We Reveal How We Successfully Ask Out Boys • Ladylike

  • Published on Jul 1, 2018
  • We tie our dance cards around a dog's tail and let it run through town to see what happens.
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  • JumperGirl 13
    JumperGirl 13 4 days ago

    i just said, "hey, you wouldnt wanna be my bf would ya?" and he smiled and said "i was trying to find a way to ask you and im glad you did the asking"

  • I smell bread
    I smell bread 6 days ago

    Recently I found out this boy has a huge crush on me and now I like him back

    Should I ask him out?

  • weed_is_safe
    weed_is_safe 7 days ago

    The fuck is this fabricated bs

  • Gymnasiu's Channel
    Gymnasiu's Channel 7 days ago

    So I am I'm middle school. And I had a crush on this boy for the whole year and then he finally asked me out. So now I have a boyfriend. And I am really happy. Like happier then I have ever been.
    Its probably not going to last. Sense middle school relationships don't last that long. But I have hung out with him. So that's gotta be something right.

  • Mr.Thing
    Mr.Thing 10 days ago

    The guy with 8th grade Devin is hot

  • MissSimplyKC
    MissSimplyKC 16 days ago

    yeah im pretty impatient and its hard sometimes lol so i texted him if he wanted to meet but he didnt give me a straight no or yes

  • Dipanwita Deb
    Dipanwita Deb 20 days ago

    Who actually is Dev's boyfriend?.😅

  • kaylene crane
    kaylene crane 21 day ago

    I wasn’t looking for a relationship, then boom I met my significant other.. crazy how it works.

  • Lyra Lavatera
    Lyra Lavatera 27 days ago

    Ok so girls CAN ask out guys successfully I'm glad its been done

  • Lyra Lavatera
    Lyra Lavatera 27 days ago

    For whoever sees this
    I like someone who likes me and it all originated from a ship from my toxic friend. Anyways, he says if I asked him he would date me and he knows I prob know him but he hasnt asked me out, so what do i do?

  • Katrina Golias
    Katrina Golias Month ago

    Approached my now bf of one year when he was working at a bar and I was tipsy. 😂

  • Crystal Pistey-Lyhne


  • Daisy Lou
    Daisy Lou Month ago

    Y’all don’t put yourselves down and say ‘nobody will ever date me’ because that’s exactly what I thought, until I found out two of my friends liked me, so I dated one of them because I liked them both but liked her more, and then it turns out that one of my internet friends likes me, and THEN I find out one of my CLOSEST friends likes me, so hunnies it always the people you least expect
    Also for anyone who wants to know my current girlfriends name is Megan

  • 수얀
    수얀 Month ago

    i really wanna ask this guy who i really like out but he is giving me signs that he is interested and at the same time he isnt that interested, we havent talked before so should i start a conversation?

  • Justin B
    Justin B 2 months ago

    You need a gym membership, fatso.

  • Sam Sam
    Sam Sam 2 months ago

    You got my cherry dress on I want it back.

  • TJ Purdy
    TJ Purdy 2 months ago

    Um, I told my now SO "no" when he asked me out the first time. A couple months go by, I see him out of no where and my body was moving towards him without my knowledge. I poke him, he turns around and we're both flustered. I proceeded to ask him over for a dip in my hot tub the following weekend. It's been almost 7 months and I am completely in love with this man.

  • winget & winie canales
    winget & winie canales 2 months ago +1

    Kristins story about how she met her husband is close to how my mom met my dad , like being in a friend's birthday party but it was actually my who looked at my mom

  • Ale Jimenez
    Ale Jimenez 2 months ago

    Not surprised all of Kristen’s exes were gay

  • Rose Condron
    Rose Condron 2 months ago

    Can you do a video about the first time someone asked you out?

  • reneedooma
    reneedooma 2 months ago

    “I can do stuff with my butt he doesn’t know. He’s missing out!”

