Apartment Atrocities


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  • Mae Babyyy
    Mae Babyyy 32 minutes ago

    when the water started splashing i thought that is randomly started raining outside.

  • MoonlightWolf Playz
    MoonlightWolf Playz 55 minutes ago

    I don’t know what to comment...oof

  • Lance Pirini
    Lance Pirini Hour ago

    5:18 BNHA my fav anime I'm sad there's no season 4 😥

  • Dowdy 15
    Dowdy 15 Hour ago

    Pillow fight more like you wouldn’t want to join the pillow fight

  • My cute Birds!!!!!!!!!!!

    You're animation looks lovely like poptropica that means it's a cute animation and I love the video!

  • Sophia Estrada
    Sophia Estrada 2 hours ago


  • Sophia Estrada
    Sophia Estrada 2 hours ago

    rude...i like anime T-T

  • Kebi playz
    Kebi playz 3 hours ago

    6:00 where is thr leak come from
    Ughhh how do we fix this

  • TUXEDO skell
    TUXEDO skell 3 hours ago

    7:17 i wanna join too(θ-θ)

  • Jana Kayano
    Jana Kayano 4 hours ago

    You’re so lucky I have to sleep on the floor 😤🤬

  • Oskar Samuelsson
    Oskar Samuelsson 6 hours ago

    or sex

  • frosty z
    frosty z 9 hours ago


  • Sujata Mukhiya
    Sujata Mukhiya 10 hours ago

    Hey is that rebeca pharam

  • shortie. productions
    shortie. productions 12 hours ago +1

    * walks in on parents *

    *ummm* we’re just having a pillow fight... *hahah*

    *_*by the way, do you want a new baby brother or sister?*_*

  • Duedzs
    Duedzs 16 hours ago


    FBI OPEN UP!!!!!!!!

  • jojoiscocogameing coco
    jojoiscocogameing coco 17 hours ago

    Ayy got tabbes and Rebecca in the classroom 0:58

  • Memes n Shet
    Memes n Shet 21 hour ago

    Is this TechLinked?

  • Gang gang Quenn
    Gang gang Quenn Day ago

    I Don't have a story but this happened we went to six flags we had to take a shower i left for 1 min thine i see a floor was wit and when that happen i feal on my face blood in my nose and mouth so yay

  • ToadRules
    ToadRules Day ago

    For a second, I thought it said Animated Atrocities.

  • *little Chan*
    *little Chan* Day ago

    2019 ?
    5:17 I have the same poster that’s over your bed :>

  • Mike the Scups
    Mike the Scups Day ago

    Dat u?

  • Dapper_Apple101 Has Begun

    0:59 You are in an animation class with Tabbes?

  • Nugget Jimenez
    Nugget Jimenez Day ago

    I this you are addicted to my hero academia

  • TheAshDude
    TheAshDude Day ago

    Shgurr:stop drawing anime Me:*cough* no no and no

  • BabyUpi Faasolo
    BabyUpi Faasolo Day ago

    You live in utah?

  • Tracy Walton
    Tracy Walton Day ago

    19? Anyone

  • Boxer Jenny
    Boxer Jenny Day ago

    I don't want USclip to dye

  • Sergiu Duma
    Sergiu Duma Day ago


  • FamousDingus YT
    FamousDingus YT Day ago

    A closet between the walls that transports you to Narnia.

    H O W N I C E

  • Gachaverse Girl
    Gachaverse Girl Day ago

    A “pillow fight”

  • Cringe with Belle

    B-But.. I like drawing anime..

  • jonny wix
    jonny wix Day ago

    1:00 is that Rebecca and tabbes? 😂

  • Oscar Montion
    Oscar Montion Day ago

    Does anybody know where I can get the scream she uses in 4:40 :D

  • Jeon Jungkook
    Jeon Jungkook Day ago

    First video of 2018! It was June 😂

  • Gjjkofblank
    Gjjkofblank Day ago


  • blondchick1and55

    BYU?? You’re LDS!

  • Diego 2fly3
    Diego 2fly3 Day ago

    "I wanna join the pillow fight too!" Me: Oh meh gawd that person is either fapping or having sex

  • Mariana Skaggs
    Mariana Skaggs 2 days ago +1


  • Kayliegha Griego
    Kayliegha Griego 2 days ago +1

    Dude I love drawing anime so shut up🙄 I still love you tho❤️😁

  • Jo R
    Jo R 2 days ago

    I cant have mold near me

  • GodzSeven
    GodzSeven 2 days ago

    Yo she sounds like she could be in Steven universe ❤

  • Rinns Art
    Rinns Art 2 days ago

    I... I don’t think they were having a pillow fight... •_•

  • TwistedSlimVEVO
    TwistedSlimVEVO 2 days ago

    I saw a Tabbes.

  • Chrissi Chaoswesen
    Chrissi Chaoswesen 2 days ago

    I just recently found your chanel and subbed! Love your drawing style, voice, humor and all! Keep up the great work! Btw, the moment I subbed was at 4:40, because that just killed me haha.

  • Linnea Skanung
    Linnea Skanung 2 days ago

    It wasn’t a pillow fight

  • kenny boi xd wtf
    kenny boi xd wtf 2 days ago

    Wtf I see someting 👙 😵😵😵😨😨😣😣 pfft *NOSEBLEED*

  • It'sQuest!Bella OfficialTM

    "Pillow fight" let's say that you really wish that it's a Pillow fight and not what we all know...
    (Which we ALL know what "Wrestling" means -w-)

  • mido4station
    mido4station 2 days ago +1

    Who said youtube will die

  • Tiny Cookie23
    Tiny Cookie23 2 days ago

    “Pillow fight” ☠️😂

  • { Leonard li }
    { Leonard li } 2 days ago

    pillow fight yeah....sure

  • Mister McLeod
    Mister McLeod 2 days ago

    Man, some of those apartments sound like the result of penny pinching and corner cutting.

