DxOMark Smartphone Ratings: Explained!


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  • D Gillies
    D Gillies 3 days ago

    Love the michael jordan '"Get some help" video clip. I am amazed that I recognized it as him right away ...

  • terry651000
    terry651000 16 days ago

    very educational Marques, your reports are brilliant.

  • Max imum
    Max imum 18 days ago +1

    Huawei scored 109 jus a joke
    They paid for dxomark
    rubbish huawei

  • Ima Burnt Chicken Nugget

    Well My s8 does portrait mode without a second camera so...

  • Ivan the Traveler
    Ivan the Traveler Month ago

    Huawei p20 pro proud to be an owner of it in 2018!

  • Mergen Alimaganbetov
    Mergen Alimaganbetov 2 months ago

    I guess the best way to choose the best camera phone is to take these category scores, but use your own multiplying factors according to your own preferences :)

  • enrico pascual
    enrico pascual 2 months ago

    What a shame to reporters who just reports without making any research😂on the subject. That what separates Marques👍and his quality works👍😎😘cool ,direct and full of substance.

  • Scott Clewlow
    Scott Clewlow 3 months ago

    This doesn't make complete sense to me... DxOmark give the samsung s9+ a higher still camera score (104) than the pixel 2 (99), but when you break down the scores, especially when you assumed the ranking is weighted top to bottom, it beats the S9+ in 6 of the 9 catergories. Especially when this is the 'top' exposure & contrast, colour, autofocus &Texture. Losing reasonably on noise. Better on Artifacts and flash. losing significantly in zoom and slightly in bokeh. Looking at the scores numerically, there seems to be a slight better score in every catergory that it wins, but a significant loss in zoom and noise (which presumably they weigh rather high?) , and a slight better score in Bokeh. However from many reviews I have read and seen, rate the pixel 2 XL as the king of android photos. The mad thing is that they have rated the Mate 10 pro as an overal score of 100, beating the pixel 2! which once again lose in the same 3 catergories mentioned bove, which leads me to suggest teh weighting isnt from the top down... I am also looking at the P20 pro, which seems to trump the pixel 2 XL in every catergory on paper, however from the reviews/blind tests I have seen online, it doesn't seem to impress me as much. Unless the p20 Pro is more of an enthusiast camera, who like to tweak photos with manual settings (yes I would like to do this), while there maybe other options which are better, 'point & shoot' cameras.

    BALLA RAVILOCHAN 3 months ago

    Pixel 2 is.... the best... fuck with Samsung 😪😡🖕🖕

  • Johnryan Lanorio
    Johnryan Lanorio 3 months ago

    That girl who got busted. 😂

  • Mohamed Abou-Emish
    Mohamed Abou-Emish 3 months ago

    Thanks man :)

  • Nocifer
    Nocifer 3 months ago

    Uh... I have a p20 pro and compare it with my dad's S9+ all the time... Tbh... I don't think that DxO mark thing does justice to what consumers actually look for in smartphone photography cuz from actual testing the S9+ is the same and sometimes even better than my P20 pro so...

  • The Ginger Slayer
    The Ginger Slayer 3 months ago

    Just noticed i for some reason had this video disliked

  • ibrahim ali
    ibrahim ali 3 months ago

    iron your t shirt

  • Daedalus
    Daedalus 3 months ago

    Your arguments lack determination ..sorry buddy.

  • Rajesh kumar
    Rajesh kumar 4 months ago

    Htc U12 + ratings

  • Sgt_LaggerLP
    Sgt_LaggerLP 5 months ago

    So the Mi8 is better in Imagequality ? (videos i dont care) as the Pixel2 XL ?

  • PBM
    PBM 5 months ago +1

    I got a team crispy OnePlus 6 ad

    RAHUL ROY 5 months ago

    Like u said marques, Huawei p20 above a 💯

  • Talking Tech With Brock Morgan.....

    Thank you

  • Flykope
    Flykope 6 months ago

    I’m still going to trust DxOMark.

  • Meghan Dsouza
    Meghan Dsouza 6 months ago

    Ur right mahn.... technology will still improve , there's not ending......

    DIP BHATTACHRJEE 6 months ago

    Awesome insights.... Harvard should have you...😂😂

  • Kashish Sharma
    Kashish Sharma 6 months ago

    Good Marques

  • Connie W
    Connie W 6 months ago

    I've never heard of this until this video

  • cztrollolcz
    cztrollolcz 6 months ago +1

    TOP 10 phones on dxomark (as of 4/5/2018):
    109 Huawei P20 Pro
    102 Huawei P20
    99 Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
    98 Google Pixel 2
    97 Apple iPhone X
    97 Huawei Mate 10 Pro
    97 Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S
    94 Apple iPhone 8 Plus
    94 Samsung Galaxy Note 8
    92 Apple iPhone 8

  • starcrash1750
    starcrash1750 6 months ago +1

    I hate engadget

  • Gaurav Baya
    Gaurav Baya 6 months ago

    exposed motherfucka. fuck dxo

  • Anoop Sadineni
    Anoop Sadineni 7 months ago +1

    What the heck ? P10 Pro has 109 score now. All the cinematographers, Don’t waste your money buying Red and its accessories for 70K. Get a P10 Pro.

