We Got A Personal Assistant For A Week • Ladylike


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  • Khilee Newbury
    Khilee Newbury 16 hours ago

    Freddie, Traci, and Kacey the mug detectives 😂😂

  • Annie Hansen
    Annie Hansen Day ago

    I have 2 personal assistants

    Right hand and left hand

  • Ayushi Dutta
    Ayushi Dutta 4 days ago

    Just realized my mom is my free personal assistant.

  • SwimminginShoyu
    SwimminginShoyu 4 days ago

    The socks that jen was holding at 12:31 are the exact socks that I have. Theyre studio Ghibli themed

  • Madison Lincoln
    Madison Lincoln 5 days ago +1

    No offense but who else laughed historically when Jen hit her head with computer!

  • George pie 5
    George pie 5 7 days ago

    Jens shirt is a mood

  • Eliza Lover
    Eliza Lover 8 days ago

    2019 anyone February 8 Friday 9:56

  • Eliza Lover
    Eliza Lover 8 days ago

    Hey is this from when Jen had the school dress code

  • Cutie Carla144
    Cutie Carla144 9 days ago

    OMG I saw ned fulmar at 11:31

  • Cenzie Ford
    Cenzie Ford 9 days ago

    I just love Jen

  • Sidni Vineyard
    Sidni Vineyard 10 days ago

    10:42 (calls police) "ok yea...white 2013 chevy 2 door liscence plate #7PBN015 californa EXPOSED

  • Benny Best
    Benny Best 11 days ago

    My day was made when the reading rainbow mug was returned 💖

  • Enchanted Magic
    Enchanted Magic 11 days ago

    I don’t like people doing stuff I should be doing it makes me feel terrible idk why like people buying stuff for me it makes me feel terrible it is just no

  • Abigail Schroeder
    Abigail Schroeder 11 days ago

    New game to play
    Number of people needed to play:2
    Number of people aloud to play:2
    Stand as if you were in a line in 4th grade.The person in front closes there eyes.The other person says "dot dot (they poke the first person back twice while doing so)line line(player 2 dragges there finger down 1 players back twice)spiders crawling up your spine(start from the bottom of the back and tickle their back while moving your hands up all the way to their neck)cool breeze(blow on both of their shoulders)tight squeeze (hug them while still facing their back)fall back(player 1 falls backwards and player two catches them)".Next player 2 asked "what color did you see"? Player 1 opens their eyes and answers.
    If they say...
    Red=everyone loves them
    Orange=you will get a popsicle but it will be poisoned
    Yellow =your birthday will be sunny and bright
    Green =you will go camping and be attracted by a bear
    Blue= you will have a fun experience skydiving
    Purple= you will turn in a bag with 10 million dollars in it and the owner will give you 2 million dollars
    White= you will die in 3 days and go to heaven
    Black= you have no imagination

  • Adrienne Hicks
    Adrienne Hicks 12 days ago


  • cassidy bazile
    cassidy bazile 14 days ago +1

    is anybody else just binge watching ladylike videos?

  • Noor Khalid
    Noor Khalid 14 days ago

    My love Freddie, why in the world do you speak that way?
    Haha jk

  • Laura
    Laura 14 days ago

    Kristin's hitting her forties soon and she still incompetent in doing basic hygienic things

  • Isis McMa
    Isis McMa 15 days ago

    love it

  • Lorena Cruz
    Lorena Cruz 16 days ago

    Jen had a tapatio bottle on her desk!!! 🤣😋

  • Aubry Ilkanic
    Aubry Ilkanic 17 days ago

    I love Freddie she is great.

  • Hannah Kelly
    Hannah Kelly 18 days ago

    jen was hilarious in this video!!!!

  • Anna Banana
    Anna Banana 18 days ago

    Devin:Let's not laugh this is real
    Chantel:*Laughs immidiatly after*

  • Charlotte Sydnor
    Charlotte Sydnor 19 days ago

    my cat's name is david but we call him bowie

  • NO ONE’S here
    NO ONE’S here 20 days ago

    I feel like they had fun listening to Freddie

  • Travis Anderson
    Travis Anderson 20 days ago

    Do a Kristen goes on a diet and gets a makeover. Her on that couch 🤢🤮

  • Gurlean Ghuman
    Gurlean Ghuman 22 days ago

    For her mug at 17:04 isn’t it supposed to say God instead of Got???

