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  • Brad Leone
    Brad Leone 9 months ago +5579

    Now that I've shown you wha'whomanadu tell me wha'yuwanmeado!

    • David Stanley
      David Stanley Month ago

      Brad 😍

    • Victoria Mullins
      Victoria Mullins Month ago


    • Bbeckham
      Bbeckham 2 months ago

      The whole gutted bread part 😂😂😂💀

    • str8upskol
      str8upskol 2 months ago

      framer523 its a santoku knife but you’d have to search around to find the exact shape

  • Ash McDonald
    Ash McDonald 2 hours ago

    LOL, I forget yall think that much snow is that bad

  • Oompa Loompa
    Oompa Loompa Day ago +1

    I like how nobody comments that we finally see Vinny for like 2 seconds.

  • Johnny Martin
    Johnny Martin 3 days ago

    Why can’t i just pop a few holes in the lid?

  • Emily Prime
    Emily Prime 4 days ago

    what’s stopping it from continuing to ferment and erupting in the jar??

  • Rosa Mello Jones
    Rosa Mello Jones 5 days ago

    Vinny has been spotted

  • Abusedpigeons 22
    Abusedpigeons 22 7 days ago

    Video idea
    Brag makes ghonorrhea

  • Miss Fox
    Miss Fox 8 days ago

    5:59 vinny?

  • Alex Cheese
    Alex Cheese 8 days ago


  • Vanessa Van Downen
    Vanessa Van Downen 8 days ago

    "I'd wear a dress... ALRIGHT VINNIE"

  • Jakel 134
    Jakel 134 8 days ago

    6 minutes in was thay the man behind the camera the god himself vincenzo?

  • Lawrence Scales
    Lawrence Scales 9 days ago

    Watching this on Wednesday the sixth a year later is spooky

  • w
    w 10 days ago

    What size fermentation jar do you use Brad?

  • James Dooling
    James Dooling 10 days ago

    I buy the clean, crisp-looking brand in the jar... They make pepperoncinis as well. Well-chilled, it's as good as I can make.

  • Alessandra Jago
    Alessandra Jago 10 days ago


  • Maggie Buchanan
    Maggie Buchanan 12 days ago

    i lost at “lactic funk”

  • Mariko van Veen
    Mariko van Veen 12 days ago

    you should really try pickles based on ume vinniger

  • Rosa L
    Rosa L 12 days ago

    brad pls im allergic to garlic do I have to stop watching

  • Ileen Carston
    Ileen Carston 12 days ago

    Oh my gosh Vinney is cute!

  • Chi Nnanna
    Chi Nnanna 13 days ago

    This looks beautiful

  • jjonestowne
    jjonestowne 14 days ago

    Is that a chunk of ice that he took out of it?

    SHACOBES123 14 days ago

    If you're just pickling something in a brine it's not fermenting with lactobacillus bacteria. It's just pickling

  • Gedenkurt
    Gedenkurt 15 days ago

    woot! made it in first try, really delis. Thanks for the recipi :-)

  • throathammer1
    throathammer1 15 days ago

    Tha almazan kitchen knife? Sweeet!!

  • Fahim Khan
    Fahim Khan 15 days ago

    Who’s vinnie

  • Justin Godfrey
    Justin Godfrey 16 days ago

    What does vinny look like

  • Trenton Brown
    Trenton Brown 16 days ago

    I looove Brad’s episodes so much!!!. I’d like to make a couple of points. 1) adding vinegar kills off the probiotics that lacto-fermentation creates. Probiotics are the good bacteria for better gut health. 2) if you want a more vinegary flavor, simply ferment for a longer period. That being said, food is food. So if your priority is a particular flavor profile and adding vinegar gives you that and you’re not concerned with the probiotics then add the vinegar. With cooking and food, it’s all up to you, you make the choices, that’s what’s fun about it.

    • Trenton Brown
      Trenton Brown 3 days ago

      +Rosa L vinegar and lacto-fermentation are both ways of preserving food. I can keep lacto fermented foods in the fridge just as long as vinegar preserved foods. Just about any food can spoil though, as long as it smells good, looks good and tastes right, you should be fine.

    • Rosa L
      Rosa L 12 days ago

      if I dont add the vinegar will it keep for longer in the fridge?

  • Kimberly Cabanas
    Kimberly Cabanas 17 days ago

    Will that stand up to a canning water bath? I'd really like to keep it for more than a couple weeks.

  • Chandana Sheshadri
    Chandana Sheshadri 17 days ago

    U can buy it from amazon...and uhhh amazon ?

  • Chelsey
    Chelsey 17 days ago

    i always thought it was pronounced "guard-eeeeeen-ya" WOOPS

  • Lonnie Dyner
    Lonnie Dyner 18 days ago

    where did u get the wooden press?

