5 Brilliant Moments In Film

  • Published on Mar 28, 2016
  • We want to take a break from ranking things and spend some time appreciating the beauty in the
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    What did you think of the list? Do you disagree with any of our picks? Feel like we left out or mis-represented any of the films? What do you think are the best movie moments in film history? What makes a moment stick with you?
    What other topics would you like to see us cover in future editions of CineFix Movie Lists?
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    Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
    Without saying a single word, we get to watch Shu Lien realize that Jen is a gifted martial artist, and possibly the thief.
    2001: A Space Odyssey
    It might seem like Hal was struggling and failing to follow the conversation, helplessly looking
    back and forth, but by singling in on exactly what matters - their lips - we catch the real meaning.
    Inglorious Basterds
    While we certainly notice an abrupt shift, and understand immediately that the jig is up and Hellstrom is now a dangerous enemy - and this is probably all that Tarantino was going for - the "how" is better explained later in dialogue.
    The Godfather
    You have a handful of simple signifiers of film language combining to communicate the complex notion of "Michael deciding to murder two men" all without a single word of expository dialogue
    127 Hours
    After 5 agonizing days of being trapped under a boulder, Aron Ralston finally cuts through his arm. Our bodies are bizarrely hardwired to respond viscerally to different sounds
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  • tamsondove
    tamsondove Day ago

    The scotch is also 33 years old, it's almost like a warning building up, he repeats that it's 33 years old, like three times

  • ultrakool
    ultrakool 2 days ago

    0:20 they musta used a leaf blower instead, I presume?

  • Leonardo Bandos
    Leonardo Bandos 2 days ago

    Came here for Inglourious Basterds. Leaving satisfied.

  • Jölk
    Jölk 3 days ago

    9:25 (time frame for me)

  • Eric Stasiak
    Eric Stasiak 6 days ago

    In crouching tiger hidden dragon where the cup is about to fall off the table and is quickly caught. Just like observance of her calligraphy, such tallent is acknowledged.

  • kai brown
    kai brown 7 days ago

    if u pause right as the guy gets shot in the throat at 12:15 u can see the bullet wound in his head before he gets shot

  • The Voluntarist Consumer

    The Godfather one broken down to the best of my ability as requested, we see an over-the-shoulder shot of michael, with him mostly out of frame and focus, instead we focus on the reaction of the police, whom look mildly concerned, leaving a snap decision for the audience, is that surprise important? Is the shot obscuring a gun? Is Michael going to shoot? These questions are all answered as soon as they're asked as michael moves twords the table, but instead of releasing the suspense, it raises a new question, when is he going to shoot? IS he even going to shoot?

  • Art Turner
    Art Turner 7 days ago

    I've seen 2001 at least 9-10 times but I don't think I ever noticed the irising technique used in the scene shown here before. What an endlessly brilliant film.

  • Matt Fusiek
    Matt Fusiek 9 days ago

    Gahhhhhh lol.

  • Gustavo Lobatón
    Gustavo Lobatón 9 days ago

    the nazi who playede yahtzee

  • bigmig7877
    bigmig7877 10 days ago

    To much narrative!

  • Mr.Ouest
    Mr.Ouest 10 days ago

    Humans can only effectively read lips from the frontal view but alas HAL9000 is the exception and can effectively read lips from a profile view of the subject?! This always seemed odd to me but strangely brilliant to the likes of whomever wrote the script for this video. I guess 'brilliance' is completely subjective.

  • Mac Daddy
    Mac Daddy 11 days ago


    NEDAPE 11 days ago


  • bobekfpj
    bobekfpj 12 days ago

    You should have put a disclaimer at the end there man.

  • Anthony Hackett
    Anthony Hackett 12 days ago

    I hate to be the only one and seem like an ass but you misspelled unranked

  • David Chuah
    David Chuah 12 days ago

    FOr the Hidden Tiger's movie, basically is because the movement of wrist and the movement...just like a swordsman holding sword

  • Ìbùkún Anwo-Ade
    Ìbùkún Anwo-Ade 15 days ago


  • Arturo Guevara
    Arturo Guevara 17 days ago

    Hi, big fan, love your breakdowns.
    As recommendations for lists, how about-
    1) An actors’ filmography and the differences that developed with directors as their careers progressed, like Paul Newman or Jack Nicholson?
    2) A list of various movies that show an actors/directors growth or change in taste within a short period of time?
    Perhaps you’ve done these in some way, I don’t think I’ve enjoyed all your videos yet, but in case you haven’t I hope this helps.
    Keep up the great work!

