FaZe Nate Hill *BEAT UP* FaZe Mongraal For Griefing their Game! (Fortnite) (FaZe House)

  • Published on Jul 23, 2019
  • FaZe Nate Hill *BEAT UP* FaZe Mongraal For Griefing their Game! (Fortnite) (FaZe House)
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    He returned in 69 hp

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    Love your vids✌️😱

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    Xd stagz

  • Marcin P
    Marcin P 22 days ago

    That video only proves that Mongraal really is a pice of shit. GG Nate and Funk.

  • Maziel Valderrbano
    Maziel Valderrbano 23 days ago +3

    Imagine being so thirsty for clout you lie about abuse

  • Erick Hernandez
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    Nate is tradh

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    its season 10 theres no world cup 0:23

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      TheoMark_ YT it was 1 month ago

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    Is arena duos back

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    I like how without the headphones, he is brendon urie

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    He didn’t beat him up he just told him that he killed him

  • Wisdom Shadow
    Wisdom Shadow 28 days ago

    @Fortnite kid i have a question, did u allow a kid to copy your content and thumbnail as his, i went over to his channel to confront him and he is calling me a jealous clout chaser for reporting him.

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    This guy talkin sounds retarded

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    Y’all idiots take this game too serious

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    Nate kinda sounds like true

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    Mongraal is just the better player

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    He didn’t even beat him up

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    who else watched this in nates stream?!

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    Ur stupid ur ruining peoples careers where is the moment where he beats mongraal

  • Kcaz
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    I mean it’s a grief I guess but they had full health and his dumbass got up

  • Drown
    Drown Month ago

    I don’t get it what happened

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    Not Stav.

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    Love this channel
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    Ha ha Nate hill died in the storm mongeral is better than you

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