Daniel Radcliffe Reacts to Harry Potter Memes


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  • Subhadeep Banerjee
    Subhadeep Banerjee 4 hours ago

    I just wonder who are the people who unliked this video???!!! Who ever they Are, they r downright crazy!!!!

  • Mt. me
    Mt. me 5 hours ago +1

    Can i, show u mai memes xd *notices bulge*

  • JellyGaming
    JellyGaming 6 hours ago

    LOL :)

  • Dux Calcifer
    Dux Calcifer 7 hours ago

    Daniels hands are trembling a little. you think hes a little nervous?

  • Praveen Khanna
    Praveen Khanna 8 hours ago

    These memes are older than Daniel is

  • When pigs Fly
    When pigs Fly 8 hours ago

    Ow... my iPad just fell on my face

  • Matias Gomez
    Matias Gomez 9 hours ago

    Ah yeah archeology about old ass memes

  • Sammy Maxwell
    Sammy Maxwell 9 hours ago

    C R I N G E

  • Dorelinendenwen Ancalime

    You could tell he was being polite about the HP memes... Move on. He lit up once he asked about the play. He isn't just HP, he has done some great movies and plays since then.

  • Nobody Interesting
    Nobody Interesting 11 hours ago

    Daniel Radcliffe is meme material

  • tiny99990
    tiny99990 11 hours ago

    He never felt cool while playing Harry? perhaps thats how he was able consistently deliver lines and actions in a way that gave me goosebumps...

  • Jalex Fine
    Jalex Fine 11 hours ago

    When the hell is this man's balls going to drop?

  • Angelina Bondarnko
    Angelina Bondarnko 11 hours ago

    His voice has barely changed since he was first admitted into Hogwarts...(sniff sniff) it seems like I only watched the first movie yesterday

  • Don't Stop Readin'
    Don't Stop Readin' 12 hours ago

    Dan, dan, dan! The movies have been remade as a musical. Cmon now. #avpm

  • Frank Guagliano
    Frank Guagliano 12 hours ago


  • Camilla Kristensen
    Camilla Kristensen 13 hours ago

    My husband doesn't like paparazzi

  • BlueSquirrel
    BlueSquirrel 13 hours ago

    weak ass memes.

  • Short Shortz
    Short Shortz 14 hours ago

    Daniel: I don't seek them out but...
    Me: what crazy person doesn't seek out Harry Potter memes?

  • KrleGaming2002
    KrleGaming2002 14 hours ago

    These are shit memes

  • Lone Slayer of Darkness

    All you peeps over there commenting on how bad the memes are...
    and im just over here laughing my ass off for some reason about the guy at the play.

  • Eliana Erdmann
    Eliana Erdmann 14 hours ago

    Daaaaaannnnng Daniel

    Lol I didnโ€™t want to swear ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Facts
    Facts 14 hours ago

    I thought this was ok, till I looked at the date...

  • Zoja Dulny
    Zoja Dulny 15 hours ago

    HOW ???
    of ALL the harry potter memes, they managed to somehow pick all the ones that aren't even mildly funny?!?

  • Josh Ravenhill
    Josh Ravenhill 15 hours ago

    The impact font is killing me

  • darcy gra
    darcy gra 16 hours ago

    Jimmy Falon you are running out of celebrities. I can come if you want.

  • Clout_ X
    Clout_ X 16 hours ago

    Normie ass memes...

  • G G
    G G 16 hours ago

    *God has left the lobby*

  • G G
    G G 16 hours ago

    *Is gone*

  • Moist Towelette
    Moist Towelette 17 hours ago

    Just imagine what USclip comment sections would be like if you could post photos/Gifs...

    • Aj 247
      Aj 247 15 hours ago



  • Toaster
    Toaster 17 hours ago

    I have the same birthday as Daniel Radcliffe. July 23, correct?

  • NCIS Aholic
    NCIS Aholic 17 hours ago

    *wHeRe'S tHe LaMb SaUcE*

  • Breea Silva
    Breea Silva 17 hours ago

    I think it would be difficult to be an actor solely associated with a character. Like the meme that's actually Daniel and not him in character as Harry. It makes it hard to establish a career as an actor in other media because whenever anyone sees you they automatically think "Harry Potter". Like in the movie Now You See Me 2, it throws me off to see Daniel Radcliffe as a villain. It's good for him that he is involved in other productions, like comedies on stage.

