How To Make A GIANT CAKE PUN PENCIL Out Of Chocolate CAKE! | Yolanda Gampp | How To Cake It

  • Published on Oct 3, 2017
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    Hi, I'm Yolanda! Some people call me the Beyoncé of cakes. I post my drool-worthy, jaw-dropping caking creations every Tuesday at 11am EST and on Thursdays at 5pm EST I do LIVE STREAMS! My novelty cakes come in all shapes and sizes - giant versions of foods, gross stuff like brains, movie characters and some of my favourite things! Basically I love to build stuff out of cake, buttercream, fondant, candy, cookies and anything sweet!
    Due to some unforeseen circumstances, this Cake Pun Pencil actually has eight sides of delicious Chocolate cake instead of six. It’s also filled with layers of pink Italian Meringue Buttercream, covered in Pink fondant and decorated to look exactly like an eight-sided, octagonal Cake Pun Pencil. Yup. I’m still not over it.
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    Cinematographer: Jeremy Kohm
    Producers: Jocelyn Mercer & Connie Contardi
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  • How To Cake It
    How To Cake It  Year ago +2284

    Hey #VIPs & #NotificationSquad!! So, I'm gonna be honest.. I still can't get over the fact that I accidentally created a pencil with *eight* sides instead of six. 🙈😳 But, mistakes happen and that's all a part of learning! 😊 So, to help me feel like I'm NOT alone, share your own cake horror stories with me BELOW! 👇👇👇

    • Ann Simmonds
      Ann Simmonds Month ago

      I was making a cake and it was April 2 so all the labels were still swapped from the day before I put salt instead of sugar,gravy instead of coco and crushed up chicken bones mixed with starch instead of flour.but my brother who swapped the labels scoffed the whole thing for himself and got food poisoning so every time he pranks me the jokes are on him

    • Lisa Cooper
      Lisa Cooper 3 months ago

      Its an octagonal pencil

    • Sarah Watkins
      Sarah Watkins 5 months ago

      So one time I was baking a cake, and I made the batter but I forgot that I didn't have any tin's so I went to the store, and I came back and my batter spilled all over the floor. The worst part was that I have a dog so it was hair on the floor and I forgot, so I took a little spoon and put the batter back into the bowl and I realized the floor was clean and then baked the cake, ate it, and said "My cake batter cleaned the floor, my cake batter cleaned the floor!" and then I gave my cake a kiss and hugged it. Ever since there hasn't been not one cake to be baked in this house again.

    • Oueen_Jayy_In_The_Cut😍😍😍
      Oueen_Jayy_In_The_Cut😍😍😍 5 months ago

      Hi I watch your videos everyday😍😍😍

    • L A
      L A 5 months ago

      I served a cake that wasn’t cooked 😁

  • Aliya Legge
    Aliya Legge 22 hours ago

    I think it will be a coconut drink cake

  • Victoria Cheng
    Victoria Cheng Day ago

    is it a coconut?!

  • Jakale Palmer
    Jakale Palmer 2 days ago

    coconut cake

  • Brent LeClair
    Brent LeClair 4 days ago


  • Antoninette Johnson
    Antoninette Johnson 6 days ago

    List are fun

  • Shaunte Taylor
    Shaunte Taylor 8 days ago

    That cake look delicious and incredible

  • Sahil Kumar
    Sahil Kumar 9 days ago

    Coconut shaped cake....😉

  • Zainab Fatima
    Zainab Fatima 9 days ago

    Can u make a giant eraser cake

  • Slayslay Gang
    Slayslay Gang 9 days ago

    Can you shout my USclip channel out it’s Slayslay Gang

  • Hairy Chin Nugget
    Hairy Chin Nugget 9 days ago

    I swear to God I'll subscribe to Hairy Chin Nugget

  • Lali Harsi
    Lali Harsi 11 days ago


  • The 3 angels xxx
    The 3 angels xxx 11 days ago

    A cupcake 🧁

  • Emma Castino
    Emma Castino 14 days ago

    No one likes lists as much as you do!

