Brad Makes Giardiniera (Italian Pickle Relish) | It's Alive | Bon Appétit


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  • Brad Leone
    Brad Leone 5 months ago +4693

    Now that I've shown you wha'whomanadu tell me wha'yuwanmeado!

    • Sam Adragna
      Sam Adragna 21 hour ago

      Can the leftover brine be used to start a hot sauce?

    • NikkyBean
      NikkyBean Day ago

      @Brad Leone can you make pickled vegetables like what you would get in Nepal as a side to Dahl Bhat?

    • Notorious TFKO
      Notorious TFKO 11 days ago

      Where can I find that knife

    • SirKingHoff
      SirKingHoff 13 days ago

      Hey Brad, you are the fermenting king it seems. Can we get a video of you making some mead?!

    • Dimitri Weekes
      Dimitri Weekes 18 days ago

      Hey how come you always take the seeds out the peppers

  • Emily Rees
    Emily Rees Day ago

    Brad is hilarious on his own, but the editing makes everything so so so funny. I absolutely love this show

  • tremaine pittman
    tremaine pittman 2 days ago

    Where you get the knife from and what kind is it

  • Camden_the_Pitbull 07

    Guy in a alley: I have the good stuff you want some?
    Me: You have crushed garlic????
    Guy in a alley: Wha-What? No I have other things
    Me: How disappointing

  • mub cl' bhoy
    mub cl' bhoy 2 days ago

    Now I feel so nooby only making my own salsa, I gotta step up my fermentation game.

  • sean l
    sean l 3 days ago

    he says its his favorite knife, and then doesn't tell us anything about it :(

  • Roni
    Roni 3 days ago

    you can pop in an aspirin or two to keep them crunchy

  • Naomi Ezquivel
    Naomi Ezquivel 3 days ago

    "Gutted bread?! What are we making, boats?"

  • Delaney
    Delaney 4 days ago

    I identify as delaney asking brad for more

  • cprogrck
    cprogrck 4 days ago

    Giardinera isn't fermented! It's pickled.

  • william hurlock
    william hurlock 5 days ago

    @Brad Leone
    1st- your the man!
    2nd- Vin is amazing!
    And D- you should make Haitain pickled cabbage called pikliz. It's definitely alive brother!

  • Jinx
    Jinx 5 days ago

    Where did Brad live in Jersey.

  • Bryan
    Bryan 5 days ago

    Why does this guy always have like 6 writing utensils on him

  • Alessandra ratto
    Alessandra ratto 6 days ago

    Brad, I think I love you. Marry me please?

  • makenzie wickens
    makenzie wickens 6 days ago

    Make ..... quick aged balsamic vinager... if possible...
    Make a fermented fish... or sardines...

  • CinnamonHopes
    CinnamonHopes 6 days ago

    My husband walked in on me watching this video and asked, "Is he ok?"... Which I feel sums up the It's Alive series pretty well, actually.

  • Piddly Wink
    Piddly Wink 6 days ago

    I really want to know what his new favorite knife is there.. Interrupted by the execs

  • michelle domitor
    michelle domitor 6 days ago

    Do u post recipes in the magazine or u just call yourself Bon Appetit?

  • Corentin Tousch
    Corentin Tousch 7 days ago

    If you want to get this video from funny to hilarious just put it x0.5 speed now and then, I swear Brad sounds like a drunk friend trying to explain something

  • Qai Walker
    Qai Walker 7 days ago

    Is it just me or am I hearing someone saying "Hello...? Huh" at 7:38

  • Sergio Diaz
    Sergio Diaz 10 days ago

    Brad “Allicin “ Leone

  • Casondra Burnard
    Casondra Burnard 11 days ago

    I don't even like boys, but I would marry Brad in a heartbeat.

  • MeyaMei Goes Away
    MeyaMei Goes Away 11 days ago

    That editing where Brad knocks at 7:36 and a man opens the door spooked me a bit :D Nicely done!

  • Jason Dahl
    Jason Dahl 12 days ago

    I know this is old, but a couple weeks. Ferments should last for basically indefinitely if let in the fridge. You get the occasional infection but otherwise they keep a long time. Aside from being consumed because they are so tasty.

  • Whose Who
    Whose Who 12 days ago

    Watched this for good know how long and finally seen Vinny

  • Vlad C
    Vlad C 13 days ago

    What knife is Brad using?

  • J H
    J H 13 days ago

    So I guess the acidity of this concoction prevents a dangerous scenario with the uncooked garlic???

