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    $0.01 sup

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    Shout out plz 😁😁😁

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    Man, so close

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    I have a ghost story but every time I told someone they said it was a dream but it was so real

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    Missed it to

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    l have a story and may I have a shout out

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    Omg There was bts ARMY

  • last minute shows

    On the snarled channel

  • last minute shows

    Sapphire I shared you a story of mine on Instagram

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    missed it :(

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    I live in Aust so this is on like late for me .. so I may just have to watch after .. (I’m new to ur channel btw)

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    Watching this video on Saturday the 14th so when the name Jason came up I thought " WAIT WHY IS HE STILL HERE!!!!!FRIDAY THE 13WAS YESTERDAY!!"and to make it weirder the person is 13 years old

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    Sapphire for the win, best snarled member

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    your voice cracked

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      um i dont have email or gmail so i have a scary story in the commets.... ( 100 % true. ) when i was 5 i was scared of playing hide and seek in are second back yard. i sneek watched the walking dead but that was a minor reason . on a summer afternoon, me and my brother had played hide and seek . i regret it . i got lost in the woods and triped over a stick and fell into a small pond. i saw a red house paint crippling off the house. the flowers were dead and were wilting to the ground. memory's came gushing back into my brain. when i was 2 years old, i was left alone in the woods with a red house and flowers. but the red house was looking new, and the flowers were blooming, and then i saw a women walk out of the red house . she was wearing a purple and red dress, with no shoes on, and a bun in her brown shiny and silky looking hair . but... she DID NOT HAVE A FACE....... SHE HAD PALE WHITE SKIN. she walked closer to me and hugged me and said im all alone... i have nothing to live for... i am a monster... she stoped hugging me and now she had dark hallow eyes and a dark hallow smile... tears flooded down her cheeks... she then collapsed on to the grass and faded away. over time, i forgot about what happend, but always feared the red house. when i thought about it, i got a head ace and ran away getting scratches all over my legs due to sticks. ( my hair is blond and i am a girl. my brother was 10 and also had and has blond hair. also sorry for the spelling errors i am 9 years old. )

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    I sent you a story please animate it

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    My big sister has a REALLY SCARY STORY!!! But she won't send it to Snarled and I'm like: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! YOU!!! HAVE!!!! TO!!!!

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      I meaaannnn, you could type it right here XD

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    Where do you send in stories?

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    I nuted

  • Sugar Devil Overload


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    I love scerry store's

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    I have a story
    When I wake up in the morning early morning I see a fairy it ALWAYS goes "Hehehehe" It scared me I told my mom she said "It's you still waking up and slightly seeing your dream!" I never dreamt of a fairy in my LIFE. I didn't tell her that tho. Now it's got worse when I'm alone something by my ear says "Hehehe Hi, remember me? I'm coming." But it's said softly like a little girl. Now I see a her but more often I see a little boy fairy with her. I'm scared can someone help was what I thought when I saw them. Now I've started to hear a little boy giggling after she says "Hehehehe, Hi, remember me? I'm coming." Can anyone help? Please? Anyone know what to do? Please?

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    What is in that bottle

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  • Kristina Reacting

    Excited for a new video


    Can you do one with Madoka Magica?

  • Jendkukie’s gummy smile Makes my day

    love your vid girl keep up the scary stories btw i can't fucking sleep at night!

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    I'm also wearing a wrist brace lately :/

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    Saphire why aren't you making ghost guide videos

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    Missed it :(

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    I have a scary story so one day I was watching your videos and I heard someone out side so I looked out side and I saw a man out my window then I went back to watching your video and I heard the noise again so I looked again no one was there so my mom went on the same day.She went out with my brother.And I saw someone Infront of I ran out and my mom came out of her car and I told her what happened.So she went inside she said she didn't see any thing.So ya I am a fan of your videos please give me a shout out

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    💩 SHIT !!!! I MISSED IT WAAAAA!! 😭😭😭😭😭

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    Hey girl

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    Me to

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    Hey love your setter

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    Missed it :(

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    do u have a cat?

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    That chair in the back it 399??

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    Me too....:(

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    Sapphire :)

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    Awesome Channel

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    Im a kig so please

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    Missed it

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    :) make more please: ))))

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    Second story: I was hungry but it was 9pm in the night, so I decided to make myself some breakfast. I sat on the stairs eating my breakfast alone downstairs when I heard a creak, it was just my shoe place door, but when I heard it again, I was really terrified. The door had opened and closed by itself, I quickly called my sister and spoke to her about it, but when I told her that the door opened and shut by itself, the worried look on her face made me freak out. Please share my stories Snarled, and you can change this story if you like.

    • Yxng_ Brian
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      Sorry I don't mean breakfast, I mean cereal

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    I have two stories: I was in my bed using my phone when I heard footsteps on the stairs, I looked but it was my brother slowly going to the bathroom, I usually have to do the upstairs bin so I knew he would check the bin. I was thinking when he went upstairs, he would tell me to do the toilet bin and then I'll be left downstairs in the dark. I went to my brother Brendan and told him that I know his plan, he questioned me what plan and that he never went upstairs. At the end of that I was freaked out

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      X Nitron u said two? This is 1...

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    love it

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    I love your videos/😂😄😄😺😺

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    I watched (didn’t) the stream! 8)

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    Dang it i missed it

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    I missed the livestream!!!!

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    Your stories are awesome keep it up

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    For some reason I love scary stories but when it comes at night time to go to sleep I have a flashlight for every inch and corner of my room

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    I can't join any live streams cuz the time doesn't match with the time of my country, the streams are usually between 4:30am and 5:00am 😭😖

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    I missed it! D:

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    I'm sick in real life😷😷😷😷😷😷😷

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    I love scary stories

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    i seed creape

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    I have always been scared walking alone pass those baby jesus stuff lol

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    i missed it too

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    I'm late.nooooo

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    Yo! Your so cool

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    Wow i’m late... again :/

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    #bringback something scary

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    Hey I sent you an e-mail of my scary story, I'm Morgan Lane btw And I would love to see YOU telling my story XD Sorry, I just love you Saphire!
    And I still see that little girl in the white blood-stained dress...

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    I missed it......

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    I missed it

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    I’m high aka not on life

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