Bobby Fischer's 21-move brilliancy

  • Published on Sep 2, 2017
  • Bobby Fischer creates a chess masterpiece in only 21 moves against Robert Eugene Byrne, an International Master, at the 1963/1964 United States Chess Championship, held in New York. At 20 years young, Grandmaster Robert James Fischer was already among the world's very best chess players. In this brilliancy, Fischer demonstrates how to inject multiple imbalances into a highly symmetrical position, how to properly highlight these differences to benefit oneself, and how to accurately assess the true value of the pieces as they rest on the board.
    1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. g3 { E60 King's Indian Defense: Fianchetto Variation, Immediate Fianchetto } c6 4. Bg2 d5 5. cxd5 cxd5 6. Nc3 Bg7 7. e3 O-O 8. Nge2 Nc6 9. O-O b6 10. b3 Ba6 11. Ba3 Re8 12. Qd2 e5 13. dxe5 Nxe5 14. Rfd1 Nd3 15. Qc2 Nxf2 16. Kxf2 Ng4+ 17. Kg1 Nxe3 18. Qd2 Nxg2 19. Kxg2 d4 20. Nxd4 Bb7+ 21. Kf1 Qd7
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  • ChessNetwork
    ChessNetwork  2 years ago +2651

    If my voice sounds worn to you in this video, good ear! It's football season, and I tend to be a vocal fan. :) I hope you enjoy this video. *This was the 1st comment to this video, somehow it got lost/unpinned.*

    • Desterii DelQuonomonna
      Desterii DelQuonomonna 16 days ago

      11 moves in, i have had this exact same arrangement in several games over the years

    • Desterii DelQuonomonna
      Desterii DelQuonomonna 16 days ago

      i increase playback speed to 1.5

    • Shivam Kanojia
      Shivam Kanojia 22 days ago

      18:25 white rook to e7??

    • Letter L
      Letter L Month ago

      Late as hell but was just about to mention that your voice sounds different. Sounds like a TV-commercials' dude in this one.

    • aces2in2000
      aces2in2000 2 months ago

      Actually, we enjoyed watching your video at 2X speed. It was better.

  • Guy That
    Guy That 9 hours ago

    Fu yxycbshg8 I called it at 13:00
    As a chess noob that never really got into the game that made me pretty happy, carry on with your scrolling
    Edit: my reasoning was a lot simpler than what the dude is explaining but I'm still happy

  • Humphrey Balane
    Humphrey Balane Day ago

    Whoaaa love the combination, hoping that i can use this type of style with my beginner friend 😂

  • Plack morty
    Plack morty 3 days ago

    The video starts at 2:20

  • MalteseOwl
    MalteseOwl 4 days ago

    There is no such word as BRILLIANCY, try "BRILLIANCE" instead.

    • ChessNetwork
      ChessNetwork  3 days ago

      You're not alone in mistakenly thinking brilliancy isn't a word.

    • MalteseOwl
      MalteseOwl 4 days ago

      and learn to pronounce "SYMMETRY" - hint , its not a place to bury people (or animals).

  • Barney Geröllheimer

    19. Black e2

  • jose juan caselli
    jose juan caselli 5 days ago

    video starts at 2:28. You're welcome

  • Peter Balkus TV
    Peter Balkus TV 5 days ago

    great game

  • wttao39
    wttao39 7 days ago


  • Dinu Adrian
    Dinu Adrian 7 days ago

    week chess analysis

    • J D
      J D 6 days ago


  • Olle Sveneriksson
    Olle Sveneriksson 7 days ago

    Well presented, and a very good game. Thankyou!

  • adam khabazian
    adam khabazian 9 days ago +1

    you annoy people to death

  • honoriuc
    honoriuc 10 days ago

    21. Kf2

  • Carlos Castanheiro
    Carlos Castanheiro 10 days ago

    RIP Grandmaster.

  • Fábio Palma
    Fábio Palma 12 days ago +1

    It's incredible what people have achieved in the world of chess, such a complex strategy game. This way of "war" is so complexly brilliant it becomes an Art.

  • Ryan Thomson
    Ryan Thomson 12 days ago +6

    "Hi Everyone"
    My brain:
    H E L L O E V E R Y O N E

  • Tan Tze Yang Matthew
    Tan Tze Yang Matthew 13 days ago

    Even on 1.5x speed this commentary is still unbearable. Should never have left the agadmator marathon

  • Matthew Harrison
    Matthew Harrison 13 days ago

    The explanation of symmetry ruined this video for me.

  • Ryan Forester
    Ryan Forester 14 days ago

    hi : )

  • BarryScott Davies
    BarryScott Davies 14 days ago

    i usually don't see the solutions, but this one felt great, because i DID see it :-)

  • InvaderMixo
    InvaderMixo 15 days ago

    I've watched this video twice, and not for the meme aspect. I'm still not sure where white went wrong.

  • Gabriel Meneses
    Gabriel Meneses 15 days ago

    Excellent tutorial

  • artistpw
    artistpw 15 days ago +1

    I still remember how happy my older brother looked when I started beating him in chess. He really is the best brother I could hope for still.

    • artistpw
      artistpw Day ago

      I love games. Chess is a bit slow for me. I love to watch these videos though, and I may think about playing again. I like texas holdem because so many factors come into play, and you're basically playing other players.

    • Kenneth Williams
      Kenneth Williams 2 days ago +1

      Are you me? That's the same as me. I could never beat him and he was almost a master. Then I read Bobby Fischer's book and beat him 3 times in a row. That was the last time he played me.

  • Joe Thomas
    Joe Thomas 16 days ago

    Sorry. the aforementioned question refers to his 21 move brilliancy against Byrne.

