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  • Lauren Kenny
    Lauren Kenny Hour ago

    Hi Guys!
    Have anyone tried the snow skates before? I consider to buy a pair it looks super cool!

  • bossatron 8420
    bossatron 8420 9 hours ago

    Pause it at 5:52

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson Day ago

    cant wai to see the double back at the x games. now its 2 flying boards of doom...

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson Day ago

    6:13 looks like aarons evil twin but with glasses and more skills.

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson Day ago

    are they $120 so you can also make money on all the people NOT BUYING THEM?! yup🤦‍♂️

  • Hero 303 Fighter

    They should put laces so two different ways 1 for skateboarding so you can drift .

  • Forgotten ッ
    Forgotten ッ Day ago


  • froGetMeNot Jones

    Destruction shouldn't look so old and weird

  • Kuerbs Arts
    Kuerbs Arts Day ago

    h o w

  • Brazil
    Brazil Day ago

    I’m ordering one right not right now, bruh. I’m gon lose weight wit this, yo. #gains s/0 to this USclip channel, sick asf and these cats for creating this. This, this is boss Hogg man what a creation, damn.

  • Liam Kavan
    Liam Kavan Day ago

    useing those small dumb things make u look like a broke poser just sayin

  • DollarVlogs
    DollarVlogs Day ago

    JMK is my initials!

  • Jozees channel
    Jozees channel Day ago

    Dude in the white shirt is fucking annoying but dude in the blueshirt with nike shoes is a bad ass

  • Osprry
    Osprry 2 days ago

    Can I have those please

  • Williams Zdwa
    Williams Zdwa 2 days ago

    Stupid white people

  • Ash Thegamelover
    Ash Thegamelover 2 days ago

    They remind me of ice skates in a way

  • Krista Mwape
    Krista Mwape 2 days ago

    Pls I need how much 💸💸💸💸

  • Rose_ gold668
    Rose_ gold668 2 days ago

    Way cooler then I expected!!!!!!! Nice skills

  • Quinbulance
    Quinbulance 2 days ago

    You should stop using a fisheye lens

  • Adam Wisocky
    Adam Wisocky 2 days ago

    This guy is a loser

  • Adam Wisocky
    Adam Wisocky 2 days ago

    This guy is a loser

  • Dennis Venegas
    Dennis Venegas 3 days ago

    Do they have straps ?

  • KoG GoK
    KoG GoK 3 days ago

    thought it was tom green =(&

  • Aleric Slingerland
    Aleric Slingerland 3 days ago

    In your opinion which is better skate board, or those.

  • Aleric Slingerland
    Aleric Slingerland 3 days ago

    I want to see you do a skate everything with one of you using this product vs a skate everything and then do another video vice a versa. I hope I see that happen.

  • Adam Owsley
    Adam Owsley 3 days ago

    I'd rather own a ripstick.

  • Xx_unrealible_xX Gamer

    Can I buy some?

  • Jacob Davis
    Jacob Davis 3 days ago

    where do i buy this?

  • Da_reaper I'm da one


  • Battle Ready
    Battle Ready 3 days ago

    Aaron is the beat

  • BluePeace
    BluePeace 3 days ago

    "Something's wrong with the world today"😂😂

  • Orion Nygren
    Orion Nygren 3 days ago

    for every trick they went ooh/aaah

  • Joshua Celis Music
    Joshua Celis Music 4 days ago

    Dude looks like white Snoop Dogg. Sick rollers tho!

  • Joshua Celis Music
    Joshua Celis Music 4 days ago

    Dude looks like white Snoop Dogg. Sick rollers tho!

  • Wiz
    Wiz 4 days ago

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    A cool Convertible or an SUV?
    Too bad I didn’t know my credit was whack,
    Cuz’ now I’m drivin’ off a lot in a used Subcompact.
    F-R-E-E that spells free,
    Credit report dot com baby.
    Saw their ads on my T.V.
    Thought about going, but was too lazy.
    Now instead of lookin’ fly n rollin’ phat,
    My legs are sticking to the vinyl and my posse’s gettin’ laughed at.
    F-R-E-E that spells free,
    Credit report dot com baby.

  • Rahul Roy
    Rahul Roy 4 days ago

    Put on helmets

  • Joseph Ojiaku
    Joseph Ojiaku 4 days ago

    i want them right now

  • Stephanie Parsons
    Stephanie Parsons 5 days ago

    Those things are sick

  • Like  wz
    Like wz 5 days ago

    My name is jefffffffff lol

  • Marlon Sotolongo
    Marlon Sotolongo 5 days ago

    What are
    these called

  • Bravelo
    Bravelo 5 days ago

    Olá Pessoal quem estiver buscando um e-longboard no BRASIL veja o nosso www.bravelo.com.br instagram.com/bravelo_elongboard/ usclip.net/channel/UC4Xdqx9iI84Rt2tH4JSZiFA?view_as=subscriber

  • MoSSy
    MoSSy 5 days ago

    this is a joke right?? lol

  • Harris Hall
    Harris Hall 5 days ago

    More manuverable rollerblades in the form of a split skateboard... Like it!

  • Victor Rodriguez
    Victor Rodriguez 6 days ago

    Ripsticks without the sticks

  • ManDogVlog
    ManDogVlog 6 days ago

    Well this guy made this video less exciting

  • Matthew Rice
    Matthew Rice 6 days ago

    Why are thay 120 $ I wode rather just get a regular skate board I mean you get more room to skate how are thay better that have less room the only thing that is different is the trucks

  • Detroit4evada313
    Detroit4evada313 6 days ago

    As a skateboarder of 16 years I must say these are ridiculous you mine as well buy rollerblades. Anything for money.

