Film Theory: Is Jake Paul's Merch ILLEGAL? (Shane Dawson The Mind of Jake Paul Docu-Series)

  • Published on Nov 10, 2018
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    Last episode we talked about the people running the Jake Paul show. Today Theorists, we're Examining just WHAT Jake Paul is putting out there. He’s admitted his audience is mostly kids and USclip has some STRICT rules when it comes to kids. Do Jake Paul’s videos actually BREAK USclip's rules? Let's find out!
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Comments • 11 459

  • MrBeast
    MrBeast 4 months ago +11412

    Thank you! This makes me sad because I know this merch shit is going to get youtube into deep waters and will definitely speed up the process of us getting hit with regulations. All because of one man's greed.

    • Ray Good
      Ray Good Day ago


    • Racelympics
      Racelympics 6 days ago

      MrBeast hi

    • Max
      Max 8 days ago

      Go to

    • Riley Collins
      Riley Collins 11 days ago

      I did not know you whached this channel

  • Retro Gaming
    Retro Gaming Hour ago

    Yes bat man I will do a n y t h I n g

  • citynightfrights
    citynightfrights 7 hours ago +1

    dude he doesnt use anything he learned in school because schools dont teach you how to burn furniture in empty pools and get evicted

  • Alicia Guillen
    Alicia Guillen 10 hours ago

    Go mat

  • Omar Reza
    Omar Reza 10 hours ago +1

    I’m a kid viewer but I hate Jake Paul

  • Hrvoje Filipović
    Hrvoje Filipović 16 hours ago

    His ****

  • Lyle Patiag
    Lyle Patiag 16 hours ago

    Jake watch this your burned!!
    pls tell me where to buy your merch

  • Britton Cru
    Britton Cru 21 hour ago

    Nerd City

  • Joseph Shiflett
    Joseph Shiflett Day ago

    Please let this be real and he gets arrested PLEAAASE

  • boxy 12
    boxy 12 Day ago +2

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  • Jack Lucas Seipel

    9 lucas 165050

  • PancakeKing
    PancakeKing 3 days ago

    Cisco Garcia
    Screw you, I'm not giving the credit card.

  • Marlou Fat Jesus
    Marlou Fat Jesus 3 days ago

    I'm 14 and it's deep.

  • BCLT470
    BCLT470 3 days ago

    The end of team 10

  • NikaLOL_WannaPlay
    NikaLOL_WannaPlay 3 days ago


  • Laytonic Industries
    Laytonic Industries 3 days ago


  • Jason Kim
    Jason Kim 3 days ago

    I’d probably buy all 4 houses just so that they can’t use it.

  • Catherine Choquette
    Catherine Choquette 4 days ago

    in his music video it is clearly seen that he dose the fist motion that roos in the show friends makes up to do the middle finger. what if kids see this and are dancing with their parents and do that motion! that will definitely lead to the time out corner.

  • Roblox lover 0654
    Roblox lover 0654 4 days ago

    *We need to call the FBI on him*

  • Majestic AbsolGD
    Majestic AbsolGD 5 days ago

    I'm 11...

  • Alex Deguzman
    Alex Deguzman 5 days ago

    Jake Paul is a monster

  • mihai toma
    mihai toma 5 days ago

    i can't believe i've noticed just now
    5:26 "you're certainly not educational" *shows "england is my city" moment*
    there is actualy a city called "England", in Arkansas, USA

  • Issa Tomato
    Issa Tomato 5 days ago

    Im in grade six. I have 2 stories:
    Once me and my groupmates were practicing for a recitation project in the school lawn and the younger grades were dismissed. Two 1st graders were walking on the pathway through the lawn and were singing the first 2 lines of 'Its Everyday Bro' over and over again. My groupmates all went quiet and our leader started pumping her fist up and down and the rest of us started singing the rest of the song and the 1st graders looked at us weird and ran away.
    The second was when me and my friend were hanging out in the school gym and saw a bunch of 2nd graders playing tag and dabbing all over the place we just said to each other:
    'Frigging Paulers'
    "Iam very concerned for our generation right now."

  • Unknown Rose
    Unknown Rose 5 days ago +2

    Can you sip tea while giving facts when I'm arrested for being on "bad websites?"

