A Smith Family Vacation

  • Published on Aug 6, 2018
  • After wrapping his new film, Will hits the coast of Italy with the family for a little R&R. SUBSCRIBE: goo.gl/BUjQW8
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    ✈ Watch LIZARD ISLAND Vacation: usclip.net/video/JfkO0XxAQZo/video.html
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    Executive Producers: Will Smith, Miguel Melendez
    Producers: Aaron Ferguson, Lukas Kaiser, Mike Nussbaum, Sadao Turner
    Editor: Chris Dallas-Feeney
    Camera Operator: Mike O'Neill
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  • Akhilraj U
    Akhilraj U Day ago

    sir your video editing is fantastic....

  • enoch nanor
    enoch nanor Day ago +1

    He is on the phone telling his lady
    If I don't come back I love you

  • Hari Reddy
    Hari Reddy Day ago

    What happened to karate kid hair

  • Felipe Emmanuel
    Felipe Emmanuel Day ago

    muito bom o vídeo :)

  • Tinah flindornah

    "If you scared you cant see beauty"-will smith

  • KaDeija Dalrymple

    Tre( not sure if that's his name 🙈) is so fine 😍😍😍😍

  • Akash Gupta
    Akash Gupta Day ago

    It's odd will smith is more cool and awesome than his son !

  • Droid Cambo
    Droid Cambo Day ago


  • Bob Iwan
    Bob Iwan Day ago

    Too bad all of Americans cannot enjoy life this way. Must be nice to have such a lucky life. I personally do not care for the American culture. It’s truly sad.

  • Nana Qazplm
    Nana Qazplm Day ago

    I want to go on vacation with you just once. 🤣

  • Santiago Jaramillo-Vesga

    Where’s the mom in all his videos

  • Santiago Jaramillo-Vesga

    Will Smith’s videos are incredibly edited and have amazing content

  • Rexus
    Rexus Day ago

    Will Smith u made a documentary about the earth One Strange Rock

  • Mr Omkelly!!
    Mr Omkelly!! Day ago

    Go to New Zealand we love u guys

  • Dee F
    Dee F Day ago

    The 11k who didn't like it...couldnt stand all the love....haters

  • Cr7 Clemente
    Cr7 Clemente Day ago

    6:21 Respira despacio stay Relax 👍🏻

  • Dee F
    Dee F Day ago

    Lmao Will said she shouldn't have came💀

  • Corey Goldwaves
    Corey Goldwaves Day ago

    Willow is beautiful.

  • Wynter C
    Wynter C Day ago

    There's a part of me that hates that Will Smith is getting older😒still a very fine gentleman but you want him to stay eternally young

  • Juan Cruz
    Juan Cruz Day ago +1

    "She shouldn't have came" as positive as he is, he doesn't ignore the truth and that's why he is truly inspiring.

  • Nika c
    Nika c Day ago

    She shouldn’t have come lmao

  • Claus Bakker
    Claus Bakker Day ago

    my life is lazy.

  • Soud Mamado
    Soud Mamado Day ago +2

    It’s funny how is smith successful in everything,USclip or acting

  • Francesco Zornetta
    Francesco Zornetta Day ago +1

    Karen want to speak to the volcanos maneger

  • Golden Tiger AMVs

    fear ruins life.

    Soo true

  • blurpsx babby
    blurpsx babby Day ago

    “She shouldn’t have came”😂😂😂 LMAO

  • BAims
    BAims Day ago

    Omg they make will Smith hoe out is son kid l99ks fucked up
    Will does something 3vil and nasty for his riches.
    Illuminati got his hair blonde and all that. How sad.

  • Edgar Ruiz Alanis

    is no one gonna talk about that transition when jaden put the camera in the water

  • Tom Tomorrow
    Tom Tomorrow Day ago

    “She shouldn’t have came”

  • Simon Bailes
    Simon Bailes Day ago

    I was there last week😂

  • Alaney Kruth
    Alaney Kruth Day ago

    Willow is very tall!

  • Sam Li
    Sam Li Day ago

    Willow smith is sooo cute lmao

  • Sam Li
    Sam Li Day ago

    OMaayy so wholesome reminds me of family home vlogs

  • Mrs. Lee
    Mrs. Lee Day ago

    My hats off to you all. I would have loved to have gone on the trip; but, I definitely would have been the one to say, “Ok. You guys go ahead. I’ll stay here in the cabin or hotel. I’ll be right here when you guys get back from seeing the volcano.” 😎

  • Alex Jones
    Alex Jones Day ago

    nice, the writer as the outro,
    and the other lofi song underwater
    whoever put music together, you have taste

  • abc xyz
    abc xyz Day ago

    Jaden looks like 👽 Alien

  • Deebok1
    Deebok1 Day ago

    Jaden is such a lady at 4:43

  • Desiree Robertson

    The cover photo is literally my family

  • Brooke Tyler
    Brooke Tyler Day ago

    Whoa willow really tall

  • Ann Tran
    Ann Tran Day ago +1

    “Cuz we gangsta”

    Line of 2019

  • Chris Wallace
    Chris Wallace Day ago

    His daughter looks like a boy and his boy is actually a girl. Wtf!

