Undertale - 5 - Game Grumps Stream VOD (06/04/19)

  • Published on Jun 7, 2019
  • Dan and Arin go for full medium in this end of their Neutral run of Undertale.
    Then a tiny (tiny) bit of Tetris 99.
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    Game Grumps are:
    Arin ► usclip.net/user/Egoraptor
    Danny ► usclip.net/user/NinjaSexParty
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Comments • 1 713

  • Luan Christian
    Luan Christian 14 hours ago

    I will die mad about that lore explanation in the beginning.

  • Jack Unknown
    Jack Unknown 14 hours ago

    omg the excited gasp from dan when toriel comes in thats so cute

  • Dallion Coker
    Dallion Coker 14 hours ago


  • Dart Devious
    Dart Devious 17 hours ago

    He sold the snow piece

  • The Egg
    The Egg Day ago

    Favorite part of episode: constantly restArting to hear that mazain noise

  • Matthew Engleson

    I just realized this but why did they give Toriel a hillbilly voice

  • Andrew Kev
    Andrew Kev Day ago

    Doesn't it suck when someone is trying to take a shitty guess trying to find an answer to the question, instead of agreeing that he/she has not a single clue about the thing? That's the worst.

  • Odima16
    Odima16 Day ago

    52:12 Hello, Saber. It's a beautiful day in this saberhood.

  • Omg9084 The_Gamer
    Omg9084 The_Gamer Day ago +1

    My phone battery before watching: 60%
    My phone battery after watching: 100%

  • CallMeKes
    CallMeKes Day ago

    I have such a girl-crush on Allie...

    In other news: I can just picture how they decided to put Temmie in the game:
    Okay Temmie, how do you want to be implemented into the game? What do you want to be?
    Temmie: A puppy! NO WAIT! I am A BUNCH OF PUPPIES!

    In other, other news:
    I'm UNREASONABLY mad that he didn't talk to the little rock/snowball (whatever they were) family. Haha.

  • Ruth Jaquez
    Ruth Jaquez 2 days ago

    i liked there play thru but i wish they could take some things more seriously

  • Maxwell Griffin
    Maxwell Griffin 5 days ago

    Use your Punch-Out skills!

  • Dart Devious
    Dart Devious 5 days ago

    Dust! Monsters turn to dust! Gods, I just need to enjoy this!

  • Frankie Cedeno
    Frankie Cedeno 5 days ago

    I get that the are a week between these streams and you are busy people, but c’mon! Asriel JIGGLS’s story was told last week, you read it all in detail! Smh.

  • Delvy
    Delvy 5 days ago

    1:22:06 “Technology is amazing, you can totally fuck robots.”

  • Lucky Arceus
    Lucky Arceus 5 days ago

    @GameGrumps deltarune is an alternate universe to undertale.

  • Jay Etzkorn
    Jay Etzkorn 6 days ago

    If you're still looking for a good 24hr livestream idea, Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey 2 take about 24hr. Arin could play the first one and Dan could hop in for the second as P2.

  • Debz Baumaus
    Debz Baumaus 6 days ago

    Lol first nor Arin or Danny payed attention to the stories, then the other guys slightly spoiled genocide route. Why doesn't anyone pay attention?! So frustrating.

  • Danna Harris
    Danna Harris 7 days ago

    So what would happen if u played genocide first and then the peaceful one?

  • AshTheWeirdo
    AshTheWeirdo 7 days ago

    Oh god them getting to lore so wrong at first is painful to listen to

  • Omphalite
    Omphalite 8 days ago +2

    I feel like Allie is confusing them more than she's helping. It's really frustrating.

  • shamut ferraz
    shamut ferraz 8 days ago +1

    It literally drives me insane that ally will not explain the details they already know but just forgot

  • Maheegan
    Maheegan 9 days ago

    Man, this really makes me want to see the grumps play OFF

  • Felix Fathead
    Felix Fathead 9 days ago +1

    come on now guys... stop with the fuckin' light mode1!