  • Abhik Maji
    Abhik Maji 7 months ago


  • Michael's Life
    Michael's Life 7 months ago

    It got a way higher score on zoom but the same on bokeh

  • Dusko Paripovic
    Dusko Paripovic 7 months ago

    Hey man, you are an enlightner! Keep up the good work!

  • Hamid Chikh
    Hamid Chikh 7 months ago

    Hah, Huawei P20 Pro @109

  • chip67art
    chip67art 7 months ago

    Great presentation

  • Sunil Dhaka
    Sunil Dhaka 7 months ago

    Providing consulting service that is related to the (unbiased) testing by the same organization always brings in the conflict of interest angle! Well done Marques to highlight that.

  • Shalmon Anandas
    Shalmon Anandas 7 months ago

    Huawei p20 pro has a 109 on dxo mark

  • Malik Alex
    Malik Alex 7 months ago +1

    Huawei P20 Pro GOT 109 OUT OF 100

  • Rondre
    Rondre 7 months ago

    When I saw the score for the pixel 2 I thought the dxomark score was how good the phone is not camera

  • Antonio Ruiz
    Antonio Ruiz 7 months ago

    mmmmmm i think this is the best you have ever made

  • D3pth of fi3ld 3nt3rtainm3nt

    Thanks Marques Pixel 2 Xl is my choice

  • Victor José Luis Valencia Ambriz

    *Watching this on my Moto Z Play*

  • Yay!
    Yay! 7 months ago

    Huawei P20 Pro

  • Faizan Sidd
    Faizan Sidd 7 months ago

    Why don't they give Review about OnePlus 5T Dxomark???

  • Mat Robertson
    Mat Robertson 7 months ago

    it's called a conflict of interest. Something to be VERY concerned about.

  • JK Low
    JK Low 8 months ago

    Stupid Americans.

  • Christian Bingman
    Christian Bingman 8 months ago

    The pixel is the better camera for portrait photos though right? With it's machine learning

  • Egmon s
    Egmon s 8 months ago

    This is why iPhone is the best ever, they always get top scores, without paying a single cent.
    Rumor has it Andy Rubin gave DXO mark 10 blowjobs as wel as 100.000 dollar for the Pixel DXO mark

  • Kiran Halder
    Kiran Halder 8 months ago

    now s9 plus mark 99

  • Raghad 1D
    Raghad 1D 8 months ago

    S9 is 99 -_-

  • calidroid
    calidroid 8 months ago

    I purchase the note 8 for me and pixel 2xl for the wife, And after 4 days I returned my note eight and switch it for a pixel 2 xl . It came down to performance , battery, and camera. I am very happy with the pixel 2 xl . And got it for 649.99 the 128gig panda

  • shaolin95
    shaolin95 8 months ago

    I hate videos when the presenter is like saying this but I am NOT really saying this...if you make the video then have the BALLS to say what you think and thats it. BTW, OnePlus made a lot of fuzz about them working with DXO then their score was so so....so guess DXO is not playing favorites just because they are working with a specific company ;)

  • Edgar Renje
    Edgar Renje 8 months ago

    Just watched this video after the S9 Plus got 99 on DxOMark and know I understand the scoring. Thanks, Marques!

  • elai idpan
    elai idpan 8 months ago

    your contents are very informative and rich. keep it up! 😀

  • Pizza Slice
    Pizza Slice 8 months ago

    Galaxy s9+ now has a score of 99

  • jagdeep singh
    jagdeep singh 8 months ago +1

    I always appreciate when Marques makes Explained videos.

  • Cookie Tasty
    Cookie Tasty 8 months ago

    S9+ Score is 99

  • Muddassir Niaz
    Muddassir Niaz 8 months ago

    Loved your review 💕

  • The Scott Sattler
    The Scott Sattler 8 months ago

    Thank you, Marques, for this video! It really explained a lot on cp camera "testing and scores " for me. 110 score🤣

  • Pally
    Pally 8 months ago

    I been watching your videos for a few months now. I have to say everytime something new comes up on tech news I am looking for your video to see your thoughts on that topic. Thank you for making them and educate guys like me.

  • FashionVineyardLLc
    FashionVineyardLLc 8 months ago

    Thanks for the great info.

  • Lâm Bùi Thế
    Lâm Bùi Thế 8 months ago

    Good job!!!! google##

  • Bill Tranmer
    Bill Tranmer 8 months ago

    Awesome reporting! I would like this video twice if I could. So glad I found you from the studio tour LTT did with you.

  • Jesse Navarro
    Jesse Navarro 9 months ago

    this is the second video i have watched so far and I think I've found my favorite smartphone reviewer! Your'e very informative and in depth

  • beggarmanthief
    beggarmanthief 9 months ago

    Lol, the LG V30 got an 82 in dxomark

  • thisguynamedbrian
    thisguynamedbrian 9 months ago

    So basically this video can be summed up as. The rating is trash and Google is misleading people

  • blander
    blander 9 months ago

    Your video is political as much as Dxomark ;)

  • siva rajesh
    siva rajesh 9 months ago

    Thank you for clearing my mind!!!!

