5 Brilliant Moments In Film


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    BUCK2TH 11 hours ago

    1st 1 was wrong so i didnt bother watching anymore

  • NickyB 75
    NickyB 75 16 hours ago +1

    Well the first one was utter shit!

  • Bryan Fuentes
    Bryan Fuentes 23 hours ago

    I fell a sleep

  • Joseph Archer
    Joseph Archer Day ago

    Ur Right concerning the Inglorious Bastards: 3 sign. I rewound that scene when I view it by DVD also! Wow, chilling...

  • Natalie Emelia Mitchell

    I couldn't even watch that last one. Oh gosh I'm feeling sick...

  • Peter Niles
    Peter Niles 5 days ago

    The indecision at the start of #4 is great. We start with the over-the-shoulder, looking onto the would be victims. The shot is composed like a conversation, with us behind a character looking out towards the others, and our focus is on how they're going to interact. He see a brief moment of hesitation, and a response to it as the men at the table glance up and seem to breifly question the hesitation. We have a split second of tension, and we're wondering when his arm is going to swing up to break the silence with a gunshot, but then it doesn't. We're cut over to the portrait of Michael and we see his indecision and hesitation, just as he moves to sit at the table where the the indecision comes to a head. It perfectly establishes the conflit of the next few tense seconds

  • quents
    quents 5 days ago

    al pacino was gorgeous

  • Yunior Gamboa
    Yunior Gamboa 5 days ago

    Chruching tiger is such s classic

  • Yunior Gamboa
    Yunior Gamboa 5 days ago

    Dude your channel is incredible

  • Abhilasha
    Abhilasha 6 days ago

    I still believe verbal kint resuming his original straight walk to become keyser soze is one of the greatest piece of cinema ever made ## SPOLIER ALERT##

  • Gordon Go
    Gordon Go 8 days ago

    1946 Best Years Of Our Lives. if you know the movie, you know the scene at the end. forget the sucky music, the good part starts at 3 minutes in.

  • Gordon Go
    Gordon Go 8 days ago


  • jrwxtx
    jrwxtx 10 days ago

    Unraked or Unranked?

  • No Name
    No Name 10 days ago

    0:20 "unraked"?

  • oyra123
    oyra123 11 days ago

    Hello CineFix! Is it possible for you to just show the clips without your stupid commentator interrupting all the time?

  • Trevor Locke
    Trevor Locke 12 days ago


  • Precious Carait
    Precious Carait 12 days ago

    Sorry but did the title card just say unraked? Or was it supposed to be unranked?

  • SuperMarksman33
    SuperMarksman33 14 days ago

    Unraked ??? english no good my friend.

  • Miguel Angel Rivera Matos

    The sidewalk scene in American history X

  • Adithya Karthik
    Adithya Karthik 15 days ago


  • Jez Belga
    Jez Belga 21 day ago

    So informative video. I learned so much in fifteen minutes👍

  • H1K8T95
    H1K8T95 21 day ago

    0:00 is that from the Dubai Mall?

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 22 days ago

    This is out of my league. Didnt understand a bit. Maybe i need to watch the movie?

  • Simon Says
    Simon Says 22 days ago

    Tarantino is not even close to be so subtle as other directors mentioned here. That's why he has to "explain himself" in a later scene. It wasn't really appropriate to put him here, among masters.

  • Nick Dude
    Nick Dude 22 days ago

    Did he really need to sign the 3 with the fingers😫

  • dmartini1487
    dmartini1487 25 days ago

    #1 beating the viewer over head with look, look at her fluid motion and obvious eyes she knows...that’s hardly artistic

    • dmartini1487
      dmartini1487 25 days ago

      #2 protagonist literally revealing to antagonist yea they are talking about antagonist, plus literally showing what Hal is looking at leaves nothing to interpret

  • Sam the Stuntman
    Sam the Stuntman 25 days ago

    That inglorious bastards scene stod in my mind . Love it

  • Anthony Bridger
    Anthony Bridger 27 days ago

    wow who ever made this clip is full of shit and likes the sound of their own voice

  • noily
    noily 29 days ago

    Anyone want to feature new movies breakdown like this?