    ...Y'know cuz like we're watchlist buddies.

  • Mixed Universe
    Mixed Universe 5 days ago

    The Ohio brothers. what did i think was funny from this line.

  • Emma kitty cat
    Emma kitty cat 6 days ago

    I'm not complaining about his logic, I think it's pretty solid but with this knowledge wouldn't a lot of other UScliprs like Aphmau be illegal too?

  • inigo pascual
    inigo pascual 6 days ago

    Connor? (a.k.a Con1234567890)

  • The Procrastination
    The Procrastination 7 days ago

    Matt would be a good lawyer

  • RedPalkia06
    RedPalkia06 8 days ago

    4:35 but im a kid...

  • drhero
    drhero 8 days ago

    6:46 here my name is name
    My age is ur clapped
    And is code:911eat blocked videos

  • Christian Johansen
    Christian Johansen 8 days ago +2

    This is honestly the best thumbnail i've ever seen.

  • Aaaa
    Aaaa 8 days ago

    Ohio is my city

  • Bryan Schenkenberger

    When I was 7 years old I thought about others

  • Newbies on the block

    | |

    HUNTERBOISTACEY 9 days ago

    I’m waiting for Jake Paul to comment

  • sukamydoodle
    sukamydoodle 9 days ago

    Pretty shitty promoting gun control to kids. I’m pro gun. But it still shit that he’s saying that to kids. It’s like me selling my political views. There’s a time and place to be political from either side. And theres definitely a age to sell your political views what ever you believe.

  • Jayden Barron
    Jayden Barron 10 days ago

    You should be a lawer

  • Peter Ty
    Peter Ty 10 days ago

    that the reason why mat pat says diet coke not sponsored

  • jaelynn morris
    jaelynn morris 10 days ago +1

    Jakes girlfriend: * takes shirt off *

  • Yeehaa101
    Yeehaa101 10 days ago +1

    Nature Cat, Ready Jet go, Clifford, Martin from Wild Kratts, Cat from Peg plus Cat,
    The cat in the hat, Peg, Chris from Wild Kratts, Buddy from Dinosaur Train, Thomas from the MODERN Thomas the Tank engine(I miss the stop motion version)
    Whyett from Super Why, Arthur, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
    Yes, I did just stop the video and name all the shows cuz I still watch it even though its for kids and I'm a teen, BUT WHATEVER

  • Yeehaa101
    Yeehaa101 10 days ago +1

    Jake Paul will cause, no wait, has already made humanity fall

  • Giovanny Hiciano
    Giovanny Hiciano 11 days ago

    Transformers was a commercial

  • Spiritcat208
    Spiritcat208 11 days ago +2

    Im 11, and frankly I have never been manipulated by an advertisement, partly because I know that I don't need no crappy merch, and only actually like MatPat's merch cause why not. He's got a better channel than alot of popular Tubers.

  • Gaming Squad 123
    Gaming Squad 123 11 days ago

    I am 8 and I am watching and by watching every game theorist video which is what made me smart enough to not get tricked by jake paul but my 11 year old cousin is being tricked by him

  • Jennifer Boring
    Jennifer Boring 13 days ago

    Ok this is a silly theory but
    Jake Paul=Mr.Krabs
    Think about it what does mk do in every episode he advertises

  • Ramtin Jalilevand
    Ramtin Jalilevand 13 days ago

    Thank you for stepping up to someone who loves money so much he forgot the parents of the kids might need the money he dosent think about them he only thinks about himself and the money and i thank you mat for telling him that thank you for showing him i hope i truly hope he will change and become better

  • not_hendy 9729
    not_hendy 9729 13 days ago

    Someone plz check me out

  • Aria Halladay
    Aria Halladay 13 days ago

    He is a kids channel? He filmed a (dolphin noise) dead body!!!

  • Lina Sweidan
    Lina Sweidan 14 days ago

    Fortnite sucks

  • FuturizorRBLX
    FuturizorRBLX 14 days ago

    You never put the Film Theory intro.

  • Mr Bitty
    Mr Bitty 14 days ago


  • JAGTUBER2019
    JAGTUBER2019 14 days ago

    naked woman climbing ladders- is that silly kids stuff?????

