• Published on May 13, 2018
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    Hi Everyone! In this video, I decided to take on the Infamous AMRAP Challenge with a little twist.. the AMCAP Challenge! 45 minutes to consume as much fast food as possible from In N' Out, McDonalds, Krispy Kreme and much more!
    I'm gearing up for my big video that I have planned for the end of this month, so what better way to prepare! Be sure to stay tuned to the end of the video to see how many calories were taken down!
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    About Erik TheElectric:
    I'm Erik.
    I’m a guy with a HUGE appetite that LOVES food! A few years ago, I discovered my ability to eat large amounts of food and founded this channel to share it with THE WORLD! This channel is dedicated to all of my crazy eating stunts and eating challenges.
    I live in the United States of America, home to some of the tastiest fast food in the world. What you’ll find on this channel are INSANE amounts of food, fast food challenges and INSANE restaurant challenges! Follow me in my journey to continue to go BIG when it comes to food and subscribe down below!
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Comments • 3 637

  • Shelby Hutchison
    Shelby Hutchison 11 months ago +1597

    Holy crap, That was a rate of 450 calories per minute. Thats INSANE!

  • Joe Sammartino
    Joe Sammartino 4 hours ago

    Yo, how many olsas do you have brother?

  • yaretzi munoz
    yaretzi munoz Day ago


  • Sayori R
    Sayori R Day ago

    I could easily eat this much I’m not even playing

  • Hayden K
    Hayden K 3 days ago

    best band in the world is AVENGED SEVENFOLD

  • Sarah Hill
    Sarah Hill 3 days ago

    that much food you could feed to millions

  • Joyson Wildhart
    Joyson Wildhart 3 days ago

    oh man that nutella butterfinger ice cream looks too good

  • Ethan Hearl
    Ethan Hearl 3 days ago

    Wtf is on his lip/face

  • Sativas Moon
    Sativas Moon 3 days ago

    Watching this as I do cardio lmao

  • Ewan Macbride
    Ewan Macbride 6 days ago

    Great video

  • trevor stroud
    trevor stroud 7 days ago

    U are more calories in 15 mins than I eat in a day...

  • OverexXxagerator
    OverexXxagerator 10 days ago

    What song was playing before he went to mcdonalds?

  • Mia Eberhart
    Mia Eberhart 10 days ago

    *uncovers the camera*
    *puts something in front of it right after*

  • Ayrabella Burris
    Ayrabella Burris 11 days ago

    4:34 the little kid watching the camera 😂

  • Sonic XXX
    Sonic XXX 12 days ago

    8:50 plays ad

  • Robert Pechillo
    Robert Pechillo 13 days ago

    The moment when Erik doesn't spill food on his table for 10 minutes in one video 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

  • xd Nightmare
    xd Nightmare 13 days ago

    Did anyone else have no sound for like 2 minutes

  • Kim Wall
    Kim Wall 13 days ago

    How dose it not have belly ache or be sick and I feel sorry for the toilet

  • Natalie N
    Natalie N 14 days ago +2

    1:50 “I think that’s gonna be enough for me.. please.”😂

  • Ana Lacast
    Ana Lacast 15 days ago


  • Alycia 123
    Alycia 123 16 days ago


  • MiniVictor Oladipo
    MiniVictor Oladipo 16 days ago

    I can’t even finish one burger with out being full

  • brandon winn
    brandon winn 16 days ago


  • MoGames
    MoGames 17 days ago


  • A Spates
    A Spates 20 days ago


  • TMD_Pepparkakan
    TMD_Pepparkakan 20 days ago


  • AutumnDoesMusic
    AutumnDoesMusic 21 day ago +8

    He ate as many calories in 45 minutes as I do in 2 weeks!

  • ????????????? ?????????????

    Nutella x

  • Just snowaay
    Just snowaay 22 days ago

    Nuttela ❤️❤️❤️

  • Liu Dave
    Liu Dave 22 days ago

    What did you do with the leftover?

  • Kale Ling
    Kale Ling 23 days ago


  • Mason Hall
    Mason Hall 23 days ago


  • Thijs DANIELS
    Thijs DANIELS 25 days ago


  • Kevin Shannon
    Kevin Shannon 25 days ago +5

    who else just watches these videos to make them feel good about they’re self😁

  • X Bino Rhino
    X Bino Rhino 25 days ago

    5 15

  • Yeray 911
    Yeray 911 26 days ago

    1100grms of sugar in 45minutes..... 🤯

  • YamiAlex224
    YamiAlex224 26 days ago

    This is my dream. But i had weight loss surgery so :(

  • Lary Lamatia
    Lary Lamatia 27 days ago


  • Amy Almeida
    Amy Almeida 28 days ago +1

    There is more than 30 000 likes where is the big challenge i wan't to see it

  • Dylan L
    Dylan L 29 days ago


  • The 2k God
    The 2k God 29 days ago

    Nutella you are hungry hungry this is totally beyond me

  • Spencer Coe
    Spencer Coe Month ago

    But... why?

  • 227pop
    227pop Month ago

    How much weed/marijuana did you have to smoke to eat all of that food?

  • Josh Daniels
    Josh Daniels Month ago

    and how long were u on the toilet after this vid?!?

