Undertale - 5 - Game Grumps Stream VOD (06/04/19)

  • Published on Jun 7, 2019
  • Dan and Arin go for full medium in this end of their Neutral run of Undertale.
    Then a tiny (tiny) bit of Tetris 99.
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    Game Grumps are:
    Arin ► usclip.net/user/Egoraptor
    Danny ► usclip.net/user/NinjaSexParty
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  • Luke Wood
    Luke Wood 8 minutes ago

    On the one hand I can understand them not understand them not getting the lore because of the week between streams, but if you go back and watch the New HOME sequence It's clear they're not really paying attention and are more interested in telling jokes, which you do want from a lets player but the best parts of seeing someone run Undertale blind are seeing them get emotionally affected and gradually put the lore together, neither of which you can do unless you're willing to engage the game on It's own level, be funny when it's being funny, but also be serious when it's being serious. So it's quite a frustrating experience watching someone who's not doing that.

  • Lillian Powell
    Lillian Powell 9 hours ago

    Anyone else get skipping or lag during the Toriel Asgore conversation?

  • GuyFromSomeWorld
    GuyFromSomeWorld 17 hours ago

    I think the reason JIGGLS hated humanity is because they named them JIGGLS

  • icecrevm
    icecrevm Day ago

    the lore explanation is a struggle but so blessed,

  • Claude Thompson
    Claude Thompson Day ago

    Christ, I love you guys, but could you have possibly been more unprepared to talk about the plot? :(

  • theapeofstone
    theapeofstone Day ago

    3:29 sick Swans reference by Dan

  • Samuel Flores
    Samuel Flores Day ago

    allie not knowing the lore and trying to remember the lore is fav
    like sis just say it was just toriel and asgores kid

  • Stephen Plur
    Stephen Plur 2 days ago

    Watching this so much later, I really hope they check comments and learn lore by the next episode

  • Dustin Morgan
    Dustin Morgan 3 days ago

    "Is he getting harder?" Continually fails the same simple left/right attack and never learns how to dodge over the 5 hours of game play.

  • Error404
    Error404 9 days ago

    I wonder if Asriel every thought he had a bad time, time warping, universe bending, over powered, pun telling, smash bro’s character.

    Otherwise known as *Sans*

  • Nicole Simpson's Dog

    i love these people complaining that they didn’t pay attention to every little detail and subtlety of this game. it’s very easy to tell that they probably have not watched much game grumps in their lifetime.

  • The sun
    The sun 11 days ago

    Arin: I don't understand
    Also Arin: explains perfectly

  • Asriel Dreemurr
    Asriel Dreemurr 14 days ago

    Guess I overreacted didn't I...

  • R3D 666
    R3D 666 14 days ago

    Fun fact: the bridge at the area where there is all the stuff because of Papyrus isn't wood. It's stone. I know because if you call Papyrus there he says it's made out of some just painted over. The more you know. 🌠
    Edit: If you search up alphys and undyn rule 34 is it henti

  • SnowwyDaCreeper
    SnowwyDaCreeper 23 days ago

    I like to think about Undertale as a game where while you've fallen due to unknown and probably unhappy means that you still end up resonating with the determined child who fell before you. That in going through a pacifist run is you saving everyone, including the fallen humans, from being trapped in the underground. Making amends that the first fallen child could never had made, and did what only you could do to save them.

    Despite everything, it's still you at the end of the game who brought a happy ending to not only every monster, to everyone who fell before you, but you also gave Frisk the choice to have a happy ending as well. Your choices guided the story, and gave every trapped soul peace.

    • SnowwyDaCreeper
      SnowwyDaCreeper 23 days ago

      I'd go into more depth, but the proof reader below beat me to it four mouths ago...

      I'm just happy that Chara and Asriel were given peace.

  • Game To Ace
    Game To Ace 23 days ago


  • Yo Human Frisk
    Yo Human Frisk 23 days ago

    No McDonald's!?!? If for no other reason, at least get a Shamrock Shake every March! That's the whole reason McDonald's exists!