  • Nick Moore
    Nick Moore 15 days ago

    A few thoughts...

    1) #JakePaul isn't being held accountable for violating USclip's guidelines because he's making USclip a crapton of money, not just from third-party ads via Google's marketing and sales but also the boost in views and traffic. Nobody wants to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

    2) He's also untouchable because of how trending, #SEO and algorithm rankings work. Ever found a troll you couldn't successfully report to USclip, Facebook, or other social media platforms? That troll's ranking is higher than yours, based on Search Engine Marketing and optimizing your internet footprint. #LoganPaul showed us it's possible, Jake's simply doing whatever #USclip allows, even if it violates USclip's own guidelines.

    3) For additional background information on the federal laws that Jake Paul's violated, I recommend MatPat's video about "The Emoji Movie". If you're planning to sell merch via your USclip channel, it's critical to get acquainted with these legal concerns.

    4) *Jake and USclip* are now liable under SESTA (2018), which updated the Communications Decency Act of 1934 (amended Telecommunications Act of 1996) and put both parties on the same level of legal liability as ISP companies. This means that USclip's in even deeper trouble, beyond the current problem involving companies pulling ad campaigns over the systematic enabling of child exploitation in video content uploaded to, approved by, and shown on USclip.

    5) It doesn't matter if the platform's CBO, Robert Kyncl, has zero knowledge or experience in video content creation and even admitted it on Casey Niestat's interview (January 2018)... ignorance is not a valid excuse, especially when it involves potential or likely psychological, emotional, and/or physical harm to children and underage minors.

    6) USclip's CEO, Susan Wojcicki, is also liable for allowing this to happen. USclip's main headquarters is in San Bruno, CA... which means that the U.S. Constitution's 14th Amendment (the original Equal Rights Amendment) supersedes her authority.

    Just my two cents. Sorry for the TL;DR.

  • Prankster 101
    Prankster 101 15 days ago

    Ok my name is Stevie johns and my credit card 34526983637

  • Mark Johnson
    Mark Johnson 15 days ago

    I'm a kid

  • Realm Changer Plays
    Realm Changer Plays 15 days ago +14

    I have never watched Jake Paul before I’m glad I didn’t

  • Cookie Craze
    Cookie Craze 15 days ago

    I'm 10 and started watching while I was 6.

  • Willa Risgin
    Willa Risgin 16 days ago +2

    12:38 I literally cannot tell whether that was Logan or Jake :/ they're such cookie cutters

  • Stephanie Tisius
    Stephanie Tisius 16 days ago

    I feel like you're just giving him free ad space. Adults know he's an idiot and he's got only money on the brain. Kids that see this will just think you're a big meanie. No one wins.

  • Will Black
    Will Black 16 days ago


  • SneezyBoi
    SneezyBoi 16 days ago

    Nerd city copy

  • Grass and Oranges
    Grass and Oranges 17 days ago

    At about age 5 I was able to tell the difference between ads and the movie/show because me as a kid was like “wait, this isn’t my show!”

  • Brian Reyes
    Brian Reyes 18 days ago

    I hope paul die forever!!!!!or else!

  • Matthew Jones
    Matthew Jones 18 days ago

    A lot of this stuff applies to Fortnite, doesn’t it?
    Side note, I hate that spellcheck recognizes “Fortnite” now.

  • Matthew Jones
    Matthew Jones 18 days ago

    Oy, what a scumbag...

  • Maxxie Maria
    Maxxie Maria 19 days ago

    I was thinking this made you a kids channel and then my brain was like nope this is educational so don’t be an idiot self.

  • Mia Ravenscraft
    Mia Ravenscraft 19 days ago +1

    Do a theory on Rio

  • Luigi Fan998
    Luigi Fan998 19 days ago

    Down with Jake Paul!