  • bts 8th member Hots

    Sir u guys r in heaven life happy for u

  • Hana ar
    Hana ar Day ago +1

    Willow is gorgeous 😍😍

  • micc bebebe
    micc bebebe Day ago

    Will's words on the last part got me😞

  • Federico Spini
    Federico Spini 2 days ago

    Fiero di essere italiano.

  • Shane Ahsing
    Shane Ahsing 2 days ago

    I'd fight agent J for Willow lol

  • Steve Jobbs
    Steve Jobbs 2 days ago

    The coral reefs are all dead sad

  • Steve Jobbs
    Steve Jobbs 2 days ago

    Jadens sister is hott

  • Marcela Travassos
    Marcela Travassos 2 days ago

    this soundtrack is dope

  • Pooja Varma
    Pooja Varma 2 days ago

    This is what vacation is about, not gucci this chanel that, big houses, make up glam, photos, VIP super luxury like people lust for, it's about real life experiences and going beyond your norm 👏👏👏 I hate that the Kardashians are in the spotlight more than the Smith's bc THEY are who I wanna see all over my feed, not the air head money making for no reason Kardashians

  • Pooja Varma
    Pooja Varma 2 days ago +1

    This is what vacation is about, not gucci this chanel that, big houses, make up glam, photos, VIP super luxury like people lust for, it's about real life experiences and going beyond your norm 👏👏👏 I hate that the Kardashians are in the spotlight more than the Smith's bc THEY are who I wanna see all over my feed, not the air head money making for no reason Kardashians

  • hafsa musa
    hafsa musa 2 days ago +1

    No no am not even there and am 😱 I can never go near volcanos 🌋

  • TheBestUni!
    TheBestUni! 2 days ago

    Amazing family

  • KB S
    KB S 2 days ago

    Did I see Duane Martin? Or a look alike?

  • Teala Mccullough
    Teala Mccullough 2 days ago

    No will yall crazy but yall did it the coolest

  • janey rekats
    janey rekats 2 days ago

    Not "came"... its... she shouldnt have "come"...

  • Yashar'els Crown
    Yashar'els Crown 2 days ago

    😭 "she shouldna came" 😩

  • Adrian Wisniewski
    Adrian Wisniewski 2 days ago


  • Nadiah Davis
    Nadiah Davis 2 days ago

    "I think your on punishment"🤣🤣🤣 that's something my dad would say

  • Gabriel Daltro
    Gabriel Daltro 2 days ago

    3:25 Ahhhh, thats hot, thats hot

  • Taylor Dejong
    Taylor Dejong 2 days ago

    I wonder who his editor is. Or does he edit his videos?

  • L&M
    L&M 2 days ago

    My beauty 😍South Italy

  • street 75
    street 75 2 days ago

    Nice to see. The scenery and the family of a good man still at it and succeeding as well. Ive always wanted to see my dude will Smith play other rolls like..morgan freeman detective stuff.serious movies.action or adventure. Good actor and there just arent good movies lately. Some of course..but...i think they should remake the 1995 movie seven. I see freeman and will smith. And a part where pitt comes into play with an explanation of what happened after his wifes death..leading into a 3man hunt for a serial killer (brad pitt morgan freeman will Smith) morgan is retired pitt is not a detective either.smith is the detective.he seeks morgans help..they then go find pitt...they all three hunt the killer. Pick the right actors to go with them....its a huge movie. I want to see smith be the main man in **"Seven...the second coming"** maybe...a copy cat. Who smith worries if involved his pregnant wife may be targetted. Etc. Itd be an awesome movie if thought out.

  • steve cobb
    steve cobb 2 days ago

    Oh man look at all that white privilege! oh...wait.

  • Ezekiel Moseley
    Ezekiel Moseley 2 days ago

    Great word on fear. Fear is not real.

  • Magic Money
    Magic Money 2 days ago


  • Sad Summer
    Sad Summer 2 days ago +48

    Jaden: This camera goes under water right?
    Will: Ya
    Video: *smoothest transition I've seen in months

  • Jenni Jones
    Jenni Jones 2 days ago +1

    Stand on the edge of a volcano opening to get a shot.... Naaah, I aint tryin to do that.

  • Planes and Aviation
    Planes and Aviation 2 days ago

    Ey Will, when r u come over to Austria? :D

  • Jana show
    Jana show 2 days ago +21

    Woman: Please don't use that clip
    Will: Thats going to be the first thing that goes in.
    Also will: She shouldn't have come.