River Treasure! - Iphone 6, Camera, Rings, Knives and More! | Nugget Noggin

  • Published on Jul 27, 2016
  • What an Amazing Adventure out on the river! I found lots of awesome things with my AT Pro, while searching for my friend's lost wedding ring. After 10 hours of Metal Detecting I recovered many rings, one is a 14K Gold wedding band, but it is not the one I was looking for. Joe's ring is still somewhere in the river, next time we may find it. best finds from this trip are the Iphone 6 (Which I had returned to the owner), The Rings, Waterproof Lumix Camera and the nice shades.
    Link to the metal detector I use: www.battleground-detectors.com/shop/garrett-metal-detectors/94-garrett-at-pro-pro-pointer-at.html
    This video was filmed with my Olympus camera. Here's the link amzn.to/2ki8HIG , these camera are rugged!
    I will have more videos of detecting in the river coming soon!
    Thank you for watching and God Bless!
    "On the last day of the feast, the great day, Jesus stood up and cried out, " If anyone thrists, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, 'Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.' " - John 7:37-38
    "Take my instruction instead of silver, and knowledge rather than choice gold, for wisdom is better than jewels, and all that you may desire cannot compare with her." - Proverbs 8:10-11
    Isaiah 40:8
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    About Nugget Noggin:
    Hey! I'm Michael, I love to get outdoors and discover awesome things
    with my metal detector. I started treasure hunting when I was 12 years
    old and shortly after received my first metal detector. Since then, I've
    been hooked and just love going out to search for the unknown. You
    may see me in the woods crawling under an old house or diving down
    in the river to search for rings. Wherever the adventure brings us, I'll try
    my best to keep you entertained.
    River Treasure! - Iphone 6, Camera, Rings, Knives and More! | Nugget Noggin
    Nugget Noggin
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  • Anthony 707
    Anthony 707 13 days ago +1

    I'm getting a metal detector this looks fun!

  • Don Long
    Don Long 14 days ago

    Just discovered your wonderful videos. Love your scriptures and your professional approach to metal detecting. Keep up the good work.
    What type of video a
    Camera do you use?

  • Carol Bonnell
    Carol Bonnell 16 days ago

    That thing you called a makeup container might be a pill container.

  • Ed’sNature Bushcraft

    What kind of detector are you using. Ed

    • nuggetnoggin
      nuggetnoggin  21 day ago

      I’m using the Garrett AT pro metal detector. www.battleground-detectors.com

  • Monte Hall
    Monte Hall 28 days ago


  • Monte Hall
    Monte Hall 28 days ago

    What’s with all the god bless stuff I’m gonna get angry

  • RealLife4Every1
    RealLife4Every1 Month ago

    Great finds, the other day I found a gold ring 18K 750 CARTIER coast $ 2,500 in the clean in Key West Florida, my hands shaking, a video on my channel

  • Talon Karrde
    Talon Karrde Month ago

    what state do you live in? anyone knows?

  • Tammy Barnette
    Tammy Barnette Month ago

    Why do we hear kids in the background?

  • Bartow Diving
    Bartow Diving Month ago

    Sub for support.
    D supply

  • tommy stanley
    tommy stanley Month ago

    Subscribed to support,

  • Andrew Morrison
    Andrew Morrison 2 months ago

    Recommendations on a quality waterproof metal detector? Been interested in metal detecting for a long time.

  • KSA512
    KSA512 2 months ago

    Good luck God speed ! Hopefully one day you hit pay dirt!

  • Tim Mobley
    Tim Mobley 2 months ago

    You come across scary great on these vids. If looks/appeal predicts vid success, your possibilities are scary unlimited. This is why all th “controversy”. Haha. Keep what you got goin on! It’s out o th park. Thanks

  • Lyndsayrose Starkey
    Lyndsayrose Starkey 2 months ago

    Hey I need a new phone can you help me out lol

  • damkayaker
    damkayaker 2 months ago

    The i-phone! I would have been inconsolable if it was mine, lol.