  • Peyton Elliott
    Peyton Elliott 23 days ago


  • Mikael Karppinen
    Mikael Karppinen 23 days ago

    Emotional scene is happening
    Arin: what if i Just kill him

  • Yo Human Frisk
    Yo Human Frisk 24 days ago

    So... I don't know if anybody has mentioned this to you guys yet, but I'll go ahead and explain Asriel and Chara's story. There are parts that you can't learn before Geno... Although now that I think about it, you guys do end up doing that, but this will have the pieces of the story from both playthroughs.
    In 201X, Chara, the first human yo fall, whom is the "fallen human" that you guys named JIGGLS, fell into the Underground. Asriel discovered them and brought them to his parents, Toriel and Asgore. The family took Chara in as their own child, and they became Asriel's adopted sibling. One day, Chara and Asriel made Asgore that cake, but used butter cups instead of cups of butter, and that caused him to get sick.
    That event gave Chara an idea on how to free the monsters. Chara and Asriel formed a plan, which involved Chara eating butter cups to get sick and die, and Asriel absorbing Chara's soul to cross the barrier. But since 7 human souls are needed to destroy the barrier, Asriel would have to kill 6 more humans and absorb their souls.
    Asriel decided against killing the humans, so when he was attacked, he didn't fight back. When he returned, the damage he sustained had killed him, and so he fell onto the bed of flowers in the throne room, his dust covering them. If you remember the book in the Librarby about monster funerals, they spread the dead monster's dust on their favorite items, and their essence lives on in the item. So Asriel's essence lived on in the flower, which Alphys gave determination, and in turn created Flowey. That's the history...

  • Yo Human Frisk
    Yo Human Frisk 24 days ago

    Every single time I hear Reunited, I pull a Papyrus and catch tears in my eyes...

  • HowlinnWolf
    HowlinnWolf 28 days ago

    No matter how much I wanted this playthrough to become one of the best I've seen, concidering we have 2 funny bois who know how to voice a character playing this game, it has not become one...
    Why this playthrough is the defenition of Ruined Undertale Experience:
    - game got (sometimes unintentioanlly) spoiled to Grumps by chat and Allie
    - Arin skipped a lot of funny or useful text and didn't even meet some characters such as Gerson
    - voices they gave were awfull and off character
    - while concentrating on reading the text with funny voice they forgot to pay attention to what they read, so lore got lost
    - they ruined a lot of strong moments with badly timed jokes
    - they barely herad the music which is one of the strongest traits of this game
    Go watch Steam Train playthrough from this channel.
    Ross' and Barry's playthrough is still my favourite after all those yeras.
    Good voices, reading all the texts, paying attention to lore, not being spoiled by comments or other people, game fully beaten. Pure perfection.

  • A Lonley Ramen Noodle

    It's interesting how some of snowdin's royal guards are dog monsters and some of them are just really well trained regular dogs :3

  • hope fuller
    hope fuller Month ago

    I have found that the cloudy glasses route is actually much faster then the temmie flakes way

  • Lillian Powell
    Lillian Powell Month ago

    Aww man! They did the thing with the giant sperm tucking you in bed off camera!! 😩

  • Chris Sanchez
    Chris Sanchez Month ago


  • Ultravioletbat
    Ultravioletbat Month ago

    Watching Arin blitzing to sell Temflakes with the snowman piece he carried all this way, gave me way too much anxiety. XD

  • lolly yolo
    lolly yolo Month ago

    no matter how many times I see this game the ending always gets me! especially when you can go talk to them all before leaving, this games just the best game ever and it's just got SOOO much in it! it's such an amazing world and all the things you can take from it are just so genuinely amazing and wholehearted!

  • Dalyn Bratcher
    Dalyn Bratcher Month ago

    Wait..what has always eluded me, if sans is so fucking unbelievably powerful how come all that shit went down and everyone got mega fucked

  • Wobbmin
    Wobbmin Month ago

    2:48:29 Yeah, that's pretty much the appropriate reaction.

  • ShadowDuty7
    ShadowDuty7 Month ago +1

    This was such a massive disappointment of a playthrough. I swear to god a part of me feels determined to deck Arin in the fucking face after watching his reaction the True Pacifist Ending. The other part of me realizes that he's pretty bold in admitting that he doesn't know what the hell's going....what'd you expect when they decided to take a ENTIRE FUCKING MONTH to finish this rather than one-two days, as well as be guided and rely on Allie, who doesn't know anything or know how to explain everything when the story starts confusing them since they played it about once a week....so she just tells annoyingly them to keep playing and leave them to make up their own answer....it was fun watching the Grumps play through this, but it was so beyond fucking disappointing and annoying even to watch them get through this ending without knowing what's even happening. What could have been emotional and epic turned into a complete shallow disappointment. If only they had someone who actually beat the game and paid attention to it guiding them rather than someone whose literally just in the dark as they are....all Allie does is guide them to the Pacifist Run....if she lacked the research and data to guide them, then maybe she could have, oh idk....PLAYED THE GODDAMN GAME AND ACTUALLY GUIDE CORRECTLY AND INFORM THEM IF THEY'RE CONFUSED ON SOMETHING WITH THE LORE??? Or at least fucking admit she doesn't know anymore than Arin or Dan so they're not constantly asking her for answers mid-final-boss battle. I would have rather them do VODs three days in a row to finish this while its still fresh, but instead this playthrough turned rotten from how long it was left to dry and due to relying on Allie's lack of info to give answers.

