A Smith Family Vacation

  • Published on Aug 6, 2018
  • After wrapping his new film, Will hits the coast of Italy with the family for a little R&R. SUBSCRIBE: goo.gl/BUjQW8
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    ✈ Watch LIZARD ISLAND Vacation: usclip.net/video/JfkO0XxAQZo/video.html
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  • Elihle Radebe
    Elihle Radebe 37 minutes ago

    I'm sure y'all came when u saw Jaden's sister in Thumbnail.... cute

  • mr blista
    mr blista 2 hours ago

    *likes video*

  • Donna Gonzalez
    Donna Gonzalez 5 hours ago

    Wow!this was Awesome

  • Леша Ленин
    Леша Ленин 7 hours ago

    Противный уебок смит

  • Pretty trash, can’t lie 8n{}

    Omai gad the daughter is ugly asf

  • منوعات 31
    منوعات 31 17 hours ago +1

    ماكانش عهدة خامسة ماناش لاهينالكم لي معايا يدير جام و يشترك فقاناتي غي الضحك

  • Try to Cook Like Mum!
    Try to Cook Like Mum! 17 hours ago

    Big Will - you are such a cool dad making your kids do “all this crazy stuff” as Jaiden says!
    Great family - bless you all!
    Your quotes; “if you’re scared you can’t see beauty”
    AMAZING! Wow!
    Lots of love 💗

  • Hamza Ahmed
    Hamza Ahmed 18 hours ago +1

    Why is he on the phone
    Dawg he's talking to his girlfriend

  • Hamza Ahmed
    Hamza Ahmed 18 hours ago +1

    3:28 AAH THATS HOT

  • Lover Guns
    Lover Guns 19 hours ago

    Will Ferrell + Chad Smith = Will Smith 😝

  • Afiq Mohd
    Afiq Mohd 20 hours ago

    5:08 nope your head not explode just like MIB

  • User '
    User ' 21 hour ago

    Get you edittor to put name tags over somes head like cod i you cant tell who they are

  • User '
    User ' 21 hour ago

    I havent any notification since u did the jump with with yes theory
    I thought you quit or somethin. -.

  • lulu Lopez
    lulu Lopez 22 hours ago

    Will's family is basically my dream family

  • team trash
    team trash Day ago

    2:59 we all saw that finger mamma smith😂😂

  • bashkar raj
    bashkar raj Day ago


  • ontop ofit
    ontop ofit Day ago

    Yo will
    It is my will to go with you and your family on vacation.

  • Archie
    Archie Day ago +1

    3:23 that’s hawt lmao

  • sheiles baia
    sheiles baia Day ago

    Sheilesbaia mayafurlan desde España

  • Ayisha Noora
    Ayisha Noora Day ago


  • Зарубежная Фанатка


  • Зарубежная Фанатка


  • Pogba
    Pogba Day ago

    I love will Smith so much!!!

  • Jentex
    Jentex Day ago

    It’s rewind time!

  • máx valenzuela
    máx valenzuela Day ago

    Will Smith. También tienes fans latinoamericanos. Y no entendemos nada de lo que hablas :,,,c

  • spt pdy
    spt pdy Day ago

    Nice veaw

  • balem karap
    balem karap 2 days ago

    they got burnout to black........
    its an active volcano responsible for it....

  • Rosdina Cr
    Rosdina Cr 2 days ago +1

    love this family ❤️ #familygoals

  • TheBrognator
    TheBrognator 2 days ago

    I live in Sicily and often go Scuba Diving in Lipari. When I saw Pino posting pictures with the Smith's I was quite shocked..

  • Mozon Hassan Hiabo
    Mozon Hassan Hiabo 2 days ago

    Jaden issa mood

  • Sigrid Rojas
    Sigrid Rojas 2 days ago

    I love this family one day i be doing this w my family this looks awesome...😀😀😀

  • Penny Ford
    Penny Ford 2 days ago

    What’s the song at the start?

  • franciele pereira
    franciele pereira 2 days ago

    Grande ator.Parabéns.Sucesso.

  • Pablo Andres Parra Garcia

    OMG disis incredibol OMG watafaka

  • Angad Sharma
    Angad Sharma 2 days ago

    Jaden Smith = Gay
    Is that right??

    • αvα тαr
      αvα тαr Day ago

      Nah american people are crazy when they see men close friend they say gay

  • Asmir Asmir
    Asmir Asmir 2 days ago

    Why are your childrens sad in every video, what did you do to them???