  • Ryan Ravadge
    Ryan Ravadge Month ago

    How? Just how

  • Raven Wing
    Raven Wing Month ago


  • Mishonda White
    Mishonda White Month ago


  • CherryAppetite
    CherryAppetite Month ago


  • Nrastra08
    Nrastra08 Month ago +2

    I hate milk duds

  • Sandra Duic
    Sandra Duic Month ago


  • cutiepaul
    cutiepaul Month ago

    Bro your food looks so good your amazing love your vids

  • sophie cowan
    sophie cowan Month ago


  • Darragh Harnett
    Darragh Harnett Month ago +15

    I'd say that 1 calorie In a day would be harder than 1 million to Erik

  • Kitty _TheBoss
    Kitty _TheBoss Month ago +1


  • Robyn Wilson
    Robyn Wilson Month ago +3

    The kids face when he is scanning his food 😂

  • Cayla Alba
    Cayla Alba Month ago

    How old r u lol

  • Jarrett Mazza
    Jarrett Mazza Month ago

    Of all the challenges you did, this one was the worst. Your stomach must be like a gas pump.

  • Emily Adam
    Emily Adam Month ago

    Who came straight to the comments to see how many calories he ate?

  • rosie mcginley
    rosie mcginley Month ago


  • CrashCrAyZ _237
    CrashCrAyZ _237 Month ago

    This man ain’t scared of diabetes
    Diabetes scared of him

  • Chris O donoghue
    Chris O donoghue Month ago

    Please. Please please please

    CATH JH Month ago

    Why do u do this to urself.. This is so entertaining yet terrifying

    BATMAN Month ago

    Wooow ... that’s amazing 😉 I would be able to make it to eat as many calories as you just ate stomach is already full after 2 plates of rice 😂😏

  • John Miller
    John Miller Month ago

    I was afraid he was going to choke
    But I like your food choices better than Matt Stoneie

  • Ameen Rasheed
    Ameen Rasheed Month ago


  • Hafeez Malek
    Hafeez Malek Month ago

    Nice vids

  • AJ Swimming
    AJ Swimming Month ago


  • Peter Lee
    Peter Lee Month ago

    36 Krispy Kreme dough uts would cost us like £40 here in the UK. $24 IS NUTS

  • Luke Urgo
    Luke Urgo 2 months ago +1

    I’d take one bite then be full

  • yuvyuvyuvyuv 12121212
    yuvyuvyuvyuv 12121212 2 months ago

    i enjoyed the video

  • yuvyuvyuvyuv 12121212
    yuvyuvyuvyuv 12121212 2 months ago


  • Dragon Freal
    Dragon Freal 2 months ago

    How he still thin?

  • Siham Islam
    Siham Islam 2 months ago


  • Michael O'Connor
    Michael O'Connor 2 months ago


  • Reese Porterfield
    Reese Porterfield 2 months ago

    Oml you have chocolate at the corner of your mouth and it’s driving me crazy

  • Boogie Xscape
    Boogie Xscape 2 months ago


  • Sophia Lourenco
    Sophia Lourenco 2 months ago

    What is on ur lip????

  • Pride
    Pride 2 months ago

    What the f

  • sampatience 5
    sampatience 5 2 months ago


  • SisBro Sumo
    SisBro Sumo 2 months ago


  • Rukaiya Sarah
    Rukaiya Sarah 2 months ago +18

    Give me that 1 burger and 2 donuts and yeah im happy.....

  • Hailey Forseth
    Hailey Forseth 2 months ago

    I love your taste in music Erik!😎🙌

  • Yo Boi
    Yo Boi 2 months ago


  • Julian Bartlett
    Julian Bartlett 2 months ago

    i pity ur dentist

  • Lil D
    Lil D 2 months ago

    Bro did something body notice the 🍫on the side of his lips

  • One Rotten Potato
    One Rotten Potato 2 months ago

    *diabetes wants to know your location*

  • vspokemon 24
    vspokemon 24 2 months ago

    Toblerone is swiss an im from swiss🇨🇭😁

  • PrincessThePuppy
    PrincessThePuppy 2 months ago +1


  • Natália Drottner
    Natália Drottner 2 months ago

    i know you probably get a lot of comments like this, but you should totally try *'Horalky' from Slovakia* if you'll ever get a chance (it's the most popular thing here in Slovakia)

  • Lucy's Luxuries
    Lucy's Luxuries 2 months ago

    this looks like me on my period

  • Denise Sturm
    Denise Sturm 2 months ago

    you have some choclate on your mouth before youre even start

  • Ricky Martinez
    Ricky Martinez 2 months ago

    That SD card change probably took a day or longer...

  • Ryan Feldman
    Ryan Feldman 2 months ago


  • Alexa Gyland
    Alexa Gyland 2 months ago


  • Feisal Hashi
    Feisal Hashi 2 months ago

    Bro you are like goku 😇😉😯

  • Michi Erhart
    Michi Erhart 2 months ago

    Insane how I always know which song he just played in the car by just hearing a real small part of it

  • Mia V
    Mia V 2 months ago

    4:44 ERIK OH MY GOD COULD YOU MAKE A PLAYLIST PLEASEE? Your music is siick 🤘

  • Hannah Spelmans
    Hannah Spelmans 2 months ago

    Has there been a food he doesn't like???

  • Balancebreaker Gr
    Balancebreaker Gr 2 months ago