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  • Friendly Gaming
    Friendly Gaming Day ago +4

    Karlos is ruthless

    Thats why its entertaining

  • Jessica Amado
    Jessica Amado 2 days ago

    how do u go to college and make $25k a year boi that’s how much my mom makes and i’m 21 and make like $2k a year while in college LMAO

  • Shannon Larkspur
    Shannon Larkspur 2 days ago +2

    Why does everyone hate Karlos he really isn't that bad he says a few ignorant things, but almost everyone else does too

  • Jonne Päätalo
    Jonne Päätalo 2 days ago

    I love how The guy says at 3:05 nobody wears Black and blue anymore and he IS wearing that

  • Audrey Germane
    Audrey Germane 3 days ago

    They need me on this episode

  • bibiya be yeye
    bibiya be yeye 3 days ago +2

    I definitly love everything about Karlos he has to be a regular contestant

  • sNippSss bts
    sNippSss bts 3 days ago

    Wanna do well in your life
    Then tell other's how to live theirs. *LIFE COACH*

  • soulman_k
    soulman_k 4 days ago

    The life coach makes a lot of money because a lot of people buy her bullshit.

  • HardHeadHunter
    HardHeadHunter 4 days ago

    Yo if I had 15 to 20 K per month I’d be a king pin and buy Wall Street

  • Kelsey Dittloff
    Kelsey Dittloff 5 days ago

    High key love that orange top though

  • Emmanuel-John Turner

    It really pisses me off that Black people are either entertainers, some form of low-end caretaker, or in banking; AKA broke people jobs. My people are sorry.

  • Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts 5 days ago

    Damn 16 to 20 a month and sexy

  • Bad Actors Academy
    Bad Actors Academy 5 days ago

    Oh shit, my nigga Lamont haha

  • Hood Hippie
    Hood Hippie 6 days ago

    Why y’all hating on karlos for?

  • Hood Hippie
    Hood Hippie 6 days ago

    Karlos is the best he is too funny

  • P_atrick
    P_atrick 6 days ago

    I wear black and blue and look fly as hell. But it’s cool.

  • Yendor
    Yendor 7 days ago +1

    Any video with Karlos, is my favorite

  • Nasir Ali Year 8
    Nasir Ali Year 8 7 days ago +1

    Carlos looks like chance the rapper

  • ZenBluu
    ZenBluu 8 days ago

    Not to flex but my parents make more than anyone there uwu

  • Xx JOHN xX GR IlIlIlIlIlIl

    Well in my country the most common income is like around 20k

  • Ash Kim
    Ash Kim 9 days ago +1

    This show gets so personal with people. Next episode, "Guess People's Social Security Numbers!"

  • Dreaded Like A Rasta

    "Married for a while?" - "Many times."
    "Oh that means he has good money cause he has gone through many divorces." - "I never said anything about divorces"
    All calm and collected, like. 😂 What a fucking boss.

  • K Squad
    K Squad 9 days ago +1

    I wanna make 800,000 a year and wen I graduate I wanna go to the army then do that for 6 years and then own my own business.

  • Skinny Ebert, Siskel with Hair

    When you start asking about people's money, people get jealous and mad.

  • cheeseburger
    cheeseburger 10 days ago


  • Hailey George
    Hailey George 11 days ago

    I like how the blonde has the most bullshit job yet is raking in the most money

  • Mathias Dam
    Mathias Dam 11 days ago


  • MagicMan
    MagicMan 12 days ago

    "I think you're a mechanic"... "200k a year". Wtf?

  • Elijah Rabouin
    Elijah Rabouin 12 days ago

    What's wrong with u nothin
    Shawty I said what's wrong with u I said nothing I just think it's funny we have been talking for so long

  • Reese Tonge
    Reese Tonge 13 days ago

    5 year olds driving porches

  • Another Paige Of Life
    Another Paige Of Life 13 days ago

    The cut at 1:24 to 1:25 got me fucked up like if you noticed it too it's just kinda a wtf moment that made me just kinda repeat it a few times XD

  • Ncklz
    Ncklz 13 days ago

    3:03 "no one wears black and blue anymore" *is wearing black and blue*

    • Cam.
      Cam. 12 days ago

      its dark blue and jeans...I'm sure you need glasses..