  • Toothless
    Toothless 16 days ago

    Honestly, who knew Yo even made mistakes before this video? (I'm not saying it's a bad thing that she made a mistake. Mistakes are sometimes good for you! In this case, Yo will always know how many sides a pencil has) Her cakes are so amazing that I'm guessing she is the cake goddess herself :)

  • hannah rose
    hannah rose 16 days ago

    It’s a coconut

  • Roberta Plaza
    Roberta Plaza 16 days ago

    I know what it is its a coconut cake.BOOM!

  • Cassie M
    Cassie M 20 days ago

    Cake that cake is cake

  • Christine Mathis
    Christine Mathis 21 day ago

    Lists are fun

  • Angel Potter
    Angel Potter 22 days ago

    I love lists😊

  • kim munoz
    kim munoz 22 days ago

    me realizing her sweater says I got 99 problems but cake aint one yet we have a problem with the cake

  • fatou joof
    fatou joof 23 days ago

    It's a candied apple cake

  • Emma Middleton
    Emma Middleton 24 days ago

    I once made a cake and forgot to put the sugar in when I was little !!😝

  • BamBam2006
    BamBam2006 24 days ago +1


  • Svnny Cvke
    Svnny Cvke 24 days ago

    Once you make the cake where does it all go?

  • Nick Tumarao
    Nick Tumarao 24 days ago

    Coconut cake

  • Nick Tumarao
    Nick Tumarao 24 days ago


  • steph bush
    steph bush 25 days ago

    Drinking coconut

  • Anja wiebe
    Anja wiebe 25 days ago

    Its a coconut drink

  • Tilly Mahrer
    Tilly Mahrer 26 days ago

    The cakes a coconut drink x

  • Kaye Bock
    Kaye Bock 26 days ago

    You should do a back to school video

  • Beautiful Peterson
    Beautiful Peterson 27 days ago

    Candy apple is the other new cake 😏

  • Aja Dawkins
    Aja Dawkins 28 days ago

    the mystery cake is an coco nut

  • Ali san
    Ali san 28 days ago

    The surprise cake is a coconut 🥥

  • Kassidy Brennan
    Kassidy Brennan 29 days ago

    it a coconut

  • Javon Campbell
    Javon Campbell Month ago

    The other cake would be 'a jelly coconut

  • John Harrison
    John Harrison Month ago +1

    It’s a bath bomb

  • Jesse Joloza
    Jesse Joloza Month ago


  • lizard Queen
    lizard Queen Month ago


  • Shannon Allgood
    Shannon Allgood Month ago

    Lists are fun

  • Shannon Allgood
    Shannon Allgood Month ago

    Christmas ornament

  • Sienna Jacobs
    Sienna Jacobs Month ago


  • Trex Leila
    Trex Leila Month ago

    Is it just me who would like bite the metal part of the eraser so it would like squeeze out so i could keep using it 💀

  • Kaitlynn Holland
    Kaitlynn Holland Month ago

    where do these cakes go?

  • Jose Luis Cabrera
    Jose Luis Cabrera Month ago

    Candy apple cake

  • Tamia X
    Tamia X Month ago

    It is the coconut drink 🍹

  • Tatum Egan
    Tatum Egan Month ago +2

    It’s like a coconut cup thing and also I own like 20 pencils with 8 sides🙂

  • Milouse Colas
    Milouse Colas Month ago

    the hidden cake is a coconut

  • Theresa Martinez
    Theresa Martinez Month ago +1

    Its a coconut cake thing or A YOLANDA CAKE

  • Matthew Rose
    Matthew Rose Month ago

    WAS THAT A FREAKING PORTAL REF????, sorry i just like portal....and cake

  • I respecc waman
    I respecc waman Month ago


  • Lea Pavlović
    Lea Pavlović Month ago

    Coconut cake🥥

  • Sasha Fullbuster123

    ur a unicorn with all da pencils in ur hair!!

  • Olga Semchishin
    Olga Semchishin Month ago

    Lists are NOT fun!!!

  • Finley Sloan
    Finley Sloan Month ago

    Is that mistery cake a coconut or sometype of tropical fruit?

  • jamielle McInnis
    jamielle McInnis Month ago

    a tropical coconut shaped jamaica we call it jelly or "cocknat"

  • Jessiedragon
    Jessiedragon Month ago

    Did u know u can sharpen the rubber end of the pencil

  • Feona Lee Jones
    Feona Lee Jones Month ago

    can u make a gluten-free vegan cake one of these days??

