Film Theory: Is Jake Paul's Merch ILLEGAL? (Shane Dawson The Mind of Jake Paul Docu-Series)


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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast 2 months ago +10063

    Thank you! This makes me sad because I know this merch shit is going to get youtube into deep waters and will definitely speed up the process of us getting hit with regulations. All because of one man's greed.

  • M.G.N. Gaming
    M.G.N. Gaming 2 hours ago +1

    Rape poop and slogan poop

  • Alex Ricky2
    Alex Ricky2 4 hours ago +1

    6:50 hahahhahahhahahahhahahahahahahahaha lol laughing like hell

  • CivicNutria 97
    CivicNutria 97 6 hours ago

    Love your videos but um one thing that poked out at me is the fact that your bring up youtube KIDS policies and not normal policies and he doesn't really advertise his channel as a kids channel and I even downloaded USclip kids to look for his channel and saw nothing but some "its every day bro" songs posted by other people and while yes he does say he knows most of his viewers are kids and he could make it a kids channel if that criteria you showed is correct I still dont see any where him saying it is for kids now if someone could please tell me something I'm missing like he still has to follow those policies for some reason or something of the sort because I despise him as much as the next guy ,so please if someone has anything I would love that thanks

  • Doyboy
    Doyboy 10 hours ago +1

    Gun control laws do nothing. If someone wanted to 'shoot up a school', they could get guns from the black market. All they so it make the people who can stop said shootings defenseless.

  • Roie Randelman
    Roie Randelman 10 hours ago

    I usually listen to these in the background, and I came back to look at the screen as my mom was behind me... you can guess that it HAD to be the "Don't let your parents see this!" and my mom was like wait what?! I had to explain to her the whole thing, lol. That was scary, she thought I was looking at a random striping woman lol.

  • Invert
    Invert 19 hours ago

    you have avenged yourself mat

  • Lily P
    Lily P Day ago

    I’m 9 and I’m watching your videos and I subscribed and I got the bell on can I still be watching this

  • Baby Shark
    Baby Shark Day ago


  • paxton h
    paxton h Day ago

    jake is a bad man we need to do some stuff

  • Bandit
    Bandit Day ago

    you became a meme in my school lol, love u thoo

  • SyrpiC00L
    SyrpiC00L Day ago

    TBH, no one should really be watching any idiot from the clout gang. A few of my good friends started to pick up smoking and vaping at age 12 - 13. For goodness sake, something needs to be fixed.

  • Person Man
    Person Man 2 days ago

    kids are just dumb

  • Seth Mullis
    Seth Mullis 2 days ago

    You should make a USclip theory channel

  • Taste the rainbow mother Johal

    1 more year can't wait Jake's a demon and I'm bracing for the hate!

  • Dighton Hekman
    Dighton Hekman 2 days ago

    If mat pat keeps this up he will be able to test out of law school 😂.

  • That 1 cat
    That 1 cat 3 days ago

    But mat technically you cant watch youtube untill your 16

  • Cindy Ann Lycan
    Cindy Ann Lycan 3 days ago

    you forgot my little pony 1990S

  • Rdogy 1000
    Rdogy 1000 3 days ago


  • Branson Richardson
    Branson Richardson 4 days ago

    That say USclip kids

  • SupeGaming
    SupeGaming 4 days ago

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    Name John Henriksen
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  • Nadia Rabbitbaker
    Nadia Rabbitbaker 4 days ago +4

    5:29 England is not a city. Jake Paul is dumb.

  • The Face Of Science
    The Face Of Science 4 days ago


  • SuperSmileyFace
    SuperSmileyFace 4 days ago

    His quote on quote "Help the world" Yeah sure when you are making us buy ur USELESS STUFF AND BRANDS JACK

  • Saul Santos
    Saul Santos 5 days ago +2

    My cousin bought jake Paul merch f

  • Grant Williams
    Grant Williams 5 days ago

    When pewds can’t sell his merch to 9 year olds

  • Chris Clement
    Chris Clement 5 days ago

    I hate jake paul just as much as the next guy but he should be allowed to sell his merch however he pleases. If youtube starts regulating people selling their own merch in their own videos that sets a very scary precedent

  • masterM 007
    masterM 007 5 days ago

    Jake paul is trash

  • Coury Koutz
    Coury Koutz 5 days ago

    "England is my city" England is not a city nor is it owned by Jake Paul.

