100 People Tell Us Their Celebrity Hall Pass | Keep it 100 | Cut


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  • mia olding
    mia olding 5 hours ago

    im really surprised more people didn't say young Leonardo DiCaprio like in titanic or Romeo and Juliet, GOD DAMN SIS 😍😩

  • Isla Braden
    Isla Braden 8 hours ago +1


  • Marcus CR
    Marcus CR 8 hours ago

    Sofia Vergara

  • Mareesa Llanas
    Mareesa Llanas 8 hours ago +1

    OLD GUY: *Thinks who's someone popular? we need some views*

  • Mnxe
    Mnxe 11 hours ago

    Paul Wesley, Dylan O'Brien, Chris Pratt, Ian Somerhalder, Daniel Gillies, Joseph Morgan, David Tennant, Tyler Hoechlin, Patrick J Adams, Gabriel Macht there's a lot more but ya'know...

  • this aint it chief
    this aint it chief 13 hours ago

    Yes i was waiting for someone to say obama...

  • this aint it chief
    this aint it chief 13 hours ago

    Matt leblanc and matthew perry.

  • Zoidberger165
    Zoidberger165 18 hours ago

    No J Lo's? What the fuck is wrong with you guys? SHE'S AN ANGEL!

  • Simona S
    Simona S Day ago

    Mine would be:
    Gerard Butler
    Bradley cooper
    Paul rudd
    John krasinski

  • kace
    kace Day ago

    Demi lovato

  • John Cody
    John Cody Day ago

    Tom Holland

  • Snuit de poot
    Snuit de poot Day ago

    Why did only 1 person mention Leonardo Dicaprio??? Hottest man alive

  • Alexandra Stulz
    Alexandra Stulz Day ago

    Dibs on Jason Momoa
    Edit: I technically wrote that before they said it, so my dibs still stands.

  • EsMi Q
    EsMi Q 2 days ago

    I also think Seth Rogen is hot 😍😉

  • happy liltte pearl
    happy liltte pearl 2 days ago

    Me: umm...everyone from BTS or red velvet...you know you would too!

  • Camie Idzinski
    Camie Idzinski 2 days ago


  • Heyvaleria
    Heyvaleria 2 days ago

    sis said Barack Obama I.. ok fair enough

  • Summer Higgins
    Summer Higgins 2 days ago

    3:05 did he just refer to zendaya as “the chick in spiderman” im

  • Jason H
    Jason H 2 days ago


  • Josie Christie
    Josie Christie 2 days ago

    Shadowhunters show or the City of bones movie? Important

  • Bacon Bits Gaming
    Bacon Bits Gaming 2 days ago


  • Waves SC
    Waves SC 2 days ago

    I'm surprised nobody said Rihanna

  • Nessa Jackson
    Nessa Jackson 2 days ago +1

    For me...Michael Jackson

  • Kenny Bass
    Kenny Bass 2 days ago

    Nobody said Sofea Vergara? Man she’s the hottest of the hottest! Plus she’s full of humor. Ahh she has the whole package!

  • Chloe Romero
    Chloe Romero 2 days ago

    I would sleep with the guy who appeared at the end....

  • Kianush Tavakoli
    Kianush Tavakoli 2 days ago


  • Lada
    Lada 2 days ago

    Is it possible not to know who Saiorse Ronan is? O_o

  • Duffington
    Duffington 2 days ago

    I’m a straight male and I’d fuck Tom Hardy

  • Duddy Nutty
    Duddy Nutty 2 days ago

    Im mad no one said Emilia Clarke.
    She is hilarious and sexy af.

