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  • Ghetto Punk
    Ghetto Punk 19 hours ago

    Favorite cooking show on USclip hands down. Brad is so funny and entertaining. Great job.

  • Kevin Maniscalco

    "I don't speak that well English" -Someone who doesn't speak that well English

  • captainrobots
    captainrobots Day ago

    The editor has better humor than brad.

  • Suzanne Szárai
    Suzanne Szárai Day ago

    If I get the milk straight from the cow.... then I don't need the kefir?

  • sabrina santana
    sabrina santana 2 days ago

    this is edited like an episode of the office

  • segil123
    segil123 2 days ago

    “I need a cream guy.”

  • Noah Hastings
    Noah Hastings 2 days ago

    B is delicious

  • Kathi B
    Kathi B 3 days ago

    so i may be wrong but isn't "beuh" weed whereas "beurre" is butter? I'm not sure though, french is hard

  • Amy Lee
    Amy Lee 3 days ago

    The wood ones
    That actually wood work better
    Yeah it wood

  • Melissa Samms
    Melissa Samms 4 days ago

    The shaking noises though

  • flower tune
    flower tune 4 days ago

    that buzzing sound effect made me scream

  • Elizabeth Byrne
    Elizabeth Byrne 4 days ago

    i laughed so hard lol

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith 5 days ago

    Demonitized for self harm due to it being illegal. Damn you americaaa

  • Jack Fruth
    Jack Fruth 5 days ago

    I will 100% be Brad’s “Cream Guy” ;)

  • M OH
    M OH 6 days ago

    I tried to whip cream once... accidentally made butter. 😂😂

  • Emily Ledford-McAninch

    Whoever edits these is great at their job.

  • hangry lilcow
    hangry lilcow 6 days ago

    I use my Emerson blender when I'm making butter

  • Ten Minute Tokyo 2
    Ten Minute Tokyo 2 6 days ago


  • VapeGoat
    VapeGoat 8 days ago

    watching you scrape that jar out made me wish you had one of the silicone scraper things I have

  • bdollhawley
    bdollhawley 8 days ago

    I tried making this and I just ended up making sour milk. What did I do wrong?

  • Dominique Prince Points

    I love the editing on these

  • Myriam Mathieu-Bédard

    Yeah there was a syllable missing in that « beurre » but good effort, Brad! :)

  • reta strong
    reta strong 10 days ago

    We get raw milk weekly. Love it.

  • Libby
    Libby 10 days ago

    I would eat butter out of your bellybutton

  • William Francis Mulloy

    I believe Brad was a better chef when she was a woman. Somehow the change made her kinda accident prone. Has anybody else noticed this?

  • Random Whatevers
    Random Whatevers 11 days ago

    Cream top. drop top.don't make butter with a crockpot

  • Trash Gaming Daily
    Trash Gaming Daily 11 days ago

    What was brad doing???

  • Savannah Birch
    Savannah Birch 13 days ago

    Everyone who works for BA is just incredibly attractive

  • Nightshade Kelly
    Nightshade Kelly 13 days ago

    I make homemade butter

  • Ceka D
    Ceka D 14 days ago

    See! You can make a show about anything as long the host is pretty entertaining and funny!!

  • Eric Rocha
    Eric Rocha 15 days ago

    they would cut it off there at the end😂

  • Emily Katsuki!
    Emily Katsuki! 16 days ago

    Watching Brad making food reminds me of Bill Nye The Science Guy during his shows.
    Why you may be asking?
    Look at all of these similarities:
    1: The editing
    2: The sounds effects
    3: The way he acts
    4: How flipping funny he is.
    5: The little speech bubbles and just the cartoonish vibe
    6: All of his little helpers that show up to “help” him with his baking
    7: And of course, all of his useful knowledge.

  • Randomiser
    Randomiser 17 days ago

    love this show! this guy brad leone is fun to watch and cooking's great, learn a lot!

  • bleakAntiquity
    bleakAntiquity 17 days ago

    With just a dab of Claire!

  • Baby노츄
    Baby노츄 17 days ago

    Brad VS Zombie apocalypse. I'd pay a dollar to watch it.