  • halo 8888
    halo 8888 5 days ago

    wait, jake is aimed at 8 to 16? I hated him when I was 9

  • We all love Samsung
    We all love Samsung 6 days ago

    I’m nine years old and I watch you

  • Eschelaun
    Eschelaun 6 days ago +1

    Interesting take MP, seriously never thought there was overhead or business ideas in Jake Paul's behavior. But it makes sense, can't advertise subliminally to children under a certain age on regulated platforms? Use a new platform, the internet and streaming video, to accomplish the same ends, and make it look like a regular guy who got rich off vlogging to mask the real income and those behind it. Now that you put the light on it, Jake Paul reeks of those other 'childrens' videos on USclip, the droves of nonsensical Elsagate money harvesting channels that throw dangerous and addictive content at kids. Its fascinating to see how shady people and ideas reinvent themselves in new platforms.

  • nexfishing
    nexfishing 6 days ago

    sub to our king pewdipie

  • Ghost N Specters
    Ghost N Specters 6 days ago

    Umm I'm a kid and I watch your videos and I love your videos too

  • troy
    troy 6 days ago +2

    Mattpat would be a sick lawyer

  • malik hussain
    malik hussain 6 days ago

    f*** Jake Paul

  • Runenut
    Runenut 7 days ago

    it's not illegal, but i would venture to say it's immoral.

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  • Aidand50
    Aidand50 7 days ago +1

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  • Golden Supernova
    Golden Supernova 7 days ago

    Faze clan and clout gang are linked by FaZe Banks who is in both

  • Sara Angel
    Sara Angel 7 days ago

    unpopular opinion, but i hate shane dawson

  • Abigail Wallis
    Abigail Wallis 8 days ago

    Please do a theory on a Alliden. Please!

  • Aidan/Cortney Bow
    Aidan/Cortney Bow 8 days ago

    I think Jake Paul is sad he talk weird

  • Tobias Wilfert
    Tobias Wilfert 8 days ago

    @LegalEgal will come and claim copyright again.

  • NancyLouHooPoo I
    NancyLouHooPoo I 8 days ago

    Logan Paul does this to

  • Haziel Ramirez
    Haziel Ramirez 9 days ago

    This things always scares me, because who knows if we're becoming a zombie.

  • Stacy From Burger King

    Mind Blown

  • Citavalo
    Citavalo 9 days ago

    kids watch this channel tho

  • GoogleNerdz
    GoogleNerdz 9 days ago

    I'm sorry but why would you expect to live in the Hollywood Hills and not expect arrogant young rich kids? Like that's all the new hip/hop and internet celebrities are.

  • VenomousPit 21
    VenomousPit 21 10 days ago

    The end card is kinda scary

  • Falloutman 342
    Falloutman 342 10 days ago

    Pretty much

  • Big Mack
    Big Mack 10 days ago +1

    Now he’s selling gambling to kids

  • Kevin Flynn
    Kevin Flynn 10 days ago

    Matpat should make a theory on Big Chungus

  • gamergod88 hear
    gamergod88 hear 10 days ago

    Not to toot my own horn
    I can't

    I don't own a horn

  • T.W
    T.W 10 days ago

    *Attention all Batman Gamers! Gotham city, is in grave danger and it NEEDS YOUR HELP*

  • Gacha Girl
    Gacha Girl 10 days ago

    I'm 11 i watch your vids matt patt

  • Khonel M
    Khonel M 10 days ago

    Meanwhile, on Jake's channel: OMG GAME THEORY DISSED ME OMG (ten minutes of filler and cussing later) Ok cuz im rich you buy my merch or die (8 mins of more idiocracy and selling out later) now, i act like im in the good because im famous, and i manipulate little children! Bye!

  • Stefan Ianos
    Stefan Ianos 10 days ago

    Game theorist merch?


  • Ayla Stinks
    Ayla Stinks 10 days ago +1

    oooOrrr~~ you can go to eBay and search **Jake Paul merch** then get it much cheaper

  • Cloud Cell
    Cloud Cell 10 days ago

    You stole this from nerd city

  • lily
    lily 10 days ago

    Jake: just because my fans are younger does that mean I'm munipulating them?

    Yes yes it does....

  • ReLyt 2442
    ReLyt 2442 10 days ago

    3563 2369 123

  • The Orange Vault
    The Orange Vault 10 days ago

    Maybey the courts watch these videos and be like, hey hes doing something iligal, Jail em.

  • Cloe Gemmel
    Cloe Gemmel 10 days ago

    Bold of you to assume Pinky and The Brain isn't educational

  • Fjolla D
    Fjolla D 10 days ago

    According to this, would the Yu-Gi-OH! tv series be illegal?

    • gamergod88 hear
      gamergod88 hear 10 days ago

      No because that would mean pockemon would be aswell

  • Julian Ramos
    Julian Ramos 11 days ago

    I agree Mr beast and sub to pewdewpie

  • Isaac Schmitt
    Isaac Schmitt 11 days ago

    I don't hate people. Its not who I am. Hate comes from a lack of understanding.
    That being said, I hate douchebags like Jake and Logan Paul because I understand exactly what they are: sake oil salesmen preaching dislike for school while hocking shoddy merchandise and throwing innapropriate language and vaguely sexual content in their faces. Developing children *do not* need that. If you want to watch that when you're older, fine. There are channels and whole websites devoted to it. But directly marketing it to kids? Not OK. And I think they realize it, specifically *because* of those clickbait "don't watch this with your parents" videos. They know what they're doing and they're doing it anyways.