    JERRY MAMA Month ago


    JERRY MAMA Month ago

    1:01:08 THICC BOI

  • Zucca Xerfantes
    Zucca Xerfantes Month ago

    I also now have to cleanse the palate of the Grumps mangling the voices, the tone and the lore X_X

  • Sophie Smith
    Sophie Smith Month ago

    the chanting of "genocide" got me 😂

  • Tawfeeq Sadan
    Tawfeeq Sadan Month ago

    the toriel voice really grew on me

  • Videogamer96
    Videogamer96 Month ago

    2:55:01 Got em!

  • auu Ghhh
    auu Ghhh Month ago

    i don’t know if anyone knows this already, but you can sell the “dreams” you gain in the asriel fight for like 200g each

  • Sophie Smith
    Sophie Smith Month ago

    just took a large amount of coffee and hear "general moron" n I kid you not, the area around me was almost coffee'd

  • Lapis Static
    Lapis Static Month ago

    I just got out of the ER, this is the first thing I'm watching (after a long rest)

  • The Gaming Mole: Brad_Ry

    That whole bit that it's not me but Frisk being the one who saves the world just turns me off. I feel like myself or whatever I decide to name the fallen human is essentially a villain wanting to kill everyone. Makes me want to do Genocide Route.

  • HomeTrainedHampster

    Dan's Voice For Asriel Is The "Undertale Realistic" Voice And I Have One Thing To Say About That... hoolidally

  • Dong Mang
    Dong Mang Month ago

    Why out of all people was it Allie that was the "guide" she hadnt even played this before

  • NolandSpring
    NolandSpring Month ago

    I thought that was Papyrus peeing
    you what

  • Michael Arvay
    Michael Arvay Month ago

    Undertale: Pacifist Run Part 5
    The episode Arin realizes that he should pay attention to what the game tells him.

  • Almighty Forge
    Almighty Forge Month ago

    1:01:06 Witness The THICCness

  • Angel Padilla
    Angel Padilla Month ago +1

    Arin is so trash at video games

  • kosherkitties
    kosherkitties Month ago

    "That voice isn't Toriel's voice sound." That's all that was needed in the video room.

  • Nicolas Roman Segura

    you can tell Arin didn't pay much attention but hey its fine they'll end up explaning the rest to him later

  • Tails Clock
    Tails Clock Month ago +2

    This is the worst playthrough of this game. The absolute worst. The lady "helping" the grumps is trash at her job. She either spoiled things for them or told them wrong. She contibuted nothing and made the game worse for all. I know Suzy said for people in chat to stop being mean to her but what else are we gonna do? This was her JOB and she FAILED. I don't think it's mean to say that she was useless. I don't think it's meant to say that she did a terrible job.
    I can't believe she made Arin avoid the Snowman when he was doing it right. This hurts. To watch this after the best playthrough ever of Ross and Barry is just, heart breaking. This was so so so bad. Mistakes every part of the way and no professionalism. Ross and Barry gave a much more genuine experience. Theirs is the only GG playthrough worth paying attention to.

  • Chocobo
    Chocobo Month ago

    As much as I'm enjoying this, it's gotten ridiculous. Everytime Allie says something Arin gets confused, or waits for Allie to decide what they do. Yet she missremembers absolutely everything. Like that friend you had who was "very smart."

    Like. Just tell Arin and Dan they're not on the right path, not feed them misinformation. It's actually brutal...

    I don't think I've ever commented on a grumps play through, I've seen hundreds of videos. But this is just so off in the wrong direction ...

  • CC Gee
    CC Gee Month ago

    im so glad they enjoyed the game

  • CC Gee
    CC Gee Month ago +2

    Dan saying dammit when Toriel interrupts Alphys and Undyne's kiss is a mood

  • Burning P. ancakes
    Burning P. ancakes Month ago

    Asriel fight: exists
    youtube auto res: *_enters limbo competition_*

  • S Pv
    S Pv Month ago

    Anyone remember the story about Dan's first heat stroke I think toriel had a heat stroke

  • S Pv
    S Pv Month ago

    Let it go let it go can't hold it back anymore Let it go Let it go I forgot the rest of the song😎 and I'm not gay

  • Brittany Dolan
    Brittany Dolan Month ago

    Did they ever get to the W. D. Gaster conspiracy? Darker yet darker please.

  • Gavin Bozza
    Gavin Bozza 2 months ago

    Dan pronounced my name perfectly. Made my whole day

  • Dubious Deliquite
    Dubious Deliquite 2 months ago

    Only arin can beat omega flowey in one try but fail at asriel dreemur over and over after one attack, and then not be hit by hyper goner

  • Mc Peepee ManTM
    Mc Peepee ManTM 2 months ago

    what was your favourite episode Billy?

    "I liked the one where they were at tem shop for a looooong time"