  • Blacklight Chicago
    Blacklight Chicago 10 days ago +1

    "How did JIGGLS die"
    "I don't know"
    I just. Dialogue. Its pretty useful when paid attention to.

  • Blacklight Chicago
    Blacklight Chicago 10 days ago +1

    Game: everything is set you're about to finish true pacifist
    Arin: wait is this the true pacifist ending?

  • weird
    weird 10 days ago

    i love how dan’s alphys voice went from “stereotypical nerd” to “jersey mom who smokes 6 packs a day” throughout this series

  • Dorbald Goblin
    Dorbald Goblin 10 days ago

    when they’re talking about how hard it must be to be Toby Fox and follow up something like undertale, I kinda feel like yeah, it’s a challenge, but I also think that undertale feels like fun. like, not just that you have fun playing it, but that he also had fun making it. all the little details that are hidden in every corner of this game make it feel like putting them there wasn’t labor so much as it was play. I love things like undertale because you can see the playful side of the creative process shining through in so much of the writing, and the characters, and the details. I loved homestuck for the same reason, and I think that’s really the area where I feel the influence that homestuck probably had on undertale the most. there’s this same sense of humor that is born out of playing with the medium, engaging the audience on as many levels as possible, and toying with your expectations. and I can see how you could almost make a game out of weaving significance into seemingly disparate aspects of your story to tie it all together into something self referential and cohesive. writing this was probably just as satisfying as playing it.

  • Haruka Takahashi
    Haruka Takahashi 10 days ago

    People I can't take it that Dan has really bad memory that he doesn't even remember so much of this video game & it's making me feel like he doesn't even care like in Pokemon & BOTH ARE TWO OF THE GREATEST THINGS ON EARTH, and I am tried of him saying "We" and he's not even playing with Arin & just watching & talking, THAT'S IT

  • Daniel Morimoto
    Daniel Morimoto 10 days ago +1

    I want a 10 hour sleep aid compilation of Dan reading donor names

  • Havoc 13
    Havoc 13 10 days ago

    Never in my life have I ever seen anyone have this many issues with first form asriel

  • MrDragonMan216
    MrDragonMan216 11 days ago

    Not to take anything away from Arin but me, a 13 year old, took about 2-3 tries to beat omega/photoshop flowey.

  • Nova Et Lora Gacha
    Nova Et Lora Gacha 11 days ago

    34:10 its not flowey its Chara but its a little difficult to see.

  • Lara Gigi
    Lara Gigi 11 days ago +1

    oh theres so much more you realize when you rewatch this game. like the snowflake bird, we know their mother died & that must be her in the lab. i wonder if theyre all recognizable.

  • LittleJabber - PPHD
    LittleJabber - PPHD 11 days ago +1

    beginning and most of the game continuously reiterating: "kid fell down became friends with goat kid, got sick, goat took them up to surface and got attacked due to false allegations"
    Arin: wait, so asgor and asriel is the same person right? im confused why is this sad?
    Game: am I a joke to you?

  • StepDown
    StepDown 12 days ago

    If THIS already made Dan and everyone (except Arin, I guess) this emotional, I really would like to see them play To The Moon.

  • CwHart
    CwHart 12 days ago

    Watches them pass up a key knowing they got but didnt save before they were killed, and realizing they are gonna run around not knowing what to do only for them to be all "But we already got it!"

  • Brandon Negus
    Brandon Negus 12 days ago

    Is he getting harder?
    No, but I am. 😂 😂 😂

  • sweetstxr
    sweetstxr 12 days ago

    Arin, Danny, and Allie all share one brain cell when trying to decipher this game’s backstory and plot ajsjckak

  • Hawkorvan
    Hawkorvan 12 days ago

    1:44:43 did danny pronounce owo wrong?

