Why I'm So Scared (being myself and crying too much)


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  • Lazy Vegan Mom
    Lazy Vegan Mom 20 minutes ago

    Welcome back Bunny!

  • Juju
    Juju 20 minutes ago

    i stopped watching bunny on accident, because i switched youtube accounts and forgot about her, but im really glad im back

  • mmanda515
    mmanda515 38 minutes ago

    Remember tho, that people have watched from day one until now.............. for YOU. For who you are, how you are, what you decide to do in the videos, what you want to do... Like it or not, praise or trolling......... please don't do anything 'others' want. Apparently, you are the one w/ the reason for success here, not them! I mean, sure we have absoluckingflutely been a huge part of the payoff, but.............. the core of this & it's success............... is you & only you! Please use your own judgement about what, when, why or how & continue running w/ that. Small tweaks, sure, but............ the ideas, personality, subject, etc. HAS to be all you, my dear.... ALL you.... for it to continue working! ;) ((hugs)) No self-doubt necessary, I mean, hell.... look at all you've accomplished thus far! The only hurdle is to get rid of that self-doubt & sabotage. You've got this!!! Day by day, moment by moment. Those who truly matter will still be there regardless, know that!

  • Flower Knoxville
    Flower Knoxville 39 minutes ago

    The first few videos I saw from you were the Thrift shopping (THE BEST), shoe collecting with the hopping, videos of you and Leighann Says, your Halloween Christmas tree etc....I was maybe like 13...I also live in Texas(Laredo) and I’ve always admired you no matter what❤️

  • Dannielle Obenchain
    Dannielle Obenchain 42 minutes ago

    It brought me back!! 😍

  • Valerie Foster
    Valerie Foster 49 minutes ago

    But when I hear Adalia Rose say “sippie sippie” I melt knowing that she aspires to be like Bunny. I’m so happy to see this side of you!

  • Sandy Gutierrez
    Sandy Gutierrez Hour ago

    I absolutely love the fact that you want to take your audience’s preference of what they want to watch into account, but at the end of the day you need to film what makes you happy and that in turn will portray itself to your audience. Love you! I left and am now back!

  • Evonne Bair
    Evonne Bair Hour ago

    I'm so proud of you Bunny. I'm ready to see more of the new you and watch you grow even more as a USclipr.

  • Corina Streahorn Loves Life

    Hunny Bunny... It's fantastic that you have found yourself again. I thought I can't watch it all because when I see tears I cry too. But... I watched you chat and want you to know you are not alone in being trapped by the overwhelming feeling of depression. Love, learn, n give back. You have taken the path in the right direction. xoxoxo

  • Jay hidy
    Jay hidy Hour ago

    This has made me so so so happy thank you.

  • eugenia m m
    eugenia m m Hour ago

    I am happy to see you again just like yourself!!! Thank you for being so honest, it is so fresh to see you talking like this!!!

  • Kate Kennan
    Kate Kennan Hour ago

    Bunny, I'm so sorry I left. I love your heart and energy. Your honesty is really refreshing about your situation. Its hard to step outside of your comfort zone when youre a private person.
    So, on good faith (because I believe in your ability to reinvent) I'll happily put my swamp boots back on.

  • Husky jr Withdatbeet

    It’s oki

  • AlaskaRvn777
    AlaskaRvn777 Hour ago

    I'm so happy for you. I have to admit to you that I left graveyardgirl. That I was drawn to you tonight and I have listened to two of your current videos and have Resubscribed. I still think,You are marvelous.

  • Kimberly Fidler
    Kimberly Fidler Hour ago

    i love watching you. you help me in so many ways so just be you

  • amy vandegriffe
    amy vandegriffe Hour ago

    Always remember!! Even when we are adults- We learn as we age. You are a young adult. We learn even as adults. We learn and change - all our lives. All our life ~Life Is A Journey Not A Destination!~ Yes, work with someone! Get some help! For sure. NO ONE wants to see you fail. Don’t beat yourself up. It all makes sense. You should go see a therapist. I have for years. I MISS seeing your makeup videos!!!!

  • Kacey Madsen
    Kacey Madsen Hour ago

    I've been watching you for years now and I'm so proud of you. I love you so much and you make me so happy. This series has made me feel so much closer to you and I'm so happy that you're starting to realize more things and you're starting to express yourself more.

