Alessia Cara Sings "Bad Guy" w/ 7 Different Impressions

  • Published on Oct 7, 2019
  • Jimmy challenges Alessia Cara to attempt as many impressions of random singers as she can, like Ariana Grande and Cardi B, while singing Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy."
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    Alessia Cara Sings "Bad Guy" w/ 7 Different Impressions
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 6 979

  • oMbDyLaN_YT
    oMbDyLaN_YT Hour ago

    She fine asl💯👀

  • Mano Varshini
    Mano Varshini Hour ago

    That was awesome

  • BroMike
    BroMike Hour ago

    Y'all can say how that wasn't impersonation, but that Cardi B one was on point.

  • Sarah B
    Sarah B 2 hours ago


  • Zoe Lima
    Zoe Lima 3 hours ago

    All of the impresions sound equal man

  • Bobby
    Bobby 7 hours ago

    When does she do the impressions

  • Delta Jackson
    Delta Jackson 8 hours ago +16

    This is how much we like Alessia Cara

  • Delta Jackson
    Delta Jackson 8 hours ago +1

    Did anyone else realize that she couldn't get some of the lyrics?

  • Judgy Judgerton
    Judgy Judgerton 8 hours ago


  • Nahomi Cruz
    Nahomi Cruz 9 hours ago

    Amazing wow

  • Angie
    Angie 9 hours ago


  • S K
    S K 11 hours ago +1

    Lorde was best hands down!

  • Matthew
    Matthew 11 hours ago

    I didn't know any of the artuits she impersonated so it wasnt good to me

  • Billie Eilish Fan
    Billie Eilish Fan 12 hours ago +1


  • Shaun Daniels
    Shaun Daniels 14 hours ago

    Yes haha

  • Ash Fire
    Ash Fire 15 hours ago

    I loved it

  • gaia bifulco
    gaia bifulco 15 hours ago +1

    Hi I'm italian. Alessia is Italian?

  • Şewal Y.
    Şewal Y. 15 hours ago +1

    its amazing 👌

  • purplefashion03
    purplefashion03 15 hours ago +1

    I think I’m the only one not impressed.

  • Steve C
    Steve C 16 hours ago

    Super talented

  • Na Ra
    Na Ra 16 hours ago

    great job

  • cake queen
    cake queen 17 hours ago +1

    2:09 that really sounded like Ariana lowkey-

  • Lyn Cassady
    Lyn Cassady 17 hours ago

    they should have given her a little more time for each singer - so that she could get into the voices more and we had more time to enjoy it. :)

  • Ayça Karakuş
    Ayça Karakuş 17 hours ago

    very bad

  • Thomas McClure
    Thomas McClure 18 hours ago

    Wow she's good

  • Young D
    Young D 19 hours ago

    She's so good!!! And I wonder why she's so underrated tho! :'(

  • eduarda pinto
    eduarda pinto 19 hours ago

    So untalented! This was brilliant!

  • hp lover
    hp lover 19 hours ago


  • hp lover
    hp lover 19 hours ago


  • Alicia Larissa
    Alicia Larissa 19 hours ago +1

    She isnt the best at impressions, just good at the accents

  • Dania Lopez
    Dania Lopez 20 hours ago

    She doesn’t sing bad

  • Ashriya Agarwal
    Ashriya Agarwal 20 hours ago

    She's amazing!

  • Demar Senior
    Demar Senior 20 hours ago

    She is too good to be so underrated

  • gina davis
    gina davis 23 hours ago

    :) :) :) ;) BRAVISSIMA !!!

  • 허당,맘
    허당,맘 23 hours ago

    Oh shiiiiiiiiit! She's such talanted👍👍

  • soumya kale
    soumya kale Day ago +1


  • Help on the editors

    Well yes it was the same voice but she sang it the way these artist would have done

  • moon child
    moon child Day ago

    She is why I'm bisexual.

  • brown leo
    brown leo Day ago


  • Amanda Merideth
    Amanda Merideth Day ago

    Only video of someone aside from Billie singing 'Bad Guy' that I've been drawn to. Not disappointed, I loved this. Not a fan of that song though.

  • Jaedin Matthews
    Jaedin Matthews Day ago

    Who else skipped just to see her sing

  • Edmond Hoskins
    Edmond Hoskins Day ago

    the way she didnt get all the lyrics right made the whole thing like 10 times cuter

  • Harith Daniel
    Harith Daniel Day ago

    she helps me differentiate Cardi B and Nicki Minaj lol

  • FILNAT2011
    FILNAT2011 Day ago +1

    Nicki Minaj and Cardi B sound the same.

  • khanh ta
    khanh ta Day ago


  • AizenSamaKing X
    AizenSamaKing X Day ago +1

    She ruined Moana "How Far I'll Go." That's for sure. They call this singing talent today?

  • wonderland affirmations

    she’s a mix of ariana grande, demi, and idk who else :p

  • Lil_U4_Ria Child
    Lil_U4_Ria Child Day ago +5

    she looks a little like Mackenzie Ziegler... or Mackenzie Ziegler looks like her... idk

  • Alexandra Rojas-Diez

    Girl u good!

  • Unknowntill2023
    Unknowntill2023 Day ago

    She’s amazing

  • Easy Snacks
    Easy Snacks Day ago

    Cardi b was the best 👌🏼

  • amanda492
    amanda492 Day ago

    what a stupid fucking game lol im sorry

  • Bleu Bagel
    Bleu Bagel Day ago

    She did really good but...
    When she gots the words wrong I cringed so hard

  • Jasella Yeon
    Jasella Yeon Day ago


  • Jazz The Platypus

    Imagine getting payed to sit there while someone sings and then do a little dance at the end

  • Rafaela Barbosa
    Rafaela Barbosa Day ago

    Ela cantando em português é a coisa mais linda!!!

  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith Day ago

    There was no difference in any of her impressions!!

  • Simon Soderberg
    Simon Soderberg Day ago +11

    She’s not real lying singing like them hashes just acting with hand movements and voice stops

  • Devika Ramautar
    Devika Ramautar Day ago

    Shes hella good

  • daria clark
    daria clark Day ago

    she's soooo adorable