  • mickey the mouse on crack

    1:27 tragic

  • Agnese Mazzi
    Agnese Mazzi 19 hours ago

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  • Marie Bรถhme
    Marie Bรถhme 19 hours ago

    gosh he's so adorable ๐Ÿ˜

  • wupCdaZ
    wupCdaZ 19 hours ago

    Memes are literally the saddest thing. The funniest meme youve ever seen will barely leave you with a chuckle. I feel bad when people show me that garbage and expect a laugh. Too simple and too much โ€˜here laugh right nowโ€™.
    Theres something off deep in the brain that all memers share in common that makes people like me look dull. Try some actual comedy next time if I wanted to look at pictures Iโ€™d go to pornhub or look at a scrapbook. Sad to think that if people mixed education or something actually thought provoking with memes people might not be such self indulgent idiots. Just kidding, far too optimistic

  • thatnormalguy9
    thatnormalguy9 21 hour ago

    ๐Ÿ˜‚y'all giving Jimmy shit for these memes got me weak. I personally liked them but whatever.

  • Emma N
    Emma N 21 hour ago

    These are so funny!!!!!!! And Rock on Hermione! Like if five stars for Hermione dancing!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Levi Boettner
    Levi Boettner 22 hours ago

    how did they not show him the Thomas the dank engine vine?

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  • Nestor Mandela
    Nestor Mandela 22 hours ago

    Fallon is one of the worst late night hosts :-(

  • scaf
    scaf 23 hours ago


  • Patriots For Israel

    Daniel Radcliffe, he's my lost Jewish brother .. ๐Ÿ˜Šโœก๐Ÿ•Ž
    LOVE HIM!! โค

  • Kingsley Files
    Kingsley Files Day ago

    Since nobody else made this comment recently his hairstyle is awesome but i came up it with first fucker, if i knew how to wave a wooden stick around and get fans for it i would've called dibbs on the hair design earlier.

  • Ma. Julia Amon
    Ma. Julia Amon Day ago

    The nervous chuckle...

  • Tammy Chow
    Tammy Chow Day ago

    wait, so this is a try to laugh challenge ?

  • Jasper Mitchell
    Jasper Mitchell Day ago

    opposition flash Christian vhfiyvr pool dump investigation tennis chaos palm capability tear behavioral.

  • Hafsah Raza
    Hafsah Raza Day ago


  • Fabien Cesar
    Fabien Cesar Day ago

    i haven't seen the best memes, like the ones with ron harry and hermoine and the avada kedavra spell as well as the "you guys wanna buy magic" ? :D

  • jocelyn vicho
    jocelyn vicho Day ago

    really bad for daniel

  • pat man yall
    pat man yall Day ago

    Old memes oh no no no

  • Emily Doran
    Emily Doran Day ago +1

    "we must remake the films as musicals." Yo somebody call darren criss

  • Little Baby
    Little Baby Day ago

    The dinosaurs called, they want their memes back.

  • AVAcado
    AVAcado Day ago

    I fcking love Harry Potter

  • gregoryarrants
    gregoryarrants Day ago

    James just had to go under his desk

  • N Naim
    N Naim Day ago

    Next video: Daniel singing the alphabet aerobic. Now I'm totally distracted from my work.

  • Pain
    Pain Day ago

    what was the song at the Heromine part?

  • VTBM
    VTBM Day ago

    Should have shown him Harry Potter and the Final Solution.

  • da1otta
    da1otta Day ago

    I kept watching this show and it's a festival of mediocrity. The vocabulary is basic (like Trump's). The memes are uninteresting, the conversation is vacuous and the audience are monkeys. I'm never getting these 6.5 minutes of my life back.

  • Nehemiah Sanchez
    Nehemiah Sanchez Day ago +1

    Oh my gosh u guys are over reacting who cares if the memes are old

    • Nehemiah Sanchez
      Nehemiah Sanchez Day ago +1

      My gosh u guys say that these memes are old but yet your pictures are old and no one says anything about that poor Jimmy Fallon

  • RiLL
    RiLL Day ago

    Voldemort didn't feel so good

  • Len Lemon
    Len Lemon Day ago

    Absolutely fucking awful poor Daniel he had to try and act like these horrible unfunny jokes are funny you can tell he actually is struggling to be nice

  • Nick Sexton
    Nick Sexton Day ago

    those memes are fucking shit get better memes you fucking degenerate

  • Tanay Verma
    Tanay Verma Day ago +1


  • Happy Drawing
    Happy Drawing Day ago

    His voice brings back memories

  • Ana Clara Nardaci


  • Nathan Clarke
    Nathan Clarke Day ago


  • Maia Gonzalez
    Maia Gonzalez Day ago


  • Maia Gonzalez
    Maia Gonzalez Day ago

    I can't get over the 2007 meme format

  • Violet24xo
    Violet24xo Day ago +2

    "We need to remake the films as a musical"... A VERY POTTER MUSICAL

  • Malika Sen
    Malika Sen Day ago

    I'm the golden snitch lol

  • King Gudako
    King Gudako Day ago

    those are shit memes

  • Tiny Glitch
    Tiny Glitch Day ago


  • liam Leak
    liam Leak Day ago


  • SkethyWethy
    SkethyWethy Day ago

    This physically pains me

  • Christopher McMahon

    I came here optomistic thinkin alright I know Jimmy Fallon is pure cringe but it can't be that bad... I WAS WRONG why do people bother watching this shit the show isn't funny neither is Jimmy Fallon he is a empty husk of a man with not a drop of Testosterone left in him in other words a soyboy manlet.