  • Aryan Shah
    Aryan Shah 18 days ago

    I hear that Led Zeppelin at 2:04

  • Ouchmydragonballz
    Ouchmydragonballz 18 days ago

    Rumor says that over 60 years ago Brad and Vinny were born out of vat of cultured butter that was exposed to high level of radiation.

  • Frankie Petraccone
    Frankie Petraccone 20 days ago

    i want to meet vinny who is this mysterious man

  • Joseph Foy
    Joseph Foy 21 day ago

    Ugh I died when he went from the wooden spoon to get the cultured milk out of the jar to an equally inappropriate wooden spatula.

  • Papa Bless
    Papa Bless 22 days ago +1

    4:05 I know its about 2 years late, but a rubber spatula would help you out a lot there...

  • Midnight Zirconia
    Midnight Zirconia 22 days ago

    Brad needs an under the table cream guy

  • Midnight Zirconia
    Midnight Zirconia 22 days ago

    Shaking makes Brad feel good

  • Nyrdz
    Nyrdz 22 days ago

    who ever edits these videos is the real hero

  • CeToxihuitl
    CeToxihuitl 22 days ago

    Make kefir next

  • James Gardner
    James Gardner 23 days ago

    I think Gaby needs a channel...

  • Topher
    Topher 23 days ago

    I can't for the life of me make this work. I've tried three times. Cream doesn't set up too much, and when I churn it stays liquid.

  • Sandra Daniel
    Sandra Daniel 25 days ago

    Um. Silicone spatulas. ?!!!!

  • Gauri Tyagi
    Gauri Tyagi 25 days ago

    Use a silicon spatula idiot.

  • se ar
    se ar 25 days ago

    im at my local ramen house, binging on both ramen and brad vids - feeling good about life right now

  • Missy Mullins
    Missy Mullins 26 days ago

    Gosh dang it vinny. I cant breathe because the editing thanks.

  • b- dubz
    b- dubz 26 days ago

    Who knows what city says wouder?

  • Pee Pooh
    Pee Pooh 28 days ago

    Lured in by the Molly, Clair, and Carla. Stay for the Andy. Live for the this Brad

  • Jonathan LeBlanc
    Jonathan LeBlanc 29 days ago

    Moght not be able to spell brad,but good at math. 💚😂

  • Dr. Breadsticks
    Dr. Breadsticks Month ago +2

    I churned butter once or twice living in an Amish paradise

  • Zachary Walsh
    Zachary Walsh Month ago

    so im confused is it butter that has a greater appreciation of jazz?

  • Carrie Smith
    Carrie Smith Month ago



    He works like a pig.

  • Katie Church
    Katie Church Month ago

    Great video! Only one thing keeps bugging me lol. Ba does not mean butter in French. It’s beurre pronounced like burr as in the sound you make when your cold. Still good video love your posts Brad!

  • Kitsune
    Kitsune Month ago

    The sound effects for the cream shaking were really disorienting. My brain was just going "that is cream, what the hell am I hearing?" F*** the editor for the bugs though.

  • Danny Rodriguez
    Danny Rodriguez Month ago

    i love u claire

  • Janna Johnsrud
    Janna Johnsrud Month ago

    Drinking game- every time brad mentions Vin, take a sip 🤣😍

  • Austin DeBrito
    Austin DeBrito Month ago

    Just finished up all 38 episodes of Brad! Definitely need more Brad... I mean, who's better than him and Vinny?

  • Evan Fields
    Evan Fields Month ago

    Brad reminds me of a nihilist trying to be optimistic.

  • Joshua Rougeaux
    Joshua Rougeaux Month ago

    I can be Brad's cream guy.

  • Lorran Davi Azarany
    Lorran Davi Azarany Month ago +1

    Hey.. Psst.. Want some raw milk?

  • NeonGooRoo
    NeonGooRoo Month ago

    So, buttermilk is milk WITHOUT butter?

  • Gabby T
    Gabby T Month ago

    Is anyone else cringing at the way he said Kefir ... I’ve never heard anybody say it that way ever.