  • courtneyfoliaki
    courtneyfoliaki 3 days ago

    1:37 *SIS, YOU BE KNOWING!!!!!*

  • Emme_lou
    Emme_lou 3 days ago +8

    Heck yeah, I've got Tom Holland all to myself

  • kittysrock16
    kittysrock16 3 days ago

    “Myself” 💀💀💀💀

  • Aya Ali
    Aya Ali 3 days ago

    3:33 same girl😂😂😂

    COMMEN T 3 days ago

    Lil uzi vert 😛😍😍😈

  • Fraser Clark
    Fraser Clark 3 days ago

    Bruh Kylie Jenner

  • Beaulos Son
    Beaulos Son 4 days ago


  • Lucaas Quaresma
    Lucaas Quaresma 4 days ago

    1:12 damn krayzie bone out of all peoples tho

  • - ekena
    - ekena 4 days ago

    Dylan O’Brien???

  • Leishla Rodriguez
    Leishla Rodriguez 4 days ago

    Jason momoa😏

  • Fedia Ghamersa
    Fedia Ghamersa 4 days ago

    how come no one said James McAvoy

  • Nour Al_sharify
    Nour Al_sharify 4 days ago

    Well....Zayn Malik is all mine 💕❤

  • AlmostSupreme
    AlmostSupreme 4 days ago +20

    "Chris brown" 💀, she better bring some boxing gloves.

  • Holy Cas
    Holy Cas 4 days ago +1

    Brendon Urie anyone?

  • Rhea Veidman
    Rhea Veidman 4 days ago

    1:37 girl I relate to you Theo James is perfect!

  • Opinionist
    Opinionist 4 days ago

    Why did no one say Nick Jonas

  • datboi Tdog
    datboi Tdog 4 days ago

    jhene aiko?

  • Valerie
    Valerie 5 days ago

    2:42 me too bitch

  • David Gold
    David Gold 5 days ago

    how was there not a single Benedict Cumberbatch?

  • Band Obsessed
    Band Obsessed 5 days ago

    Did it have to be someone alive because River Phoenix or Marilyn Monroe but if it has to be alive a young Jeff Goldblum

  • Forever Mono's Seoul

    The woman who said Barack Obama is honestly so relatable
    And the guy who said Nicki Minaj

  • Baileigh Pizzillo
    Baileigh Pizzillo 5 days ago

    Brendon Urie

  • Ina Dimitrova
    Ina Dimitrova 5 days ago

    For me it's Shawn Mendes

  • Nikki R
    Nikki R 5 days ago

    ANDY fkn Black 😍😍😍

  • Ceo Highkey
    Ceo Highkey 5 days ago

    I’d be down to smash marlin monroe in the paassst🥵😍

  • Eddie-carr •
    Eddie-carr • 6 days ago +1

    Where. Is. Shawn. Mendes. He’s so hotttt

  • Elaine T
    Elaine T 6 days ago


  • 01111000
    01111000 6 days ago

    wtf no female said Jason Statham

  • Zahra Mai
    Zahra Mai 6 days ago

    The people that said Jake Gyllenhaal and Zoe Saldana like yes pls

  • ElvenMaiden
    ElvenMaiden 6 days ago

    Would be James McAvoy for me :D

  • joannemkz
    joannemkz 6 days ago

    Zac Efron ??? hello ?? just me ok

  • Levis Christian
    Levis Christian 6 days ago

    Megan fox duh

  • trucomtipi
    trucomtipi 6 days ago

    Mine would be Blaine Ludy.

  • Banana_peels123 _
    Banana_peels123 _ 6 days ago

    I’d have sex with Ville Valo

  • everythingjule
    everythingjule 7 days ago


  • James S
    James S 7 days ago +1

    *1:11** you think Nicki wants the D?* 🤔

  • Suzi Williamson
    Suzi Williamson 7 days ago

    Josh hutcherson :)

  • John Gonzalez
    John Gonzalez 7 days ago

    I would sleep with Adriana Lima 🇧🇷

  • Ben Gundersen
    Ben Gundersen 7 days ago

    3:17 uhhhhhhhhhhh idk about that one

  • Aimee Bond
    Aimee Bond 7 days ago

    Wentworth Miller 😍

  • _._nataliaa_._
    _._nataliaa_._ 7 days ago

    luke hemmings hands down🖤

  • Karateee Kiiid
    Karateee Kiiid 7 days ago

    IDRIS Elba ? No one reallyyyy?