  • Sydney Oden
    Sydney Oden 13 days ago


  • Iris ohara nixey
    Iris ohara nixey 13 days ago

    I like Karlos everyone chill x

  • Iris ohara nixey
    Iris ohara nixey 13 days ago

    25k is average for middle aged people in the uk get over it x

  • jonathan bura
    jonathan bura 13 days ago +1

    Karlos funny asf lmao good energy

  • silent dazer
    silent dazer 14 days ago

    The bum lookin guy makes 150k bro

  • kim
    kim 14 days ago

    Dude I need to become a life coach

  • Jada Pascascio
    Jada Pascascio 14 days ago +1

    I love Karlos sm, he is hilarious and anyone who says different can smd 🤣

  • poodlecupsfive
    poodlecupsfive 15 days ago

    I knew that dude was in IT I guessed software engineer right away

  • Alexa Vlogs
    Alexa Vlogs 15 days ago +1

    i love karlos 🤩🤩😂

  • Brooklynn H
    Brooklynn H 15 days ago

    How did he not see the $150k IT guy as $150k IT guy?

  • Si Y
    Si Y 16 days ago +1

    Y’all really hate karlos like damn y’all some fuckin haters

  • Joel Rodriguez
    Joel Rodriguez 16 days ago

    If i went there i would look and smell like i work in a taco truck

  • A Sausage Egg and Cheese Biscuit

    I have a friend that is eerily similar to Karlos

  • Tamu Audwodia
    Tamu Audwodia 16 days ago

    5:31 he reminded me so much of Malik Forte. Must be his cousin or something.

  • Fred West
    Fred West 16 days ago +1

    So many people hate Karlos, but to me he's one of the best ones, if not *the* best lmao

  • Crystal H
    Crystal H 16 days ago

    Didn’t they do this video weeks ago.

  • XOTechno_PathOX
    XOTechno_PathOX 16 days ago

    He looks like mr.beast if he was black

  • Biscuit Green bird
    Biscuit Green bird 16 days ago

    My name is Aleyha my name is the same as 4:41

  • slasher youredead
    slasher youredead 16 days ago

    Oh she makes 75k annual and shops expensive *clearly*, *clearly* apart of a pyramid scheme lmfao

  • Dope Shii
    Dope Shii 17 days ago

    Karlos looks like juice wrld

  • Epic Tien
    Epic Tien 17 days ago +9

    “Was I right”
    “Oh what happened”
    “I’m not broke” BOI

  • Natalina Zappone
    Natalina Zappone 17 days ago +3

    I love Karlos is soo funny and I love him. I think he is just really entertaining.

  • Bruna Zampieri
    Bruna Zampieri 17 days ago

    Get Karlos' hair back!! I loved his hair styles!! He is def the best one in the line ups

  • AttackOnGamer
    AttackOnGamer 17 days ago

    This dude kinda looks like juice wrld

  • Meridith Demello
    Meridith Demello 18 days ago

    3:03nobody wears black and blue anymore.
    Is wearing black and blue

  • Roman Spataro
    Roman Spataro 18 days ago

    that shirt is fire. karlos is wearing jean joggers

  • Seynab Ali
    Seynab Ali 18 days ago

    You guys should do guess who's vegan.

  • shaft johnson
    shaft johnson 18 days ago

    That dike looks like bull1trc

  • Queen❤
    Queen❤ 18 days ago

    I will not tolerate any Karlos slander!!

  • Rachel Robi
    Rachel Robi 19 days ago


  • Sheyenne Ontiveros
    Sheyenne Ontiveros 19 days ago

    so y'all just gonna ignore the fact that he said Liam Nielsen, when it's Liam Neeson

  • Karen Evans
    Karen Evans 19 days ago

    I would hate to do this

  • aw heck my hot pocket
    aw heck my hot pocket 19 days ago +1

    guy: media and communications
    karlos: who?!
    god I love karlos 🤧🤪

  • Elly Green
    Elly Green 19 days ago Microsoft.....??

  • Emileaha !!
    Emileaha !! 19 days ago

    Match/guess who’s siblings

  • lady lamps
    lady lamps 19 days ago

    I hate Karlos too, he's like that gay black guy that thinks he's better than everyone

  • lady lamps
    lady lamps 19 days ago

    Very racist, of course the black people make the least amount of money per year, and he's black himself. Half of these people probably make 30,000 a year

  • artazia Armstrong
    artazia Armstrong 19 days ago

    Good vidoe

  • Jaylah Neal
    Jaylah Neal 19 days ago

    wait the dude w da iphone 4 he did wrong i feel bad for him :'(

  • sijo punnoose
    sijo punnoose 19 days ago

    I dont like this dude

  • A M
    A M 19 days ago

    Normally Karlos is a huge cringe, he usually comes off as rude and self-absorbed but in this video he was actually decent.