  • Stranger011_ X
    Stranger011_ X Day ago


  • TPV Productions
    TPV Productions Day ago +1

    Daniel Radcliffe almost looks like Aaron Paul. He is the epitome of โ€œA brother from another mother!โ€

  • TBK
    TBK Day ago

    Where is "Hey kids, wanna buy some magic ?" meme ?

  • Darya Seslavina
    Darya Seslavina Day ago

    ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ˜โ˜๐Ÿ’ก ๐Ÿ”ž *SะLUะข* ! *J'ะI DE GRANDS Yะ•Uะฅ ะ’LEUS Eะข LะžNGS ะกHEVEUะฅ NOIRS* . *Jะ• VEUะฅ Dะ• Lะ ะกะRะ•SSะ• Eะข ะกHAUD* . *ะžร™ ะ•Sะข ะขU* , *ะœON SEULะ•* ? *ะ•ะกRIS-MะžI SUR ะฅะฅะฅ* ! [ j44rjp.myfotovide0.in.net ] โ—„โ—„

  • Her.Name.Is.Raven

    I like his hair in this vid, lovely.

  • Fck Yu
    Fck Yu Day ago

    Jimmy: hey daniel .... do you know this things called mey mey?

  • Super_Cutie_ K
    Super_Cutie_ K Day ago +4

    I met Dan in New York and he was so nice to me, and I asked him about his thoughts on Drarry and he laughed and said "Well it's very creative!", And the girl next to me said "You're really going to let her ask you that? I don't even want to meet you anymore." And he smiled at her and said "I'm sorry if that offended you, each to their own. I'm very sorry that you don't want to meet me anymore.". He's so fucking nice istg.

  • Lilsoph
    Lilsoph Day ago

    All these stale memes are so cringggggy there are so many good ones wtf

  • Literary Landslide

    Danial Radcliffe's story was way more entertaining than any of the memes. I think he should've shown the Harry & shocked Hermione wordplay memes, but they're probably too risquรฉ lol.

  • Ksortakh Kraxthar
    Ksortakh Kraxthar 2 days ago

    Now imagine this with proper "memes" (technically most of them are not memes at all, though).
    Like Wingardium Leviosa from Oney Cartoons ( usclip.net/video/FWtO0cfgewY/video.html )
    or the Horny Harry meme ( knowyourmeme.com/memes/horny-harry?ref=sub-entries ).

  • anastasia
    anastasia 2 days ago

    How did you manage to bring memes back from death

  • GigaByte
    GigaByte 2 days ago

    2008 memes...

  • Gold161803
    Gold161803 2 days ago +1

    Why is he talking to Robert Pattinson about Harry Potter?

  • Lulu three
    Lulu three 2 days ago


  • Crazy Spinita
    Crazy Spinita 2 days ago

    He sound like Tom Holland

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin 2 days ago

    Once again, people giving memes a bad name. Memes are not what they were back in my days.

  • Mฤori juana
    Mฤori juana 2 days ago

    What happens to his hair?

  • gefelon iotavo
    gefelon iotavo 2 days ago

    Quem aรญ como eu รฉ br mais tem o inglรชs fluente ?

  • luuk hendriksen
    luuk hendriksen 2 days ago

    possibly upper exposure bdoalf specialist long-term off house opera hey railroad intend.

  • Annie Peterson
    Annie Peterson 2 days ago +1

    The most genuine, truthful, intelligent & entertaining one! Truly the most deserving!

  • Aaron Morris
    Aaron Morris 2 days ago

    These memes are like something your teacher shows you

  • Nerd Librarian
    Nerd Librarian 2 days ago

    *Daniel is looking handsome today,known as harry potter from the movie.I am surprised to see that he is all grown up now. :)*

  • Weirdmonkey 555
    Weirdmonkey 555 2 days ago

    ur a mlg noscoper harry
    im a wot
    a mlg noscoper
    im just harry, just harry
    well just harry, u r a mlg noscoper.
    U W O T M 8

  • Big Geez
    Big Geez 2 days ago

    D3D mems new ones plez thnx xx