  • Maryam Alsaffar
    Maryam Alsaffar 2 months ago

    Jen sees the video and she's just like "...LEsBOoOooOooON!"😆

  • Makaelah M.
    Makaelah M. 3 months ago

    I clicked this video because i need help 😂😂

  • gabriella marshel
    gabriella marshel 3 months ago

    Is it only me or the dude fetus Devin take a photo with is freaking hot????

  • Donna Bowen
    Donna Bowen 3 months ago

    This was very cute and very good advice thanks ladies

  • Bliss Fancy
    Bliss Fancy 3 months ago

    These stories are great, love spending time with my girls but uh... Tips? Cause I'm suddenly single after 8 years, girls! I need tips!

  • EarthenWitch
    EarthenWitch 3 months ago

    “I liked this boy named Alan *miaow*” 😂

  • yuri_ DDLC
    yuri_ DDLC 3 months ago

    PM seymour

  • Kurchuk
    Kurchuk 3 months ago

    Current husband???

  • Evelyn Petersen
    Evelyn Petersen 3 months ago

    Exactly what happened with me and my husband lol

  • Eliana Fish
    Eliana Fish 3 months ago

    “My current husband”

  • Вероника Марс

    not tryna be mean but devin seams like the kind of person who instead of listening to what you have to say just waits for you to stop talking so that she could talk about herself more

  • Shu Lee
    Shu Lee 3 months ago

    I'm on mobile and I swear I saw just "suc" instead of the rest of it I-

  • cinestencia
    cinestencia 3 months ago

    GIVE THEM THEIR OWN SHOW trixie&katya style tho.

  • nerdZspider
    nerdZspider 3 months ago

    is Devin 39?!?

  • Gabrielle Sevita
    Gabrielle Sevita 3 months ago

    So uh, how to ask our girls? Because I’m very gay

  • Socks Unbox
    Socks Unbox 3 months ago

    I'm 13 and I'm so f**king lonely

  • Socks Unbox
    Socks Unbox 3 months ago

    Can you help me with this

  • Aiden Roam
    Aiden Roam 3 months ago

    you guys are the best

  • Willa Suttie
    Willa Suttie 4 months ago

    who cares. its summer iM hOt

  • Sophia Dragneel
    Sophia Dragneel 4 months ago

    *Bi squad where you at?*

  • fiddlhead
    fiddlhead 4 months ago

    "My current husband" lo

  • Semone Robinson
    Semone Robinson 4 months ago

    Look at us now
    We both have smelly men that we live with 🤣

  • Lorelei Thomas
    Lorelei Thomas 4 months ago

    Hooray for the gay boyfriend club!

  • Sydney Rutledge
    Sydney Rutledge 4 months ago

    why am i watching this ?? im gay

  • jarjarlove22
    jarjarlove22 4 months ago

    LOL shes fking halarious

  • Sarah Bailey
    Sarah Bailey 4 months ago

    I have a small story for my successful/unsuccessful time I asked out the guy who I am deeply in love with but lost him, and now we are back in each others lives though some complications are in the way. So my sophomore year of high school, my first year at a different school, and my english teacher's son is sitting at her desk, on his phone. I went up to him and said "Hi! I'm Sarah. And you are?" And he just said "Eric." Didn't even look up at me. So i said "Alright, well now you have a friend." Then a school year goes by to my junior year and he comes into his mom's classroom as I'm there talking to her about joining a club she ran. And he was really funny and cute and my friend was there also and told me to ask Eric out. So as we're all walking out of the school, Eric goes "I'm gonna go home and take a nap." And I thought 'this is my chance, go for it!' So i say, "Can I get your number first?" AND THAT WORKED😂And we dated for about 5 months until my parents made me break up with him because he was going though a lot and was very depressed. So I never got over him, no matter how hard I tried. I even dated someone for 6 months until that guy became abusive. So now, here we are, my senior year, friends again after I begged him to forgive me and just have a conversation here and there because I needed him in my life. And I know for a fact he is everything I ever dreamed of, and he treated me so well. But I'm not sure if I'll ever get him back😂🤷‍♀️

