Whatever You Draw, I'll Buy It - Challenge

  • Published on Jun 13, 2019
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  • ZHC
    ZHC  Month ago +6670

    Sub and I'll let you buy anything you draw
    yiannimize lambo in the thumbnail btw just found out

    first comment: Kaylen

    • arniel abapo
      arniel abapo 3 days ago

      Can you Buy me a Cheap Smartphone?

    • gacha/roblox Nerd
      gacha/roblox Nerd 4 days ago

      If I draw something can u buy it please aka I love your vids

    • speteelie
      speteelie 10 days ago

      I subbed and I drew copic sketch too 72 color set E. How do I submit to get Xp ( it was still fun to draw if I’m too late to the party)

    • Snowy Gamer
      Snowy Gamer 22 days ago

      I subscribed 😀

    • Sam Animates
      Sam Animates 22 days ago

      I'll actually draw something if you buy it

  • Rose Koma
    Rose Koma 14 minutes ago

    Is it just me or do you see the poster in the back that says ZHC is Chubby to? -_-

  • TheScienceFlipper 289

    5:10 *cinnimabun*

  • I'm Random
    I'm Random Hour ago


  • Spywolf Crazyness
    Spywolf Crazyness 3 hours ago

    I have a USclip channel and I subbed

  • Phoenyx Salter
    Phoenyx Salter 3 hours ago

    I'm subbed I want a huge box of copics lol I love drawing

  • Xoxo19beast 19
    Xoxo19beast 19 3 hours ago

    Click bait

  • Clyde hokke
    Clyde hokke 5 hours ago

    hey men i think your drawings are amazing ; ) i like to draw to but yours are much better you are a huge inspiration for me and i want to thank you for dat live a happy life man :)

  • Gabriel Gaming
    Gabriel Gaming 5 hours ago

    Hey i just subscribed because for zhc to have more money for him not to be poor hihihi

  • Crypted File
    Crypted File 7 hours ago

    I'd actually just draw the sketchbook itself in that sketchbook

  • B41T GT
    B41T GT 7 hours ago

    its looks like u print it hahahahahahahag

  • S Biswas
    S Biswas 8 hours ago

    Are you bill gates' son

  • Sub to Pewdiepie
    Sub to Pewdiepie 8 hours ago

    I draw a 1000 dolars

  • Andra Farand Hidajat
    Andra Farand Hidajat 9 hours ago

    I saw jarvis

  • The Real Gamer
    The Real Gamer 10 hours ago

    Really funny

  • Luis Animates
    Luis Animates 13 hours ago

    I subes can i get a Wacom intuos medium Bluetooth?

  • WBBA Rivals
    WBBA Rivals 14 hours ago

    Next video: giving Gucci to the homeless!

  • Danelle DeBoer
    Danelle DeBoer 14 hours ago

    SHUT UP STEVE 🤣🤣🤣🤣I'm deadddd💀😆

  • Adv Royals
    Adv Royals 14 hours ago +1

    If u click here
    I will buy anything
    For u

  • Jessica Burroughs
    Jessica Burroughs 14 hours ago

    I really wanna do this with some friends on a smaller scale

  • jhon the BANANA Q
    jhon the BANANA Q 14 hours ago

    Im gonna draw an iphone 10 hahahaha

  • Soleil Riego
    Soleil Riego 19 hours ago

    ZHC : whatever you draw i'll buy it
    ME: just a mountain bike :)
    Im from philippines