  • Anthony Bartholomew
    Anthony Bartholomew 13 days ago

    I just finished all of the its alive. I am now sad

  • dashwood09
    dashwood09 13 days ago

    I've never seen Brad so upset about bread... who does that to bread, tsk, tsk, tsk

  • MiliMills
    MiliMills 13 days ago

    WHOEVER EDITS THESE VIDEOS DESERVES AN AWARD!!!! Also Brad is just adorable.

  • Judy Laverty
    Judy Laverty 14 days ago

    I love Brad and his relaxed, funny, informative presentations. It is such a breath of fresh air from most culinary videos. Go Brad!

  • galnamedtal
    galnamedtal 14 days ago

    Brad is adorable. And that editor at large guy is creepy af.

  • Matt Alexander
    Matt Alexander 15 days ago

    5:57 Vinnie

  • Destiny Bartlett
    Destiny Bartlett 15 days ago

    I love whoever edits these videos😂😂😂😂

  • Lucas Gardner
    Lucas Gardner 16 days ago

    Was that a vinny face reveal

  • lloose20
    lloose20 16 days ago

    Andrew Knowlton looks like Andrew Scott

  • Brandon Gbomb
    Brandon Gbomb 16 days ago

    Release the ALLICIN!!!!

  • Matthews Meme Closet
    Matthews Meme Closet 18 days ago +1

    Anyone know what type of knife that is I know it’s a lamson but what’s the actually style?

  • Blake Barthold
    Blake Barthold 18 days ago

    Oh, man - what did Molly do back there?!

  • Cameryn Celestina
    Cameryn Celestina 19 days ago

    im really sad he didnt say vinnygar

  • Kay Sage
    Kay Sage 19 days ago


  • Trevor Levens
    Trevor Levens 19 days ago


  • spood87839
    spood87839 20 days ago

    Brad wears Crocs. SIGH.

  • Demo7IIRider
    Demo7IIRider 20 days ago

    the baseball at the end tho LMAO

  • Samson Bell
    Samson Bell 20 days ago

    Would this be good for like salsa?

    • Jenni Valentine
      Jenni Valentine 18 days ago

      I don't see what not. You could do Sean Evans' "Nachos" with 'em ;P

  • Tuesday Potter
    Tuesday Potter 20 days ago

    a drinking game: everytime brad says wourder or vinchenzo take a shot

  • oates76
    oates76 20 days ago


  • An Ng
    An Ng 21 day ago

    1:36 It's Christmas in the kitchen boys and girls

  • DrMario Pepper
    DrMario Pepper 21 day ago

    Love the video editing!!😀👍

  • Kacie Durso
    Kacie Durso 22 days ago

    *shrugs* "i'd wear a dress" GOD i love you Brad lmao

  • R Kraus
    R Kraus 22 days ago

    Tannins are released by certain leaves and it’s used on the aquarium trade for shrimp or low ph creatures and fish. So tannins lower ph.

  • DevInvest
    DevInvest 22 days ago

    “You can throw this right in that MOAT there ifyawanna “
    Brad no likey bread vandals

  • Rosie Cheng
    Rosie Cheng 23 days ago

    Who vinny

  • Juju M
    Juju M 24 days ago

    I love this editing!

  • Lara H
    Lara H 24 days ago

    I just found this show.. I love cooking but the comedy factor mixed with actual facts and knowledge 👌😍 perfection

  • Create Wealth
    Create Wealth 24 days ago

    buck up, vinnie

  • Create Wealth
    Create Wealth 24 days ago

    you are a legend

  • Susan Nguyen
    Susan Nguyen 25 days ago

    I think Brad would make a GREAT long shore man or NYC cop in a movie.

  • Sunshine Luke
    Sunshine Luke 26 days ago

    I hate cooking but I love watching other people do it

  • M M
    M M 26 days ago

    Brad looked so happy in the intro it was really cute and it makes him seem like such a cool nice happy guy 😂😁

  • Jeremiah Nguyen
    Jeremiah Nguyen 26 days ago

    1:16 me on a daily basis

  • Maggie Maury
    Maggie Maury 26 days ago

    I swear everything brad makes is fermented

    • Xeper-I-Set
      Xeper-I-Set 24 days ago

      You are aware that this show is called ''It's alive'' because they make fermented stuff right?

  • Alex D.
    Alex D. 27 days ago

    This guy and whoever edits these videos are a match made in heaven.

  • Dylan De La Pena
    Dylan De La Pena 27 days ago

    That baseball bit was great!