  • H J
    H J 22 days ago +1

    This video made me realize how much I love Jen! 🤩🧡

  • •Lucid Dreams•
    •Lucid Dreams• 23 days ago

    7:56 okay devin planning right now

  • Starlise Jun.from.17
    Starlise Jun.from.17 26 days ago

    I wonder how much money they make?

  • Arienna Hayes
    Arienna Hayes 28 days ago

    Anyone notice on Freddies mug it says "Freddies Got Damn Mug" instead of "Freddies God Damn Mug"

  • Insmiguel05 YouTube
    Insmiguel05 YouTube 28 days ago

    Kristen is just so beautiful. You're such an inspiration. Ly

  • Genevieve McCalla
    Genevieve McCalla Month ago +1

    Freddie: "People have been stealing my mugs."
    Devin: "Let's not laugh, this is real!"
    Chantel: **Laughs**
    Me: "Good job following the rules."

  • Victoria Jade
    Victoria Jade Month ago

    omg jared looks so much like CAMERON PHILIP

  • wig found
    wig found Month ago

    Did she call her cousin...?

  • LD bunny girl
    LD bunny girl Month ago

    I got mad at my mom for not letting me go to my friends house and I came in USclip and watched this and is feeling a little better. ;-;

  • Joseph L
    Joseph L Month ago +1

    soo jelly

  • bby m
    bby m Month ago

    Kristin your car is disgusting lol that’s like an insane messy for a car

  • BlueWolf Bri
    BlueWolf Bri Month ago +1


  • Treasure Jensen
    Treasure Jensen Month ago +1


  • WinterWillow Productions

    Freddy dosen’t want her mug to be “in the back of the truck😂😂)

  • lauren
    lauren Month ago +2

    these women......... are deities??? how do they do so much???? i can't get out of bed???????

  • WinterSnow PhoenixFantasy

    Jen is so funny 😆 😂 😝

  • funghooul
    funghooul Month ago +1

    What if they BECAME personal assistants? 🤔

  • So What
    So What Month ago +1

    11:23 “and into the environment with all the nature” 😂😂😂 her face

  • Alistair Wilstrup
    Alistair Wilstrup Month ago


  • TatoTimez
    TatoTimez Month ago

    “I love absolving my self of responsibility”
    *bashes head on literally everything*
    *is a mess*

  • You Don't Know My Name

    I love how everyone else we’re actually asking for something necessary then there’s Freddie who just wants her mug.

  • Carlos Vazquez
    Carlos Vazquez Month ago

    im gonna be an assitant when i grow up

  • TimeLex
    TimeLex Month ago

    Ned snuck in
    also, Devin is an inspiration lol


    0:00 look in the backround and you can see them dancing

  • Eileen W
    Eileen W Month ago

    Is it just me or am I the only who would only trust myself to do things or would feel so weird making someone else do my work for me?

  • Jayne Mangalus
    Jayne Mangalus Month ago

    Saw kirstin’s messy desk and car now. it happens to a lot of us when we are too busy.

  • Marley Prado
    Marley Prado Month ago

    i think she sits behind chantel

  • Marley Prado
    Marley Prado Month ago

    oh my gosh I love you guys so much and your videos are so entertaining!!!! Wasn't there a person behind Chantel that's name sticker on their computer said Marley, because my name is Marley!!1 an

  • kurtis challenger
    kurtis challenger Month ago

    i love jen

  • Laura Nelson
    Laura Nelson Month ago

    I remember when I went to D.C. with my friends, and we stayed at this really nice hotel. (I think it was a crown plaza about a half hour outside D.C. itself) And when dinner came along we were waited on. Like, within ten seconds of being done the waiter/waitresses would take our plates away. I remember feeling so guilty, and when I mentioned it to my friends, they were like: "Laura, it's okay, it's their job - they get paid to do it" or something similar and that made me feel better. So I think I would be okay with having a personal assistant. I'm not saying all guilt would be gone, but I think most of it would. I mean, if you were paid to help someone out, would you want to make the people you are working for and *paying* you to feel guilty?