  • misssuteki
    misssuteki Hour ago

    Dogman should write a book about your life lol

  • amy vandegriffe
    amy vandegriffe 2 hours ago

    Take your time!! You are human~ be yourself~ we have all been there~ SHOW yourself. Bc we love you- always have. I have suffered from anxiety and depression my whole life. But I have LEARNED how to live with it. You will too. Just do YOU. ~ Life Is A Journey~ Not A Destination~

  • Blossom Bug
    Blossom Bug 2 hours ago

    I believe i understand the feeling and your just so unique!! AHH You are the reason I subscribed 😭❤

  • Emely Rodriguez
    Emely Rodriguez 2 hours ago

    Definitely cried with you throughout this whole video. I love you so much Bunny ❤️

  • Norma Mcdowell
    Norma Mcdowell 2 hours ago

    We love ❤️ you ❤️

  • Anna Kosloski
    Anna Kosloski 2 hours ago

    So much love and support coming your way ♥️😚 just focus on the positives and things will get better

  • Raegan Weston
    Raegan Weston 2 hours ago

    I just want to say I watched the whole series. I have watched you for years now. I think you are so amazing at everything you do and I hope you won't give up. I just want to let you know that I support you and love what you do. I just want you to know, if this whole world turned against you, I will always be on your side no matter what. And by the way I don't usually comment on videos, but for you, I felt I need to help. I'm only 11 so I can't do much, but for now, I wish you luck with everything in your life.

  • Nahomi T
    Nahomi T 2 hours ago

    So proud of you Bunny! Felt like I finally came home if that makes sense :)

  • Apples Apple
    Apples Apple 2 hours ago

    Omg bunny my pfp is me spilling the tea to my friends to check out your USclip

  • Courtney Davis
    Courtney Davis 2 hours ago

    Bunny, first of all I want to say I love your personality! I swear I feel like I can relate to you and your interests so much! But I want to tell you something that I tell my clients in my therapy group regarding our negative self talk. Negativity only effects negative people. Meaning, you could be the most positive confident person in the world, but if negativity from others is starting to effect you that means that you are starting to believe it. Girl focus on your many talents and strengths because that is what gives us power, our life force. And it is that life force that helps us change our world. Use that negativity as fuel to drive our own self improvement and exploration. Love ya!

  • Luis Ortiz
    Luis Ortiz 2 hours ago +1

    I like your vids shane

  • Joshlyne Chapoose
    Joshlyne Chapoose 2 hours ago

    I have dabbled in your videos
    Here n there, but i never could get sucked into them because i felt like it was a Chanel for younger kids. Like for example 9-13 year olds . But i absolutely loved the videos with Shane and i am so excited to stick around and see what comes of it. I feel like u have captured so many hearts regardless your here to stay. I can still see you trying so hard to convince everyone your going to do better, when i personally think u should just go for it. If they don’t believe you, screw em. You got this! You have some very loyal followers. You are a beautiful soul. ❤️

  • Jessica Dozier
    Jessica Dozier 2 hours ago


  • headnurseRN7143
    headnurseRN7143 2 hours ago

    YOU ARE BACK! And, because you are, I am back. This is going to be GREAT!!!! PS - Where did you get the safety pin earrings? All the best Bunny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Iris Colon
    Iris Colon 3 hours ago

    You always make me smile. I am so sorry you are feeling this way. Just know that you make my day when I am feeling my worst. Take care sweet girl. You are the best. XOXOXO

  • Kimberly LeMay
    Kimberly LeMay 3 hours ago

    Aw Bunny I've been watching you on and off since around 2013 (I think) and I love you and your personality, I want you to take as long as you want to cope, even if the videos aren't as good, us true fans will always stick with you and I will always be here, I love you and hope you get through this rough time 💕💕😘

  • User Hack
    User Hack 3 hours ago

    I’m so excited bunny and I’m here to support you and your channel!!

  • Rissa C
    Rissa C 3 hours ago

    You are such an amazing person Bunny. I'm a relatively new subscriber - I've been here maybe 14 months? But I love your videos... your energy is so infectious... I truly do feel like you're a friend of mine... You always make me smile. I'm very excited to see what you have planned! The series with Shane was amazing... It was so intense and so interesting.
    I know I'm but one person.. but I will always stick around! Take the time you need... there will be many, many Swamp Family members waiting.

