We Competed To Make The Best Ice Cream Flavor • Ladylike


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  • Madison Gagalang

    It’s rie!

  • Pandora Moonshire
    Pandora Moonshire 2 days ago


  • Ellie Zhang
    Ellie Zhang 2 days ago

    At wanderlust creamery my favourite is Irish cider

  • t hestralblut
    t hestralblut 3 days ago

    I wish there had been pie crumbs in Jen's one

  • evidence smith
    evidence smith 4 days ago

    Its ricotta

  • Courtney Garcia
    Courtney Garcia 5 days ago

    I have the same exact microwave that they have.

  • Adrienne Vandommelen

    XD my name is Adrienne in real life😃

  • Dogs are the best
    Dogs are the best 6 days ago

    Wheee in Georgia is Devin from

  • Charity Bush
    Charity Bush 7 days ago


  • ivette juillet
    ivette juillet 7 days ago

    I like riccota pie but no the pistachios :(((

  • Angela Lian
    Angela Lian 7 days ago

    adrienne is so pretty!

  • George Ess
    George Ess 8 days ago +1

    Please 👍🏻😀

  • Ruma Gupta
    Ruma Gupta 8 days ago

    I’m from Philadelphia

  • Kayden Harrison
    Kayden Harrison 8 days ago

    If i made either of those and they came out as good as those people portrayed then I wouldve just eaten it all myself

  • Williams World .
    Williams World . 8 days ago

    Jen:what is sweet tea
    Me:WHAAAAAAAAATTT!!?? How u not know?!

  • Beamer27 Hi
    Beamer27 Hi 9 days ago +1


  • Grace Lieu
    Grace Lieu 10 days ago

    i would love to taste both of these flavors, they look so amazing

  • peyton kroesser
    peyton kroesser 10 days ago +1

    When I watched this I was so hungry

  • Nicholas Jackson
    Nicholas Jackson 10 days ago

    I loved Jen, but when she asked,"What is sweet tea?" I wanted to punch her in the face 🤦‍♂️

  • why am I a tree
    why am I a tree 10 days ago

    And that's the tea sis

  • Gabriella Martel
    Gabriella Martel 10 days ago

    mesure it?????????

  • AnnieAlpaca H
    AnnieAlpaca H 10 days ago

    I scrolled through the comments to find out who wins

  • Ash Large
    Ash Large 11 days ago

    I wish they would release the recipe because they sound so good

  • cute squad
    cute squad 11 days ago

    While watching vid i ask my mum if we can get ice cream

    Mum:its freaking winter and snowing

  • Lorna Hammond
    Lorna Hammond 11 days ago

    Say ri-cot-a pie

  • Jason Hyde
    Jason Hyde 12 days ago

    is anyone else from Georgia

  • Izzy King
    Izzy King 12 days ago

    Devins laugh is so cute

  • XxPikaPokePlayzxX
    XxPikaPokePlayzxX 12 days ago

    MM I
    MM IC
    MM ICE
    MM ICE
    MM IC
    MM I

  • XxPikaPokePlayzxX
    XxPikaPokePlayzxX 12 days ago



  • Precious Sipin
    Precious Sipin 12 days ago

    adrienne is gorgeous😍

  • Lillian and Anna
    Lillian and Anna 13 days ago

    When devin said sweet tea flavored ice cream I literally freaked out and I wanted to go over there’s d eat it all!

  • Addie P
    Addie P 15 days ago +1

    Ladylike lady’s come to Miramichi, NB, Canada 🇨🇦

  • twinkle tat
    twinkle tat 15 days ago

    i love the way jen aggressively tasted her ice cream base

  • Margaret Velto
    Margaret Velto 15 days ago

    my dad makes cinnamon ice cream around the holidays, and it’s always soooooooo good

  • _Allie_
    _Allie_ 18 days ago

    Sweet Tea is my dream ice cream flavor too! I feel like it would taste amazing!!!

