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  • Published on Feb 22, 2018
  • Our journey across Australia continues on to Melbourne where we dive head first into the thriving arts scene and get unexpected news about Aaron’s lost drone. SUBSCRIBE for more Will Smith:
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  • DECOY275
    DECOY275 7 hours ago

    New Zealand Pies twice as good

  • MadYellowAsian
    MadYellowAsian 2 days ago

    If you loved Australian meat pies, you will love New Zealand meat pies.

  • Chontique Treyvaud
    Chontique Treyvaud 5 days ago

    I'm an Aussie and I panicked while watching this.

  • Keenan Ahmad
    Keenan Ahmad 5 days ago

    kudos to you Will for getting with the times

  • C21L01
    C21L01 6 days ago +2

    A meat pie WITHOUT tomato sauce is a crime in Australia unless you’re allergic to tomatoes.
    Balfours are the best. 😋😋😋

  • littleeleven 11
    littleeleven 11 8 days ago

    i miss meat pies , now i live in america with carrot pies 😭

  • R.I.P. MOMMY Rhine
    R.I.P. MOMMY Rhine 9 days ago

    New subscriber yay 😀😀😀😀😀

  • José Rodrigues
    José Rodrigues 9 days ago

    0:15 Turn Down for What

  • T K
    T K 9 days ago

    Thought they meant hot as in spicy

  • Wissen ist Macht Wissen ist Macht


  • Momad Faruque
    Momad Faruque 10 days ago

    Come to Mozambique pls

  • Tiffany Cruse
    Tiffany Cruse 10 days ago


  • nthabiseng nonyane
    nthabiseng nonyane 10 days ago

    most of those imagines in that art gallery triggered my trypophobia, especially those skeleton heads and flowers aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh

  • tex mee
    tex mee 15 days ago

    Was I the only one that thought my phone battery was low when it popped up on the video? lol

  • Fran Elvis
    Fran Elvis 15 days ago +2

    Estaría genial que te pintarán un graffiti de tu retrato will. Esta muy bien hecho, es arte

  • A.M.HTTYD 3D
    A.M.HTTYD 3D 15 days ago +1

    U mean Hot as in Hot
    Or hot as in spicy

  • Yummi Playz
    Yummi Playz 16 days ago

    Hello my lads and laddies!

  • maidznoz oconnor
    maidznoz oconnor 16 days ago

    You need to try new zealand pies.. they better

  • Adam Bishop
    Adam Bishop 16 days ago

    sorry will, if you were told that 4n20 was a traditional australian meat pie, you got jipped by someone dodgy.. you gotta go to small family owned and run backery's... ask for a hunger buster or a ned kelly, steak and kidney is also up there... stay away from the sausage rolls - they are left overs , although, not bad with sauce and if you're starving

  • Cheyenne Faneva
    Cheyenne Faneva 16 days ago +3

    Come to New Zealand will, we have the best mince and cheese pies or any pie 🥧

  • fabiana rocha
    fabiana rocha 18 days ago

    Will grava aqui no Brasil

  • bom dia tanjia
    bom dia tanjia 18 days ago

    scientificaly prouved if you eat something hot you could loose some of your teeth

  • Preethi Nayak
    Preethi Nayak 18 days ago +6

    3:43 It is 'LAW OF ATTRACTION' according to Rhonda Byner as she explained in her book 'The Secret '. This book is really amazing 😤👌👍

  • Ps4/psn code please and thank you

    New Zealand pies are way better I have to say all respect to aussie though

  • Jams and sprite X
    Jams and sprite X 18 days ago +17

    Whoever's editing his videos has to get paid well

  • AlienFirefox
    AlienFirefox 19 days ago

    why melbourne the septic tank of australia

  • Cookie Dinoz
    Cookie Dinoz 20 days ago

    OhhHh thhaAtsss HoT

  • Jem Reeves
    Jem Reeves 21 day ago

    hahaha i love u will

  • Nick Picard
    Nick Picard 21 day ago

    Like if New Zealand’s meat pies are better

  • Carlos Marques
    Carlos Marques 21 day ago +1

    I'm from Brazil, I'll never see it. T-T

  • Mike G
    Mike G 22 days ago

    should've gone to pie face

  • Dion Brown
    Dion Brown 22 days ago

    throw some ketchup on the pie, put it between two pieces of buttered bread like a sandwich. Then eat it. Heaven bro. Heaven