  • SadFoxyGamer 17
    SadFoxyGamer 17 2 days ago

    A Eminem song is playing on5:38

  • Dr Blitz
    Dr Blitz 3 days ago

    It Was A “Pillow Figh” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Windows 8
    Windows 8 3 days ago

    That wasn’t a pillow fight, she knows what was going on in that bed 😏

  • Adan Gardner
    Adan Gardner 3 days ago


  • Kats Vision
    Kats Vision 3 days ago


  • The Galifreyian
    The Galifreyian 3 days ago

    Probably me watching some anime but then a boy realises that a boy is disguising as a girl so then I become an egg and roll around

  • The Galifreyian
    The Galifreyian 3 days ago

    **hears squeaking sound**
    ---To Be Continued-------->

  • nova spiritstar
    nova spiritstar 3 days ago


  • Jake Bankowski
    Jake Bankowski 3 days ago

    When USclip dies move to Calgary and work at the beltiner Orr the goose or gorilla whale (my dad work there and I want to see you) (I’m dumb) and I have no life

  • TheMadSergeant
    TheMadSergeant 3 days ago

    0:59, oh my gawd!
    Its tabbes and rebecca.

  • GamerGrowl
    GamerGrowl 3 days ago

    I thought sh girt was just gonna say *I got some flex tape*

  • Chupalo Alv
    Chupalo Alv 3 days ago

    1:03 you , Tabbes and ¿Jaiden?

  • Sharkie Shark-Face
    Sharkie Shark-Face 3 days ago


    because I have then by my bed too

  • ZOIDCREAM cream
    ZOIDCREAM cream 3 days ago

    Is not gonna die

  • Edisa Kuroki
    Edisa Kuroki 3 days ago

    What was she listening to while drawing

  • the last noob
    the last noob 4 days ago

    1:12 XD THE FACE XD

  • witherXD
    witherXD 4 days ago

    1:02 i saw tabbes and letmeexplain. im so proud of myself XD

  • Tai Is me
    Tai Is me 4 days ago

    "*ur mom*"

  • DSM Cosplay
    DSM Cosplay 4 days ago


  • TheSloth :P
    TheSloth :P 4 days ago

    Ummmmmm squeaking bed? That's not a pillow fight

  • Brother may I have A squeeze

    6:03 no you use flex tape

  • Brother may I have A squeeze

    Rebecca has no mouth even in someone else’s universe

  • kanaidraw
    kanaidraw 4 days ago

    ... I didn't get it the first time I watched the video but I get it now.... WHY DID I REWATCH IT DAMMIT

  • Bluedragon 1212
    Bluedragon 1212 4 days ago

    you know i would go over and pound on the door just hevey pound on the do the freak the fudge out

  • Friedrich Davin
    Friedrich Davin 4 days ago

    This chick is adorable

  • animeislife 47
    animeislife 47 4 days ago

    But I only draw anime why do you want me to stop ☹️

  • Gimic Barker
    Gimic Barker 4 days ago

    U just got to git gud

  • Momomi Chan
    Momomi Chan 4 days ago


  • C DG
    C DG 4 days ago


  • Kayleigh Williams
    Kayleigh Williams 5 days ago +1

    I love eminem

    F0NZI3 B4NANA 5 days ago

    If i were u i burn the building :l

  • Barbara Dix
    Barbara Dix 5 days ago

    What could possibly go wrong (:p)

  • Noooscap 101
    Noooscap 101 5 days ago

    Did anyone draw memes?

  • melanie lopez
    melanie lopez 5 days ago

    You where drawing my hero academia!!!!

  • piggyprinsess and jdog
    piggyprinsess and jdog 5 days ago +2

    Second time watching the video and I didn't pick up the bnha and Eminem lol were my kiribaku shippers and tododeku shippers at

  • piggyprinsess and jdog

    Step number one stop drawing anime got me dead I could never I had to

  • piggyprinsess and jdog

    First day of ever saw you in was lemon boy and I was at my cousin's house in a sleepover and then she was like oh yeah this is sugar she's really cool then I got hooked on Jaiden animations thanks

  • HEC7ICPlays
    HEC7ICPlays 5 days ago

    i dont remember me working out sounding like a balloon

  • Sage Brimm
    Sage Brimm 5 days ago

    Anime?! I love anime! No joke!

  • Mkfq ツ
    Mkfq ツ 5 days ago

    1:11 We’ll Be Right Back

  • Dima Trif
    Dima Trif 5 days ago

    0:59Thats UScliprs only class! No really, I saw Jaiden and another youtuber

  • crystal wolf BFFs
    crystal wolf BFFs 5 days ago

    At my apartment if u stain the carpet in one room they will fine u to replace THE WHOLE HOUSES CARPET ALL OF IT NOT ONE ROOM JEEZ

  • Madison Universe
    Madison Universe 5 days ago

    2 am in the morning

  • Kasey Delos Santos
    Kasey Delos Santos 5 days ago


  • Funtime Foxy PLAYZ
    Funtime Foxy PLAYZ 5 days ago

    She knows what the sqeaking noise was SO STOP SAY OH SHGRR THATS NOT A PILLOW FIGHT SHE KNOWS ALREADY!!!!

  • starr huell
    starr huell 5 days ago


  • rootbearlove
    rootbearlove 5 days ago +1

    I am watching this in 2019 anyone else?

  • The Hollands
    The Hollands 5 days ago

    I never know that you watch my hero academia

  • Zion Crawford
    Zion Crawford 5 days ago

    So pure