  • electric sheep
    electric sheep 29 days ago

    Liquid pouring *

  • rabii n
    rabii n Month ago +2

    what about Pirates of the crebbean 1 the fight in the forgerie it tells us a lot

  • Gummy JellyFishy
    Gummy JellyFishy Month ago

    love the use of metacognition with this one

  • officially. Ded
    officially. Ded Month ago


  • Manoj Mharuthi
    Manoj Mharuthi Month ago

    You have a keen sense of observation.

  • tallblonde1976
    tallblonde1976 Month ago

    I love that Godfather scene!

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin Month ago

    Fucking hell I can't stand that hand cutting of scene.
    That's to much for me.

  • James
    James Month ago

    "I'll write your name. Just for fun"?!

  • Esther
    Esther Month ago

    2:50 bro I think she just sees the scar ...

  • Chetneet C
    Chetneet C Month ago

    this video is masterpiece

  • ibjc ubu
    ibjc ubu Month ago

    I thought Tarantino did an excellent job conveying what was amiss in that scene. I understood immediately, even though I know nothing of German #’s, that that was not the way a true German would signal #3. Brilliant scene, start to finish. So intense!

  • Lydia Lambert
    Lydia Lambert Month ago

    something else to add to the list is the silence from the last jedi

  • Rodrigo Bonora
    Rodrigo Bonora Month ago

    i fucking love cinefix

  • Beatrice Boldorini
    Beatrice Boldorini Month ago

    The 3 fingers sign with the thumb is also how italians do it (i think most europe) so the first time I saw it I was like "shit. Fassbender is gonna die now"

  • Matthew DaSilva
    Matthew DaSilva Month ago

    0:01 what scene is that from its seems so familiar?

  • Mario Soto
    Mario Soto Month ago

    "We can conclude this or"We can conclude that"...Here is what I say..Humanity will always leap over "history"...History will keep on as long as WE feed it!...

  • Paul van den Berg
    Paul van den Berg Month ago


  • Luis Alvarez
    Luis Alvarez Month ago

    It’s pronounced RIIIZZZZAAAA NOT. R. Z.A

  • laramenke
    laramenke Month ago

    1. Example: no clue, if just be like: why is she looking like this? Mh nevermind, must not be important
    3. Example: Inglorious basterds
    I'm German, an I didn't even get that the fingers was a giveaway when I first saw it. I don't get how non germans would get it the first time

  • matzeh1985
    matzeh1985 Month ago +19

    0:20 "Unraked", like Forests in Florida...

  • Jolly Cooperators
    Jolly Cooperators Month ago +12

    I had a similar experience to number 3 in real life. As a Norwegian who moved to the US and started working as a server, I didn't really go around telling anyone I was a foreigner. My English is also good enough so that it wouldn't give it away, and so nobody really knew. Until one day a coworker asked me a question, and I held up my thumb, pointy and middle finger to indicate "3." His immediate response was "you're a foreigner aren't you?" The 3 finger scene in the film was awesome!

    • Tjommiboii
      Tjommiboii Day ago

      Har opplevd lignende ting i USA faktisk! Bor her som utvekslingselev nå

    • Dangerosu
      Dangerosu 20 days ago +4

      Did he also point a Walther at your scrotum?

  • bjmm77
    bjmm77 Month ago

    Thankyou Captain Obvious!! Everyone got these points anyway!

  • Gayatri Mehta
    Gayatri Mehta Month ago +1

    Maybe make a list of all the jobs which pay you for pointing out the obvious cuz I'm down w that😂

  • Joseph Izzo
    Joseph Izzo Month ago

    At 12:00 talking about the sound ~ I take that as ‘the wheels are spinning’ inside his mind. He’s trying to figure it out. His eye movement reflects that. It’s a more common colloquialism than ‘I smell wood burning’.

  • Λinobolic
    Λinobolic Month ago

    I learn so much screen play direction and Cinematographical ideologies with an accurate concept of character buildup from this channel------| 🔑

  • R3M1ND
    R3M1ND Month ago

    couldnt watch the last one.. just to intense :'D i can watch ppl getting slaughterd in stupid horror movies n stuff but this shit is 2 much for me

  • Paul Brown
    Paul Brown Month ago

    Silence of the lambs

  • Alysia Mer David-Wasser

    Stopped at 13:42. i now KNOW that i can't stomach 127 hrs!

