Teens React To Try Not To Look Back Challenge

  • Published on Oct 13, 2018
  • Try not to look back challenge played by Teens. Original links below.
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    Teens take on the try not to look back challenge. Watch to see their reactions.
    Content featured:
    House made of popsicle sticks
    BABY DRIVER - 6-Minute Opening Clip
    Journey To Standing Double Backflip
    Lip Sync Battle - Tom Holland
    3M Quick Clean Griddle Kit
    Crumbs! - Jiwi’s Machines Ep. 1 - FULL EPISODE
    Simple Mini Sugar Doughnut Balls
    Whale jumps out of nowhere during sight seeing tour.
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    Teens featured:
    Dash, age 14
    Morgan A., age 15
    John, age 16
    Becca, age 17
    Jair, age 17
    Jeremiah, age 17
    Kenneth, age 18
    Nia, age 18
    Will, age 18
    Zaria, age 18
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    Teens React #219 - Teens React To Try Not To Look Back Challenge
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  • FBE
    FBE  8 months ago +381

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    • Blossom
      Blossom 8 months ago +1

      PLS REACT TO Drop the Mic: Shawn Mendes vs Odell Beckham Jr. - FULL BATTLE | TBS

    • Jennie I. Carr
      Jennie I. Carr 8 months ago +1

      Never trust what you can only see, even salt looks like sugar.

      RIDE SHARE GUIDE 8 months ago +1

      Dash is savage

      RIDE SHARE GUIDE 8 months ago +1

      Dash is savage.

    • helheimx
      helheimx 8 months ago

      Teens or adults react to Victor Borge and Dean Martin Phonetic Punctuation

  • Kia Anthony
    Kia Anthony 7 months ago +3

    It was Tom Hallen and I love him pls tell if I spelt his last name wrong

  • Misscha
    Misscha 7 months ago +3

    1:42 what movie is that?

  • j-fool
    j-fool 7 months ago

    look back at it look back at it

  • Shoto Todorki
    Shoto Todorki 7 months ago +3

    Will and Zaria are adults because there 18

    • Shoto Todorki
      Shoto Todorki 7 months ago

      @Alexa Skelley they probably didn't go to college or thet didn't have enough for college

    • Alexa Skelley
      Alexa Skelley 7 months ago

      Braysen Crawford no they would be college

  • Devon The Adventurer
    Devon The Adventurer 7 months ago +1

    even i can do better then they did i don't look BACK

  • Eddeline Gomez
    Eddeline Gomez 7 months ago +2

    The viewers are lucky

  • Ty
    Ty 7 months ago +6

    Will is 18? Dang...

  • C T
    C T 7 months ago +5

    I personally would *NOT* turn away from my baby Tom ❀️

  • LatestColours
    LatestColours 7 months ago +3

    I mean... how can anyone NOT look at Tom Holland XD

  • JustJurgen
    JustJurgen 7 months ago +4

    6:13 is the best part of the whole video πŸ˜‚

  • Maia Crosby
    Maia Crosby 7 months ago +4

    He washed a gritttle oooooooh

  • Kurt Aaron
    Kurt Aaron 7 months ago +3

    Am I the only one who notice? That Morgan A. is not seen in the camera often?

    • Bo MαΊ­p
      Bo MαΊ­p 7 months ago

      She’s the girl wearing yellow shirt

  • M.Zeeshan BRKI
    M.Zeeshan BRKI 7 months ago

    Wah yr bara bardash kr liya bhai

  • StarsBeyondMars
    StarsBeyondMars 7 months ago +506

    You know the good part about this

    We get to watch this

  • Rory McLeod
    Rory McLeod 7 months ago +4

    That John dude was only satisfied like once bahahahah

  • makayla
    makayla 7 months ago +20


  • daisy daisy
    daisy daisy 7 months ago

    What is the movie with Ansel Elgort called?

  • Madison Deveaux
    Madison Deveaux 7 months ago +3

    All they have to do is go on USclip and watch this video so I would've won

  • Ella Joseph
    Ella Joseph 7 months ago +2

    React to "To This Day Project" by Shane Koyczan

  • Cha cha Real Smooth
    Cha cha Real Smooth 7 months ago

    3:05 Is actually a world record for a double back flip on hard group

  • Rosewolf 25
    Rosewolf 25 7 months ago +4

    β€œ Like a puppy hugging another puppy I like those... β€œ I just NEEDDD TENNNN

  • Galaxy678 Star
    Galaxy678 Star 7 months ago

    These onesssss 0:18

  • Mya Papaya
    Mya Papaya 7 months ago +2

    Wait... they give you shoutouts just for commenting? Cool! I wish I could have one of those! That would be cool!