  • Frozen Sea
    Frozen Sea 13 days ago


  • Elijah Melton
    Elijah Melton 13 days ago

    *Toriel runs in and drop kicks asgore through the barrier*

  • TheGaming Boi
    TheGaming Boi 13 days ago

    13:50 *“I eat cake yeah.”*

  • Max Gerber
    Max Gerber 14 days ago


  • Some Weeb
    Some Weeb 14 days ago +1

    im so sad they didnt do the art classes

  • Eli Nikliborc
    Eli Nikliborc 14 days ago

    Sometimes their stupidity makes me mad but then again sometimes they don’t pay attention to the lore. And anyway they hadn’t played the game for a while and them picked if back up

  • D
    D 14 days ago

    this playthrough has me so dang mad and upset. I recognize that weeks passed in between these streams, but its hard to keep watching them play because, this game had a lot of emotionally important and impactful moments, and theyre just yucking around, not taking any of it swriously. like, i get it, youre having a good time, but. damn it. this game means so much to me, it changed my life and i watch as much game grumps as much as i can, and watching my two fav people just. acting like chucklefucks during these super important moments. The part where they were fucking around in NEW HOME, i felt myself choke up hearing the music again. and here, the feelings everything, their joking around all the time ruined their experience, and now they'll never get it. never fully feel it the way its supposed to be felt. for thr sake of cheap jokes i guess? idk i love GG but i cant stomach this playthrough at all. so many tears and love and personal growth i had from this game, so much empathy and love and its just. reduced to funny voices, not paying attention and "Whos Asriel."

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 14 days ago

    Arin ffs maybe PAY ATTENTION for ONCE in your god damn life and you would understand what the fuck is happening

  • kamicjunker
    kamicjunker 14 days ago

    curse the person that donoed with the username "alexaplaysandstorm"

  • deadninja 5555
    deadninja 5555 14 days ago

    I like how during the Asriel fight arin uses his only remaining health item while his health is already max. Smh

  • Kydatyvegrybatokeanvisoko

    I find it funny how they go through the lore all with the name "Jiggls" without laughing
    Can't even hear any smiles

    Am I the only one that thinks smiles are audible by the way

    Edit: 1:51:46 the characters are all loveable.... AND YALL ARE DOING A GENO RUN SO HAVE FUN KILLING THEM qwq
    Edit 2: their constant struggle to find the snowman is painful

  • Istnet
    Istnet 14 days ago

    Man The USclipr's tunnel vision is strong during the first handful of tries of the Asriel fight..

  • Banjo Peppers
    Banjo Peppers 14 days ago

    "Playing video games too long is bad for you" *sweats nervously*

  • Laika Wolf
    Laika Wolf 15 days ago


  • TheColorfulPuppehKat
    TheColorfulPuppehKat 15 days ago

    Allie trying to explain the lore without spoiling was painful

  • Thea Newcombe
    Thea Newcombe 15 days ago

    1:43:58 vriska did nothing :/

  • Ryan Bouchard
    Ryan Bouchard 15 days ago

    Jijjls didn't get sick, Asriel and them came up with a plan to take the souls, Jijjls ate buttercups, which are poisonous, so they died and Asriel toke their soul, went to the surface to take more souls, but he couldn't do it because he was to nice, but Chara (jijjls) wanted him to kill them all, they hated humans, but Asriel couldn't do it, so the humans hurt Asriel severely, he made it back to the castle and his dust spread on the flowers, so when Alphys injected the one flower his dust landed on and brought him back to life, but since he had no soul, he couldn't feel, therefore turning into I flowey

  • Poppin Swaggie
    Poppin Swaggie 16 days ago +1

    Im so happy Arin made a Dream Theater joke. Fucking love that band

  • Ƒaith 2019
    Ƒaith 2019 16 days ago

    46:08 Holy crap I'm just now realizing I witnessed Sans teleport. XD
    Edit: Aww you got a snow house at 2:11:56, a snow kiwi at 2:13:38, and a snow hat at 2:16:10 ( ˙꒳​˙ )

  • Nick Salad
    Nick Salad 16 days ago +1

    Dan’s emotions resonated with mine and many others’ during the Asriel scene. But this is genuinely the first time I was like “ARIN SERIOUSLY!!! THIS IS WHY YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION TO THE STORY GOD DAMN IT!!!”.