  • Rubén Hernández
    Rubén Hernández 2 days ago

    Your son's trap is so bad, he sucks

  • Asparagus King
    Asparagus King 2 days ago

    1:12 - 1:16

  • Marcy Wolters
    Marcy Wolters 2 days ago

    OK you lost me at African American. Where you born in Africa or America. Can't be both. Either your American or African. Do you have a dual passport? Come on. Really. You cannot serve two countries in a war. You want to be African, go be there and live it. You want to be American then so be it. I am not born in my country yet I am a legal citizen. I do not regret to myself as being an indo-dutch plus country I live in. Awkward much. I am Australia full stop. I have not only become whole heartedly Australian I have had no desirer to leave, not even for holidays cause my country is huge and there are places l haven't been or seen yet. I defend my Australia above all others. Having to say I'm this and that before saying I'm Aussie is not the deal with me. You either are or not. Can't be both or 3 plus country.😂

    • Marcy Wolters
      Marcy Wolters 2 days ago

      That is refer or regard myself. Bldg predictive text. Got to watch that.

  • Zapper Antsuu
    Zapper Antsuu 2 days ago +5

    3:22 listen closely "Thats hot!" the other man said😉😂😂

  • Jeamil Sulat
    Jeamil Sulat 3 days ago +1

    "Bcos we Ganstas" HAHAHAH

  • M Schumaer
    M Schumaer 3 days ago

    para varsa bunlar mümkün para yoksa asgari ücretle geçinmeye devam.

  • Sanjeet Thakur
    Sanjeet Thakur 3 days ago +1

    Beautiful 💐

  • Sanjeet Thakur
    Sanjeet Thakur 3 days ago

    #cool amazing work 🤘

  • Jackie Mehaj
    Jackie Mehaj 3 days ago


  • Mohammed Allom
    Mohammed Allom 3 days ago


  • NaiNai Love
    NaiNai Love 3 days ago

    I wish I was part of the smith family.😔

  • Amar Izaham
    Amar Izaham 3 days ago

    Pursuit for happiness.

  • secre domingo
    secre domingo 3 days ago


  • Michelangelo Schiavone

    Sono italiano io li ci abito

  • Gamer_Gacha Vlogs
    Gamer_Gacha Vlogs 3 days ago

    Wait.... Jaden is short!

  • Shevandy 55
    Shevandy 55 3 days ago

    Don’t we all love how celebrities can just gloat about how many things they’re able to do and to add insult to injury flip is the bird while pointing out they can do all the things we can’t?

    • Shevandy 55
      Shevandy 55 3 days ago

      lilchrispy Hey, you’re entitled to opinions and self induced ignorance because what I said was truth and yet I was also being satirical but small minded people won’t get it... eh?

    • lilchrispy
      lilchrispy 3 days ago

      jealous and negative person right there..e

  • magzan taas
    magzan taas 3 days ago +1


  • Trek Ryder
    Trek Ryder 3 days ago +4

    Usually wealthy people are not nearly this cool.

  • Trek Ryder
    Trek Ryder 3 days ago

    Wait. It was just a few months ago that Will could barely go under water for a few minutes. Now he's leading them team down to the bottom?

  • Trek Ryder
    Trek Ryder 3 days ago

    "Look. Where she goin?"

  • Yimmy Carmona
    Yimmy Carmona 3 days ago

    Lo mejor del mundo Will Smith

  • Ben Allan
    Ben Allan 3 days ago

    3:22 ahhh that’s hot. That’s hot

  • spike
    spike 3 days ago

    How did will smith raise a bunch of pussies

  • Brandley Thomas
    Brandley Thomas 3 days ago

    Hold uo a minute.

    Will got more than two kids😐
    I need to go outside more

  • nibba 84
    nibba 84 3 days ago +1

    Yaa its rewind time

  • Нафис Замалиев

    Что? Что ты сказал?

  • moon moon
    moon moon 3 days ago


  • Jasil Jas
    Jasil Jas 3 days ago


  • Peace Lover
    Peace Lover 3 days ago

    Will 💜
    Family is everything 👏

  • Darion Clayton
    Darion Clayton 4 days ago

    This really make me want to go scuba diving fr fr

  • Lucho Farinhas
    Lucho Farinhas 4 days ago

    Man, willow is so beautiful... God bless her... Cheers of the venezuelan man living in Bogotá, Colombia

    • Zero Black
      Zero Black 3 days ago

      Your picture looks like the Ma'am meme

  • Neelargho Ray
    Neelargho Ray 4 days ago

    Which song is being played at 3.40 ish? Please let me know!!!!!