  • ArashiNatsu
    ArashiNatsu 4 months ago

    edit: "we dont need a boy to be happy"
    this is my new favorite motto

  • Myopi Dodi
    Myopi Dodi 4 months ago

    A lot of comments: "so basically you gotta not give a fuck"
    Me: nah you gotta just not seem nervous and desperate

  • SweetmeatsFan
    SweetmeatsFan 4 months ago

    And I'm sitting here and realizing I am really not. interested. in. people. In dating people, I mean. Wow, me.

  • Loner Boi
    Loner Boi 4 months ago

    We need one to ask out girls

  • B B
    B B 4 months ago +1

    Deleted then downloaded tinder 5 times in 1 week. I fear rejection & just can’t 😫😫😫

  • Courtney Lindsay
    Courtney Lindsay 5 months ago

    Petition to have ladylike react to Devin’s Starkid days.

  • codegeassgirl0
    codegeassgirl0 5 months ago

    I love how Kristen said her “current husband” 😂

  • Quarantined Cosmonaut
    Quarantined Cosmonaut 5 months ago

    In my experience with men they like the chase. The moment you act like you don't want them is the moment they chase you. It's important at the beginning stages to maintain maximum aloofness.

  • Cherry Bandit
    Cherry Bandit 5 months ago

    Okay, Jen...how do you successfully ask out a girl?

  • Katherine Ross
    Katherine Ross 5 months ago

    That hot guy that Devin was sitting on in that photo was definitely a fuck-boy at some point.

  • Essie Bassett
    Essie Bassett 5 months ago

    “My current husband”

  • Camryn Starling
    Camryn Starling 5 months ago

    My current husband 😂😂😂😂

  • maggie lee
    maggie lee 5 months ago


  • Savannah Seney
    Savannah Seney 5 months ago

    Ooooh! Devin! Now I know what not to do! 😂😂😂 you’re awesome!

  • Elle Marie
    Elle Marie 5 months ago

    Kristen tested...Brian approved

  • Hailey Delgado
    Hailey Delgado 5 months ago

    Lady tested lady got dates

  • Jessica !
    Jessica ! 5 months ago

    “My current husband”

  • Tila Hooper
    Tila Hooper 5 months ago

    Does anyone know what sweater Devin was wearing?

  • Purple Panda Girl
    Purple Panda Girl 5 months ago

    Okay people of th internet I need your help with my dad I gotta life: Basically I am reallllly obsessed with this boy and I always catch him looking at me when I’m not looking ( bc my Bezzie is like HES LOOKING AT U OMG) and we’re friends . But I do t know what to do or how to approach him about the situation: Like what if it goes wrong? What if I ruin or friendship?WHAT DO I DO? I NEED TO KNOW IF HE LIKES M EEEEE

  • Sylvia Forgach
    Sylvia Forgach 5 months ago

    i didn't ask out my current fiance buttttttttt how i found out that he liked me was the cutest thing

  • shoomzii S
    shoomzii S 5 months ago

    Lmao, they're freaking hilarious!

  • Jacquline venegas
    Jacquline venegas 6 months ago +1

    I cant wait either but guys seem to like it when you make the first move 😂 how i got my husband

  • Larissa Cameron
    Larissa Cameron 6 months ago

    Every single boy I dated in highschool and college (5 in total) ended up being gay. There was ONE who said he was bi and I believe him but he's also only dated guys since so I kinda think he was just sparing my feelings considering I'm bi myself.

  • Joanne Laird
    Joanne Laird 6 months ago

    Fuck, Kristin. Youre so god damn gorgeous it caught me off guard guuuuuuuurl 💁🏻‍♀️✊🏻

  • Sanarah HaranaS
    Sanarah HaranaS 6 months ago

    It'd be interesting to hear this from their perspective too

  • x jimin
    x jimin 6 months ago

    Devin liked someone in 8th grade names Allan....