  • Mairia Kenworthy
    Mairia Kenworthy Month ago

    I think that a ruler is a must do for Yolanda I mean you use a ruler so much why not cake one

  • Berenice Melena
    Berenice Melena Month ago

    Turkey 🦃

  • Meg Brown
    Meg Brown Month ago


  • Christy Cummings
    Christy Cummings Month ago

    the cake is coconut milk in a cococnut

  • Alyssa Robinson
    Alyssa Robinson Month ago

    The next video is a coconut cake

  • xxX Xxx
    xxX Xxx Month ago

    i had a bad cake day. i didnt know i was out of butter. when i was making italian meringue buttercream frosting . I had to run to the grocery store to get some. when i got back my egg whites deflated , my cake had cooled down, but i guess i didnt grease it enough because the cake stuck to the pan and wouldn't come out. i tried to scrape it out but that was a fail. everything was ruined. i was so sad i wanted to cry.

  • Maddy Kroening
    Maddy Kroening Month ago

    coconut drink cake

  • Leila Bolen
    Leila Bolen Month ago

    NOT led

  • itsjustjaideee
    itsjustjaideee Month ago


  • EyeSooGuy
    EyeSooGuy Month ago


  • Anna Coderre
    Anna Coderre Month ago

    Faberge egg

  • Raymond Peguero
    Raymond Peguero Month ago

    Geen. appl.

  • Madison Bentley
    Madison Bentley Month ago

    coconut drink cake

  • Shivappa Mogera
    Shivappa Mogera Month ago

    Coconut it is

  • America arroyo
    America arroyo Month ago

    It’s a coconut 🥥 with something one top . Not sure what but for sure it’s a coconut

  • T-Y GANG
    T-Y GANG Month ago


  • The Hard Drive Guru

    8 sides, 6 sides, 12 sides, it doesn't matter. That's still a darn good looking pencil!

  • Melanie Plazola
    Melanie Plazola Month ago

    I think the mystery cake is a candy apple

  • Casandra Gomez
    Casandra Gomez Month ago


  • River Βαρνεττ

    a coconut with a straw in it

  • funny bunny
    funny bunny Month ago

    A candy apple on a stick

  • J B Bear
    J B Bear Month ago

    cool cake next time can you get furious peet i cant spell

  • Ameleigh Ramirez
    Ameleigh Ramirez Month ago

    It's a coconut

  • Emily Cotrell
    Emily Cotrell Month ago

    no no it a cake no buteiul cake

  • Emily Cotrell
    Emily Cotrell Month ago

    a coconut like drink but shaved top

  • Parwinder kaur
    Parwinder kaur 2 months ago

    Coconut cake

  • Rania Furqan
    Rania Furqan 2 months ago


  • P.U.B.G Gamers
    P.U.B.G Gamers 2 months ago

    Coconut punch

  • Gereon Lauer
    Gereon Lauer 2 months ago

    Coconut cake

  • Lily Beddoe
    Lily Beddoe 2 months ago +1

    Coconut cake

  • allie tanner
    allie tanner 2 months ago

    lists are what keep me alive

  • Hafsa Sarwar
    Hafsa Sarwar 2 months ago


  • Emma Mitchell
    Emma Mitchell 2 months ago

    Coconut drink cake?

  • Sarah Valencia
    Sarah Valencia 2 months ago

    yolanda being relatable for 16 minutes straight

  • Megan Mart-Kirven
    Megan Mart-Kirven 2 months ago


  • Angela Dandenanault
    Angela Dandenanault 2 months ago

    # lists are fun

  • Charlotte Lee
    Charlotte Lee 2 months ago

    i think the cake is a coconut drink cake

  • Siri Does Stuff
    Siri Does Stuff 2 months ago

    Coconut cake

  • Just another yeemo
    Just another yeemo 2 months ago

    I hate cake but I bet yolondas cakes would be awesome

  • Shianbakemono Chūdoku
    Shianbakemono Chūdoku 2 months ago

    I dont watch this cause i wanna make the cake I watch it cause its satisfying

  • Ariyana Fisher
    Ariyana Fisher 2 months ago

    Cake pop