"Krunt is the real winner!" Anne Hathaway on Wrecking Ball, Emily Blunt and The Princess Diaries.

  • Published on May 10, 2019
  • Watch Anne Hathaway: Movies That Made Me in full on BBC iPlayer in the UK: bbc.in/2Vru9Os
    Anne Hathaway talks to BBC Radio 1's Film Critic Ali Plumb about her more lighthearted movies, from The Princess Diaries and The Devil Wears Prada to Ocean's 8 and new movie The Hustle. Plus, she talks about how she rode Miley Cyrus's actual wrecking ball on Lip Sync Battle with Emily Blunt.
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Comments • 109

  • BBC Radio 1
    BBC Radio 1  2 months ago +35

    For more of Anne on The Dark Knight Rises, Les Misérables and Interstellar, watch the full show on BBC iPlayer in the UK: bbc.in/2Vru9Os Or watch this space for another Anne video here very soon.

    • Yash
      Yash 2 months ago

      What's the point of this when only ppl in the UK can see this ?

    • Kim
      Kim 2 months ago +1

      It’s only available in the UK. 😥 Any way a Canadian can get legal access? I mean we share the same queen for heaven’s sake! She’s on our 20 dollar bill!

  • lmaximus1
    lmaximus1 12 days ago

    Sexy bride #2!

  • Daniel Ichim
    Daniel Ichim 27 days ago

    Merryl looks like Cruella Deville in the movie, with Anne Hathaway.

  • abby go
    abby go Month ago

    She is so pretty, OMG.

  • Linatrina
    Linatrina Month ago

    I wanted to watch like 5 more hours of this video

  • harrypotteravenclaw

    Going to rewatch Princess Diaries right now!

  • Tea & Books
    Tea & Books Month ago +2

    Awww. She's so charming and down to Earth. Love her laugh too.

    BMYAGI Month ago

    Love and other drugs, that's my favorite. Its such an emotional movie and she does such an amazing performance.

  • The Internetwanderer

    Can anyone imagine, say, Keanu Reeves, saying "I was in a trailer that was only full of men" and I just get to learn from that. Men just do what's required, women seem to need pampering or a tap on the back.

  • De Day
    De Day Month ago

    anne hathawayis so beautiful

  • Yuri Saladino
    Yuri Saladino Month ago

    Wonderful Interview! 🌟❤️❤️💛💛🌟

  • Yuri Saladino
    Yuri Saladino Month ago

    Queen Anne Hathaway 👑🌟❤️❤️💛💛🌟

  • Yuri Saladino
    Yuri Saladino Month ago +1

    Anne Hathaway is my favorite actress! She’s my Love! 👑🌟❤️❤️💛💛🌟

  • Fatima Montiel
    Fatima Montiel Month ago

    Que preciosa risa tiene ❤️

  • Sherry Merrill
    Sherry Merrill Month ago

    Don't leave out DEXTER boy genius.... Love them love them love them....

  • Sunny Bear
    Sunny Bear Month ago

    Anne is AMAZING

  • Roger Lareau
    Roger Lareau 2 months ago +2

    Ok, after this interview.. I subbed.
    You are a great interviewer and obviously the actors are comfortable with you.

  • Griffin
    Griffin 2 months ago +1

    Why do people hate her, she’s so cool and smiley 😃

  • Azedenkae Echevien
    Azedenkae Echevien 2 months ago +1

    Anne Hathaway is so amazing.

  • swampy
    swampy 2 months ago

    5:50 lol 😂

  • swampy
    swampy 2 months ago

    Loki is everywhere

  • David Elligott
    David Elligott 2 months ago +1

    1:39 Did he say "Judy Andrews" or do mine ears deceive me?

  • Adair Murray
    Adair Murray 2 months ago +1

    Well she seems just wonderful

    INFOCOOL 2 months ago

    Anne Hathaway, annoys!

  • MoodyMuggs
    MoodyMuggs 2 months ago

    Um?? Ella Enchanted??

  • EdunchiVEVO
    EdunchiVEVO 2 months ago

    Lol, he is making her talk about everything we wanna hear

  • ShagaMisa
    ShagaMisa 2 months ago

    Very interesting. Thank you!

  • Elizabeth Culver Edwards
    Elizabeth Culver Edwards 2 months ago +7

    I've watched that Wrecking Ball lip sync so many times! She's a national treasure :)

  • Jarl Lillebø
    Jarl Lillebø 2 months ago

    It is hard to tell which of the 2 people in this interview I like more..

  • Rachel Grundy
    Rachel Grundy 2 months ago

    I just love her.

  • Ainz Ooal Pwn 229
    Ainz Ooal Pwn 229 2 months ago

    I love it still gonna check it out just gonna wait for the Wednesday matinee cause I'm broke. 😊

  • Ainz Ooal Pwn 229
    Ainz Ooal Pwn 229 2 months ago

    Taking from people with obnoxiously stupid attitudes about women. I feel you idk what the big deal is either.

  • narmanatakan
    narmanatakan 2 months ago

    great interviewer

  • T BZ
    T BZ 2 months ago +2

    5:23 I bet that hurt her krunt a little.

  • Anna Donovan
    Anna Donovan 2 months ago +22

    Love that she acknowledged she does terrible British accent, even in so many words 😂😂

    • Rei
      Rei Month ago

      Two words: "ONE DAY" lol

  • margot denis
    margot denis 2 months ago

    Where can i get the background picture ?

  • Layma
    Layma 2 months ago

    The jokes about Meryl Streep were old 10 years ago. Just stop it.

  • Natalie Zayas-Bazan
    Natalie Zayas-Bazan 2 months ago +3

    ‘My hair doesn’t do that’. Same, Anne, same. Can’t curl my hair to save my life.