  • Helena Rosno
    Helena Rosno 3 hours ago +1

    What am I watching? Well, whatever it is it’s very inspirational😄

  • Leahhlol
    Leahhlol 3 hours ago

    I'm SO in love with YOU and who YOU are. I was an early subscriber and I LEFT. I did, and I wish I hadn't. Life is crazy. I got married and divorced and I'm under 30. I feel like sometimes you (me) just get into a rhythm of what you expect and think life is going to be like and it just ends up NOT. I will never forget seeing you in person in Austin. I was so terrified and starstruck when I saw you and dogman in uncommon objects and I didn't allow myself to just go gush at you, and I wish I had. You're a beautiful Texas girl and I hope I run into you again so I can get a huge hug and hopefully convey how much I have cherished watching your videos, being a part of the swamp family and giving alligator's there wings because sometimes it's not the beautiful creatures that watch over you, but the ones you have to force yourself to see. I love you Bunny! Keep on keepin on and I'll do the same

  • mirjam berkelouw
    mirjam berkelouw 3 hours ago

    Thank you lwas unsubscribed because youre videos felt like a play not real anymore

  • Gamerchallenger Hacker

    Good luck

  • Megan Rose
    Megan Rose 3 hours ago

    THIS is why I subscribed. I can finally connect with you. I’m happy that you’re showing who you really are Bunny!! I’m excited to see more of this side of you ❤️

  • Brandy Neal
    Brandy Neal 3 hours ago

    You're amazing!

  • jenna rayne
    jenna rayne 3 hours ago

    Bunny I re-subscribed. This is the bunny I remember

  • Jen Michele
    Jen Michele 4 hours ago

    I am someone who unsubscribed. I was missing the girl who sat in her mom’s bathroom, talking to the camera about how the workers at forever 21 had made you feel less than. Pouring your heart out. I connected with the rawness and realness that I felt when I watched your videos. I just felt like, over time, you had become a caricature of yourself, with the voices and faces. We all change. I accept that. But you were not being you, and it was obvious. I love this side of you, and I am resubscribing as soon as this posts. 💗

    ALANA BRUNELL 4 hours ago

    Also Bunny, I’ve always loved editing videos. Yes, I am 15, but I’ve edited many professional realistic looking videos. So like HMU.

  • allie94
    allie94 4 hours ago

    this is so incredible of you, bunny! i subscribed to you back when i was in highschool 5 or 6 years ago when i was going through a really hard time. I was dealing with a lot of depression. I would spend a lot of my time crying. I always came to your channel as an escape. your channel was sometimes the only time i would smile during the day. Over the last few years, I never unsubscribed to your channel. I have always been in the swamp fam. But i did stop watching because the videos were generally the same thing. I honestly didnt even know you had a second channel. Like you have said, I did miss the videos where you would be goofy and try on outfits and do outfit of the days. I did miss the part of you that seemed to be lost. I am so proud of you for realizing this and working on a channel relaunch type of period. I am looking forward to see a mix of the old type of videos and the newer ideas you have had throughout the past two years. thank you for everything you have done for me over the years. you're an incredible person!

  • Dean Castillo
    Dean Castillo 4 hours ago

    Bunny! I want you to know that we never left! We’re always with you. I started watching you I’m 2014, I was 13. I’m 17 now, and a senior in high school. You wouldn’t believe how crazy and hectic life has been! Then again, I’m sure you have. It can be crazy for everyone. Anyway, i haven’t been consistently on USclip in so long. I think it’s been a good year and a half. I’ve missed seeing you, though! I’m glad you’re able to give us a chance to delve deeper into how you’re feeling. It only bonds us stronger as a #swampfamily. I’ll make it a priority to check back onto your channel often again from here on out, much love! 💚🐊

    ISA SARRO 4 hours ago


    ISA SARRO 4 hours ago


    ISA SARRO 4 hours ago


    ISA SARRO 4 hours ago


  • Bayader
    Bayader 4 hours ago

    am tearing up a little bit T.T its like a watching the old bunny again.... glad to see u again bunny

    ISA SARRO 4 hours ago


    ISA SARRO 4 hours ago


  • Cinematic Cruise
    Cinematic Cruise 4 hours ago

    Wtf is this and why does it have 3.5 million views???

  • Tom Idelson
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  • Nicole Bishop
    Nicole Bishop 4 hours ago

    I adore you bunny!

  • Rahni Chehab
    Rahni Chehab 4 hours ago

    I probably cried more in these series than anything I've ever watched, I've followed you for years and loved you through the good and the bad and its so good to see you get through the dreaded demons that are depression and anxiety. I knew for so long Shane was so much more than people thought of him and this proved that and it's really awesome to see my 2 favourite youtubers ever come together and create heart touching content as well as a super friendship. Love you forever Bunny, keep doing you and also keep Shane around! Haha ❤️

  • Katherine Fowler
    Katherine Fowler 4 hours ago

    Every single day is new and wipes the slate clean and I am overcome with a warmth and love to see such a vulnerable soul again, and it brings a sense of healing. Thank you for taking the risk and the jump to open up, you are, always have been, and will forever be loved

  • Tameca Hamilton
    Tameca Hamilton 4 hours ago

    awww Shane !!