  • Jose Luna
    Jose Luna Month ago

    Just briliant, new subscriber!!

  • Robert
    Robert Month ago

    "Drei Gläser"

  • Gema Caballero
    Gema Caballero Month ago

    Inglorious Bastards: the strudel scene ! !

  • RawhideProductions1

    Fun fact. When Micheal wlaks out of the restaurant he bumps the camera.

  • Nurul Ansari
    Nurul Ansari Month ago

    Inglorious bastard was full fictional movie.

  • Marc Colten
    Marc Colten Month ago

    The #3 is not all that clever. Mistakes in gestures is a standard trope in WW II espionage movies. Switching his fork from his left hand to his right causes a spy his life in OSS. Americans & Britons cross their legs differently. There are others I don't remember right now.

  • Sophrosynicle
    Sophrosynicle Month ago

    The moment he touches that nerve with the sound, goddamn, you can feel it!

  • Natalya
    Natalya Month ago

    I'm sorry but Michael isn't "deciding" something - he's working up the nerve. Michael "decided" to kill Sollazzo at his house with Sonny. He then convinces Sonny and everyone to take him seriously about the decision he made. Clemenza then teaches him about firing this weapon. And what about the brilliant amazing scene just before this scene when - for a second - he thinks the gun isn't there? Does he in any way seen relieved in that scene? What we're watching here isn't the "decision" at all - it's someone who now has to actually act on the decision they've made. Yea, someone making a decision maybe isn't going to shift their eyes like that - maybe someone deciding what to wear n the morning or what Starbucks to order. But someone about to engage in the act of killing two people - that person's eyes may shift back and forth because their nerves are completely freaking out. Someone about to kill two people may also sweat or pass out or throw up, etc. I feel like you analyzed this one all wrong.

  • Alyza Kashif
    Alyza Kashif Month ago


  • garrison 68
    garrison 68 Month ago

    That analysis of Inglorious Basterds was pure film journal gas.
    The last word I would use to describe that film, or Tarantino, is brilliant.

  • Laura G.
    Laura G. Month ago

    This entire video gave me anxiety omg

  • nvr mnd
    nvr mnd Month ago

    I want my 100 nazi scalps

  • Jacob Adams
    Jacob Adams Month ago

    I’m forgetting the characters names, but the look of panic on the actresses face before it pans to the nazi in IB is also an amazing touch

  • tata gustatavo
    tata gustatavo Month ago

    when speaking about sound, for instance, in only god forgives there's a scene where julian asks the guy who killed his brother why he did it (in the version i watched the subitles actually read "who put out the hit?", which is even more punching) and when the guy starts explaining, julian's mind just goes blank. it adds to the childishness of his character, and contrasts with how dangerous and violent he can also be.
    you should use more nicolas winding refn. you can obviously go crazy talking about visuals with him, but i think he's particularly genius in only god forgives because the story is basically silent. it's almost like the movie isn't about the story, so to speak, the plot, but just about how it goes downhill. afterall, there's no development, just one action being put through, kinda like kill bill, but better, i think, because of the silence.

  • Travis Gunn
    Travis Gunn Month ago


  • OnceIWasYou
    OnceIWasYou Month ago +2

    Personally, I hate it when people rake their films- they need to leave it out n the garden where it belongs.

  • Christine Gangne
    Christine Gangne Month ago

    It wouldn't be a CineFix list without A Space Odyssey.

  • neelakiller
    neelakiller Month ago


  • Houssin 7
    Houssin 7 Month ago

    This is normal to my brain cuz I can analys and understand the scene and feel it without need to sound and good shout

  • Nikolai Peters
    Nikolai Peters Month ago

    Good God this was an annoying video!

  • Nabanita Ghosh
    Nabanita Ghosh Month ago

    I love you, Pacino.