  • wicious
    wicious 19 days ago +1

    Karlos is so precious

  • Tagera Williams
    Tagera Williams 19 days ago

    Honestly karlos is not a fav anymore. It’s just he’s constantly rude in videos to the point where I don’t even want to watch this.

  • Varedz
    Varedz 19 days ago

    Reupload why

  • Blue Queen
    Blue Queen 19 days ago +20

    He’s one of the most entertaining people but he can come across as rude and almost arrogant. Still pretty funny though

  • Rickish Monkey66
    Rickish Monkey66 19 days ago

    You can’t always judge someone’s income by their looks. you would be surprised how many people have credit card debt or have loans that they can’t pay.

  • joeee60
    joeee60 20 days ago

    Is this a re upload??

  • Oliver Davis
    Oliver Davis 20 days ago

    That old guy tho

  • Skinny2Swole
    Skinny2Swole 20 days ago

    yall keep reposting shit.

  • Burning
    Burning 20 days ago +6

    Asian, so no body odour my dude. Smells like a fresh bath and responsibility.

  • Lily Moen
    Lily Moen 20 days ago +3


  • Hugo Nabais
    Hugo Nabais 20 days ago

    Duplicate episode...

  • dw ツ
    dw ツ 20 days ago

    why did this get re uploaded

  • Z O
    Z O 20 days ago +1

    I like this guy a lot haha

  • Genius Kidd
    Genius Kidd 20 days ago +5

    He is obviously racist against his own race.

  • Goofy2k
    Goofy2k 20 days ago

    LA nibbas are so weird (im talking about the libtards)

  • lawrevin Malong
    lawrevin Malong 20 days ago

    God i'm addicted to this channel

  • Miss Shaneice
    Miss Shaneice 20 days ago

    this was already uploaded before

  • Ryan Dritama
    Ryan Dritama 20 days ago

    They cut the scene when the exterminator wanted to kill him

  • DaDonBossMan
    DaDonBossMan 20 days ago

    This shit has been reuploaded for like 3 months now come up with new shit already

  • Doyle James
    Doyle James 21 day ago +1

    How the fuck does a hair dresser make 100,000

  • Noelia
    Noelia 21 day ago

    Y’all should bring back detrek and daniel🥺

  • Javier Estrada
    Javier Estrada 21 day ago +1

    Damn it Karlos you got me singing Rock the Boat and its the one song that scares me cuz Aaliyah passed almost imediately after filming the video for Rock the Boat.

  • Josh DePaola
    Josh DePaola 21 day ago +1

    Regardless if you like Karlos or not ( I don't + his husband ) the fact is cut is really beating a dead horse bringing him back over and over again the only good video he was in his first.

    • Josh DePaola
      Josh DePaola 20 days ago

      +Karlos Dillard do you do this to everyone who doesn't like you ?? This must happen offten you're a loser on a USclip video bye
      No hate to cut !!!!

    • Karlos Dillard
      Karlos Dillard 20 days ago +1

      Josh DePaola and keep @cut they don’t read the comments 😂😂

    • Karlos Dillard
      Karlos Dillard 20 days ago +1

      Josh DePaola I have a bachelors degree and my husband has his masters. The fact that you aren’t even a real adult here means the conversation is over. I don’t argue with people’s kids. Respect your elders 😂

    • Josh DePaola
      Josh DePaola 20 days ago


    • Josh DePaola
      Josh DePaola 20 days ago

      +Karlos Dillard I would tell you why people find you annoying but you're so good at doing it yourself so blind 😂 oh and btw I'm going to school for comp science one of my passions not thirsting over if Cut will bring me back or not 😬 if these videos are your biggest accomplishment then I seriously feel bad for you and excuse your behavior

  • edudom24 hey
    edudom24 hey 21 day ago

    "I never said anything about a divorce"🤣

  • Swfity Gaming
    Swfity Gaming 21 day ago

    My dad makes 15k a year

  • ObamaisnextLincoln
    ObamaisnextLincoln 21 day ago +1

    How the hell does a worthless "life coach" make that much??

  • Ashley Loera
    Ashley Loera 21 day ago

    Okay I love karlos ♥️. But the only thing that was disturbing was the fact the he said that if you have an iPhone your not homeless or did I hear wrong?. Because my mom has an iPhone Xs not trying to brag but we're not that rich. I truly adore him. No shade. Just tryna get that out there. Happy holidays ♥️.

    • Karlos Dillard
      Karlos Dillard 20 days ago

      What does owning a iPhone have to do with being rich? I said if you own a iPhone and don’t have a place to live then maybe sell your phone for rent Or something. Stop trying to make something out of nothing.
      If you mom had a iPhone good for her! But I’m sure she pays her bills and isn’t homeless