#10 Oklahoma vs #13 Baylor Highlights | Week 12 | College Football | 2019

  • Published on Nov 17, 2019
  • 2019 College Football Week 12 #10 Oklahoma vs #13 Baylor Highlights
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  • Motley Byron
    Motley Byron Day ago

    Oklahoma led by Jalen Hurts overcomes a 25 point deficit to WIN a game... Tom Brady would be PROUD!

  • Andrew Yousif
    Andrew Yousif Day ago

    Jalen hurts casually shaking his head at the end was cool as shig ngl.

  • ToonUp
    ToonUp Day ago

    Baylor: blows 28-3 lead.
    Falcons: First time?

  • Matthew Mabry
    Matthew Mabry Day ago

    Oklahoma left tackle got away with MURDER all game

  • Gabe Brown
    Gabe Brown 3 days ago

    This has to be the sloppiest football I’ve ever seen. Damn near 18 turnovers in one half

  • April Dickerson
    April Dickerson 3 days ago

    I was in the casino losing badly, listening to this from the fans there and looked up and saw the score and got depressed and then I start hearing people get louder and louder and louder and we made that kick and that fucking place went bat shit fickin crazy fellas no shit , OU will get in the CFP and validity will be assigned to the reason OU has the Chokelahoma comments ! I'd rather go to a good bowl versus Bama , the nation would love that ', versus getting in and falling flat on our asses again just take it for what you will bit OU in this year's CFP , man come on

  • Kay Meauxss
    Kay Meauxss 4 days ago

    hurts is so bad. People who say he’s a competent QB are some of the dumbest people alive

    • Oh R
      Oh R 4 hours ago

      Kay Meauxss lol mad Baylor fan

  • Fake Account
    Fake Account 5 days ago

    I guess everybody forgets how bad hurts choked in the national Championship huh.

  • Fake Account
    Fake Account 5 days ago

    Well now its time for a rematch. Big 12 Championship game coming up this weekend.

  • K S
    K S 8 days ago

    Where’s Spot?

  • HellDignity Entertainment and Gaming

    Atlanta: I taught Baylor everything he knows...

  • Mylum O'Shinn
    Mylum O'Shinn 11 days ago

    at 8:10 what kind of tackling job was that, #8? Look like he was playing tag football instead of tackling. Jalen Hurts thinks hes Cam Newton even fumbles like Cam Newton. The kid is going to be a lemon in the NFL.

  • Chris D
    Chris D 14 days ago

    I really fuck w JH1 like really hard but damn guys, the Big12 on Big12 violence has got to stop! Once again another year where most likely there will be no big12 rep for the playoff. Ughhhh!! Every year the big 12 continually cannibalize one another!!!l

  • Michael Salazar II
    Michael Salazar II 14 days ago


  • Troy McCoy III
    Troy McCoy III 15 days ago

    #10 cold asf 😂

  • Evil Kermit
    Evil Kermit 15 days ago

    Only 307 yards allowed against Baylor. Pretty good imo against a team that averaged somewhere in the 470s coming into this game.

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith 16 days ago

    Watch ref at 3:11. Looks like he was blocking baylor player from the ball

  • Jay Santana
    Jay Santana 17 days ago

    This was a payton manning type game omm

  • Ben Edmondson
    Ben Edmondson 17 days ago

    As an Iowa State fan, this was nice to watch

  • David H
    David H 17 days ago +1

    Not playing Stephan F Austin, Rice or UTSA...

  • Markovisch
    Markovisch 17 days ago

    A lot of praise obviously for the Sooners to still win, but who even expected that Baylor would be so competitive in this game? Kudo's to them, what a great first half of the game they played!

  • Taylor Sharp
    Taylor Sharp 17 days ago

    Greatest game ive ever seen my Sooners play. Pure champions in this 1

  • Grey Guce
    Grey Guce 17 days ago +1

    hu da now 147 thumbs down idiots?? great game, great announcers, volume and editing superb. not espn or youtube fault ur dumb bears blew it and exposed as pretenders. wat with ur spanking hi skool teams, then only one or two quality Ws during da cupcake big12 schedule enroute to ur then fake 9-0 record, HAHA

  • spence
    spence 18 days ago

    Hurts was dogshit and still gets credit for the win lmfao the media and fans are so stupid

  • neetrab
    neetrab 18 days ago

    I can't believe it...smh. My team had Matt Rhule and they looked good... then he goes to Baylor. Now I don't think Temple will ever get a chance to be really good anytime soon. smh

  • Calkids Bradley
    Calkids Bradley 18 days ago

    One of the best come backs ever! Love the quality of the video, felt like I was on the 50yard line...…..AWESOME JOB.

  • jessica lane
    jessica lane 18 days ago +1

    Baylor choked plain and simple

  • Thiebaut Gaming
    Thiebaut Gaming 18 days ago

    Charlie brewer is dope

  • Thomas Lowery
    Thomas Lowery 18 days ago

    The faces on them Baylor fans after My Sooners came bacc were priceless 😂😂

  • Kîlł Mę Płêæšë

    I really wish it was the other way around so we could call them Chokelahoma

  • mychael c
    mychael c 18 days ago

    the ground caused a fumble...pathetic

  • Michael Wilson
    Michael Wilson 18 days ago

    College football is much more exciting than N.F.L

  • Darin Weaver
    Darin Weaver 18 days ago

    NFL teams better draft JH if you need QB

  • Rashid Sundiata
    Rashid Sundiata 19 days ago

    Hurts plays like Cam Newton.