  • PewDiePie Muscat
    PewDiePie Muscat 20 hours ago

    i wold have drawn a bunch of 1000 dolar bills

  • Mhar Pugi
    Mhar Pugi 23 hours ago

    Hahaha mdxx😂

  • Its Wavy
    Its Wavy Day ago

    Send me an iPhone Xr plz dad Ive been subscribed for a year man I got u

  • Alphamale 001
    Alphamale 001 Day ago +1

    My guy u changed the history of art forever ur Zeno

  • Triple Toys
    Triple Toys Day ago

    That looks like 11 from stranger things

  • Caitlyn Sam-pennie

    the best clickbait

  • Euan The Gamer
    Euan The Gamer Day ago

    I think u should do a 24hour challenge

  • Daryl Huzzey
    Daryl Huzzey Day ago

    Your sister is ugly asf

  • Timothy Sims
    Timothy Sims Day ago

    ZHC is mrbeast but with art

  • DGP Chris
    DGP Chris Day ago +2

    I like how you use the morgz Music :)

  • Simon Biala
    Simon Biala Day ago

    Nigga!!!!!! Because they have a time limit

  • Hidden Rain
    Hidden Rain Day ago +1

    Wow his girlfriend didn’t even say thanks 😕

  • The Xbox Troll
    The Xbox Troll Day ago

    2:21 lol

  • Lilly Bouton
    Lilly Bouton Day ago

    Can you by me new beats studios 😭

  • Nicole Henry
    Nicole Henry Day ago

    you must save your money for a lamorghini

  • Princessvelvetroyal

    you sister's so nice

  • yuyuyuyyuuu42 roblox

    poor faith she is the one with nothing

  • Games And More
    Games And More Day ago

    You did the worst one out of all of those drawings

  • Erika Hernandez
    Erika Hernandez 2 days ago


  • brian le
    brian le 2 days ago

    You were at the valley Fair Mall and Santana row in San Jose CA

  • Deayciano #Gamer
    Deayciano #Gamer 2 days ago

    ZHC: ill buy what you draw
    Me: *draws area 51*

  • Steven Horvath
    Steven Horvath 2 days ago

    I love your art

  • Migo Miguel Cosare
    Migo Miguel Cosare 2 days ago

    Nvm (nevermind)

  • Migo Miguel Cosare
    Migo Miguel Cosare 2 days ago

    Hey that first fan was my classmate in Philippine school Bahrain he is qweens

  • Storm_Gamecrasher
    Storm_Gamecrasher 2 days ago

    She's wearing a MR Beast Hat LOL 🤣

  • Chris Marston
    Chris Marston 2 days ago

    Me draws 1,000 visa gift cards

  • Cobigoal 38
    Cobigoal 38 2 days ago


  • Sky Fail
    Sky Fail 2 days ago +1

    I am broked by seeing you and Mr. Beast

  • Roxy :3
    Roxy :3 2 days ago

    i subscribe!

  • Jimmy Sharma
    Jimmy Sharma 2 days ago

    Anyone else thinks that it was similar to pewdiepie' s video in which he showed his new car.

  • Gazterr
    Gazterr 2 days ago +1

    why do wamen love make up so much? its dumb its not about your fuOOFing looks

  • Oscar Gillam
    Oscar Gillam 2 days ago +1

    Is that the Lego shop in Brighton??

  • 2000 subscribers without uploading

    Hey who said u could print stuff off

  • Mr Senchirey
    Mr Senchirey 2 days ago

    Who so click beat

  • Данил Котов

    Ебааать ты че миллиардер?

  • David Ifrim
    David Ifrim 2 days ago

    We're is the colour green

  • NamiSaysHi
    NamiSaysHi 2 days ago +10

    ZHC : I'll buy anything that you can draw
    Me : *Draws his whole house*
    *Zach is now currently homeless plus, Broke*
    No hard feelings,
    *One like, One dollar for Zach*

  • Aqhil Lanz
    Aqhil Lanz 2 days ago

    2:21 this sound weird 😐

  • angelita manuel
    angelita manuel 2 days ago


  • Wolfie
    Wolfie 2 days ago

    ZHC: ''Whatever you draw, i'll buy it.''

    Me: *Draws infinity gauntlet*

  • Rajesh Pawar
    Rajesh Pawar 2 days ago

    That is so much money

  • Joshua Bonda
    Joshua Bonda 2 days ago +2

    bro you are probably the nicest brother to them and you are my favourite youtuber i also subbed and liked.

