Apartment Atrocities

  • Published on Jun 7, 2018
  • This was supposed to come out like 3 months ago whoops
    This video was like a filler that ended up changing my animation/coloring methods and got me back in the groove of making videos since school totally wrecked my upload schedule. I hope to get a shorter video done before the 19th if possible this month.
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  • Jasmin Hernandez
    Jasmin Hernandez 6 hours ago

    Ah yes a pillow fight

  • Flying_chibi_ YT
    Flying_chibi_ YT 6 hours ago

    I only draw anime

  • LucidLili
    LucidLili 7 hours ago

    mmm pillow fight OmO

  • Knack raf fat jshk
    Knack raf fat jshk 7 hours ago

    What do song at 5:37

  • Sarah Bryant
    Sarah Bryant 8 hours ago

    Ey......you awesome

  • Yaboisashar K
    Yaboisashar K 8 hours ago

    Utah squad

  • BloxerBro
    BloxerBro 8 hours ago

    Shgurr: My ceiling is fooding!!
    Phil Swift: F L E X T A P E

  • Kayla Chiasson
    Kayla Chiasson 8 hours ago +1


  • Krista Graves
    Krista Graves 9 hours ago

    I luv anima

  • Maria Foret
    Maria Foret 13 hours ago +1

    I live in apartement and my neighbor puts music out loud!

  • Saki-fandom girl
    Saki-fandom girl 15 hours ago

    Haha....I love my hero

  • Kaileia Durgan
    Kaileia Durgan 16 hours ago +1

    I love your vids they are so funny

  • SpeedQueen :3
    SpeedQueen :3 19 hours ago

    Person on the top floor: *watches*
    Next night: *All the sound stop*
    Shgurr: they heard my calls

  • foca foxxi
    foca foxxi 23 hours ago

    I would love it if you worked for Disney or any animation studio like that =3

  • Liliya Nebo Animates 13

    4:36 Well Excuse Me I Love Those Posterss??

  • KawaiiUltimaAphYT -

    Dang shgurr

    U listen to eminem

  • Hello Jordy
    Hello Jordy Day ago

    Shugarr: work out
    Me:..... shugarr
    Shugarr: it was a bed
    Me: good don’t be native

  • X MimictheMeifwa X

    5:37 is me, listening to Eminem and drawing my hero academia

  • Miskit :D
    Miskit :D Day ago

    Low key just got the pillow fight joke.

    This is like my 5th time watching this video lol


    I tried to climb out of a 7 story balconie

  • Doomed Guitar
    Doomed Guitar Day ago

    7:26 my reaction..................................... im 8.............

  • night sky animations

    *I don't think that's a pillow fight*

  • KawaiiUltimaAphYT -

    What song were you making your character listen to I just wanna know

  • M/\RK.ibØ5
    M/\RK.ibØ5 Day ago

    5:38 drunken dancing

  • Crab Kid
    Crab Kid Day ago

    A pillow fight yeah 🤫

  • Zoey Lippman
    Zoey Lippman Day ago

    ITS Eminem/Slim shady!!!! 5:32

  • Enderguin58 The youtuber


  • NOT4you Playz
    NOT4you Playz Day ago


  • Greta Wilson
    Greta Wilson Day ago +1

    Me then: What’s the anime?
    Me now: DEKUUUUUUUU!

  • PandaLover
    PandaLover 2 days ago

    2 aM iN tHe MoRnInG?

    dAt LoGiC tHo

  • Koral Reef
    Koral Reef 2 days ago

    fIrSt ViDeO oF 2o18

    Published Jun 6, 2018 😬😬😬

  • suri santos
    suri santos 2 days ago

    Amiga mía el sonido que escuchaste no era nada mas y mes que unos pubertos asiendo niki niki > : 3 OMG OK

  • Seena Danka
    Seena Danka 2 days ago

    dose ANYONE notice that she used Eminem music....IM HIS NUMBER ONE FAN
    WHSUHDJSNDKSDKJSOSJDJDIDFHXI HSOSJAAOQPPQJS;,86,6/54375,6/ 9* *9N54646646464%- **-66/8787676767666464646433434646797wait how did I do that any way +@(@(18#!+Ih°++++=JANSHXBZB-+Hhehshsh++@+just+#+=£=+=+#+#+#+#;#+#+#+9#0101)#)#0#+*/#;?"@/;"/@;$/;64%4JAIZH6/Jjz6jAusj6/6/6hHHUajaah6JiakaKoaoPP%p%/ /%-** --66-6+3468446487864073=8(*;,!,?*!6*64646*-6-%* 676767