  • MADCrimea
    MADCrimea 2 months ago

    super man! Fine. Greetings from Crimea

  • Rafik 07
    Rafik 07 2 months ago

    Hii bro

  • Carol Swayze
    Carol Swayze 2 months ago

    Good Job Nugget, saw you on ABC News!

  • Toalua Saleupolu
    Toalua Saleupolu 2 months ago

    When it comes to the Bible man wisdom is foolishness to God.. good on you mate

  • Toalua Saleupolu
    Toalua Saleupolu 2 months ago

    Subs now brother.. what river is that one? Planning to buy me a good detector and start doing that

  • Lucas Bishop
    Lucas Bishop 2 months ago

    Hi nuggetnogginn

  • Rachel Stobart
    Rachel Stobart 3 months ago

    My mom has that same camera but we still have I it.

    AFF ASSYRISKA 3 months ago


  • Nora Scites
    Nora Scites 3 months ago

    In the best way I think people think that because you pretty much only show the part where you find the object. You should show you trying to find everything underwater that’ll look better.

  • Biridiana Garcia Corona

    Thats fake

    FOE MOB 3 months ago

    Who dislikes this ???????? God bless brother

  • jordan rock
    jordan rock 3 months ago

    thats tablet box not makup kool vids


    Brother it seems first you put iPhones in the river and then you shoot as you found iPhones and other items .
    As you mostly find iPhones in the video.strange..


      @Edgy McEmoAngst seen his two or three video and in Every video he find an iPhone.
      But in our life I can't find the single empty box of iphone

    • Edgy McEmoAngst
      Edgy McEmoAngst 3 months ago

      mostly? did you even watch the vid man?

  • John Buyck
    John Buyck 3 months ago

    i hope these items were returned ok good they were well the phone at least

  • Hydra gamer
    Hydra gamer 3 months ago

    The phone is mine give it to me

  • Dom1118
    Dom1118 3 months ago +1

    How does one lose a ring?

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  • PabloJ Marron
    PabloJ Marron 3 months ago

    I would love your videos if not for the bible verses. Won't subscribe or watch you again.

    • Lateesha 81
      Lateesha 81 3 months ago

      Then don't . The difference between believers and nonbelievers is if the believers are wrong no big deal ,but if the nonbelievers are wrong they'll be in a world of trouble. Plus you could just over look the verse it's not that big of a deal to do.

    JACKIEBOI BC 4 months ago

    Putting a bible verse in the front but its not cool to fake find of the stuff etc etc neva forget lying is an sin so pliz stop it

  • Dakota Vanscyoc
    Dakota Vanscyoc 4 months ago

    Hey hello can I borrow some big O shit that’s a USclip 10 hello can I borrow some big O you got a beat and beat

  • Little Egypt Adventures

    Hey nugget man what do you do with all the old phones you find in the river? Can you sell them and if so to whom? I generally dismantle the phones that can't be used and recycle the gold out of them.

  • CallouT Skillz
    CallouT Skillz 4 months ago

    Love your channel dude keep doing what you’re doing

  • R.R. Hughes
    R.R. Hughes 4 months ago

    What State are you in?

  • Classic Food
    Classic Food 4 months ago

    If it nice jop how to buy things

  • River Rush
    River Rush 4 months ago

    We need to come out and detect with you! love your channel man! we have the excalibur ii

  • Isaac
    Isaac 4 months ago

    Help!!!! Brother...I lost my GoPro Hero 7 Black, are you in TN?

  • T.M.H.
    T.M.H. 4 months ago

    All this good stuff your finding, ya need to bring "Jiggin with Jorden'" and his side kick, "Ole whats his name" they don't find nothin like you do. Well I understand though, they would keep for themselves

  • Johnny Rep
    Johnny Rep 4 months ago

    Amazing. All these things have solutions for tying them off...

  • Brian Gilbert
    Brian Gilbert 4 months ago

    What’s a good metal detector???