  • Sharon Wells Essner

    How about making a video on how to make kefir?

  • Christine
    Christine Month ago

    Binge watching this for the second time. No regrets

  • Elyes Ben Hamouda
    Elyes Ben Hamouda Month ago

    It’s “beurre”, not “beuh” u uncultured cheeseburger.😂

  • Aa Ron gio
    Aa Ron gio Month ago

    I've subscribed to BA because of Brad. And I love Brad/Claire collabs.

  • Megan Deters
    Megan Deters Month ago

    I live on a dairy so all of my milk is raw. Once I was trying to make whipped cream the lazy way with a food processor and left it on too long and made butter instead.

  • Samantha Zoost
    Samantha Zoost Month ago

    hahahhahha 5:21

  • Sandesh
    Sandesh Month ago

    I see that Brad is a man of culture as well.

  • Daisy Suft
    Daisy Suft Month ago +1

    6:42 he literally putted he's noise inside the butter 😂😂😂😂

  • Kayla LaMonica
    Kayla LaMonica Month ago

    2:39 im sorry, what was that?

  • Tim
    Tim Month ago

    Ive been having a hard day and this damn silly ball of happy had me smiling in 10 seconds. Thanks.

  • XxYiftoxX
    XxYiftoxX Month ago

    Guys.. it's beurre you pronounce the r. It's like burr but toss a bit of eh before the u.

  • Douche Pickle
    Douche Pickle Month ago

    When did they get Brad 1 and Brad 2 as their editors

  • Peyton Myers
    Peyton Myers Month ago

    Whoever edits these videos deserves a raise. Best editing I've seen its hilarious😂

  • HannahKAS
    HannahKAS Month ago

    “We got ice and water. Make a real fancy thing called water. 👌🏻👌🏻”

  • Lenny Fox
    Lenny Fox Month ago

    .....but but but its beurre, pronounced \bœʁ\...

    i'm sorry

  • Ninad Joshi
    Ninad Joshi Month ago

    Indians do this every week

  • gage white
    gage white Month ago

    The best thing is knowing you can laugh while watching a cooking channel, love the edits!! ❤️❤️

  • Ozan Akyıldız
    Ozan Akyıldız Month ago

    And "kefir" became "queefer" somehow...

  • King Mason
    King Mason Month ago

    Brads accent makes me want to listen to him

  • rxstarscream
    rxstarscream Month ago

    Somebody told me you need a cream guy.

  • suziscool
    suziscool Month ago

    The sound effects always make me giggle, I love them!

  • Denis Baranov
    Denis Baranov 2 months ago

    "I like salt in my budder"

  • HumanFox030
    HumanFox030 2 months ago

    That’s,, not how u pronounce “kefir”
    (Hint: it’s actually “keh-feer”)

  • Incidently, an Iguana
    Incidently, an Iguana 2 months ago

    How to make cultured butter? Show it some Rick and Morty.

  • s h a d ø w b a n n e d

    I love the editing on the Brad videos. lol.

  • Rachel Kane
    Rachel Kane 2 months ago

    Brad is hilarious and the editors are so talented. These videos give me life!!

  • Pride 365
    Pride 365 2 months ago

    Need a cream guy? I’m your cream guy!

  • Eric Taylor
    Eric Taylor 2 months ago

    You should not, in some states (like Oregon) it is illegal to sell unpasteurized dairy products. My sister got into a spot of trouble when she was buying raw milk to make cheese.

  • Menaka De Silva
    Menaka De Silva 2 months ago

    Kefir = kuh - FEAR, not Keifer

  • Alguri
    Alguri 2 months ago

    the editor is really good.

  • Balls in yo mouth
    Balls in yo mouth 2 months ago

    I wish fementation takes a day, so we can get a video every day!!

  • Jesse Hughes
    Jesse Hughes 2 months ago

    I love this channel lol keep it up with the gourmet version and brad makes lol

  • averagehero1
    averagehero1 2 months ago

    I don't care about production restraints. Send brad and matters fishing or something. I'm 2 years late but god damn, they're my two favorite cooks. send em someplace to do something cool. clicks be damned. Content is king.