Overwatch Animated Short | “Reunion”


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  • christianne dizon
    christianne dizon 11 hours ago

    StarCraft Origins

  • Rahman Nizamedinov
    Rahman Nizamedinov 11 hours ago

    1:39 i stopped breathing

  • Giancarlo Rodriguez
    Giancarlo Rodriguez 12 hours ago

    Since when are red eyes natural

  • Sword Master Felix
    Sword Master Felix 12 hours ago


  • EquinoxWarrior
    EquinoxWarrior 12 hours ago

    Is no one going to talk about the "Westernified" version of the Overwatch theme and the samplings from The Good The Bad and The Ugly?

  • Joey Ostler
    Joey Ostler 12 hours ago

    Make it were Ashe wants to hunt Winston

  • Red Hud
    Red Hud 12 hours ago

    Ashe x Bob> Ashe x McCree

  • Gerbil IsDead
    Gerbil IsDead 12 hours ago

    Make a story mode plz Jeff

  • Taylr Barber
    Taylr Barber 12 hours ago +1

    Ok but..is anyone gonna talk about the robot character at the end? I SMELL ANOTHER NEW HERO!

  • Yolmar Gabriel
    Yolmar Gabriel 12 hours ago

    graves, ashe y camille programa.

  • EC Gonza
    EC Gonza 13 hours ago

    That pie looked good 😏

  • Smiley ;D
    Smiley ;D 13 hours ago

    *You've never been one to shy away from a good tip*

  • pbo1929
    pbo1929 13 hours ago

    Anyone feel like Fortnite is kind of copying overwatch right now? After overwatch made this cinematic and introduced us Ashe ( the new hero ), Fortnite made a new explosive item called "Dynamite". ( which was vaulted a while ago of course ) and soon the "Wild west" mode.

  • Jay Daisuke
    Jay Daisuke 15 hours ago +2

    Its amazing the hat does not comes off when he's riding the bike.

  • Maugre
    Maugre 15 hours ago

    Can we take a moment to appreciate they made McCree's fork get some resistance from the pie crust

  • AquaDoodlesArt
    AquaDoodlesArt 16 hours ago

    McCree! Stop wasting perfectly good pie!

  • hntrains
    hntrains 16 hours ago

    There's nothing left to say: all the smart arses have already reaped the rewards.

  • Thekingoffools Eli
    Thekingoffools Eli 16 hours ago

    *”That’s none of your business.”*

  • Thekingoffools Eli
    Thekingoffools Eli 16 hours ago

    *Red Dead Redemption 2 - Launch Trailer*

  • actorben
    actorben 16 hours ago

    I wanna marry Ashe! Is that wrong? Never mind.

  • Itz Mustartz
    Itz Mustartz 18 hours ago

    I am buying this

  • ali huseen
    ali huseen 18 hours ago

    ولله ليض مافهمت اي شي

  • Nate Fallout
    Nate Fallout 18 hours ago

    Why is nobody talking about bobs hat when he’s about to shoot he tips his hat

  • CAi YT
    CAi YT 19 hours ago


  • Slump Lotus
    Slump Lotus 19 hours ago

    If you guys go all the way back to the animated short “recall”, you can see this hero, the one that McCree saves in the end, is also in that animated short I mentioned in the hero’s flashing in the end when Winston initiates Overwatch.

  • Vigil Von Malthael
    Vigil Von Malthael 19 hours ago +3

    1:49 Am i the only one that saw the Easter egg? The dude has a Kerrigan tattoo ^ ^

  • Xhephor
    Xhephor 19 hours ago

    that apple pie was so smooth

  • DrizzyPuffs
    DrizzyPuffs 21 hour ago

    Oh I get it. The clock is McCree's Ult charging. Lol ;)

  • Spicy Chicken
    Spicy Chicken 22 hours ago

    Athena is that u?

  • Chanters mail!
    Chanters mail! 23 hours ago

    I don't even play Overwatch. I'm just here for the Mercer and Hale action >_

  • JD
    JD 23 hours ago

    is it me or they doin a.
    western theme.this.month for games

  • angelo togueno
    angelo togueno 23 hours ago


  • J. Oddoye
    J. Oddoye 23 hours ago

    SO.....for my Paragon people, they brought Muriel into the game???

  • loafhero
    loafhero Day ago

    Blizzard, enough with the Omnic abuse! Poor Bob was innocent!

  • nilanjan chakraborty

    Hope they make a movie on it.

  • Colby Williams
    Colby Williams Day ago

    I want to see zarya's origin story

  • 雪原疾行Neil

    “(it doesn't always have to be this way,Ashe)不用每次都来硬的,Ashe~”
    “(Apparently......it does.)可我就喜欢......来硬的~”

  • Malte Löf Gustavsson

    *I AlReaDy ChOoSe MCreE*

  • Dank Memes
    Dank Memes Day ago

    Noice new characters

  • theCoolJack
    theCoolJack Day ago

    4:32 waiting for your ultimate without dying

  • AFox739
    AFox739 Day ago

    Ashe and Silent Bob Strike Back?

    SOG WOLF Day ago

    dont he hav deadeye or sumting

  • lennoyl
    lennoyl Day ago

    please Jeff, remove duplicates in random hero mode !!!

  • Keque
    Keque Day ago

    I really dont like Jennifer Hale as a voice actress

  • NizzyNizerson
    NizzyNizerson Day ago

    I already chose mcree!