  • Villi Kuha
    Villi Kuha Month ago

    I honestly think that 127 hours sound effect is comical. The scene was serious and visceral without the sound. With audio it seemed like Aron encountered a wild Pokémon or his Tamagotchi died.

  • TheWORstFan
    TheWORstFan Month ago


  • Andreas Källström

    Hi! What is the movie with the calligraphy at 00:30? I’ve been looking for this movie for years!!!

  • Erik Villagrana
    Erik Villagrana Month ago

    The bar scene in django unchained and the first inception scene in inception

  • WickedSharp 001
    WickedSharp 001 Month ago

    Also at 11:55 there no more subtitles. To show they are no longer important. Cthey cannot change his mind dialogue and his mission

  • Ren_Ai
    Ren_Ai Month ago

    1K Gaming

  • Saugat Sarkar
    Saugat Sarkar Month ago +1

    Awesome!! How about top 5 melodrama (over the top) acting or overacting in today's movies. I am thinking of..... Some acting that could've been subtle yet more impactful!!

  • Fixed Focus
    Fixed Focus Month ago

    Crouching tiger hidden dragon was awesome.

  • Truth's Knight_0777

    The expertise you showed by dissecting that CTHD brush stroke scene got me. Subbed.

  • Alicethewise
    Alicethewise Month ago

    I LOVE this list. Do more movie break downs!

  • Tagen Voges
    Tagen Voges Month ago

    The Art of over analyzing film

    • ScarrVett
      ScarrVett Month ago

      Tagen Voges I learned a lot from this 0:

  • Logic Police
    Logic Police Month ago +2

    You wasted 15 minutes explaining the bleeding obvious...

  • g0679
    g0679 Month ago

    2001: A Space Odyssey
    “ ***k you, Dave. “

  • Lorena Zampini
    Lorena Zampini Month ago

    127 hours wouldve been more intense if it was total.silence and heqrijg the flesh and bones break.as it detaches from his body. Just my opinion.

  • John-Mark Serna
    John-Mark Serna Month ago

    I've been binge watching CineFix videos sense I stumbled upon the channel a couple days ago..... I would like to know what books CineFix wants to be made into movies, or what movies Cinefix would like remade??

  • Robert Markovic
    Robert Markovic Month ago

    (Unraked)??? Lol

  • Daniel Burg
    Daniel Burg Month ago

    That’s why dirk nowitzi does his fingers like that after making a three

  • David West
    David West Month ago


  • TipsBlueBalls
    TipsBlueBalls Month ago

    A brush scene. Ok.

  • ScorchedCrow95
    ScorchedCrow95 Month ago

    Personally I feel Pacinos performance was fantastic. While someone making a simple ordinary choice, or even a somewhat stressfull one, they might not move their eyes like that... Someone dealing with having to make an extreme and very strenuous decision would be highly nervous. Further, he didnt want to betray his feelings by looking at Solazzo directly, but when nervous its sometimes easy to just focus on a specific point. He was deliberately trying not to do that. Is that what someone good at deception would do? No. Is that what someone who has never been in that kind of position before would do? Most definitely. It also shows that Solazzo didnt really see Michael as a threat, further showing why he was the perfect person to pull this off. A threat would constantly be under watch, but they underestimated him dearly and paid for it. Had they focused any attention on him they would have seen his indecision and known what it was building to. And then it happens, when Michael's eyes snap to Solazzo its because hes made that decision and pushed out his nerves. For a brief moment he is calm and that is shown through his eyes. He isnt worried about Solazzo seeing his thoughts anymore, he knows what he has to do. After the scene, as he drops his gun its a return to the nerves he had before. Originally he was to throw away the gun but he didnt do that. Instead he dropped it because he was terrified at what he had just done. He knew a normal man wouldnt be able to just shoot two men dead at a meal. This is the true birth of the Michael we all came to know and love (fear?). This was when he not only decided to kill these two men threatening his family, but also to kill himself and reborn as Michael Corleone. This was the moment he became the future and *true* Godfather of the series.

  • Muhammad Tariq
    Muhammad Tariq Month ago

    Wow, i m impressed.

  • Martin Buzora
    Martin Buzora Month ago

    I loved “unraked” film lists!!!