  • Clarissa
    Clarissa 27 days ago

    Passive agressive about garlic

  • Angie Smalley
    Angie Smalley 27 days ago

    U would wear a dress on here my guy

  • Tanner Hastings
    Tanner Hastings 27 days ago

    Max 10:44

  • Krystle Ashman
    Krystle Ashman 29 days ago

    When he had it all in the big jar he used that special top so the gases could release. Do you need to burp the smaller jars as well? I don’t want an explosion in my fridge.

  • Faith Rich Fidler
    Faith Rich Fidler 29 days ago

    Ummm... hello ... another to try~!!

  • Alex Topfer
    Alex Topfer 29 days ago

    Please put Brad in a dress :P

  • Sekliw2
    Sekliw2 Month ago

    i love how much he talks to vinny in every episode so much hahaha

  • Nikki Mikki Moomy
    Nikki Mikki Moomy Month ago

    That girl cleaning the ENTIRE video what in the hell did she spill!? Lmfao 😂😂😂

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight Month ago

    brads to much into the garlic and belive me every dish needs it but there r other spices that should be loved.. chili powder.. peppers... to much of nythng will ruin a dish.. step away from the garlic.. this is my last time watching.. screw the garlicheads and thats from a chef that knows wat he should like...

  • Tomaž Demšar
    Tomaž Demšar Month ago

    Whoever edits this does a brilliant job :)

  • logandh2
    logandh2 Month ago

    This.... is not relish. I’m sure it tastes great but, relish? No.

  • Taelor Young
    Taelor Young Month ago

    How salty he got when he saw the gutted bread 😂😂😂 "go ahead and throw it in that mote there"

  • Taelor Young
    Taelor Young Month ago

    Can brad just teach me everything he knows? On top of being amazing good looking he's actually good at what he does.

  • Delyth Griffiths
    Delyth Griffiths Month ago

    I've genuinely fallen head over heels for Brad. Is there a club I can join or something?

  • Bismuth Crystal
    Bismuth Crystal Month ago

    I love the way Brad goes, "We'll follow that" all dismissive-like. "Ehhhh. We won't break THIS rule. I GUESS."

  • SnazzyO
    SnazzyO Month ago

    idk why I'm not surprised that brad wears crocs

  • John Meyers
    John Meyers Month ago

    I'm sure it's delicious.

  • Flipflopz Threeonethree

    Brad's genuine reaction to the bread made me laugh lol he was so serious about it

  • Tabledoor
    Tabledoor Month ago

    What do you call a Salad you accidentally pickled? Jarred in error.

  • Tobias Blohberger
    Tobias Blohberger Month ago

    why didn't you use a broom ? Are you stupid?

  • sinnison23
    sinnison23 Month ago

    I read the title and thought "Giardia", which would make a completely different episode of "It's Alive".

  • Navneel Goundar
    Navneel Goundar Month ago

    Can you do a video on hot pickling and cold pickling please

  • alltherage
    alltherage Month ago

    1:02 Vinnie misspelled Wourder

  • Ruth Saechao
    Ruth Saechao Month ago +1

    10:56 got me so good.

  • juliana borden
    juliana borden Month ago

    why is the cauliflower yellow?

  • Hunter Knight
    Hunter Knight Month ago

    did no one else notice knock and "Hello? Hm" 7:37ish

  • Emma Mitchell
    Emma Mitchell Month ago

    At this point, I’m not even watching for the food. The editing is why I’m here. The editing plus brad. Love brad

  • Barry Irlandi
    Barry Irlandi Month ago is the 7th today!!

  • Bravo25
    Bravo25 Month ago

    How do you get in a kitchen like that?

  • Sheena Berry-Chamberlain

    I just made this Sunday, today is Tuesday. To say that this is very active and fragrant is an understatement. My entire kitchen and living room smell VERY strong of this. I mean it's going to be awesome, I have no doubt, but it might have to be stored in the basement for the sake of my kombucha. ;)

  • dcfoote83
    dcfoote83 Month ago

    He cracks me up but absolutely love the editing!

  • MossiTheMoosay
    MossiTheMoosay Month ago

    Have those beans been cooked or will they get softer during fermentation?

  • stickydeath and the silver spoons

    hey brad i tried to do pickled tomatoes about a year ago last fall and they turned blue, could you maybe do a video on them so I can try again?

  • New Beginnings
    New Beginnings Month ago

    No two-part epoxy comment this episode? Talk about being truly gutted!

  • Aa Ron gio
    Aa Ron gio Month ago

    Every time Brad starts to talk about his knife something interrupts him!
    Love that knife Brad. Very jelly.

  • phoenixkool
    phoenixkool Month ago

    why did they 'gut' the bread? that's weird af, if I pay for a sandwich I want all the bread...