  • Carla Jara
    Carla Jara 7 months ago


  • Val M
    Val M 7 months ago +8

    Woah wait 0:23 Jeremiah it’s younger than Will 0:25 wtf

  • Maple Syroof
    Maple Syroof 7 months ago +3

    LMAO BECCA "What is something that you can't resist to watch"
    "Vine Compilations" xd

  • Shawn Frost
    Shawn Frost 7 months ago +4

    9:14 I had to cover half of the screen, beacuse I am afraid of the ocean and big creatures 😰πŸ˜₯

  • Skyler Bevis
    Skyler Bevis 7 months ago +8

    Dash looks weirdπŸ˜‚

  • Sawyer Aikens
    Sawyer Aikens 7 months ago +6

    Will looks like he is 12

    • Mya Papaya
      Mya Papaya 7 months ago

      Nope, I’m 12 and all the 7th graders look older than that. 😢

  • Anna Jacobson
    Anna Jacobson 7 months ago +8

    They realize that they can just not look back and watch this video later right? Then they can see them all.

  • lickmy socksx
    lickmy socksx 7 months ago +3

    Will is my favourite.

  • Pineapple Pals Productions

    Dash is me tho

  • Forrest Young
    Forrest Young 7 months ago +9


  • 1.000 subscribers Without any videos

    I’m so lucky I can see it!

  • angelina
    angelina 7 months ago +17

    β€œyou washed a grill....ooooh” *completely unimpressed*

  • EXOxBTSxTXT Lover
    EXOxBTSxTXT Lover 7 months ago +5

    I feel so honoured! I get to watch all of it whilst they need to sit in pain... 😈😈😏😏

  • AdamJae
    AdamJae 7 months ago +10

    6:12 i love you

  • Lee Everett
    Lee Everett 7 months ago +5

    Is it just me who loves jair

  • Smash -_-br0o0
    Smash -_-br0o0 7 months ago

    ΩƒΨ³ Ψ§Ω… ΨͺفاهΨͺΩƒΩ…

  • Boeing 777
    Boeing 777 7 months ago +3

    This is basically a to be continued me-


  • Hero
    Hero 7 months ago +16

    Dash is mood

  • Shin m0h
    Shin m0h 7 months ago +1


  • Tobi Btw
    Tobi Btw 7 months ago +2

    Will is 18?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Nadine Latte
    Nadine Latte 7 months ago +4

    He washed a grill wOoOoOoOoOoOoO

  • I want to die
    I want to die 7 months ago


  • rbapf
    rbapf 7 months ago +20

    Dash is my spirit animal.

  • Michin Maki
    Michin Maki 7 months ago +42

    At 9:38 Dash is my mood xD

  • Vicente Talfe
    Vicente Talfe 7 months ago +8

    Wtf, why everyone likes the little Tobey Maguire

  • Albin Lundholm
    Albin Lundholm 7 months ago +9

    I like Dash

  • Albin Lundholm
    Albin Lundholm 7 months ago +5

    7:40 So they're not helpful

  • Leyna Yonehara
    Leyna Yonehara 7 months ago +5

    β€œLike a puppy hugging another puppy”

  • Silence
    Silence 7 months ago +13

    Dash is my spirit animal, I CANT!!

  • Taylor Tea
    Taylor Tea 7 months ago +14

    TOM HOLLAND DEFEATS ALL πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • william higgs
    william higgs 7 months ago +10

    Why is dash my favourite

  • Joseph Keir
    Joseph Keir 7 months ago +2


  • Tania Isabel
    Tania Isabel 7 months ago +10

    Is Dash's second name Goob by any chance?

  • Hassiba Ferris
    Hassiba Ferris 7 months ago +7

    no one can ever turn on tom holland NEVER

  • jae velo
    jae velo 7 months ago +6

    i love jair’s attitude! she’s so cute

  • suasua
    suasua 7 months ago +1

    Doesn't Kenneth's picture look like Stewie2k?