  • Da Tammy
    Da Tammy Day ago

    When you’re about to get an elimination but the Mei on your team puts her ice barrier right in front of you.

  • Killer spring
    Killer spring Day ago

    Secret siblings ??

  • onekingdom1
    onekingdom1 Day ago


  • Niket Patil
    Niket Patil Day ago

    Man hope they will make movie one day

  • Versipellis the rogue Changeling

    Bob is awesome

  • PieisDaBest1
    PieisDaBest1 Day ago

    I just realized he's basically Raynor but with 50% more cowboy and 50% less space.

  • Cardinale Dolan
    Cardinale Dolan Day ago

    1:49 dat kerrigan ink looks nice

  • DarkShadow
    DarkShadow Day ago

    The best hero was the pie

  • Qwerty
    Qwerty Day ago

    4:36 did they wait till high noon to start shooting

  • Jakusu
    Jakusu Day ago

    Trying to be valve with animated shorts

  • FrozenAvatar
    FrozenAvatar Day ago

    Um sry wot

  • henry jr. maturan

    This question may seem ignorant but I'm not well versed in Overwatch lore; Who"s the robot?

  • Victoria Cagande


  • Jamez Velazquez
    Jamez Velazquez Day ago

    I already choose McCree

  • Jamez Velazquez
    Jamez Velazquez Day ago

    I’m your huckleberry

  • freddy and foxy
    freddy and foxy Day ago

    New character conformied

  • paolo w
    paolo w Day ago

    what is that robot Angle thing,.. is that like the robot human (Athena)?????

  • Amy Wildstyle
    Amy Wildstyle Day ago

    Is there any short with Mercy?

  • Ayden Davis
    Ayden Davis Day ago

    Just realized in the last like 3 or 4 months we have gotten so much cowboy content across a ton of games... Calamity, Deadfire, we even got Red dead 2 which is a full game, and then finally this animation and Ashe being the next hero.

  • SC4RCH
    SC4RCH Day ago

    Its the bot on the overwatch poster right? RIGHTTT!!!!!????

  • Kapkan Besuda
    Kapkan Besuda Day ago

    U n t i e m e

  • Jayden Hong
    Jayden Hong Day ago

    R8 Chapter 2

  • Ban Nana
    Ban Nana Day ago

    And graves still doesn't have a cigar

  • SUPER GAMER XD a.k.a Zabuza

    "Toss out your weapon."
    Hi she asked for it.

  • Reuben Bunanta
    Reuben Bunanta Day ago

    Who else doesn’t play Overwatch but keep on watching their animations.

  • V3RSE
    V3RSE Day ago

    I wanna be tracer

  • D3ViL Gaming
    D3ViL Gaming Day ago

    Love how they started fighting at "high noon"

    Edit: oh all relevant jokes I can make.......end me pls

  • JOsH ThINgY
    JOsH ThINgY Day ago

    That pie looks so goooood

  • Angela Engle
    Angela Engle Day ago

    0:42 My momma's apple pie never crumbled dat way befo.

  • Mr. Clan Playz
    Mr. Clan Playz Day ago


  • Trey Shipman
    Trey Shipman Day ago

    I wonder if Mcree was there in order to get the robot girl.

  • Dávid Roman
    Dávid Roman Day ago

    Can some good soul recommend me music similar to what starts playing at 4:56 ?

  • nick george
    nick george Day ago

    All the gang members have starcraft tattoos

  • Classic Red Eye
    Classic Red Eye Day ago

    The details on his face says Disney, But the details in his eyes say SOURCE ENGINE

  • Nico Sanchez
    Nico Sanchez Day ago +1

    They really should make a movie

  • Green Blaze
    Green Blaze Day ago


  • Eric Hunsaker
    Eric Hunsaker Day ago

    That apple pie looked good

  • dom chown
    dom chown Day ago

    i wanna be tracer

  • taynison girigorie

    is that robot gonna be the next hero?

  • Marines InSpace
    Marines InSpace Day ago

    Ashe: Exists
    Me: This pleases me.

  • Damn Skulls
    Damn Skulls Day ago

    I lost it when the robot sweat an oil drop.

  • UnleasheD ImaginatioN

    BAMF? Surprised Bliz even let that in the game.

  • Hector Morales
    Hector Morales Day ago

    Enjoy playing overwatch but come on Blizzard we want more male heroes too. They have brought more female than male heroes lately. But love the animations only if we had campaign mode in overwatch... :/

  • Mary Ray
    Mary Ray Day ago

    Bob vs Bastion?

  • Shaorma Hunter
    Shaorma Hunter Day ago

    exist crosplay between Xbox and PC (with blzzard and betlle net accoount) pls help me

  • Tenno Skuum
    Tenno Skuum Day ago

    That apple pie, the outlaw music, and of course that western feel. God I miss the USA.

  • Chuchi P
    Chuchi P Day ago

    *bOB dO s0mTInG!!!*

  • Chuchi P
    Chuchi P Day ago

    *U disrupted my pie eating!!1!!!1!!11!!!*


    When I saw McCree come out of the dust I yelled “IT’S HIGH NOON”

  • 3B GX
    3B GX Day ago

    red dead redemption is better

  • Gabriel Torres
    Gabriel Torres Day ago +1

    Graves what are u doing in this game?

  • Daniel Harris
    Daniel Harris Day ago

    Lian? is that you???.

  • Martin Larsen
    Martin Larsen Day ago +1

    Rule 34 artists.... (cracks knuckles)