  • Joe Thomas
    Joe Thomas 16 days ago

    I once paid Ben Feingold for a lesson. He showed me a game of his where he had things worked out, amazingly, ten moves in advance. How much do you think Fischer had planned when he initially sacrificed his night for the c-pawn?

  • Catalin
    Catalin 16 days ago

    A chess game is commented on, not a football match! His voice is ok

  • Jonathan Chung
    Jonathan Chung 16 days ago +2

    I'm not an expert at chess so could someone explain to me why not just move the knight or rook to e4, give up queen in exchange for a bishop (lose in trade but game is still winnable) at 18:20

  • Carder Gaines
    Carder Gaines 16 days ago

    I really like the way u talk out a game .......i always look to see the art of great players chess games....i try to re-use art ideas...and your vedeos help me to stay unmecanical

  • Rob Tran
    Rob Tran 17 days ago

    Has anyone else got a 11\11?

  • Osiel Silva
    Osiel Silva 20 days ago

    so good!I like much.

  • takaz2
    takaz2 23 days ago

    great video ...(happy cause i ve founded all moves :: bizarre :) ...

  • Not Guilty
    Not Guilty 24 days ago

    When you said copycat, it sounded like white was copying black ! I take it Fischer was black.

  • Rodolfo Majikina
    Rodolfo Majikina 25 days ago

    even the resignation part is genius

  • Petur Krasimirov
    Petur Krasimirov 25 days ago

    The horse in c3 can prevent the diagonal of the bishop in b7
    Then bye checkmate. Nobody lucky that?

  • Aussie Asian
    Aussie Asian 27 days ago +1

    Play at 0.25 speed without killing yourself

  • Coleman Adamson
    Coleman Adamson 27 days ago

    @14:18 DIAGONAL not file. Do you actually play and/or play well? Or are you a patzer who does narration?

  • Mikhail Panzo
    Mikhail Panzo Month ago

    I finally got a correct answer in one of those "pause this video and guess the move" here

  • Pale Zombie
    Pale Zombie Month ago +1

    It’s too bad Bob lost his mind and didn’t get psychological help...he would have been hailed as an American hero instead of an anti-Semitic crazed lunatic.

    • hk hjg
      hk hjg Month ago

      fischer wasn’t crazy, he was inflammatory but what he said was true. Just listen to any of his later interviews and you realize he’s completely lucid and makes good points

  • angelofmusic477
    angelofmusic477 Month ago +1

    Bobby Fisher was one of the gifted Chess Player but his own country and President turn their backs on him , threatened him with imprisonment because of the cold war. All he wants to play is chess , against any best players. This is so sad. Am I right?

  • Juan Carlos Saavedra

    Life is too short for chess

  • Zoe TheCat
    Zoe TheCat Month ago

    I don't understand the dislikes. 10%???

  • Rajiv K
    Rajiv K Month ago

    The botez gambit . lol

  • Georg1979
    Georg1979 Month ago

    Almost all of Fischer's moves were top moves. Which is quite astonishing. Yet the decisive moment was the wrong choice on the rook by white. I wouldn't say it was a mistake, but it was all downhill from there. Basically Fischer played a perfect game.

  • Arpan Bordia
    Arpan Bordia Month ago

    Watch It at Speed 1.25 or 1.5 ...

  • malufetism
    malufetism Month ago

    The 1st move start in 2:29, thank me later. . .

  • haider mansoori
    haider mansoori Month ago

    Very nice game

  • abronxtale111
    abronxtale111 Month ago

    White people are so smart

  • Extreme
    Extreme Month ago

    This is amazing

  • Wayne the barber
    Wayne the barber Month ago +1

    A very nice video not many explain like you do so I subscribed thanks

  • betaneptune
    betaneptune Month ago

    Yep. Pretty good. Thanks! I upped it to speed 1.25, though.

  • عاشق GMC
    عاشق GMC Month ago +2

    13:50 bxe2 wins good amount of material

  • Shaeed Jony
    Shaeed Jony Month ago

    17:23 white should play his knight d4 to e2

  • jbdoggy
    jbdoggy Month ago

    From a white perspective i thought moving the QR looked more intuitive, natural & logical. I of course dont have the analysis to back it up, but having no knowledge of when that blunder was played, I was instinctively looking at a QR move. So it was a little surprising that the KR was moved instead at that point of time..... But yea, Lasker was kinda right when he said something like after considering carefully which rook to move, move the other one! lol

  • Z1 Z2
    Z1 Z2 Month ago

    8:35 .... Why the white didn't take D5 with a knight? No one can take him because D5 is under attack from g2 and d5.....

    • Phillish
      Phillish Month ago

      Z1 Z2 don’t quote me on my moves, but I think after Nxd5, white plays Nxd5, then Bxd5 and then Bxe2 and it gets a bit messie because the white queen is overloaded

  • Bob Purnell
    Bob Purnell Month ago +1

    Fantastic! Thanks! I'm currently studying Jeremy Silman's Re-Assess Your Chess. ..Imbalances. And doing way better. Who could see what Bobby Fischer saw? But I try. This was a great commentary. Best of Future Chess Success!

  • Shootingblankzz
    Shootingblankzz Month ago

    The last of us braught me here 😂

  • kikukiku k
    kikukiku k Month ago

    this match for me worths not 64 000 dollars

  • Raphael Mendel
    Raphael Mendel Month ago

    After 13....NXe5, what is wrong with 14. NXd5 for white, winning a pawn? I could not find any way that black could counter?????

  • Aneesh T
    Aneesh T Month ago

    Who won the game in the third round though?

  • michael emerson
    michael emerson Month ago

    I don't like how he paints a light square bishop as a symmetrical to a dark square bishop. because they can not attack same things