  • Chris Guerra
    Chris Guerra 5 months ago

    come to me and drink🤙🏻

  • AZanyFriend09 Psychopath

    How Manny tricking rings r in that river!!! ¡!?? :P

  • Cathy Carrera
    Cathy Carrera 5 months ago

    Whoever is reading this should check out DALLMYD on USclip

  • Evi Susanti
    Evi Susanti 5 months ago +1

    I can't believe these, all of things like new. Different with Dalmyd or man river.

  • F D
    F D 5 months ago

    How you can see the ring

  • ALI
    ALI 6 months ago


  • john perry
    john perry 6 months ago

    really great video, fun to watch, can't wait to see your other ones

  • Bobofet241
    Bobofet241 6 months ago

    That is hilarious! Superman lost his ring!

  • mam362
    mam362 6 months ago

    what if the wedding band was undernear the carseat this whole time

  • Ernesto Pena
    Ernesto Pena 6 months ago +1

    God Bless you too youngman! You did awesome on those finds!

  • Alex Charles
    Alex Charles 7 months ago

    I so glad you are proud to show you are a christian

  • Steve Laskowitz
    Steve Laskowitz 7 months ago

    The ring camera should be BANNED. All it has done is created more problems and actually accomplishes EXTREMELY LOW success rates for properly identifying and convicting accused criminals.
    Think I’m lying or full of shit? Think again.
    ...go ask everyone/anyone who has a ring camera that encountered criminal activity and come back to me with a ratio of success vs failure statistics and then you will see the truth....
    -Has shown Error/Incorrect info
    -Creates false judgement/accusation,
    -Has wrongly convicted innocent people due to the previous two statements I mentioned
    -Creates paranoia, anxiety, and instills fear
    -Creates and adds unnecessary tension within a neighborhood
    -Destroys Trust
    -Will eventually destroy relationships
    -Creates unnecessary police reports
    -Lacks enough evidence in majority if not almost ALL videos produced because of its blurry/shitty output quality to be clear enough to show a specific identity, i.e. license plate numbers
    -most of all, it WASTES everyone’s limited time on this god forsaken earth where we don’t have much time to begin with, so this is basically the work of the devil if you want to get metaphorical.
    -CONCLUSION: the Ring camera is a f*cking disaster and should be banned before this disease spreads even further and really helps destroy the world even more.
    -PS read this on Wikipedia, or any other source you wish, especially the section for PRIVACY CONCERNS. It’s a fucking joke. The Ring company has access to EVERYTHING ON THERE. Still feel safe? Non-violated?? Protected?? THINK ABOUT IT....
    The REAL way to catch thieves or robbers is physically stop them. REALISTICALLY, there are only two ways of achieving this:
    -grab a fucking baseball bat, machete, gun (if you have one and legally own it would be helpful for your own sake), hammer, pipe, Whatever the fuck you can get your hands on at the time, and crack the nigga over the head or shoot his ass until he stops moving. I guarantee they won’t come back if you do this successfully.
    -do what people in high crime urban areas and have been doing for MANY MANY YEARS, especially since the 80’s crack epidemic, install iron/metal/steel bars in your god damn windows or doors if you really want to keep these cocksuckers out.
    -Or you can continue being a puss and follow the other puss ppl and cry about it on this stupid fucking RING bullshit camera and get NOTHING accomplished for yourself or your family. ask yourself these questions...
    -do you really feel safe and protected if your door gets kicked in and you are weaponless and either alone or with children?
    -is $300 a fair price for a camera that causes all of the above mentioned?
    -do you think this will make the world a better/safer/more trusting/worthy place for everyone?


    • The Huguenot
      The Huguenot 7 months ago

      I didnt see in the video where he found in the river a ring camera.

  • mantenimiento
    mantenimiento 7 months ago

    Man, you kill me with these phones! You are an inspiration. i´m getting ready to set myself up down here in Panama. We have like 300 beaches and lots of holidays. Lots of crowded beaches that is. Nobody hunting

  • skull treasure Hunter
    skull treasure Hunter 8 months ago

    Nice my friend 🙂

  • Beth Burton
    Beth Burton 8 months ago

    Wanted to let you know that seeing your videos and the scriptures on the start and end is pretty cool. Keep it up