  • Charley Martin
    Charley Martin Month ago

    Does the missing mug really say “yuck fou”? 😂😂😂

  • awsomelightningwolf AJ

    11:24 lmao im dying
    Cos there's gotta be a way for all the carbon dioxide to out of your house and into the environment with all the nature! :D

  • Grace Kim
    Grace Kim Month ago

    if i were looking for something thn i would have checked the cameras and asking ppl help but not very resourceful. like the mug for example

  • Reese Reja
    Reese Reja Month ago

    9:13 those are the laptops we use at school... lol 😂... help me

  • The_Rubicon
    The_Rubicon Month ago

    I thought the title was "I got a pregnant assistant for a week" and I was super confused

  • Amelia Bendick
    Amelia Bendick Month ago

    “There has to be a way to get the carbon dioxide out of the house and in the environment with all the nature.”Jen. omg I am dying😂😂😂😂

  • Sammy Reyes
    Sammy Reyes Month ago

    Um where can you hire an assistant though?

  • Maikano Mokoele
    Maikano Mokoele Month ago

    I am putting having a assistant on my bucket list because it looks so awesome.

  • Elli e
    Elli e Month ago


  • Klaudia Beczek
    Klaudia Beczek Month ago

    12:55 okay then

  • ari squad
    ari squad Month ago

    On the last day you should’ve did something for the assistants

  • kk vids
    kk vids Month ago

    now i wan't an assistant

  • Lexie’s Life
    Lexie’s Life Month ago

    11:34 what are we watching ❓❓😂

  • Madison Lewe
    Madison Lewe Month ago

    I love how Devon’s mostly concerned with getting a dog lol

  • BootleggedBoba A
    BootleggedBoba A Month ago

    I love how LadyLike that gemstone bra, is in the background

  • BootleggedBoba A
    BootleggedBoba A Month ago +1


  • Kaiya Beauty Makeup

    Her number plate wasn’t blurred

  • maybe a normalhuman

    Nah chantels list is larger than the sun
    It’s the size of a CVS receipt
    (Jk that’s normal)

  • Violet Animations
    Violet Animations Month ago

    My favorite part was when she found her mug!!!

  • Aoife Campbell
    Aoife Campbell Month ago +4

    There's got to be a way for the carbon monoxide to get out of your house!
    *and into the environment with all of the nature!*

  • Åggressive.Cøughing’

    First day of 2019 anybody?

  • Marie Marie
    Marie Marie Month ago

    high five Chantell 20:51

    SIS vs LITTLE SIS Month ago

    if i had a personal assistant there was one thing i would let him/she do....clean up my room...like if u agree

  • Not-so-Mini Mia
    Not-so-Mini Mia Month ago

    11:31 I see ned in the background!!

  • Kochee M
    Kochee M Month ago +1

    At 3:03 the personal trainer wanted to give Kristin a high five ✋ and she got left hanging

  • Reti Neenu Juksaar
    Reti Neenu Juksaar Month ago

    Luckily I'm not an adult :)

  • Bree the Narwhal
    Bree the Narwhal Month ago +1

    Is nobody going to talk about how Chantel avoided jail time😂

  • jennarogo21
    jennarogo21 Month ago

    "freddie's got damn mug" shouldnt it be freddie's GOD damn mug?.....

  • Life with Kayy
    Life with Kayy Month ago

    I just found my name twinn yay and its spelled tbe exact same way Kaycie

  • Rue Fisher
    Rue Fisher Month ago

    My fav part was Jen at the start in the background

  • Stella Rose
    Stella Rose Month ago +1

    I love how much they are respecting the assistants

  • Sophie Fischer
    Sophie Fischer Month ago


  • Arjel Agustin
    Arjel Agustin Month ago

    How much do they charge?

  • Mila23 2
    Mila23 2 Month ago +1


  • Aubrey Topper
    Aubrey Topper Month ago

    I love Ned (I think) in the background at 11:22! LOL!!!

  • samruddhi raut
    samruddhi raut Month ago

    Into the environment with the nature😂😂😂 Jen 👍👍

  • Vrobog Zvo
    Vrobog Zvo Month ago

    Why do I ship Chantel and Jen so hard?

  • Mara Boston
    Mara Boston Month ago

    11:20 has me dead, like if u love Jen

  • Annie Wang
    Annie Wang Month ago

    Jen: The carbon dioxid needs a way to get out of your house and outside with all the nature (throws a part of the air conditioning inside of the trunk) that just made my day

  • Aliyah’s lifestyle


  • Anora
    Anora Month ago

    12:53 Jen crushing up the box and throwing it to Chantel is me throwing away my responsibilities to my siblings

  • S U N F L O W E R x
    S U N F L O W E R x Month ago +3

    When Kirsten was talk about personal assistance at the beggining it reminded me of Jeffrey having 3

  • Emily Lassek
    Emily Lassek Month ago

    love the shout out to bowie kornfeld, truly the most adorable pup