  • anna anne
    anna anne 19 days ago

    at the end the only one who lookes comfotable grabbing their own boobs is devin lol

  • Alisha Effenberg
    Alisha Effenberg 19 days ago

    It's so funny that jen is sorry for her pronunciation of "Ricotta". Which is quite alright.
    But in the video where Kristin and Jen are trying all holiday desserts they are trying to saying "Lebkuchen" and "Nüsse" several times ... and it hurts, a lot.
    Maybe listen to the google translate pronunciation of these words and compare it to there attempts.

  • Madison Mcnulty
    Madison Mcnulty 19 days ago

    Ra coat aaaaaahhh

  • Echo
    Echo 20 days ago

    Is sweet tea lemon flavoured or like black tea

  • xXTheSmiling CheetahXx
    xXTheSmiling CheetahXx 21 day ago +3

    gotta spill the ice cream tea

  • Dana Bernstein
    Dana Bernstein 21 day ago

    Devin is giving off some serious mom vibes

  • Crafty Bubble
    Crafty Bubble 21 day ago

    *jen walks into a court room “everyone, just chill.” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Paige Stewart
    Paige Stewart 22 days ago


  • Katie Anderson
    Katie Anderson 22 days ago

    Does anyone know the name of the last song in the video? I love it! It starts at 16:03.

  • James Field
    James Field 22 days ago

    @ladylike you guys should try to get a Ben and Jerry's collaboration. I know it's on the opposite coast but Ben and Jerry's are like the ice cream flavor and creativity godfathers.

  • Shera Wolf's
    Shera Wolf's 22 days ago

    Why would someone put eggs in ice cream

  • Anna Fed241
    Anna Fed241 25 days ago

    I’m so jealous though this looks delicious and it’s looks really fun

  • Anna Fed241
    Anna Fed241 25 days ago

    How could you not know what the most wonderful drink (sweet tea) in the world is?
    Sorry I’m Southern

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 25 days ago

    How do you not know what sweet tea is???😂💀

  • Weirdo World
    Weirdo World 26 days ago +2

    Now das some tea

  • bigdayafan
    bigdayafan 26 days ago

    I love ice creammmmm!!!!!😍😍😍

  • Ava Hammett
    Ava Hammett 27 days ago

    To be honest I probably would have chosen the Georgia peach flavor

  • Taylor Taguchi
    Taylor Taguchi 27 days ago

    tHaTs TeA ☕️

  • Tempest Kitten
    Tempest Kitten 28 days ago

    The best flavor of ice cream i have ever had was pineapple basil. Literally amazing

  • Eiman Mohammed Elsir
    Eiman Mohammed Elsir 28 days ago

    Is jen lesbian?? This is practically my first vid i ve seen her in??

  • River Wing
    River Wing 28 days ago

    12:19 "Can't really smell it but"
    Is icecream supposed to have a smell frozen?

  • Marianette Hubbard
    Marianette Hubbard 29 days ago +2


  • Kimberly Valdez
    Kimberly Valdez Month ago +1


  • Brian Leong
    Brian Leong Month ago

    Adam spotted at 7:55

  • Sophia Need
    Sophia Need Month ago +1

    I had to Google what "boba" was. Turns out it's bubble tea. I knew what it was already. Lol! :D

  • The life of a girl
    The life of a girl Month ago

    did you know that Ben and Jerry learned how to make ice cream at the amazing Penn State

  • Lauren Gonzalez
    Lauren Gonzalez Month ago

    We’re is Freddie she said she was ready for sweet tea ice cream

  • Alicia L
    Alicia L Month ago

    The intro killed me😂😂

  • AmandaHBerg Plays MSP

    «Devin eating Ice Cream with a fork.... WOOOW xD»

  • Monsy NOMS
    Monsy NOMS Month ago

    I think we ALL won

  • Random Derpy Person

    Devans shirt is so see through while they where heating the bases

  • avery Falkenberry
    avery Falkenberry Month ago

    I’m from Alabama so when Jen asked what sweet tea was I died

  • Zainab Alsetri
    Zainab Alsetri Month ago

    Hi random person scrolling through the comments 👋
    Just know that u are loved and beautiful!
    Have an amazing night/day wherever u are!