  • Mark Jover Estadilla
    Mark Jover Estadilla 10 months ago


  • Andy Fadillah
    Andy Fadillah 10 months ago

    i think we really need to seriously avoid the misuse between "rating" and "benchmark score" for now on

  • Mayank Gairola
    Mayank Gairola 10 months ago

    what about one plus 5?
    no rating at all?

    • Armaan Verma
      Armaan Verma 8 months ago

      Mayank Gairola it has a dxomark score of 87

  • John Smith
    John Smith 10 months ago

    I can sum this up in few words: "Hey fools, stop paying so much attention to the people trying to make $$ off you. Instead, do some reading."

  • Leela Anuroop Akula
    Leela Anuroop Akula 11 months ago

    Thanks man

  • Tianhao
    Tianhao 11 months ago

    Awesome one, thanks. Even in my mind my Pixel 2 XL has the best camera 😀

  • Starbuoy
    Starbuoy 11 months ago

    How much did the OnePlus 5T score? (too lazy to go n search :/ )

  • Hao DONG
    Hao DONG 11 months ago

    I've Noticed their is a problem with DxOMark since how they scored the LG G6. Lot of LG G6 are leaving comment to make a retest cause it just doesn't match with the reality.

  • aaa aaa
    aaa aaa 11 months ago

    After watching your excellent video, I checked the individual ratings of two phones: Huawei Mate 10 Pro and the LG G6.
    Mate 10 Pro has 100 for photos, while the LG G6 has 85. The two phones (Huawei-LG) have these ratings: exposure and contrast 88-88, color 86-84, then 96-85, 67-87, 71-82, 66-80, 84-88. The Huawei has two more items (zoom and bokeh).
    Question: why the Huawei has 100 and the LG G6 has 85? Basically the Huawei has much more only in aufocus, but lower ratings in many of the others.

  • Jason Dai
    Jason Dai 11 months ago

    Is it related money? pay more get high ranking?

  • Shocky
    Shocky 11 months ago

    I would hope most viewers knew this already but I appreciate the effort in explaining it.

  • Chayemor
    Chayemor 11 months ago

    Brilliant, informative and honest. Jeez, these are the reviews I enjoy. Awesome!

  • flangerboy21 me
    flangerboy21 me 11 months ago

    waiting for engadget to release a diss track

  • Alex K
    Alex K 11 months ago

    Gotta think about the hydrogen red...

  • Ferret Trio
    Ferret Trio 11 months ago

    “Stop it.... get some help”

  • Tejas Lokhande
    Tejas Lokhande 11 months ago

    How's the Samsung note 8 guys? Need help.. Should I go for iphone x or note 8?

  • Divan Visagie
    Divan Visagie 11 months ago

    5/7 Perfect score!

  • havrij
    havrij 11 months ago

    Lg V30?

  • Theodor Kourtoglou
    Theodor Kourtoglou 11 months ago

    Always... ALWAYS.... your videos are so pleasant to watch. Thanks for sharing Marques

  • Naziem Saden
    Naziem Saden 11 months ago

    Why isn't he talking about the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, Yeah not from the US

  • alto
    alto 11 months ago

    iPhone X beat Pixel 2 with a score of 101, highest yet, noone jumped on that did they?

    • Foop
      Foop 10 months ago

      The funny thing is that it got a 101 score with photos and an 89 score with videos that alone shows that DXO mark doesn’t know anything about cameras because I agree that the pixel takes better photos but the iPhone X clearly takes better videos at 4K at 60 FPS

  • ivo bikov
    ivo bikov 11 months ago

    Very useful information! Bravo Marques (+ team Marques). Excellent

  • Stefan Umschlag
    Stefan Umschlag 11 months ago

    That makes no sense! Every rating has to be comparable to ‘perfect’ so you absolutely need a maximum rating number. Like school grades. Otherwise it’s confusing and useless!

  • Kushwant Singh
    Kushwant Singh 11 months ago

    Wow...i think you should call yourself as MKPhD... Your knowledge is so vast

  • Kushwant Singh
    Kushwant Singh 11 months ago

    Excellent info MKBHD. Engadget simply fooling gullible people.

  • Allah is gay
    Allah is gay 11 months ago

    If Volkswagen can cheat, any other company can do it in any test from benchmark to camera tests.

  • Rafi Akbari
    Rafi Akbari 11 months ago

    I think you should have a thing like DXO in your office...it wouldn't be very difficult, if you make different situations for a camera...it would be pretty cool.

  • Roboy Bofoi
    Roboy Bofoi 11 months ago

    Video published 9 min ago.
    Comments say 1 month ago.

  • FellTheSky
    FellTheSky 11 months ago

    Lmao, apparently there aren't any numbers past 100.

  • gajjar karnik
    gajjar karnik 11 months ago

    V30 review ??

  • Ross Woods
    Ross Woods 11 months ago

    Just wanted to say you are one of my most trusted reviewers and I appreciate how in-depth your research goes. Thanks Marques!

  • Suvadeep Banik
    Suvadeep Banik 11 months ago

    Dude, Incredible information. Thanks !