  • EddsWorld-Editz YT
    EddsWorld-Editz YT 2 days ago

    Shgurr:Ah Now You See? It's Slowing Dow--


  • Kitteneverdeen Gamez
    Kitteneverdeen Gamez 2 days ago +2

    😂😂😂😂😂DEKU!!!!!! Bakogou calm down

  • Mimi Gacha
    Mimi Gacha 2 days ago

    I don't think thats a pillow fight ×__×

  • Stella Hansen
    Stella Hansen 2 days ago

    5:39 what is the name of the Song?

  • Viddesh K
    Viddesh K 2 days ago

    Pillow fight uhh..ooh hell noooo....lol 😂

  • Kawaii Keira
    Kawaii Keira 3 days ago

    THAT’S M’M!!!
    (I donno how to spell this name XD)

  • Potato Gacha
    Potato Gacha 3 days ago +1

    I dont think I wanna join the pillow fight I feel a little uncomfortable...

  • Ben Ridler
    Ben Ridler 3 days ago

    It's not quite an apartment, but I just got done with my first year in college... in a dorm room. My roommate's pretty chill, but one weekend while I was home, our room flooded. We were on the 4th and top floor. On of the (exposed) pipes for the sprinkler system broke directly outside my room in the middle of the night! Everyone had to evacuate, and my roommate stayed at a friend's apartment. Luckily, nothing valuable of ours was on the floor, but there was definitely evidence of a few inches of water in the walls and wood beds and desks

  • Jesus Muno
    Jesus Muno 3 days ago

    DA WAE

  • Jamless Gucci
    Jamless Gucci 3 days ago

    You really thought they,, exercised ??

  • Vicky ch
    Vicky ch 4 days ago


  • Tfue God
    Tfue God 4 days ago

    That is no pillow fight

    OSCAR RAZO-CERVANTES 4 days ago +1


  • Hailey Henderson
    Hailey Henderson 4 days ago

    I doubt that was a pillow fight

  • super squidy
    super squidy 4 days ago

    My hero acadamia

  • Noah Hamilton
    Noah Hamilton 4 days ago +2

    If they won’t shut up, vacuum the ceiling, it’ll be super loud and they will want to stop pillow fighting

  • Kevyn Stone
    Kevyn Stone 5 days ago

    Who *frickles* at 2 in the morning?!?

  • Agent Smith
    Agent Smith 5 days ago

    BYU Utah or Idaho????

  • Josselynn :3
    Josselynn :3 5 days ago

    Sad thing is, I hear that "pillow fight" every night.....

  • Rain works
    Rain works 5 days ago

    Say a my hero Academia posters!!! I wach it it pretty lit

  • majora's mask
    majora's mask 5 days ago

    "Pillow fight" am I right

  • BaconPlayz
    BaconPlayz 5 days ago

    Someone called your a furry.

  • Ducky’s. In muffins

    USclip will stay forever

  • KawaiiUltimaAphYT -
    KawaiiUltimaAphYT - 5 days ago

    Fun thing is that USclip has been going for longer than vine

  • Keri Milner
    Keri Milner 5 days ago

    I don't think you should join that pillow fight

  • Roundy Frazier
    Roundy Frazier 5 days ago

    Hey sugar well I'm not saying with that water on the floor and carpets a shower and stuff and clothes through the floor and end up down below and somebody else's apartment it happens

  • Craig Stevens
    Craig Stevens 5 days ago

    4:51 seconds i guess you can say your shin became SHIN Godzilla 😂😂😂😂😂

  • abhinesh singh
    abhinesh singh 5 days ago

    Tell me what the song is

  • yrr666 exe
    yrr666 exe 6 days ago

    Earned a sub

  • ReaperKat
    ReaperKat 6 days ago


  • Cutie Combs
    Cutie Combs 6 days ago



    Er.... *Moments* of truth... 4:39

  • Not so cool Litzy
    Not so cool Litzy 6 days ago

    A no kids allowed pillow fight

  • Super Shadow
    Super Shadow 6 days ago

    This part insulted be because my drawing style is kinda like anime-ish and yea. 0:54 --> _/( ;-; )\_