  • Maggie Donnelly
    Maggie Donnelly Month ago

    Jen's face is angelic! 3:34

  • Sara Morada
    Sara Morada Month ago

    Shout out to Georgia that’s were I live I love devin the best now 😂

  • Emmy Draws
    Emmy Draws Month ago

    My dads family is very italian and every time we visit them we go to the italian grocery store where my familly shakes their head as I miserably attempt to pronounce pasta names
    However I do know how to say Ricotta, it is rih-cot-a. In case anyone was wondering
    Also I might be wrong but that is how my 50% italian father and 100% italian grandfather (whose parents were italian immigrants) pronounce it

  • Jennifer Connie
    Jennifer Connie Month ago

    Sweet tea is the only tea I have ever looked

  • Potato Fren
    Potato Fren Month ago

    Now I really want some ice cream

  • camxrx balloons
    camxrx balloons Month ago +3

    When their outro was Jen wearing an ice cream shirt. Lol

  • Lydia ;-P
    Lydia ;-P Month ago

    _omg but I'm from georgia_

  • Noakya
    Noakya Month ago

    I just like to mention that my Fursona is a Buzz Feed Employee

  • kelsy muhamet
    kelsy muhamet Month ago +1

    Lol 😂 I’m eating ice cream 🍨 wile watching this

  • Shelby Shaffer
    Shelby Shaffer Month ago

    Devin: I'm making sweet tea ice cream.
    Me: We love a south queen.

  • Skidah
    Skidah Month ago


  • Sammy Joy Monte
    Sammy Joy Monte Month ago

    Idk, that's how my Italian family pronounces it

  • LOL FACE 1738A
    LOL FACE 1738A Month ago

    *customer* "it's a lot thicker than I thought"
    *ME-* °Chokes on holy water and dies° R.I.P ME

  • Alex Amphonephong
    Alex Amphonephong Month ago

    Wasn’t Igna there?

  • Miss Kitty
    Miss Kitty Month ago +2

    Did you notice? Jen blinked her eye in the thumbnail

  • Kawii Cafe
    Kawii Cafe Month ago

    its re (ry)-cot (caut)-ta (tah) recotta

  • Lily Boonie
    Lily Boonie Month ago

    Here's the thing if we were going off of where we are from I'm from Ohio and there's already buckeye ice cream

  • Phoebe Bevington
    Phoebe Bevington Month ago

    Devin eating ice cream with a fork 🍦

  • inmo test
    inmo test Month ago

    Hiiii rea!!!!

  • Sara Rankins
    Sara Rankins Month ago +1

    That sweet tea isnt how you make it in the south. Disliked.

  • PieceOfToast
    PieceOfToast Month ago

    16:34 *responds well to ice cream*

  • Laena Everwood
    Laena Everwood Month ago

    Cheese Ice cream in the Philippines is the best thing in the world

  • Rebecca Shepherd
    Rebecca Shepherd Month ago

    I’m from alabama...

    When she said “what is sweet tea?” I almost screamed. Sweet tea is a staple in this state, you shall respect it!

  • Rosio Diaz
    Rosio Diaz Month ago

    When Jen asked what sweet tea is I died

  • Aubrie Valenzuela
    Aubrie Valenzuela Month ago

    10:28 THATS TEA

  • TruthTella2
    TruthTella2 Month ago

    sweet tea is disgusting

  • Gia Armstrong
    Gia Armstrong Month ago

    Are they fricking biting the ice cream?

  • Tamar Beeri
    Tamar Beeri Month ago +1

    For anyone else who has been constantly baffled for years as to why Devin looks so familiar, she was Cho Chang in A Very Potter Musical.

  • Mrs J
    Mrs J Month ago

    Wow I Love Ice Cream 😊

  • Annabelle Skerten
    Annabelle Skerten Month ago

    Those both sounded so delicous!
    Like if you agree

  • Harleigh Brown
    Harleigh Brown Month ago

    Really Jen... what is sweet tea🤦🏼‍♀️

  • yoongi's vein
    yoongi's vein Month ago

    She's really pretty thou