  • pimenta filmes
    pimenta filmes 4 days ago +4

    Os filmes que tu atuou são na maioria muito bons!""

  • Alan Tsallagov
    Alan Tsallagov 4 days ago

    Amazing! 👍 It's a vacation of my dream. Let it be in my motivation list.

  • Houssem H
    Houssem H 4 days ago +1

    يا سبي حنا نروحو نعيشو في ديارهم تتسما رانا رحنا للجنة

  • Houssem H
    Houssem H 4 days ago +1

    Jaden is gay...

  • Naomi B
    Naomi B 4 days ago +13

    3:23 ah that’s hot, that’s hot

  • Obayd Fox
    Obayd Fox 4 days ago

    3:22 'ow das hat.' Little did he know...

  • Zack Paster
    Zack Paster 4 days ago +1

    Ah das hot... das hot.

  • Leandro Miranda
    Leandro Miranda 4 days ago

    Pobre coitado

  • Guðmundur Daníel Erlendsson

    3:25 missed oportunity

    KS KHANS 4 days ago

    Заебись вам)

  • Lavinia
    Lavinia 4 days ago

    The first time i did diving i was sooo scared i started to cry, but after i came out of the Waters i was really happy and impressed and i loved it😅👌🏼

  • nivothana
    nivothana 4 days ago +22

    is no one gonna talk about the transition at 6:42? like damn, straight out reached nirvana when i saw that

  • AyiekDewi Official
    AyiekDewi Official 4 days ago

    Both in the world of cinema and the real world will smith is a very pleasant and inspiring person. I am a fan from Indonesia and I really admire him a lot

  • Skiral
    Skiral 5 days ago +26

    Here we are, sitting in our home watching you guys going all around the world...

  • Jasriella Denise
    Jasriella Denise 5 days ago

    Why Jada didn't scuba dive with you guys?

  • LaToya Stamper
    LaToya Stamper 5 days ago +2

    Can i be y'alls adopted daughter please? Just for a week 😁😁

  • Ginger Ninja Flips
    Ginger Ninja Flips 5 days ago +1

    Will Smith 😍❤❤

  • anil gient
    anil gient 5 days ago

    I didn't realise bt willow's really grown pretty..

  • Amal Mona
    Amal Mona 5 days ago

    *Omg please do not tell me jayden is gay **4:44*

    • Amal Mona
      Amal Mona 4 days ago

      +Princess May okay

    • Princess May
      Princess May 4 days ago

      Amal Mona He’s Bi
      Actually he doesn’t identify as anything and will date whoever he pleases

  • Childish Lemonade
    Childish Lemonade 5 days ago

    ur daughter lowkey hot mind if i smash sir

  • ahmad qushairi
    ahmad qushairi 5 days ago

    Love the aqua💖

  • Nebiyluel Kidane
    Nebiyluel Kidane 5 days ago +6

    You guys should check out "Erta ale" an actual active volcano in Ethiopia with lava and eveything ... its beautiful and unreal

  • Автандил Чолпонбек уулу

    I love you Will Smith

  • Omi Pakage
    Omi Pakage 5 days ago

    Family time it good

  • Masked Piano Player
    Masked Piano Player 5 days ago

    Yo, why the F is Jaden sitting like that at 4:47. Negro look like indian snake charmer

  • khela 69
    khela 69 5 days ago

    the yellow thing on the top of the volcano is sulphur deposits... it's hot.. yeah it's hot ;)

  • anya !
    anya ! 5 days ago

    i have the biggest crush on willow ;(

  • Ficjjcjx Xhhdud
    Ficjjcjx Xhhdud 5 days ago

    Love you

  • Ficjjcjx Xhhdud
    Ficjjcjx Xhhdud 5 days ago

    Hi sir

  • yocomalemayoco
    yocomalemayoco 6 days ago

    Thank you, Will, thank you so much to enjoy my loved Italy and to show it. I´m proud to be your fan and to love your way to be a father! I wish to be able to do the same with my kids. To tech them, as you, to love life, to know what the respect is and to smile, every day, every time! Cheers!

  • Sr Firulais
    Sr Firulais 6 days ago

    This Is the best youtuber on the world

  • Naresh Sahare
    Naresh Sahare 6 days ago +1

    Sir .Why u not movie MAN IN BLACK 3 . Miss u sir in this movie sir I am your big fan but how to meet u sir pilz sir reply me respect u sir