  • Acacia Sprouse
    Acacia Sprouse 19 days ago

    Only champions make comebacks like that. Boomer☝🏻

  • Draxner yorke
    Draxner yorke 19 days ago

    WHAT A FUCKING GAME !!!!!!!!

  • Oscar Marroquin
    Oscar Marroquin 19 days ago

    No disrespect to the big12 but every year it's the same shit with this conference. 1 or 2 teams are highly ranked by playing in a overrated conference only for said team to get exposed and reminded that they aren't on the same level of the Clemson's, Alabama's and ohio states of the world. The big 12 hasn't produced a national championship winning team in 15 years. Yawn. Same ol big 12

    • Oscar Marroquin
      Oscar Marroquin 19 days ago

      @SpencerAXbot but unfortunately the conference is judged by what OU and until recently Texas do in postseason play.

    • SpencerAXbot
      SpencerAXbot 19 days ago

      the big 12 has the best post season bowl record of all conferences, the big 12 always start up with 2 ranked teams in the beginning of the season, then the end of the season comes by and there is 4/5 ranked big 12 teams

      its just OU that's overrated

  • Chris GetOFFmeHOE
    Chris GetOFFmeHOE 19 days ago


  • John Matthews
    John Matthews 19 days ago

    Man, this is what it's like to watch conference champions. I've been missing out over the last decade.
    Texas better get their shit together man. Fans, staff, and recruits are jumping off of the wagon fast.

  • Joel Driver
    Joel Driver 19 days ago

    In the last 15 years teams that were down 25 points to a ranked team on the road were 1-902. Make that 2-902 now. This was a historic comeback.

  • Iceresistance
    Iceresistance 19 days ago

    Baylor was ahead 31-10 by Halftime and it seemed hopeless for OU to win.
    And this happens. . .
    OU Scored like mad in the 2nd half and Baylor went scoreless and everyone started to wonder and ask, "What happened to Baylor!?" "Their Offense and Defense completely collapsed!" OU's Offense and Defense unexpectedly ramped up and they won 34-31 and everyone was SHOCKED!

    Tbh, Baylor did what OU did in the 2nd half vs Iowa State, score 35-14 and edge out 42-41.

  • Gee Tee
    Gee Tee 19 days ago

    Check out the ref around that 2:24

  • Crazy Ant
    Crazy Ant 19 days ago

    This was a fun game to watch. Jalen Hurts is a solid player, and even a player person. Happy to see him fight through to get the W. Hopefully, he will get another shot at the Natty

  • Hc Collier
    Hc Collier 19 days ago

    Baylor O & D played lights out in the first half, and then turned the lights out in the second half. From brilliant to 💀. Wow.

  • Jay reed
    Jay reed 19 days ago

    I want Jalen to win at everything kid tuff

  • Jay reed
    Jay reed 19 days ago

    Great game.

  • Bryan Kirkham
    Bryan Kirkham 19 days ago +1

    My favorite sign at the game was “Win or lose we don’t live in Oklahoma “. Haha

  • Steve Back
    Steve Back 19 days ago

    Anyone notice how Fowler about jerks off every time Baylor scored, forced a turnover, or sacked Hurts but when OU did the exact same thing it was oh...yeah Oklahoma did something

  • Paulette Billy
    Paulette Billy 19 days ago


  • Jeremy Johnson
    Jeremy Johnson 19 days ago

    I was watching this game, and was thoroughly disgusted at half. At the second half kickoff, I told myself if OU did nothing on this drive, I’m turning the game off. What a comeback. They played their asses off in that second half. Didn’t do any favors to my BP, but what a win.

  • BoomerG21
    BoomerG21 20 days ago

    Man I would be tempted to talk trash but I remember the crap that Kevin Sumlin pulled at UCLA so I will just mind my own business.

  • cyrus johnson
    cyrus johnson 20 days ago +1

    Them bears didn't get any cat that night

  • Rob Swan
    Rob Swan 20 days ago


  • John Pierre
    John Pierre 20 days ago

    Jalen Hurts is a bad boy

  • LeShon Perkins
    LeShon Perkins 20 days ago

    Wtf Baylor looked great in the first half but choked in the second half smh

    • SpencerAXbot
      SpencerAXbot 20 days ago

      OU outplayed baylor in the second half by making huge adjustments to their defense positioning and scheme

  • NotASmurph
    NotASmurph 20 days ago

    Question is now: was the Baylor lead a fluke or the Oklahoma comeback a fluke?

    • SpencerAXbot
      SpencerAXbot 20 days ago

      Oklahoma made major adjustments to their defense in the second half, they switched up some LB and CB players, and they started rushing 3 instead of 5

  • Finesse03
    Finesse03 20 days ago

    Be a different year for OU if they had calcatera healthy. No Ceedee, near pick 6, fumble at goal line. They tried to hand it to Baylor. If they play Baylor in the title game, OU will crush them. Second half is what that whole game will look like.

  • John Newhouse
    John Newhouse 20 days ago +1

    The game was EPIC. It shall live on in Sooner lore for a generation.

  • Jake Goodnight
    Jake Goodnight 20 days ago

    Hell of a game to be at! The few thousand of us Sooners that went were rowdy.

  • Michael L
    Michael L 20 days ago

    What a comeback