  • KK
    KK 25 days ago +3

    you're Neo and Jada is Trinity, You're
    LEGEND man👌🙌🏾

  • Jacinta Anderson
    Jacinta Anderson 25 days ago

    why dont you just wait until it gets cool? Because thats not the way its done! hahaha

  • artyoucanhearTV
    artyoucanhearTV 27 days ago

    feel welcome to check my art out will, Jeff Has a Piece of it! @a5kem

  • C W
    C W 29 days ago


  • nineteen96
    nineteen96 Month ago


  • Julien Cheung
    Julien Cheung Month ago

    1:20 Ah haha Ah that's hot that's hot

  • Vili Afimeimounga
    Vili Afimeimounga Month ago

    Come to New Zealand that’s where it’s at way better pies

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan Month ago +2

    Can someone please tell me we’re Australia 🇦🇺 is ? And also Iv heard they are quite racist towards black people over there is that true everyone? 🤔👍🏿

  • Ali Abrahem
    Ali Abrahem Month ago +1

    will smith hasn't aged a bit

  • Timethy Connor
    Timethy Connor Month ago

    Scientology is Bullshit

  • Michael Wilson
    Michael Wilson Month ago

    Why would you want to visit Sydney or Melbourne both city’s are full of incredibly stupid and dumb people , the stupidity is unheard of unparalleled to the rest of the normal world

  • Lebron James
    Lebron James Month ago +2

    It’s funny how he pronounces Melbourne

  • daniel walec
    daniel walec Month ago +1

    Are you coming back but sydney this time

  • Frd Tlz
    Frd Tlz Month ago

    Boring superstar life

  • Hadyn Larcombe
    Hadyn Larcombe Month ago

    And your doing a great job at shay you do

  • Luke S
    Luke S Month ago

    Those Aussies set you up bro . You're not supposed to eat the pie when it's that hot. Shouldn't burn

  • Tony Sa
    Tony Sa Month ago

    Will Smith is a youtuber now? Why his hairline so far back tho

  • hidden master infinite

    what up with the cut will???

  • Ruan Reyes
    Ruan Reyes Month ago

    Hot funny

  • Lord Nandos
    Lord Nandos Month ago

    wait till you have a NZ pie

  • Charlie Ellison
    Charlie Ellison Month ago

    You cant do 4 20 pies first you have to find a bakery

  • MrWasa11
    MrWasa11 Month ago

    I’m starting to like will again

  • BadAzz Taz
    BadAzz Taz Month ago

    You a DOPE guy 🤘🏾

  • Darth Jipsy
    Darth Jipsy Month ago

    new zealand has the best pies

  • Quintin Chadderton
    Quintin Chadderton Month ago

    New Zealand has the best piw

  • Avery Woodard
    Avery Woodard Month ago +1

    Fulfill your dreams or someone will pay you to fulfill theirs !

  • rocky babe
    rocky babe Month ago +1

    Will eat the pie like he's eating a Jamaican Patty. That's exactly how you eat it 😂

  • hailem hailem
    hailem hailem Month ago

    Will face reactiom when foods in his mouth funny hahahah

  • Eddie Chand
    Eddie Chand Month ago

    man they did will smith wrong they got him the microwave pies, just come to NZ for a real pie

  • Rell Capone
    Rell Capone Month ago +1

    He looks like the genie off Aladdin 🤔🤔🤷‍♂️

  • Ronney Reed
    Ronney Reed Month ago

    I have had those pie's and they was Good!!!

  • Katie Evans
    Katie Evans Month ago

    Did you meet any people with blonde hair and black skin?

  • Mr Sosha Da baad Man

    I'm going to Melbourne mind made up.

  • Wayne Beriman
    Wayne Beriman Month ago

    Melbourne is not like the rest of Australia, Australia is out of the cities .

  • IThrowRocks
    IThrowRocks Month ago

    jaidyn was at culture kings yee yaa

  • SixthBenjamin
    SixthBenjamin Month ago

    7:07 maybe Fresh Prince xD

  • Mister Marqos
    Mister Marqos Month ago

    You should try the First We Feast: Hot Ones show.