  • Xylo Gurl
    Xylo Gurl 6 days ago +1

    Mha poster and drawing it, LET ME BE YOUR ROOMMATE ;o;

  • Lily Owen
    Lily Owen 6 days ago

    Does anyone know what the song was called at 5:40

  • 2024Grace B946
    2024Grace B946 6 days ago +1

    A “pillow fight” every night... 0-0 I sure don’t wanna join that mess and neither should you

  • It'syogirl Loli
    It'syogirl Loli 6 days ago

    5:43 Yeeeeeeeees!!! I love that anime!

  • gaming buzz
    gaming buzz 6 days ago

    Nice my hero academia posters and good music choice

  • Puzzle Puddles
    Puzzle Puddles 6 days ago

    7:01 i tought a kid had a birthday party and in the middle of the night started playing with the balloons.

  • XxXbroken StarsXxX
    XxXbroken StarsXxX 6 days ago +5


  • Black Knight Of Gwyn

    That good 'ol dark souls advice of git gud

  • Riverdale Demon
    Riverdale Demon 6 days ago

    4:37 MY HERO ACADEMIA!!!!

  • Jordin Wolf pack
    Jordin Wolf pack 6 days ago


  • Edin Laidence
    Edin Laidence 6 days ago

    POoR bed....

  • Opmaster 716
    Opmaster 716 6 days ago

    100% a pillow fight not anything els- GET THOSE DIRTY THOUGHTS OUTTA HERE

  • Pretty Cliché
    Pretty Cliché 6 days ago

    *( Tabbes in the background: man this hellhole of a school )*

  • Isabel Archwater
    Isabel Archwater 7 days ago

    Story time : my sister lives in a apartment and she flooded the apartment below her cuz she turned on her washing machine 😂( might have been u... never know 😂😂)

  • Soy Heart
    Soy Heart 7 days ago

    i love the captions when they are on

  • NARUTO Uzumaki
    NARUTO Uzumaki 7 days ago

    I had a nice little giggle

    BRANDI BECKLER 7 days ago

    4:37 look at the posters on the walls SHGURR I DIDN’T KNOW YOU LIKED MY HERO ACADEMIA?! also if we can’t draw anime why can you? •_•

  • Slippery Survivor
    Slippery Survivor 7 days ago +2

    Find the mistake
    Edit: I liked my own comment

  • Bestgamer 9000
    Bestgamer 9000 7 days ago

    2 am in the morning

  • The big boy Fam fam
    The big boy Fam fam 7 days ago

    Whelp. Hope the pillow fight wasn't something else ;~;

  • 25leilavlogs Oleinik

    Nope nope don’t go join the pillow fight

  • 25leilavlogs Oleinik
    25leilavlogs Oleinik 7 days ago +1

    this is how many people hate anime

  • Bumbleshine637 :3
    Bumbleshine637 :3 7 days ago

    The pillow fights not.............all you need to know is don't join it

  • KOV Music
    KOV Music 7 days ago

    *loud exercise 100*

  • mrmcmahon68894
    mrmcmahon68894 7 days ago

    I didn’t know your avatar was wearing the same pjs as Ryuko

  • Emo_Wolfie_Playz 8343

    Me: *casually watching video at **5:22** and notices the posters* MY HERO ACADEMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Galaxy
    Galaxy 8 days ago

    You definitely don't want to be in the pillow fight

    MILES SOMBRERO 8 days ago

    Instead of drawing anime. Draw them good memes

  • Mary Lois Wallace
    Mary Lois Wallace 8 days ago

    Do you still live in Utah?

  • Hasai ちゃん
    Hasai ちゃん 8 days ago

    4 :36 my hero academia.

  • AL Does Gacha
    AL Does Gacha 8 days ago +1

    __ __
    \( ‘ v ‘ )/
    Look at dis bootiful video

  • Admin Wolf
    Admin Wolf 9 days ago

    Tabbes and Rebecca now pin me >:(
    jk (PS the "Pin me" part is a joke)

  • Eevee944 said hi
    Eevee944 said hi 9 days ago

    Why are you in Utah?