  • paperplanewarrior
    paperplanewarrior 4 hours ago

    Am I missing something? I really have no idea whats going on.

  • Jamila Ross
    Jamila Ross 4 hours ago

    One day, just recently, it occurred to me that my daughter and I hadn't watched your videos in a while. There was no particular reason but because I hadn't watched they no longer showed up in my feed. Anywho, I had no idea that there were issues with you and your channel. I'm so glad I thought to watch you and at first these videos made no sense to me and so I decided to watch Shane's channel. I'm so very glad that he reached out to you and that things are going well again. I found you years ago when you did a review of Coloured Raine liquid lipsticks. I remembered you saying the names of them were cute and I actually named most of them! Lol I had to subscribe that very moment. We enjoyed your Shopkins vids and of course Does This Thing Really Work. I'm on board for whatever you have in store!! I'm here to stay! ❤

  • Offthegreatedge
    Offthegreatedge 4 hours ago

    Tbh I did feel like some of your vids were just.. fake so I unsubscribed but I like how your opening up
    Btw..it was kinda clickbaity

  • Chloe Blades
    Chloe Blades 4 hours ago

    Bunny you are amazing!! You was amazing in 2014 and you are amazing now. I suffer from acute anxiety and depression myself and I completely get it. We are all with you girl!! Xxxx

  • Josalyn Francis
    Josalyn Francis 4 hours ago

    Hey bunny, just sending you some positivity and love I love you so much! I’ve been crying with you the whole video lol.i feel like this is the rebirth of your channel. I am so excited to see what’s coming up next! We Are BACKKKKK😍🤗btw, only bunny can wipe her tears with a beauty blender. ICONIC

  • Natalie Moon
    Natalie Moon 5 hours ago

    Bunny you are great!! Please be yourself.

  • Casey L
    Casey L 5 hours ago

    My family enjoys your channel. We left as we felt like you weren't showing you. Love the new videos!

  • Lucylacht
    Lucylacht 5 hours ago

    14.05. is my birthday and this video is my birthdaypresent. I´m back. Thank you so much.

  • InspiredBySanjeeta
    InspiredBySanjeeta 5 hours ago

    I used to watch you when i was younger and i was like wow this girl is so cool and it's amazing how she can be herself and i admired you. But then i stopped and i always wonder how you were doing and its so crazy because i always saw you in that little tiny space where you do your videos and i didnt know anything, until i watched shane's video. I feel like i know you so much more. I weird cause it felt like you were being your self but you werent, that doesnt make sense at all. but anyways i am super excited to be back and excited to see what kind of new content your gonna put out, love you.

  • Jordan Perkins
    Jordan Perkins 5 hours ago


  • Hilda K Romero
    Hilda K Romero 5 hours ago

    Never left and never will!!! You are such a sweet soul ❤️ everyone has rough times, it’s just different cus most of us don’t have videos of ourselves everyday of our lives that we have to upload to USclip for the whole world to see especially when something is going on in our personal lives. People are mean and demand the world out of you but show no loyalty either way so you do what YOU feel like doing. They get mad about videos on USclip being clickbaitey, and here you were one person who wasn’t and they say “boring” “unsubscribed” how does that even make sense? This is exactly WHY you tubers do clickbait don’t complain after ! Bunny, you can never satisfy everyone at the same time. Pay no mind to negative nancies boo and always do you, the real swamp family members never left just like a REAL friend never leaves no matter how hard it gets!! Do what makes you happy girl and always remember there’s always ppl here that will always support you through everything 😘 We love you so much Bunny 🐰🐰💕💕

  • Jade Batley
    Jade Batley 5 hours ago

    I’m so excited to see what you do next! ❤️

  • Tessa Hilliard
    Tessa Hilliard 5 hours ago

    You are amazing, Bunny! ❤️

  • soph
    soph 5 hours ago

    I've always been here but im sosososo glad this has happened! i cant wait to see new exciting content of you being YOU!!! youre amazing

