Vesa Girsen
    Vesa Girsen 4 days ago

    Kim is a total, dont have a word for it.... Stop abusing your kids ! ! !

  • Vesa Girsen
    Vesa Girsen 4 days ago

    oh those kids... Lucky nanny

    • Vesa Girsen
      Vesa Girsen 4 days ago

      Those kids are going to be Soooo sad... Im guessing melancholy western artists... And rap. Thanks to Kanye (the only one in this bit that actually connects with them)