  • A Monshaw
    A Monshaw 6 days ago

    These are cool

  • TheHippieCrab
    TheHippieCrab 6 days ago

    what kind of cheating is this

  • Bradley Williams
    Bradley Williams 6 days ago

    I so want one

  • Eli 101
    Eli 101 6 days ago +2

    I can see how this could've gone very wrong lol!

    DK VLOGAR 6 days ago

    I want to but one of those things they look fun

  • NormEatsRice
    NormEatsRice 6 days ago

    This was really cool

  • Cherie McKee
    Cherie McKee 6 days ago

    I like it

  • Cherie McKee
    Cherie McKee 6 days ago

    do you are getting a good I do you are getting

  • Lormy's Secret Society
    Lormy's Secret Society 6 days ago +4

    2:38 that spells free credit report.com baby

    • Curv
      Curv 5 days ago

      Saw their ad on my tv

  • Sylvia Chiasson
    Sylvia Chiasson 7 days ago

    8:24 im can’t im so dead haha

  • Rihanna’s Nig
    Rihanna’s Nig 7 days ago

    That is impressive Aron

  • Lenyx Wulf
    Lenyx Wulf 7 days ago

    3:32 bruh he sounds like Morty

  • A C
    A C 7 days ago

    3:10 HOLDDDD ONNNNN Did you see that absolute wizardry In the back ground?!?!?!

  • Immortal Fool
    Immortal Fool 7 days ago

    I have a pair of old ones. Still trying to learn to ride em after five years of on, and mostly off again practice. I will master them before I die or die trying to master them.

  • erikward2012
    erikward2012 7 days ago

    Count how many times the camera man says oooooooooo

  • elizabeth hampton
    elizabeth hampton 8 days ago

    bro 3:10 those some moves boy good job

  • Alec Nicholson
    Alec Nicholson 8 days ago

    Almost Better than a ripstick

  • Lena Lehmann
    Lena Lehmann 8 days ago


    FAT CHICKEN HEADLel 8 days ago +2

    Where do u get those?

  • BAK87
    BAK87 9 days ago

    Similar to snakeboard without the bar and bindings. Remember the good ol' times.

  • Interdiffusion
    Interdiffusion 9 days ago

    Yah nice but you just can't beat a real skateboard

  • bugaljuice
    bugaljuice 10 days ago

    holy shit! i met the inventor of the original. i wonder what ever happened to his business. any input on how he ran it into the ground?

  • Baby Zombie
    Baby Zombie 10 days ago

    I can't even ride a normal board without breaking my neck, with a board practically cut 2 small pieces, I'd most likely kill myself somehow or another 😐😑

  • GLB from [JustGian]
    GLB from [JustGian] 10 days ago


  • Ēriks Lācis
    Ēriks Lācis 10 days ago

    I don't wone

  • Smurdy
    Smurdy 11 days ago

    Cameraman is Owen Wilsons lost twin

  • Justin Krann
    Justin Krann 11 days ago

    this is too embarrassing

  • verson Razpateguiz
    verson Razpateguiz 11 days ago

    This is real trash !!!

  • Ryzeth
    Ryzeth 11 days ago

    Longboards are the most safest thing lmao

  • Rudy Poo
    Rudy Poo 11 days ago

    Gay af

  • Froaizawl Mzr
    Froaizawl Mzr 11 days ago

    my name is jeff

  • Leveris
    Leveris 12 days ago

    2:38 that spells free, credit report dot com baby

    THERuInZ OFFICIAL 12 days ago

    I seen people riding these back in like 2011

  • AdikMusic OfficialTM
    AdikMusic OfficialTM 12 days ago

    ice skating in the skate park!

  • Hagop Catchatoorian
    Hagop Catchatoorian 12 days ago

    I haven't watched since lance left. #skategod

  • mylotics
    mylotics 12 days ago

    I still prefer regular skate board

  • mylotics
    mylotics 12 days ago

    3:07 😮

  • 77goodz86
    77goodz86 12 days ago

    Who is this weez?

  • Cody Robinson
    Cody Robinson 12 days ago

    Imagine if we broke them when he smashed them to get her “dude that’s our only model”

  • colby bilotta
    colby bilotta 12 days ago

    This is so gay

  • Karlheinz Schulz
    Karlheinz Schulz 12 days ago

    Coooooooool I want one

    SLAAMIT 13 days ago

    how much did they pay you to be on this video? fuck $120 retail who would buy that for $10

  • Tribal Unicorn
    Tribal Unicorn 13 days ago +1

    So roller blades with out the shoe..

  • munugodu CREATIONS
    munugodu CREATIONS 13 days ago

    hai tom

  • Trevor Cirar
    Trevor Cirar 13 days ago

    Hi nervous

  • Staffalons Gaming
    Staffalons Gaming 13 days ago

    I don't think it was okay to throw them lmao

  • Xanaduq -
    Xanaduq - 13 days ago

    Yo where can I buy these

  • Sup Weyrah
    Sup Weyrah 13 days ago

    That white t shirt guy looks really old

  • SinimonPatcake Playz
    SinimonPatcake Playz 13 days ago +1

    *ive nevah seen does before in meh life!*

  • Saen Phillips
    Saen Phillips 14 days ago

    Free skates = ice skating at a skatepark !

  • princeking peteros
    princeking peteros 14 days ago

    Can i have some skate board pls

  • lolwutdavid
    lolwutdavid 14 days ago

    I wonder if people back then were as pessimistic as this comment section 😂
    "So this bicycle, is a car with 2 wheels and I have to make it move myself?"