  • Alexandra Lopez
    Alexandra Lopez 7 months ago +4


  • iQiox
    iQiox 7 months ago


  • Juanjo Gomariz SΓ‘nchez


  • NPC #2138991
    NPC #2138991 7 months ago +13

    Dash is literally me when i was 13 i love it

  • Brigitte jones
    Brigitte jones 7 months ago +1

    Omg Jair was so me when Tom's part arrivedπŸ˜‚πŸ’“

  • Abdullaziz Plays
    Abdullaziz Plays 7 months ago +1

    they just watch it when the videos done

  • May CantEven
    May CantEven 7 months ago +10


    • Wonderland
      Wonderland 7 months ago


  • LilacSugarx
    LilacSugarx 7 months ago +437

    dash is in his angst phase

  • MarchHare
    MarchHare 7 months ago +16

    Dash is so funny lmao, he won't watch other vids bur he would watch a puppy hugging another puppy..so cute! 🀣🀣

  • Faithfully Hopeful
    Faithfully Hopeful 7 months ago +5

    Dash's attitude is everything!

  • Tetchie Esclito
    Tetchie Esclito 7 months ago +3

    Jair is beautiful 😍

  • Minh Nguyen Hong
    Minh Nguyen Hong 7 months ago

    Dash's altitude is everything

  • Nonsey Boi
    Nonsey Boi 7 months ago +1

    2:30 to be continued

  • Darian Williams
    Darian Williams 7 months ago

    Morgan looks like the girl from Matilda

  • Omran Bader
    Omran Bader 7 months ago +9

    Dash: he washed the grill..wooohh πŸ˜‚πŸ’”

    • xd Daisy
      xd Daisy 7 months ago

      Omran Bader we all know he had a tough childhoodπŸ’€

  • kmg
    kmg 7 months ago

    Dash kinda feels like younger sibling of Review Brah.

    • Silence
      Silence 7 months ago

      Excatly my thought!!!

  • Nitro _Apollo
    Nitro _Apollo 7 months ago +10

    Is it me or does Dash look like Spider-Man


    Day going to put it on next video

  • Tanya Bailey
    Tanya Bailey 7 months ago +5

    9:40-9:44 I Can’t πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Ally Kennedy
    Ally Kennedy 7 months ago +22

    Bring Dash back. He is the sass king.

  • moto moto
    moto moto 7 months ago +5

    He washed a grill oHhhh

  • yeeyee sis
    yeeyee sis 7 months ago +83

    Dash is a whole mood

  • J J
    J J 7 months ago +5

    If i was on the show I wouldn’t have watched any of them, because I could just watch the videos when it came out on youtube. I still didnt watch any but I’ll probably come back tomorrow to watch them

  • StrangeNutCloud
    StrangeNutCloud 7 months ago +2

    I'd say "I can always watch the video once it's over with"

  • Arturo H.
    Arturo H. 7 months ago +3

    Dash is pretty funny

  • calm ed
    calm ed 7 months ago +5

    7:04 and 7:14 πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Mochi Mochi
      Mochi Mochi 7 months ago

      I'm crying πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Hey msCarter
      Hey msCarter 7 months ago

      Mi no Spek inglis I just saw a guy eat a sandwich πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Rayni Norris
    Rayni Norris 7 months ago +5


  • Thehiddenhippo
    Thehiddenhippo 7 months ago +1

    He washed a grill lol!!!

  • Park Noah
    Park Noah 7 months ago +7

    Dash is adorable

  • AwesomeGun18ooo
    AwesomeGun18ooo 7 months ago +7

    I love Dash so much

  • Billie Eyelash__ Avocado
    Billie Eyelash__ Avocado 7 months ago +2

    Did Will go on Dance Moms to do a duet with Kendall? I feel like he did. I need an answer

  • A Marie
    A Marie 7 months ago +3


  • Kylee Jenkins
    Kylee Jenkins 7 months ago +6

    Will said β€œlook at Peter Parker dancing around β€œπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Kylee Jenkins
    Kylee Jenkins 7 months ago +5

    Dash is so funny to me OMG his react is just tooooo funny πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • olivia morgan
    olivia morgan 7 months ago +7

    Dash is a BIG MOOD

  • lone star
    lone star 7 months ago +6

    Dash is just awesome in his reactions πŸ˜‚

  • Savvanah Egbert
    Savvanah Egbert 7 months ago +7

    Dash: he washed a grill ohhh
    Me: 🀣

  • jag2023
    jag2023 7 months ago +3

    Dash is hilarious...

  • nakai
    nakai 7 months ago +2

    4:37 freeze frame

  • Xylina Herrera
    Xylina Herrera 7 months ago +16

    " he washed a grill. OoOoo" 🀣🀣