  • Thicha Phutthanu
    Thicha Phutthanu 2 days ago +7

    Whatever you draw I buy

    Me: a friend
    Sorry we can’t do that 😢

  • Thicha Phutthanu
    Thicha Phutthanu 2 days ago

    Poor boy check 🤣

  • Jaypee Tolentino
    Jaypee Tolentino 2 days ago

    Should it be fair in my Country ?

  • Odin Fine Art Creations

    Given that in Aus their $10-$12 each i Wish i could do this with copics 🤣

  • Carl Duya
    Carl Duya 2 days ago

    I didn’t know you lived in San Jose!!

  • Xx spiceUp! xX The talent of cooking

    1 like 1 dollar fprbthe lego cashier

  • Marlyn Smith
    Marlyn Smith 2 days ago

    That's not a Lamborghini

  • Genesis Dorsey
    Genesis Dorsey 2 days ago

    This is adorable 😭

  • Shadowprincess321
    Shadowprincess321 2 days ago

    I'd hit up Micheals REAL quick

  • kutlyn's art
    kutlyn's art 2 days ago +6

    ZHC: “Whatever you draw, I’ll buy.”
    Unfertile people: *draws a baby*

  • ML_Pacific
    ML_Pacific 2 days ago

    3:17 he legit looks like eleven from stranger things

  • Landon is a faker Snow

    At 345 that kid looks like eleven from stranger things

  • Wabbii
    Wabbii 2 days ago

    Can you send me $500 cash app

  • Ultra YT
    Ultra YT 2 days ago

    I actually have 8 engine truck Toyota

  • luvbeast
    luvbeast 2 days ago

    i'm so jealous😂😂😂😂

  • clashX 97
    clashX 97 2 days ago

    Click bait😂

  • Amanda Burdette
    Amanda Burdette 2 days ago

    Just subscribed, how do I send you drawings?

  • Nomin Nomin
    Nomin Nomin 2 days ago +5

    ZHC: that’s actually pretty good!
    ZCH looking at like 3-4 more drawings and saying that’s actually pretty good!

  • The Horror Life
    The Horror Life 3 days ago


  • Shiloh Amah
    Shiloh Amah 3 days ago

    The shade is real

  • King Puppycorn :3
    King Puppycorn :3 3 days ago

    I love my art but is ugly

  • Ken Swanner
    Ken Swanner 3 days ago

    Um my name is Kaylen

  • Muhamad Ryan
    Muhamad Ryan 3 days ago

    Ok GUYS orDer your sInABuN HAHAH

  • Rafael Naraine
    Rafael Naraine 3 days ago

    2:14 poor turkey

  • Raychang 1223
    Raychang 1223 3 days ago

    Haha lol

  • EthanP
    EthanP 3 days ago


  • Tyler Jackson
    Tyler Jackson 3 days ago

    Nice lambo

  • Sharon Pring
    Sharon Pring 3 days ago

    That's an acura😉

  • Angel Siu
    Angel Siu 3 days ago +4

    " No pressure everyone’s watching you"

    -ZHC 2019

  • #life is Beautiful
    #life is Beautiful 3 days ago

    10:59 I have the same shoes 👟 XD

  • Marites Ello
    Marites Ello 3 days ago

    Give it to the homeless

  • Mohammed Fakhra
    Mohammed Fakhra 3 days ago

    I feel so bad for Zach I like how Zach spends loads of money to make his belongings and his friends etc happy

  • Jsenq Pop
    Jsenq Pop 3 days ago

    Behind the scenes Zack be like O MAH GAWD MY CARD BROKE

  • Evade Viizion
    Evade Viizion 3 days ago

    When the whole family be gold diggers

  • Miriam Delgado
    Miriam Delgado 3 days ago

    Brager but cool

  • Tati Rene
    Tati Rene 3 days ago

    Ahh I love that sugar guy like be mine ❤️❤️❤️