  • Jedah Beatz
    Jedah Beatz Month ago +1

    Will that hairline tho....

  • Mcarthur Beard
    Mcarthur Beard Month ago

    First thing first who fucked his line up

  • AV kicks
    AV kicks Month ago

    Ah Thaz Hot

  • My Amigo
    My Amigo Month ago

    New Zealanders punching the air rn

  • PatTheRanga
    PatTheRanga Month ago

    only us aussies can control the heat of the meat pie

  • macc nitty
    macc nitty Month ago

    lol aahhh gotta eat that like a pot pie..break it open-let it sit bout 3min while u fan it lmao

  • Hazardbone
    Hazardbone Month ago

    4 n 20 absolute garbage pies the worst in the world

  • MrRooXs
    MrRooXs Month ago

    New Zealands got pies for days. Oh and First rap I ever learnt was fresh prince 1991, been rapping ever since.

  • yellow dolla
    yellow dolla Month ago +3

    Come to NZ where the real Pies are made!😎

    • yellow dolla
      yellow dolla Month ago

      @Coop Ting why do u call your sister a sheep?

    • yellow dolla
      yellow dolla Month ago

      @gus lyons thats were all the flavour comes from🤤🤭

    • Coop Ting
      Coop Ting Month ago

      go root sheep

    • gus lyons
      gus lyons Month ago +2

      The meats made out of the sheep you've shagged

  • Neo Malapane
    Neo Malapane Month ago +7

    So we gonna act like we don't notice the Stephen A. Smith hairline?🤔

  • vK Vizualz
    vK Vizualz Month ago

    New Zealand ones are better

  • ridow300
    ridow300 Month ago

    This is as close we are going to get for a hot ones episode.

  • Morin Macias
    Morin Macias Month ago

    canta la del principe del rap

  • TheChillPerson s
    TheChillPerson s Month ago

    Who watching *2K19?*

  • wUrDsMaN274
    wUrDsMaN274 Month ago +14

    You need to check out an NZ pie Will Smith. It will beat any pie in Australia !!!

    • buduba boom
      buduba boom 29 days ago

      you know why it taste good
      because you've shagged the hell out of the sheep that were grinded up to make it

    • asap kdawg
      asap kdawg Month ago

      gus lyons 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • gus lyons
      gus lyons Month ago +1

      The meats made out of the sheeps you've shagged

  • Marlon  Campbell
    Marlon Campbell Month ago

    Dope! Let your mind drift...

  • Taught history Is a lie

    New zealand make way better pies than aussie just saying lol

  • Lynfield Ryda
    Lynfield Ryda Month ago


  • Cahrl Lööw
    Cahrl Lööw Month ago

    WOW well Will I always love you for the person you are so humble and one of my favorite actors specially Independence day hands down! Loved this video it brought me to tears a little bit of happyness thank you much love from little Sweden!

  • Kan Kanniff
    Kan Kanniff Month ago

    Meat pies are hot asf inside for awhile lol

  • Madam O Tarot
    Madam O Tarot Month ago +1


  • mike ram
    mike ram Month ago

    Eres una Buena persona ...I'm a big fan of yours! #MEXICO DF

  • itsgock
    itsgock Month ago

    New Zealand has the best pies come to NZ

  • Julianna Cortez
    Julianna Cortez Month ago

    I love how open you are to try anything! That is one thing that I must do from now on to really experience every single day of my life.

  • Julianna Cortez
    Julianna Cortez Month ago +1

    Binge watching all of your videos! USclip needed Will Smith!

  • Neegar Please
    Neegar Please Month ago +4

    If you want an actual nice pie fly to New Zealand

  • matt young
    matt young Month ago

    Bto u started with the wrong brand home boy! 4 and 20 is garrrrbage

  • It’s fissy
    It’s fissy Month ago

    for the meat pie just poke some holes with a fork and wait til it gets cool.

  • jah jah
    jah jah Month ago +1

    You have to go to New Zealand to try a real pie 😂

  • Islanders Vlogs
    Islanders Vlogs Month ago

    Mmm missing meat pie and sausage roll ❤️😭

  • Robert Chinnock
    Robert Chinnock Month ago

    Thats where u need sauce to go with it