  • Global Icon
    Global Icon 5 hours ago

    10:00 @ all my friends

  • mintelaine
    mintelaine 5 hours ago

    i never really watched your videos, for no reason other than they weren't my thing. i was hearing about the first video you did with shane, so i gave it a watch, and i felt really connected to you and so i watched a few more videos.. specifically i liked your paranormal story videos. those ones felt very authentic and felt like a friend telling me a story. so i see where all this is coming from! i don't follow any 'big' youtubers because a lot of them seem very inauthentic, but the smaller people i follow have similar interests to me and are so authentic, i love them because they are so cool and they inspire me to be better! after watching this series of videos you and shane did, i have that same feeling of being interested and inspired by you. you live literally just a town over from me! maybe someday i can meet you :) so, like shane said, by showing more of yourself and your life, you can inspire other people from small towns that they can work hard and be like you. i mean, i don't want to be a makeup youtuber or anything like that but your story inspires me that it is possible for weird people to be successful, instead of outcasts. i LOVED these videos. i loved seeing more of your personality, your life outside of your videos. i would love to see more vlog type stuff (my favorite type of videos honestly) seeing your life in small town texas, inspiring me that maybe there is more to small town life. i would love to see more of your hobbies as well. you have a button press, you said you did a screen printing and sew, those are very exciting things that i would like to see more of! the youtubers i follow are mainly artist youtubers, so more videos about arts and craft type hobbies would show a new side to you. honestly, i just related so much when you talk about depression and anxiety, ESPECIALLY how it's been affecting you lately because i've been going through similar things (i mean, not a similar situation of course but more of similar thought processes). it seriously felt like talking with a close friend. i think maybe you need a therapist. you said how you weren't able to see things a certain way because of how stuck you were in your mental illness thought process.. that's what therapists are for! they help you think about things different, and reshape your view to be healthier. i totally know that feeling of having bad thoughts and thinking it's normal, but it's really not and it's so hard to get out of. really, i think you should re-examine what you want. don't do things because it's what you THINK your audience wants. just be yourself, do things you enjoy, try new things and be yourself and show people yourself. that's what everyone really wants to see. people change, and evolve. you do, and so do your viewers. you're allowed to change! you don't have to be the same person you used to be just because that's how people used to know you. we want to see YOU, the real you, not the same old videos and personality you think people want to see. don't overthink it! anyway this was super long idk if you'll see it but i've felt a similar way lately and have been dealing with it as well, so i wanted to let you know what i've been discovering :) i never followed you before but i can't wait to see more from you, of your 'new' self!

  • Madison 3
    Madison 3 5 hours ago +1

    I love you so much I turned notifications back on and followed you on all platforms that I have and omg you are the best AGAIN

  • brittanyd314
    brittanyd314 5 hours ago +1

    We aren't going anywhere!! No matter what the content is, I enjoy every video and I always find myself watching one, then another and another, etc! I don't even hardly do my own make up, yet I will watch those videos from start to end! To me, what makes your videos great is YOU!!
    I love every aspect of what makes you you Bunny! I feel like I can relate to you and in some weird way, I feel like I do know you through your videos and Snapchat too!
    We are evolving with you and we are along for this ride with you as long as you will allow us!
    Love you!

  • Madison 3
    Madison 3 5 hours ago

    Bunny I can tell the entire swamp fam is soooooo proud and I'm going to be honest I was one that did leave but after that video with Shane I came back and I love you so much and I remember watching your videos with my grandma and we just sat there laughing and talked about you so much and now you're back and you're better than you've ever been and we can tell and I know you'll never read this but I just want you to know how much we love you 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

  • geezthelisa
    geezthelisa 5 hours ago

    Shane is the Oprah of youtube

  • dilEmma
    dilEmma 6 hours ago

    We love you Bunny!! 💕

  • Piper LaBarge
    Piper LaBarge 6 hours ago

    Bunny, I just want to say, thank you. I'm going to tell y'all a story real quick and I don't expect anyone of y'all to read it, but I'm gonna type it anyway. Okay, so, a couple weeks ago, I tried out for captain in my school's Drill Team. I was super confident about it since I was co-captain this past year, AND I practiced every day up until the audition day, so I thought I had it nailed. That wasn't the case. They gave the title to somebody that had never even been an officer. And they gave co-captain to my rival (who, btw, RAN OUT mid-audition). I'm still beating myself up over this. I worked so hard, and I wasn't recognized for it. I was at the lowest point I have ever been at in my entire life. I STILL AM at my lowest point. But, Bunny, your video gave me hope, because you went through something very similar. You went through the hardest time of your life, and you recovered from it. You made it better. So, again, thank you for giving me hope that my life has NOT ended here, but only just begun.
    Thank you, Bunny. For being the USclipr everyone deserves.💕