  • da96103
    da96103 2 months ago +3

    The interviewer looks like Hiddleston's younger brother.

  • Jayden Marvel
    Jayden Marvel 2 months ago +1

    Well edited as always

  • reggie brown
    reggie brown 2 months ago


  • J Lincoln
    J Lincoln 2 months ago +3

    “English people won’t let me get away with an actual English accent”.... because we didn’t back when she did one day; bless her she’s grown since then though.

  • FairplayFairman
    FairplayFairman 2 months ago +1

    Why didn’t you cover Get Smart? It was on the board but didn’t feature in the iPlayer version...

    • FairplayFairman
      FairplayFairman 2 months ago

      @BBC Radio 1 It's not often you get an account as big as this actually reply to comments so thanks for answering that!

    • BBC Radio 1
      BBC Radio 1  2 months ago

      Honestly, we simply have a limited amount of time with our guests. It's always tough narrowing down what movies we can discuss with them, especially when it's someone with such a varied and wide ranging back catalogue as Anne.

  • Daniel Ichim
    Daniel Ichim 2 months ago

    They used to call that curly hair, the frizzes. Oh Carroll. Merryl didn't want to be seen as some Cruella Deville.

  • Vaibhav
    Vaibhav 2 months ago +15

    "I love high quality stupid movies" ☺️☺️

  • richa mishra
    richa mishra 2 months ago +1

    I see Meryl Streep and I rem office Michael Scott scene .... I don't know why

  • NickBD
    NickBD 2 months ago +30

    She has a really diverse film catalogue. Some real great ones in there too.

  • Joe S
    Joe S 2 months ago

    Could you imagine if male actors talked about how amazing men are, how inspiring, how we can learn from them etc in the same way female actors do it these days lol well just actors really! It would be fucking nauseating

  • Joe S
    Joe S 2 months ago +1

    2:04 i love how thats significant lol we all swear a lot in the UK love

    • Emily Stark
      Emily Stark 2 months ago +2

      True but it's just unexpected coming from Julie Andrews, that was her point.

  • MilkCinnamon
    MilkCinnamon 2 months ago +1

    I looove her so much.

  • Lily Lin
    Lily Lin 2 months ago +3

    She forgot her own movie? (Becoming Jane - a British woman)
    Mia: Me? A princess?
    Harry: I can't be a wizard.
    Both in 2001 and the acting is identical!

  • Saanvi Sai
    Saanvi Sai 2 months ago +1

    We want princess diaries 3!!!!!!

  • I Share U Watch
    I Share U Watch 2 months ago +1

    I love her movie

  • María Camila
    María Camila 2 months ago +44

    over the past month i have watched probably 20 or more of this interviews and ALL OF THEM have comments about how great the interviewer is and I totally agree. YOU SHOULD ASK FOR A RAISE!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ALL LOVE YOU

    • fransptr
      fransptr 2 months ago

      The one he did with Brie was also great!!

    • BBC Radio 1
      BBC Radio 1  2 months ago

      Ah, thanks for watching all Ali's videos! We really appreciate the positive comments.

  • M J
    M J 2 months ago +2

    Love you Anne ❤

  • Scott Crosby
    Scott Crosby 2 months ago +1

    Such a hottie

  • Lesley Capul
    Lesley Capul 2 months ago +1

    Always love this interviewer, and he does such an amazing job!

  • BadGuy RiRi
    BadGuy RiRi 2 months ago +2

    Best interviewer ever

  • Thor Buttockth
    Thor Buttockth 2 months ago +1

    Maybe it's always like this and for some reason I just noticed it more in this one, but it felt like there was a bit too much editing done here. Inserted a clip of a movie after every 5 words said. Otherwise, another nice interview by y'all!

  • mona anom
    mona anom 2 months ago +6

    Is it even possible for someone to dislike her???

  • Aina Izzati
    Aina Izzati 2 months ago +4

    I thought Mary Poppins do not curse

    • EdunchiVEVO
      EdunchiVEVO 2 months ago

      When she was doing Mary poppins and she was on wires filmimg they drpped her and she said fuck

    • Unauthorized cashews
      Unauthorized cashews 2 months ago

      Mary Poppins doesn't, but Julie Andrews does

  • Army wisllany
    Army wisllany 2 months ago +1


  • Bartu Çelebioğlu
    Bartu Çelebioğlu 2 months ago +5

    she's just gorgeous.

  • as7terix
    as7terix 2 months ago +5

    this was great. and obviously the interviewer was having a great time, i^ve never seen him genuenly laugh this much with any other guest lol

  • K
    K 2 months ago +17

    I'm 99,99% sure she's the sweetest woman on earth

  • Creep vids
    Creep vids 2 months ago +317

    Honestly one of the best interviewers out there is this guy. Always love how calm and interested he is in the person he is interviewing. Seems like a great dude.

    • Jarl Lillebø
      Jarl Lillebø 2 months ago +4

      Yeah. Also seem like he does his research based on making the interview the least basic he could make it. I think it's virtually impossible for him to be equally invested in every actor/movie he has to interview for, but at least he makes the conversation relaxed enough that the questions don't feel as artificial.

  • ash storm
    ash storm 2 months ago +12

    Gotta love Ali plum best interviewer about

  • Sohaib Ali
    Sohaib Ali 2 months ago +1

    LOve her laugh

  • Grace Johansson Edits
    Grace Johansson Edits 2 months ago +13

    Anne Hathaway is truly one of my favourite actresses ever

  • Passenger
    Passenger 2 months ago +1

    Princess diary 1,2 😍😍😍😂