    DANK MEME 19 days ago

    jake shouldn't be showing children his girlfriends boobs and ass and his penis line lol

  • ZebraWolfGamingVideos
    ZebraWolfGamingVideos 20 days ago

    I literally just used this video for a project in english comparing virtues and vices (i did greed and charity) from Canturbury Tales and modern times, thank you for helping me with it even its indirect, this video was a great way to show modern day greed (jake not you mat)

  • Jackie Belle
    Jackie Belle 20 days ago

    You edit cartoon characters and sometimes tell people to bye your merch

  • Addison Nowicki
    Addison Nowicki 20 days ago

    Person 1; Jake Paul is evil!!!!
    Person 2; But, he worked for Disney!
    Me, hearing this; Exactly. He worked for Disney.
    ( ) ( )
    ( )

  • Demonlordnem
    Demonlordnem 21 day ago

    Matpat is still a great theorist

  • Zora Kuehne
    Zora Kuehne 21 day ago

    Wait so any USclip channel that has child subscribers under 11 cannot have mercy plugs? Don’t Almost all channels do that?

    • Wyatt Pendleton
      Wyatt Pendleton 21 day ago

      Zora Kuehne watch the video before you comment...

  • Tayven Williams
    Tayven Williams 21 day ago

    Did Jake Paul reply to this

  • Angel Cutewolf
    Angel Cutewolf 21 day ago

    I didn’t like jake because i felt some thing Unsettling about him i felt like he was brainwashing outher kids with his Songs and videos thats why I stayed away from his videos I started
    to feel like I was getting brainwashed by his songs and videos my aunt liked his videos and after i haerd thim i started to like thim but i stop liking his videos and I still felt like there was something unsettling with his videos

  • Kiven Hu
    Kiven Hu 22 days ago

    What about Logan Paul

  • Blu Skittles
    Blu Skittles 22 days ago

    nice bat man impression

  • CGM
    CGM 22 days ago +1

    Age : -(minus)-10
    Moms credit card number :#### (i am scared yo type a random nuber beckahse it might be real) ...

  • Iron_ poool
    Iron_ poool 22 days ago

    Just because Jake Paul said marhc against gun I'mma go start chanting shoot up a school

  • Randy Random facts
    Randy Random facts 22 days ago

    Why don’t you try to interrogate jake

  • Tyler Kent
    Tyler Kent 22 days ago

    If jake Paul doesn’t use things he was taught in school how is he speaking English

  • The Happy Cajun
    The Happy Cajun 22 days ago +3

    So he a ass ok knew that already

  • Aron Abdulgani Mahmud
    Aron Abdulgani Mahmud 22 days ago

    Im 9 and i know that i have and open mind and everybody at my school is brainwashed by 3 am vids to prove it im using my school email boom

  • Meep Inc.
    Meep Inc. 22 days ago


  • NooBEST - Gamer
    NooBEST - Gamer 22 days ago

    12:04 imagine a 8 year old watching that video and saying "why is my peepee hard" lmao.

  • Orion Beecher
    Orion Beecher 23 days ago

    6:52 no. just no.

  • Orion Beecher
    Orion Beecher 23 days ago

    i like this

  • Orion Beecher
    Orion Beecher 23 days ago

    but i watch this.. 8 year old orion :)

  • Fields
    Fields 23 days ago

    Imagine needing to have your girlfriend strip to children that’s so pathetic

    ORDINARY CIVILIAN 23 days ago

    So this is why 5 year olds curse now

    ORDINARY CIVILIAN 23 days ago

    Yes it's everyday bros with the drunk ass white hoes

  • Sammy Snail
    Sammy Snail 23 days ago +2

    Honestly I want to go to a jake Paul meet up and tell anyone that asks that jake Paul is shit.

  • Dayton Hughes
    Dayton Hughes 23 days ago +1

    You need a channel called the conspiriast theorist (is conspiriast a word?) Where you do real life conspiracy theories

  • Doug Charles
    Doug Charles 23 days ago +25

    I want matpat to be my lawyer

    • Ryder Bjarnason
      Ryder Bjarnason 21 day ago +2

      Doug Charles if I had him as my lawyer, I would go and break the law everyday just to listen to him.

  • Doug Charles
    Doug Charles 23 days ago +2


  • CJ_The art human
    CJ_The art human 23 days ago +1

    Age: 1
    Name: Uno
    mums credit card number: 12121212121212123

  • Saskia Cormack
    Saskia Cormack 23 days ago

    okay im in NO way supporting the pauls, but, wasn"t that experiment done in the 80's, when kids just weren't that prominent online

    im just saying