  • Roos Noordermeer
    Roos Noordermeer 7 days ago

    I mean Cole Sprouse 🥰

  • Diego Troyano
    Diego Troyano 7 days ago

    3:49 "myself" *music stops akward silence*

  • talal al-harbi
    talal al-harbi 7 days ago

    :28 SHE'S WILD

    MOONCHILD NAMJOON 7 days ago

    Man said Barack obama lol

  • Lorenna
    Lorenna 7 days ago

    harry styles

  • Mcnuggettiss
    Mcnuggettiss 7 days ago

    Jason Momoa..

  • ArfurtheBlanky
    ArfurtheBlanky 7 days ago

    3:42 really, only one person!?!... ya'll shes fine asf

  • lala11ize
    lala11ize 7 days ago

    Christian grey

  • lala11ize
    lala11ize 7 days ago

    Quincy, P diddys son

  • Liliya Leto
    Liliya Leto 7 days ago

    4:02 really? You don’t know Saoirse Ronan? Those baby blue eyes will haunt you after this.

  • Trick Legs
    Trick Legs 7 days ago

    I would sleep in the guy at the end guesss he’s a celebrity nowww🤩

  • Nes Adri
    Nes Adri 8 days ago

    Paul Walker if he was still alive!

  • Josh Murphy
    Josh Murphy 8 days ago +47

    I'm so surprised I didn't see any other comments about this woman's eyes, GOD DAMN!!


    • Vinicius Pimentel
      Vinicius Pimentel 3 days ago +3

      SHe works there on Cut and was in a lot off videos... pretty sure people have said everything that was possible about her beauty already hahaha

  • Kaku1201
    Kaku1201 8 days ago

    nobody saying andy Samburg or stephanie beatriz?

  • Nadine
    Nadine 8 days ago

    Mr. Harry Styles

  • 777SoCo
    777SoCo 8 days ago

    Armie Hammer

  • cool name here
    cool name here 8 days ago

    The dude who said Sarah Palin needs to leave bruh

  • Jay Chiniki
    Jay Chiniki 8 days ago +1

    Kate Upton 😍 & Mike Vítar (Benny from the Sandlot) 😍

  • bowtie345
    bowtie345 8 days ago

    Colin Firth anyone?

  • MechaMax
    MechaMax 8 days ago +1

    How did nobody say Ariana Grande?

  • Skoff
    Skoff 8 days ago

    I can't be the only person with 0 interest in even having a hall pass lol. Celebrities aint no different from me, im not about to act like they transcend my girl and somehow they take priority over her cause they got a blue checkmark on twitter

  • The Life Of Hebah
    The Life Of Hebah 8 days ago

    No one said Lauren Jauregui I’m so pissed

  • bkcalvine
    bkcalvine 8 days ago

    0:35 and 2:14 -- Girl got to go twice.

  • Amber Crosby
    Amber Crosby 8 days ago

    Blaine from Cut is FINE

  • Laura McKitrick
    Laura McKitrick 8 days ago


  • E L I Z A B E T H
    E L I Z A B E T H 8 days ago

    lmao the gay dude who would sleep with beyonce

  • Mattie Lauren
    Mattie Lauren 8 days ago +7

    Maluma. Hands down there is not a single guy on earth hotter than him...

    • Ndinku N'Jadaka
      Ndinku N'Jadaka 8 hours ago

      Mattie Lauren he sing Deeespaaacito?

    • Mattie Lauren
      Mattie Lauren 10 hours ago +1

      Ndinku N'Jadaka He’s a Latin singer, google him... he’s gorgeous

    • Ndinku N'Jadaka
      Ndinku N'Jadaka 4 days ago

      Mattie Lauren New phone who dat?

  • Abbz 21
    Abbz 21 8 days ago

    I was waiting for someone to say Cate Blanchett....but at least someone said Meryl Streep 🙌

  • d.
    d. 8 days ago

    no john stamos? wow