  • mariia.cas
    mariia.cas 18 days ago

    Why is holding up three fingers not german? I'm spanish and confused

  • masamune2984
    masamune2984 20 days ago

    I still remember doubting (for some reason) that a simple finger gesture would be enough to give someone away as in the tavern scene in Inglorious Basterds, so I asked my friend from Germany (who hadn’t scene the film and didn’t know the context of the scene) if it would look odd to her, and she said, as a German, that she would ABSOLUTELY notice such a subtle difference in the way “three” was displayed...without a doubt, simply because it would stand out slightly from the normal way she’s used to seeing.
    Tarantino...you never fail to impress.

  • Thomas Regan
    Thomas Regan 21 day ago +1

    The godfather scene was brilliant

  • AmitX
    AmitX 21 day ago

    man that 157 hours scene was hard to watch

  • Terra Europa
    Terra Europa 22 days ago

    Jesus, Godfather has tons of this moments, other movies have maybe one or two at best, but Godfather has tons of it, true masterpiece. In fact one could make two videos about this brilliant moments from GODFATHER ONLY.

  • Matthew Shroba
    Matthew Shroba 23 days ago

    I love unraked films

  • OrganicChemistry2
    OrganicChemistry2 24 days ago

    He should've asked for ONE glass.. ..with his pinky up!

  • lmao
    lmao 24 days ago

    Holy shit, I never saw 127 hours but that scene is omg i can't even

  • tojohndillonesq
    tojohndillonesq 24 days ago

    Analysis is grossly over technical.

  • Manuel Soto
    Manuel Soto 26 days ago +3

    Godfather scene is brilliant. I always loved the subway noise because it pushed him to go. You can also see that he figured it would blend in with gunshots.

  • Siblejm
    Siblejm 27 days ago


  • Yuvanesh Silvanathan
    Yuvanesh Silvanathan 27 days ago +1

    Wow. Mind blowing. Incredible. I had no idea. We definitely missed these cues directors openly laid out for us.
    Wow. Fuck you cineflix, what a waste of time.

  • Death Reaper235
    Death Reaper235 28 days ago

    Nice nice.

  • c4manke
    c4manke 28 days ago


  • clammer23
    clammer23 28 days ago

    This is an excellent video. It taught me how to watch movies differently. Thank you very much.

  • Nathan Wente
    Nathan Wente 28 days ago

    I’m glad the scene from 127 hours made it in this video. I’ve tried explaining how disturbing that scene is because if the sound alone countless times. It still makes me grit my teeth and shrivel up when I see it.

  • Timon Graewert
    Timon Graewert Month ago

    does anyone know the name of the movie seen at 0:33? thx

  • Paul Murphy
    Paul Murphy Month ago

    #5 Unraked.... Less time watching films. More time in school.

  • Felsinger Basti
    Felsinger Basti Month ago

    It bothers me a lot that they mix up the Waffen SS with the Gestapo... Fascism and Communism... even Americans must know the difference...

  • Daniel Leroy
    Daniel Leroy Month ago

    Unraked?... Or, Unranked (in the title scene)

  • RogiRemillard1977
    RogiRemillard1977 Month ago

    I can't deal with this dumbed down explanation of the world. It hurts.

  • dashcat08
    dashcat08 Month ago

    Typo alert - Unraked? Other than that, great stuff!

  • Suhas Gowda
    Suhas Gowda Month ago

    0:19 unraked?

  • Mellifluous
    Mellifluous Month ago

    no duh you move your eyes when youre trying to decide something or remember. you usually move them a fair amount

