I Finally Tried a Full Face of Tarte...

  • Published on Aug 8, 2019
  • Hey guys!! In today’s video, I tried a full face of Tarte Cosmetics! I’ve used Tarte for YEARS, but I’ve never tried their products all together! I recently placed an order on their site, so I had a ton of products that were new (and new to me) to test out! I hope you all enjoy this video! Are you a Tarte fan? If so, what’s your favorite product! I hope you all have an amazing day! Love you! xoxo
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  • Sandra Arnold-Lobato
    Sandra Arnold-Lobato 12 days ago

    I like tartes 'gifted' mascara most

  • Julia. tutorial
    Julia. tutorial Month ago

    decided to buy so i watch . subs me back???

  • Stellar
    Stellar Month ago +1

    First time watching this girl and her eyes are so pretty 😍

  • Taylor Leigh
    Taylor Leigh Month ago

    This video just shows how much fun you and Tylan really have 😂 those laughs at the end might have been my favorite part

  • Emiecel Libunao
    Emiecel Libunao Month ago

    I had to double....that`s why your husband looked familiar...his part of the Bisayang Amerikano!

  • aubrey Aubrey
    aubrey Aubrey 2 months ago

    Tarte is by far the best brand for the price. And for me only using this brand I do have to say while all the foundations are to die for, they can be tricky to master especially the Amazonian clay one. Boo should have used the quench and smoothing primer lol but great video

  • Candace Johnson
    Candace Johnson 2 months ago

    The Tarte Maneater mascara and Laura Mercier Caviar Volume Panoramic mascara are my Ride or Dies💜

  • Meredith Mebane
    Meredith Mebane 2 months ago

    Amazonian Clay is my all time favorite.. Paired with the right primer, it will go the distance. I love lights, camera, lashes mascara! I feel like the UD setting spray is comparable to the Tarte setting sprays. I’m obsessed with this brand.. 💜 The only thing I’m not crazy is about is the new setting spray or new foundations! I like the tried and true.

  • Marleen Lange-nielsen
    Marleen Lange-nielsen 2 months ago +4

    Oh, please make a video where you tries other youtubers failed products!

  • Marleen Lange-nielsen
    Marleen Lange-nielsen 2 months ago

    Oh, please make a video where you tries other youtubers failed products!

  • Mor.unicor_gan
    Mor.unicor_gan 2 months ago

    I just came across your channel while watching reviews for Whit’s palette. I am very happy to have found you. You are beautiful! You and your husband are too cute.

  • Jessica Roxbury
    Jessica Roxbury 2 months ago +3

    “Knows how to foundation match”
    TEACH ME 😂
    you are so cute

  • Deb Leigh
    Deb Leigh 2 months ago

    I cannot believe how good that make up looked after work out. If I work out after I’ve applied make up, it’s a done deal. It Hass to be washed off. There’s nothing that I have found that can stand up to my work out.

  • Rebecca Everitt
    Rebecca Everitt 2 months ago

    Your natural lashes are so long omg they look fake how

  • Natalie Foster
    Natalie Foster 2 months ago

    Being able to shade match perfectly online is a skill I would love to have! I am so bad at it!

  • Purple Water Lily
    Purple Water Lily 2 months ago

    Tarte eyeshadows are my favorite. Pretty much the only palettes I ever use are tartelette in bloom, tarteist pro and modern renaissance.

  • Beautybytracilei
    Beautybytracilei 2 months ago

    The palette seems like it would be a great purse or travel palette.

  • Natacha
    Natacha 2 months ago

    The Face Tape foundation is also a good one

  • Stephanie Williams
    Stephanie Williams 2 months ago

    The new background really makes your eyes pop!

  • Kim Arnold
    Kim Arnold 2 months ago

    I love Tarte!! My HG palette is the Tartelette in Bloom palette. Thier eyeshadows are always consistent and amazing.

  • Mandy Ratliff
    Mandy Ratliff 2 months ago

    Emilynoel83 loves that concealer. She's talked about it many times on her channel.

  • Jillian J
    Jillian J 3 months ago

    I love the tarte creaseless concealer for under my eyes... nowhere else though. But it is my undereye holy grail.

  • G Price
    G Price 3 months ago

    I love tarte eyeshadows the most, especially the rainforest of the sea palettes and the chrome paint shadow pots that you can apply with your finger for day to day wear 😍

  • Caroline Wesson FlGirlBeauty

    Personally, I'm 33 and have normal.to dry skin and love that particular foundation. I love tarte and I especially love the creasless concealer, it also pairs well with other concealers like the becca luminous one. I also really love that setting spray, I feel it works better for me here in Florida where I live then urban decays. I've been eyeing that palette, I love their eyeshadows and blushes. Great video! When I first got back into makeup, that was the foundation I picked up first.

  • Jennifer Hunt
    Jennifer Hunt 3 months ago

    FINALLY! I’ve been watching you for over a year and you’ve used very little Tarte. So happy to see you do a full face of Tarte!!! Gorgeous look with it - one of my favorites from you!! Keep us posted on the setting powder and spray. I 💜Tarte!

  • Kristen Earl
    Kristen Earl 3 months ago

    I looooooooooooooveeee this eye look on you I can't stop staring at it

  • Arda Buyuktimkin
    Arda Buyuktimkin 3 months ago

    I love their palette smells :0

  • Hannah McDaniel
    Hannah McDaniel 3 months ago

    Would you be open to doing a full face of cruelty free products? I know a lot of people are becoming more aware of where their products come from and the process behind them- as I’m trying to be more aware too, and would love to see a full face of cruelty free products that you know you already love or even new products as well!! Also loved this video!!!