  • Falalongkornz
    Falalongkornz 19 days ago +1

    The editing is giving me life

  • Baiba G
    Baiba G 20 days ago

    The way you talk and editing - on point, hilarious :))

  • Corina Lee
    Corina Lee 21 day ago

    Who cuts bread like that?! Just craziness lol never had a sandwich like that!

  • MrLargonaut
    MrLargonaut 22 days ago

    Jesus christ, don't they own a wide janitor's broom for cleaning the floors? special kinda special to spend 60 minutes dysoning dust off of 700 sq feet of floor...

  • A True Wisconsinite
    A True Wisconsinite 23 days ago

    The only time I had Giardiniera it was sooo spicy and flavorful. It was amazing! I want to find some spicy giardiniera like that stuff. Anyone know of any name brands?

  • small footprint
    small footprint 25 days ago


  • psychopsilocybin00
    psychopsilocybin00 26 days ago

    My mom, nonna, and zias made giardiniera jarred in olive oil. I prefer that method over salt brines. Now I’m craving some with a nice piece of fresh baked bread and homemade soppressata 🤤

  • Dorie George
    Dorie George 27 days ago

    Totally agree with your beef with the liquid measuring cup! Horseradish leaf is suppose to have tannins too.

  • shandalalala
    shandalalala 27 days ago

    I think Brad is my favorite person. He's hilarious, and endearing, and all around a pleasant guy.

  • Alistair Blaire
    Alistair Blaire 27 days ago

    I have literally never seen a sub with bread scraped out like that

  • Jarrett Grempel
    Jarrett Grempel 29 days ago +1

    Does anyone else get annoyed by Andy constantly trying to be in the camera shot of all these videos? (8:53 for example.) This might be irrational, but it ticks me off for some reason.

  • DreiGalaxy
    DreiGalaxy Month ago

    i have never knew that purple carrots exists

  • Robbinio2
    Robbinio2 Month ago

    Can I ask a couple of things?
    Firstly, the knife he uses, I don’t get along with most of the ones I’m using, how can I get my hands on one with that design?
    Secondly, why was the cauliflower yellow? Different type to the ones I see that are white, I’m guessing?

  • Kyle Sullada
    Kyle Sullada Month ago

    Vinny rocks the edits! Every vid fills up my heart for a days work, but this one he balled out :D

  • Sophie_ Mojo
    Sophie_ Mojo Month ago

    My dog started having a nightmare at 0:26

  • andrew middlebrook
    andrew middlebrook Month ago

    where are they located

  • Vincenzo M
    Vincenzo M Month ago

    Hold up. Anyone else know that there was such a thing as yellow and purple carrots before seeing this video??

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez Month ago

    The editing of this video is great!

  • DecemberGalaxy
    DecemberGalaxy Month ago

    I love the editing 🤣 especially the hello after the jar knock ROFL

  • Saltiest Walrus
    Saltiest Walrus Month ago

    You literally can't keep Andy away from the food lmao, he has food sense and instantly just appears behind you when its ready 😂

  • Magne Veel
    Magne Veel Month ago

    Sooo new favorite knife.. Is this before or after your Kramer kife? What brand is that?

  • Kellie Bartle
    Kellie Bartle Month ago

    5:57 Did we finally get to see Vinny!?!?!?!!?

  • Caelestis Nox
    Caelestis Nox Month ago

    3:10 it seems someone is a fan of Papa Roach's song Last Resort

  • Siddharth HK
    Siddharth HK Month ago

    I might be the only one, but I got so distracted by Andy's butt, I had to rewatch sections of the video. XD

  • Ira McKinzie
    Ira McKinzie Month ago

    Dudes wearing dresses is totally fine so I'm really hoping you didn't include that opening clip to mock gender non-conforming people ✌️

    • Dylan Morgan
      Dylan Morgan Month ago

      But it’s not ‘totally fine’ for somebody to not be entirely comfortable wearing dress or even if they’re not it’s still not fine to make the absolute tiniest of jokes about nothing in reality, that clearly wasn’t aimed with any malice towards one particular social group but was in fact chit chat that barely made it into the video. Hopefully the thought police give you your well deserved commendation for sucking all the humour out of life at every possible moment.

  • wietse keuning
    wietse keuning Month ago

    Where can I get the knife!?!

  • Big Jon
    Big Jon Month ago

    What knife is that?! I need one !

  • Vanessa ruiz
    Vanessa ruiz Month ago

    Lmaoo is no one going to talk about the edited baseball hitting Brad?😂😂😂 I had to replay it four times.

  • Sivy
    Sivy Month ago

    I wanted to hear what bone he had to pick

  • Dylan Cate
    Dylan Cate Month ago

    Brad's great but the editing is the real star of the show in this series. Keep up the great work Vinny!

  • Anders Hansen
    Anders Hansen Month ago

    Was that Vinny doing a selfie shot?

    • Dylan Morgan
      Dylan Morgan Month ago

      Andrew, the editor they showed before.