  • Scott Williams
    Scott Williams Month ago


  • C G
    C G Month ago

    Please stop hailing the "3" scene. The scene has two enourmous problems:
    When playing the name-game with the German soldiers, Hammersmark is "Ghengis Khan". But in German, his name is written (and spoken) differently: Dschingis Khan. To make things worse, Hammersmark even says the name and uses the English pronounciation. The fact that none notices this must mean, by the films own logic, that EVERYONE in the room is an english spy (which would be a very nice plottwist!). But it turns out they just didnt care to do any research. Maybe today this isnt that obvious anymore since we have the internet and are familiar with both "Ghengis Khan" and "Dschingis Khan". But the movie is set in the 1940s. (in case anyone wants to know the German pronounciation: usclip.net/video/pzmI3vAIhbE/video.html (its a little over the top, but should give you the right idea)).
    The second problem, just as big, is that saying around Piz Palü everyone has a bit of a strange German accent. Piz Palü is between Italy and Switzerland, around 200km away from Germany! None speaks German there - they either speak Italian, Swissgerman or Rumantsch. Not a single one of the "German soldiers" notices the obvious lie (and no, you cant argue that Swissgerman is just a variation of German. It sounds very different, most Germans dont even understand it).
    The problem isnt the two mistakes per se. Those things easily happen if you make a movie set in a different culture and time. The problem is that the movie makes those little things important, yet fails at them. It completly breakes any suspension of disbelief. For the rest of the movie, i had to turn off my brain. Thinking about which "mistakes" Tarantino wants me to see and which ones truly are mistakes isnt a fun experience.

  • Demos Rouvis
    Demos Rouvis Month ago

    You re very boring

  • JacobManella94
    JacobManella94 Month ago

    Movies at 12:58 and 13:12?

  • Neri Omeara
    Neri Omeara Month ago

    Y’all went wayyyyyy to in-depth I got the Idea but you forcefully drilled the concept in my mind this video could’ve been cut in half

  • Connor Walker
    Connor Walker Month ago +1

    I think Hannibal Lector meeting Clarice belongs on here

  • LowlyGrinder
    LowlyGrinder Month ago

    The Go out speaking the kings line from Inglorious Bastards is one of my favorite lines from a movie, even if I didn't like the movie itself. It's funny because my other fave is "Oh I'm sorry, did I break you concentration?" from Pulp Fiction, although I did like that movie.

  • Soad A
    Soad A Month ago

    What song did you use when you were explaining The Godfather scene?

  • hiphopfiend13
    hiphopfiend13 Month ago


  • mmcfreds
    mmcfreds Month ago

    Ever seen American History X? The sound of that guy’s teeth scraping the curb? Yikes!

  • Mikey
    Mikey Month ago

    Don't overlook the writer here. Directors and cinematographers might photograph the visuals but it is the writer who has already created those visuals first. Films really shouldn't be seen as a director's medium. Writers create everything.

  • Wandile Mtambo
    Wandile Mtambo Month ago

    I love the way you structure your videos.I want to start up a channel praising Hip Hop in the same Vain and depth as you guys.

  • Ferdinand Luskel
    Ferdinand Luskel Month ago +1

    I seriously had to throw up, after the sound kicks in in 127 Hours. Fuck me.

  • ronaldo Duran
    ronaldo Duran Month ago

    Wow no Denzel Washington scenes? I only liked the Inglorious Bastards scene. Dislike.

  • Richie Schneider
    Richie Schneider Month ago

    I took German in high school and college, and I've been to Germany twice, so I noticed right away what he did wrong with the three fingers thing. My German teacher in high school warned us about that specifically to keep us from ordering the wrong amounts of things in Germany! I loved that part in "Inglorious Basterds"!!!

  • cjd
    cjd Month ago

    my arms feel weird after watching that. I feel like I have to protect them, lol

  • cjd
    cjd Month ago

    I haven't seen Inglorious Basterds yet, but just from the way the over the shoulder isn't too tight and we can see his expression, I think the Englishman realizes his mistake. The way he looks down in the silence and looks back up at the German's smiling face seems like an extra hint that would help Americans like me realize something is immediately wrong, even if I don't know what. (Fuck!! I love film)

  • அத்வம்
    அத்வம் Month ago

    Hi i m south indian. I have a great story. If any of u wants 2 make it as movie, please contact 7845724802

  • L B
    L B Month ago

    Stephen Graham (combo) out of this is England, the build up to beating milky within an inch of his life has to be the most believable performance in the history of films. Guys an underrated legend

  • Amin Bakr
    Amin Bakr Month ago

    come one nobody want to see this end

  • Zuri Birmingham
    Zuri Birmingham Month ago

    I still CANNOT watch 127 Hours without turning away. Like I'm in pain and closing my eyes, holding my breath every single time

  • Maniac50AE
    Maniac50AE Month ago

    Took a mandatory germ class in middle school so i caught it

  • BabyBoomerChannel
    BabyBoomerChannel Month ago

    Michael does not have the revolver in his hand when he comes out of the bathroom - which he WAS supposed to do “Come Out blasting”. Making it more of a deliberated decision.