  • Zenith Tempest
    Zenith Tempest 17 days ago +1

    Fun fact for the grumps: In this entire playthrough, not one single character refers to you as Jiggls. It's always "human," because you have never introduced yourself

  • LEE
    LEE 17 days ago +1

    Why did they have ally on this stream as the undertale “expert” when she doesn’t really know any of the game? Or at least have her do some research ahead of time

  • Kitkat 10v3
    Kitkat 10v3 17 days ago

    The undertale fandom is so toxic 😒🙄 Everyone getting mad because they weren’t getting the lore. I get it’s part of the game, BUT ITS LITERALLY JUST A GAME. Breath

    • Ashuraman
      Ashuraman 15 days ago

      Kitkat 10v3 You don't HAVE to play it back to back, the games SPELLS EVERYTHING OUT FOR YOU. The only reason you'd be lost or not understand anything is if you're not paying attention or if you're Arin. Hell during the fight against Asriel he failed to understand why it was so emotional when IN THE SAME VIDEO everything was revealed about him. I'm not hating, i'm telling it like it is, Arin does this with EVERY game he plays. Of course whoever that chick was that was feeding him WRONG information didn't help out either. And don't give me that "true fan" bullshit either. You, like most people, confuse true fan with sheep. True fans are the people who aren't afraid to call out the player when they do something wrong or when they forget something. The people who, like you, coddle them and use every excuse in the book to their defense are called sheep. It's because of morons like you that incredibly toxic people like DSP still exist

    • Kitkat 10v3
      Kitkat 10v3 15 days ago

      Ashuraman hating as usual. Obviously not a true fan if you’re going to get petty at something like this. They don’t play it back to back you know.

    • Ashuraman
      Ashuraman 15 days ago

      IT's because the lor eis incredibly simple to understand, yet Arin was lost as per usual

  • BahamutDeath
    BahamutDeath 17 days ago

    12:00 Asriel's balls dropped instantly dropped in a matter of seconds.

  • Kristofer Noelke
    Kristofer Noelke 17 days ago

    Miss whoever the fuck who has a mic for no goddamn reason has ruined this playthrough for you two. The lore is easy enough to piece together vaguely if you guys just talked about it. But her awful and dodgy explaining led you to rely on her and look to her for answers. Her answers were vague so you thought it was more complicated than it actually was. There's more reasons but it's like 1 am so I cant think of them right now.

  • Oh Yeah Yeah army
    Oh Yeah Yeah army 17 days ago

    No hate but Arin is such a slow learner when it comes to attacks

  • Yippieyiyo
    Yippieyiyo 17 days ago

    You can also grind with crab apples from Gerson. That’s how I did it at least.

  • marcos landaverde
    marcos landaverde 18 days ago

    27:52 lol

  • ElFreakinCid
    ElFreakinCid 18 days ago

    3:02:43 - "That's a real wingdinger!"

  • Jacob Stump
    Jacob Stump 18 days ago

    I'd just like to second the notion that dogs are just FIRM CATS. 100% truth right there.

  • magma slime red
    magma slime red 18 days ago

    I wished they would just sell them glass shards instead

  • CapSherb
    CapSherb 18 days ago

    There isn't a single other game in this world that makes me feel the way this makes me feel, the only other game that comes close, and it's still at a pretty comfortable margin, is RDR2

  • flaminshotgun
    flaminshotgun 18 days ago

    I wish they would stop half explaining lore. It's really annoying, they make Arin and Dan's understanding of the game worse by not giving them full details on anything.

  • The Kraken Experiment
    The Kraken Experiment 18 days ago

    I love at 12:22 when they hear the name Asriel, Dan immediately think she's talking about the 90s Batman character. Silly Dan, I thought the only comics you read were indie furry comics.