  • Lorenzo Porre
    Lorenzo Porre Month ago

    That Giardiniera is REALLY FAR AWAY from the actual traditional recipe!
    In the Piemontese (from Piedmont) recipe there are not that much of spices, the vegetables are slightly cooked before putting them in the jar, the Giardiniera is ready after a month of fermentation, not some days..
    I don't really know where you did get that recipe, it's really different from the Giardinieras that I tasted throughout my whole life, considering also the grandma's made ones..

  • Cassidy
    Cassidy 2 months ago

    i love watching this guy

  • Hannah Suchomel
    Hannah Suchomel 2 months ago

    I want to be best friends with the editors of these videos. .... Brad’s not bad either

  • Per Österlund
    Per Österlund 2 months ago

    Brad might be the best thing to happen to USclip cooking shows ever.

  • Deniz Erisen
    Deniz Erisen 2 months ago

    I want to see him make and react to salgam suyu (fermented black carrot juice) :D it's not complicated, tastes kinda like pickle juice. Since it's fermented I thought it fits these series

  • DarkMaster706
    DarkMaster706 2 months ago


  • Sarah Anne
    Sarah Anne 2 months ago

    Air lock, huh? That’s Brads dab rig, let’s be honest.

  • Sally Capotosto
    Sally Capotosto 2 months ago

    I have actually made this....back in the day using a boiling water bath. It really is very good. I'd forgotten about it...thanks Brad. You are totally awesome and I really like you videos. (Hi Vinnie!)

  • L S
    L S 2 months ago

    Cauliflower is the best part of the giardinieri

  • Bethany Barnes
    Bethany Barnes 2 months ago +2

    Question: Who edits these videos? Completely unrelated: are they single?

  • Lisa Marie Glover
    Lisa Marie Glover 2 months ago

    Please do a video in a dress! A nice big ol' frilly frock. That'd be great.

  • Anton Stearns
    Anton Stearns 2 months ago

    What kind of knife is that?

  • Rhiannon Eachus
    Rhiannon Eachus 2 months ago

    the lil vinchino smile at 5:58 is so cute! we see u vinny

  • Adlinna Safiah
    Adlinna Safiah 2 months ago

    5:59 VINNY REVEALED! We love that queen.

  • Narissa R
    Narissa R 2 months ago

    Did everyone already know that vinny was hot?? I need more vinny

  • jacob blake
    jacob blake 2 months ago

    Before now I always thought that lil food-gasm thing was an over exaggeration but imagining this with mayo made me have 1

  • Brietta Nicole
    Brietta Nicole 2 months ago

    I’m vegan so this is something awesome to incorporate 🌱😊👌🏾

  • EvitaFenty
    EvitaFenty 2 months ago

    He's so cute

  • Emily Donovan
    Emily Donovan 2 months ago

    "I'd wear a dress... Alright, Vinny!" lmao

  • SKM Net
    SKM Net 2 months ago


  • Gantsen Calhoun
    Gantsen Calhoun 2 months ago

    I finally sew vinny!!!!!

  • Ventus
    Ventus 2 months ago

    You are essentially rotting things.... mmmmmm yummy XD

  • Connor Warren
    Connor Warren 2 months ago

    Since when is there yellow cauliflower

  • dizz1212
    dizz1212 2 months ago

    first time i've seen vinny!! @5:58

  • Kegan Clark
    Kegan Clark 2 months ago

    what is the ratio of wouder to salt again? Like how many cups of water and how many teaspoons of salt for this recipe?

  • Giacomo Carnevale
    Giacomo Carnevale 2 months ago +2

    I want Brad to raw me

  • Jasmine Milan
    Jasmine Milan 2 months ago

    We don’t deserve Brad. 😂😭😂

  • simon laporte
    simon laporte 2 months ago

    whos vinny

  • Ashley Robinson
    Ashley Robinson 2 months ago

    Could I just put some cheesecloth over the top of the jar instead of using the special airlock thing?

  • Darlyne Vicari
    Darlyne Vicari 2 months ago

    now you need to make the hot giardiniera that is so much better and next time put it on italian beef to die for....

  • Richela Davenport
    Richela Davenport 2 months ago

    I love the edits! 😂

  • Jason Tan
    Jason Tan 2 months ago

    i love how upset he is at the gutted bread. a true hero of his time

  • arden
    arden 2 months ago

    10:43 people trying to get to know me and realizing that the personality i project is made up of lies and i have no redeeming qualities

  • TheEnragedGamer
    TheEnragedGamer 2 months ago

    I'm literally wearing the same.shirt as Brad right now it's from Target lol

  • Marwa. O
    Marwa. O 2 months ago

    I can't tell if this is a one man comedy show or a cooking show XD

  • Marwa. O
    Marwa. O 2 months ago

    10 minutes later and i'm still lauging at that tHHH at 5:00 XD

  • My True Love is My FR-S

    0:20 LMAOOOO

  • Anne Smith
    Anne Smith 2 months ago

    for god sakes they gutted the bread