  • NateLB
    NateLB Month ago

    127 hours cutting scene was fucking rough to watch

  • Adam Balling
    Adam Balling Month ago

    I've also noticed, how Bridget von Hammersmark becomes serious after that hand gesture.

  • Will Smith
    Will Smith Month ago

    I was content on only watching 127 hours once. Specifically because of the scene were he cuts off his arm. Thank you so much for making relive that.

  • Manish Kumar
    Manish Kumar Month ago

    Germans do not order 3 drinks or glass so he doubt that he is not german its not about 3 finger style or face.

  • B K
    B K Month ago

    John carpenters they live scene where he says I'm here to kick ass and chew bubblegum and I'm all out of bubblegum lmao

  • Cassie
    Cassie Month ago

    What is the movie at 12:28?

  • Oliver Sharples
    Oliver Sharples Month ago

    Title screen says UNRAKED rather than UNRANKED. I mean it's just the title nothing major.

  • UK Colours
    UK Colours Month ago

    you are a cock love derek

  • ke n
    ke n Month ago

    can someone please tell me the movie at 0:34 is??

  • JavaPlanet
    JavaPlanet Month ago

    i remember the knight rider with this app play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.airvapps.kittvoice&hl=en

  • Will Moorman
    Will Moorman Month ago

    Anyone else take a second look at the name CineFix because it looks like Chris Fix

  • mark anthony gading

    I love this channel!

  • Dennis Pou
    Dennis Pou Month ago

    Spelling mistake in the first couple of seconds in the video. Unraked lol

  • Thomas Corso
    Thomas Corso 2 months ago

    Over explaining much

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 2 months ago


    BUCK2TH 2 months ago

    1st 1 was wrong so i didnt bother watching anymore

  • MissyB 75
    MissyB 75 2 months ago +1

    Well the first one was utter shit!

  • Bryan Fuentes
    Bryan Fuentes 2 months ago

    I fell a sleep

  • Joseph Archer
    Joseph Archer 2 months ago

    Ur Right concerning the Inglorious Bastards: 3 sign. I rewound that scene when I view it by DVD also! Wow, chilling...

  • Natalie Emelia Mitchell

    I couldn't even watch that last one. Oh gosh I'm feeling sick...

  • Peter Niles
    Peter Niles 2 months ago

    The indecision at the start of #4 is great. We start with the over-the-shoulder, looking onto the would be victims. The shot is composed like a conversation, with us behind a character looking out towards the others, and our focus is on how they're going to interact. He see a brief moment of hesitation, and a response to it as the men at the table glance up and seem to breifly question the hesitation. We have a split second of tension, and we're wondering when his arm is going to swing up to break the silence with a gunshot, but then it doesn't. We're cut over to the portrait of Michael and we see his indecision and hesitation, just as he moves to sit at the table where the the indecision comes to a head. It perfectly establishes the conflit of the next few tense seconds

  • quents
    quents 2 months ago

    al pacino was gorgeous

  • Yunior Gamboa
    Yunior Gamboa 2 months ago

    Chruching tiger is such s classic

  • Yunior Gamboa
    Yunior Gamboa 2 months ago

    Dude your channel is incredible

  • Abhilasha
    Abhilasha 2 months ago

    I still believe verbal kint resuming his original straight walk to become keyser soze is one of the greatest piece of cinema ever made ## SPOLIER ALERT##

  • Gordon Go
    Gordon Go 2 months ago

    1946 Best Years Of Our Lives. if you know the movie, you know the scene at the end. forget the sucky music, the good part starts at 3 minutes in.

  • Gordon Go
    Gordon Go 2 months ago


  • jrwxtx
    jrwxtx 2 months ago

    Unraked or Unranked?

  • No Name
    No Name 2 months ago

    0:20 "unraked"?

  • oyra123
    oyra123 2 months ago

    Hello CineFix! Is it possible for you to just show the clips without your stupid commentator interrupting all the time?

  • Trevor Locke
    Trevor Locke 2 months ago


  • Precious Carait
    Precious Carait 2 months ago

    Sorry but did the title card just say unraked? Or was it supposed to be unranked?

  • SuperMarksman33
    SuperMarksman33 2 months ago

    Unraked ??? english no good my friend.

  • Miguel Angel Rivera Matos

    The sidewalk scene in American history X