  • gummy gamer 226
    gummy gamer 226 11 days ago


    JUST WAIT 11 days ago +1


  • Thomas Helman
    Thomas Helman 11 days ago

    faze and clout getting kicked out of house in 2020, also release date of king kong v godzilla. hmmmm. (sorry for bad spelling)

  • Jacob Guava
    Jacob Guava 11 days ago

    I think Jake is doing this because he wants to get to 10 minutes

  • CookieJarvis
    CookieJarvis 11 days ago

    We all know Jake Paul is an asshole. Unless your mind isn't developed enough and laugh at swear words and laugh at stuff to do with sex.

  • Spiral Games
    Spiral Games 11 days ago

    Ok My Age Is 21 My Name Is Jake Paul And My Moms Credit Card Is Jake Paul

  • Xxsolar neonxX
    Xxsolar neonxX 11 days ago

    Like how voice over Pete got in trouble from fibber but it was for adults

  • Catster Boi
    Catster Boi 11 days ago

    He can’t give a reason and wants supporters of the manipulation idea to shut up... sounds like the supporters are right...
    Jake Paul does manipulate children.... and his videos aren’t even good...

  • XxRainydayzzxX eire
    XxRainydayzzxX eire 11 days ago

    Matpat would be a dangerous fangirl

  • No LateGame
    No LateGame 11 days ago

    Is no one going to mention the Drildo the Yogscast sold

  • AustinMS 17
    AustinMS 17 11 days ago

    Delete Jake Paul

  • Safair
    Safair 11 days ago

    A-a-a-and now they are shilling irl lootboxes, these guys never seem to learn

  • DrW00DS
    DrW00DS 11 days ago

    I'm 9 and I understand shit about when an ad is

  • shihab 7
    shihab 7 11 days ago +1

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  • LukaZ Gaming
    LukaZ Gaming 11 days ago

    i hate jake paul and like

  • AKHIL Pillay
    AKHIL Pillay 12 days ago

    Matpat exposing a Paul millions of people click immediately

  • Gamer craft's
    Gamer craft's 12 days ago

    I agree to this video
    (And not just becouse I really REALLY don't like Jake Paul..)

  • LavaLine
    LavaLine 12 days ago

    Jake Paul swears like a gosh darn sailor!

  • Denver o,connor
    Denver o,connor 12 days ago

    i have never seen street sharks before this video.
    my reaction.
    what is that it is verry creepy.

  • Abbey Cat
    Abbey Cat 12 days ago

    shane would high-key make a good therapist

  • Jamie Mathieson
    Jamie Mathieson 12 days ago

    Wait 3 years ago when I was 8 I would go “Who the **** do you think I am Stupid you are a *****

  • Mr Temporal
    Mr Temporal 12 days ago


  • K O K O
    K O K O 12 days ago

    Thank GOD!
    I never thought I would be so happy that someone was in legal trouble.
    Augh, now I feel bad that even though Jake is an asshole, AND SHOULD LEARN but no one deserves having their only business flop.

  • Tempered Plot544
    Tempered Plot544 12 days ago

    I used to be a jake fan art until now roasting the shit out of him

  • nookie noodle
    nookie noodle 12 days ago

    Ummmm but MatPat what about DanTDM and other UScliprs? They have a bunch of stuff they try to sell!

  • foxxygamer37171 brr
    foxxygamer37171 brr 12 days ago

    Plz do a video about mr beast not mr.beast

  • Michael Chance
    Michael Chance 12 days ago

    I'm 11 gack is a boote😠

  • dajosh42069
    dajosh42069 12 days ago

    I know that people like, what they like....
    But, I fucking LOATHE this piece of shit..
    His channel, his videos, his merch... ALL OF IT..
    It's truly a cancer..

  • Ramnarine Sharma
    Ramnarine Sharma 12 days ago

    don't get me wrong I hate Jake Paul with a passion but he said it was aimed to children 8 to 16 and you said that children under 7 don't know what the adds intension but children who are 8 obviously are older than 7 years old . but aside from that your a amazing USclipr and the smartest person I've ever known

  • Kunキリト
    Kunキリト 12 days ago +1

    oooh thats hot thats hot

  • jihbin520
    jihbin520 12 days ago

    Ok so i need to give you
    WAIT A MINUTE! He is not batman :(

  • Kate Mattice
    Kate Mattice 12 days ago

    Part 1 of the video

  • Matthew Boettcher
    Matthew Boettcher 12 days ago