    I like someone named Allan and he’s in 8th grade ;-;

  • Daisy Doodle
    Daisy Doodle 6 months ago

    Current husband? Lol!

  • Kaleigh Snow
    Kaleigh Snow 7 months ago

    I love that ending xD

  • bonnie belle
    bonnie belle 7 months ago

    I tried online flirting with someone I’ve never met the other day but I sorta know thru a friend, the convo lasted for 5 minuets and he left me on read..😅😫😂

  • cary torres
    cary torres 7 months ago +1

    Everyone always asked me out and the first time i actually asked a boy out I dated him for 3 years and now married to him

  • Just Me
    Just Me 7 months ago

    I met my current boyfriend on a dating app, and I messaged him first. We've been together for almost a year, our anniversary will be January 1st.

  • njuta
    njuta 7 months ago +1

    "my current husband" sounds so temporary?

  • Shiloh Taylor
    Shiloh Taylor 7 months ago

    Devin’s skin is “GLOWING.” Sis, drop a skin care/everyday makeup routine video for those of us trying to get right💁🏾‍♀️😔.

  • Lisa Da Evil
    Lisa Da Evil 7 months ago

    “Kristin tested Kristin approved!”🤣🤣

  • Jacky Diaz
    Jacky Diaz 7 months ago

    My dating life is nonexistent 😪😪

  • Ivysaur :3
    Ivysaur :3 7 months ago

    I’ve never asked anyone out bc I’m too shy and awkward, yet my friend who’s gay has told all the people he’s liked that he liked them which takes a lot more courage 😂😅

  • Staci Thomas
    Staci Thomas 7 months ago

    "I don't really care if this goes anywhere." That's why it did. Happy for you.

  • Stephanie Smith
    Stephanie Smith 7 months ago

    I love Devon and Kristin videos

  • MsAquamonkey
    MsAquamonkey 7 months ago

    Didn't ask out my SO. I went flying over my own feet, and apparently, as he came over to help., that did it for him. Flirting isn't my strong suit...

  • Sade Tuckett
    Sade Tuckett 7 months ago

    Seen him where? "At an L.L. Bean catalog???" 💀

  • Jody Hakala
    Jody Hakala 7 months ago

    Feeling ourselves is such a odd way to say i am feeling confident! And looking and feeling great now.

  • I give up on life
    I give up on life 8 months ago

    Well Kristin’s married now :D

  • Inayah Jones
    Inayah Jones 8 months ago

    That outro though 😍😍😂

  • Autumn Griffin
    Autumn Griffin 8 months ago +2

    This explains why I can't get a guy...

    I'm lonely

  • Jane Young
    Jane Young 8 months ago


  • Kylie Myers
    Kylie Myers 8 months ago

    She said current husband...duh duh duhhhhhhhhhh

  • miss M
    miss M 8 months ago

    Hmm. I date MEN, not boys.. Lets be women not GIRLS.. 🤔

  • Shannon Evans
    Shannon Evans 8 months ago

    And poof, there is a Brian (Or Bryan idk)

  • Taleyah Thomas
    Taleyah Thomas 8 months ago

    I wonder if the same goes for girls trying to find other girls, just don't gaf and you'll be fine!

  • Erica dc
    Erica dc 8 months ago

    -searches dating life-
    No Relative Searches-
    Try's again-
    Google has shut down-

  • Beth B
    Beth B 8 months ago +5

    “We now have smelly men we live with” if that’s the cost then I don’t want it

    • JDMime
      JDMime 5 months ago

      lol! best comment (even though I also live with a smelly man and man dog).

  • SailorKeeks9997
    SailorKeeks9997 8 months ago

    Only guy I ever asked out is my bf of 4 years... you never know!

  • Scarlett DoesMakeup
    Scarlett DoesMakeup 8 months ago +1

    How i successfully ask someone out?

    *I DONT*