  • Mindy Saxon
    Mindy Saxon 6 hours ago +1

    Ok bunny I just have to say..I love you and shane, so much and I want to support you so much... I subscribed and liked your channel from 5 different channels I made!! I will definitely make more...I love you both so much😂😊😙😭

  • Robin Durfey
    Robin Durfey 6 hours ago +1

    Bunny sweetheart, just be yourself. You really don't have to tell everyone all about your life. First forgive yourself, we have forgiven you, not that there was anything to forgive. I don't know how you feel about prayer, but you my dear are on my list. Don't be so scared, take a left and fly...live your dream. Fashion sounds great....love ya sweetie


    *LOVE U*

  • Ada Moy
    Ada Moy 6 hours ago +1

    Believe it or not Bunny, but I'm also dealing with Depression and Anxiety everyday and it's hard talking about it I'm proud of seeing you be yourself and not have to put on a act in front of millions and thousands of views. I don't exactly know what it's like to feel the pressure when your constantly making videos for everyday but I do know what it's like to feel stressed, depressed, and anxious believe me I feel those everyday of my life but I don't show it or speak much of it only because I have to give myself and my brain some time to sort things out with my feelings and thoughts, and if I ever told anyone about it then I'm afraid that I'll end up in the hospital again. Bunny, I know it's not easy and I know that the amount of pressure you are put under as a entertainer is stressful, complicated, but at the same time all of it comes with good things. I mean, look at Shane he isn't afraid to put himself out there and be himself ever since he came out as bisexual he felt a sense of relief and we got to see the goofy, weird, happy, exciting Shane. What I'm trying to say is that, being yourself and not caring what others think about you or your content is a way of an break stop from everything. I'm excited, to see what you have in store for all of us, and remember Bunny you are WORTH IT, your amazing, funny, caring, loving, beautiful, smart, generous, don't be afraid to put yourself out there and do something bold. We are right behind you, every step of the way Bunny. Learn to love yourself before you love others. Love you bunny.

  • Catie Caldwell
    Catie Caldwell 6 hours ago

    Can just point out that her nail polish matches her eyes

  • xXGamergurlXx
    xXGamergurlXx 6 hours ago

    Love u bunny! ♥️

  • No And no
    No And no 6 hours ago

    *Reads Description* Cries.

  • Beautywith Sil
    Beautywith Sil 6 hours ago

    I loved this series and I love this bunny.

  • Sophie Taylor
    Sophie Taylor 7 hours ago

    Love u sooooooo much

    NBA ALL-STAR 7 hours ago

    Shut up and stop crying

  • Catriona McBride
    Catriona McBride 7 hours ago

    It's nice to see the passion!

  • Adiel Alfonso
    Adiel Alfonso 7 hours ago

    You are great Bunny. Every time I need a good laugh I go back and watch your does this really work video where you tried the instasmile, it is hilarious.

  • Kayleigh Devine
    Kayleigh Devine 7 hours ago

    I like this bunny ❤❤❤

  • Lubo Baggins
    Lubo Baggins 7 hours ago

    Bunny, I think your videos would be more watchable if you trim them down and edit them a little.
    Sometimes they can seem a little long winded and the point can be lost - whilst some things are repeated over and over.
    I think you’re great but I would love to watch a shorter version! xxx

  • Amanda McBroom
    Amanda McBroom 7 hours ago

    I feel like you could see it as you lost yourself along the way. You tucked away part after part trying to fix yourself and please people that there were so many inconsistencies.
    It seems like saying the 'old' graveyard girl is 'dead' is rather harsh.. when in reality you're just putting 'her' back together again. You're still you, just scattered.
    Love you bunny. It's amazing to see a zest for life in you again. Cant wait for more.

  • Nikki Ashba
    Nikki Ashba 7 hours ago

    I also left but I'm glad bunny is opening up to us. I'm sorry for leaving but I'm here to stay 💗

  • Lauren Templin
    Lauren Templin 7 hours ago

    Love you Bunny! 🐰

  • Joe Hammal
    Joe Hammal 7 hours ago

    love the new you and love this self confidence so relatable xxxxxxxxxx

  • La Rose Ghost
    La Rose Ghost 7 hours ago

    I always was here but I haven’t been checking in. And when I saw Shane’s video I felt like I seen SOOOOOOOOO Much more of you and it was so exciting and new and different and I felt like it was the real you and just seeing you being happy