  • Carol Love
    Carol Love 3 months ago

    The way your hubby reacted to the light was too cute. 😆😆

  • mlm2167
    mlm2167 3 months ago

    Hi Allie thanks for the review❣️That foundation and your application made your face look flawless..great color on your eyes. I got a Tarte blush palette called Pro Glow in my BoxyLuxe and I love it...so beautiful and smooth. To tell the truth, I don’t think I would have bought it otherwise. And your change up with application of bronzer, highlighter and then blush is genius! I’ve been doing that and yes it’s less streaky with the coloring. You look great...good on camera! You guys are so funny❣️🙏👍🏽☺️💗Mia

  • Nissa Chavez
    Nissa Chavez 3 months ago

    I feel like your the ‘Bob Ross’ of the makeup UScliprs’💓

  • Shoko Carelock
    Shoko Carelock 3 months ago

    I love to see you use only NARS orgasm collections!

  • hillaryyy16
    hillaryyy16 3 months ago

    Hey Allie :) did the foundation oxide on you at all?

  • Lego Mego
    Lego Mego 3 months ago

    I tried that foundation years ago. Not good for my dry skin. It looked worse than anything I’ve tried since. 😆

  • Kate Mac
    Kate Mac 3 months ago

    Tarte is amazing

  • Carrie Mroczkowski
    Carrie Mroczkowski 3 months ago

    Lovely look. Tarte’s eye palettes work well for me since a lot of them are on the neutral side. I really like the Don’t Quit Your Daydream palette as well as Swamp Queen. Both are great for travel.
    Thanks, girlie🍃🌸

  • JRebecca
    JRebecca 3 months ago +1

    I love how you don't wear false lashes like 99% of beauty UScliprs seem to do. Most women like myself cannot be bothered with them. Thanks for always making such informative videos! 👍

  • JaxxieT
    JaxxieT 3 months ago

    Allie I always thought you were amazing but working out at ten pm??!!! Holy canoli how do you do ittttt 🤔🤯

  • Hope Zappas
    Hope Zappas 3 months ago

    you and blake lively have the same voice

  • sierra bocchetti
    sierra bocchetti 3 months ago

    Tarte eyeshadow are the best in the game!!!

  • sari wh
    sari wh 3 months ago

    love tarte....n love your channel too...

  • Karen Prinz
    Karen Prinz 3 months ago

    Tartlette in Bloom will always be a holy grail I think for me. It’s the one palette I will repurchase when I hit pan!
    I also love their marula oil. I tried the drunk elephant maracuja oil instead and went back to the tarte. My skin just loved it.

  • Rachel Kramer
    Rachel Kramer 3 months ago

    You and your husband are sooo freaking adorable and hilarious.
    “So I can see your creases” lmao!!!

  • Rachel Kramer
    Rachel Kramer 3 months ago

    Love the before and after shots!!!!!

  • Dysfunction21
    Dysfunction21 3 months ago

    I love Tarte. Their blushes are my favorite and Shape Tape.

  • Lucinda S
    Lucinda S 3 months ago

    The maneater mascara smudged and flaked on me, also it makes my eyes sting. I don't like the applicator either...I basically hate it 😃😂

  • Rachel French
    Rachel French 3 months ago

    My two favorite eyeshadow formulas are tarte and ABH. I buy almost all the pallets for my collection bc I love them and the colors they come out With!

  • Maggie Hanson
    Maggie Hanson 3 months ago

    Her eyes are so pretty

  • Evgenia Mirz
    Evgenia Mirz 3 months ago

    Allie thank you for putting so much work in your videos, it's clear that you work really hard on your content! 😘

  • Shelley Schultz
    Shelley Schultz 3 months ago

    Do you ever use cool tone eye shadows? Would love to see a video on this. Thanks. You’re awesome!

  • Liana 222
    Liana 222 3 months ago

    One of the BEST looks I have ever done!!! And all ur makeup looks are amazing 👍🏻

  • Lisa Covington
    Lisa Covington 3 months ago

    Great video. I love the playfulness between you and your husband. Clearly you are well matched and happy. I love all your videos. Thanks for what you do and for just being you!

  • Leela Howland
    Leela Howland 3 months ago

    I also love Tarte eyeshadows. Um cannot believe I’ve never smelled a palette of theirs - weird! It DOES smell good

  • Krissa Robert
    Krissa Robert 3 months ago

    I love the Tarte x Whitney Simmons pallet 💛 It was one of my go to pallets for my prom makeup clientele this year. You’re adorable Allie!

  • Χρύσα Χ
    Χρύσα Χ 3 months ago +1

    You two are HILARIOUS!! 😂😂😂😂💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎

  • Naheeda Mohamed
    Naheeda Mohamed 3 months ago

    Glad you did a tutorial of all Tarte products! I love Shape Tape concealer!

  • EleyaFox
    EleyaFox 3 months ago

    I have only tried amazonian clay foundation and I really like it. It does last well throughout sweat and hot weather :3

  • Naara Zuniga
    Naara Zuniga 3 months ago

    Can we talk about the quality of the video tho..and hi beautiful she looks😍

  • Anna Tran
    Anna Tran 3 months ago +2

    "Stop smiling so I can see your creases." 😂😂

  • Raquel Montiel
    Raquel Montiel 3 months ago

    The Amazonian foundation is one of the best foundations that I have ever tried. It is very full coverage and it worked well with my oily skin.