  • TheWackerly
    TheWackerly 18 days ago

    I love the confusion between Asgore, Toriel, and Asriel lol

  • Agentpman1
    Agentpman1 18 days ago

    2:56:33 I don't know why, but part of me was expecting chara to appear right after that scene due to Ross and Barry's genocide playthrough a few years back.
    Aaah, good times.

  • Mushroom_Soup
    Mushroom_Soup 18 days ago

    the music is so good♡

  • Jasper van Hest
    Jasper van Hest 18 days ago

    I cant believe you spoiled the twist ending! wtf!

  • Mr Derpwn
    Mr Derpwn 19 days ago

    1:44:00 I fucking heard that

  • I Eat Garbage
    I Eat Garbage 19 days ago

    I ain't gon' repeat myself, but stay the fuck away from me

  • Justin Bouffard
    Justin Bouffard 19 days ago

    Holy shit Dan knows who Azrael is

  • Rodrigo Espinoza
    Rodrigo Espinoza 19 days ago

    1:09:30 I don't remember it that way

  • A big ol’ Nerdball
    A big ol’ Nerdball 19 days ago +1

    I just only noticed the reference to Potion Shop in the Tem Shop

  • Luke
    Luke 20 days ago

    36:56 godsmack voodoo

  • The Zavinski Stories
    The Zavinski Stories 20 days ago

    Hearing Dan experience some legit emotion while it all goes over Arin's head is both sweet and frustratingly hilarious.

  • Sorign Hasword
    Sorign Hasword 20 days ago

    Wow Dan really gets it

  • HalcyonSerenade
    HalcyonSerenade 20 days ago

    Man, the True Lab was a _bad_ place to split apart between streams...

  • meme mongrel
    meme mongrel 21 day ago

    Dude I love this Tetris gameplay I don't know what this stuff before hand was but this is what I came for

  • Lusiggy
    Lusiggy 21 day ago

    They should make that drunk Orson Welles into a sub sound

  • xhorrorxmovie
    xhorrorxmovie 21 day ago

    Allie has no idea what she was talking about and knew nothing about the game. Nothing personal allie but rachel is the only one who was closest to understand what happened in the game

  • Moises Ramirez
    Moises Ramirez 21 day ago

    I love you allie but this lore is complicated and people get upset if you dont explain it right.
    Also dont listen to chat or explain to grumps without having the full info because chat are trolls and grumps can misinterpret things

  • Amelia Kiffe
    Amelia Kiffe 21 day ago +1

    Asriel: Don't kill, and don't be killed.

    Frisk: *puts her genocide route gloves on* Well about that-

  • Greasychickenugget
    Greasychickenugget 22 days ago

    1:14:22 u made me remember I need to eat my donut

  • EternalTriad
    EternalTriad 22 days ago

    Hearing them not remember the monsters explaining to them the tale of the fallen child for like 20 minutes hnnnnggg

  • Mel
    Mel 22 days ago


  • PonyGirl Septiplier
    PonyGirl Septiplier 22 days ago

    Sometimes, I want kill flowery but I can't because he is Asriel Dreemur.

  • vanessa reynoso
    vanessa reynoso 23 days ago

    1:01:04 "It's my WIDEEEE attack" 😂

  • Dell
    Dell 23 days ago

    am I the only one who checked the time stamps to see if he actually traded the tem flakes until he could afford to pay for colleg?

  • Buttered Toast
    Buttered Toast 23 days ago

    not gonna lie this was really hard to watch. The combination of Ally (who seems to know very little about the game) trying to guide Arin and Dan without spoiling, and Arin and Dan trying to do what they want to do does not work out very well. I feel like the game is more enjoyable when theres not people telling you what to do the whole time. I feel like my whole gripe with this series can be explained through this one interaction alone 1:27:50 "Dont spoil anything..." (3 seconds later) "The genocide run ends with Sans". This could've been an exciting series but it was just frustrating to watch most of the time.

    PIXELATOR2634 23 days ago

    Im confirmed Allys doesnt know crap about this game