5 Brilliant Moments In Film


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  • Mau Comia
    Mau Comia Day ago

    The 5th one is just brilliant

  • Wayne Roach
    Wayne Roach Day ago

    Fuck yes

  • treylem3
    treylem3 2 days ago


  • MrOreo2010
    MrOreo2010 3 days ago

    I wouldn't say HAL has no emotion at all. Kind of what makes it the greatest character in the movie, aside from maybe monkey nr4

  • Siva Kumar
    Siva Kumar 3 days ago

    Inglorious bastards scene is lit af

  • dayof thelords
    dayof thelords 4 days ago

    Amazing work

  • DentaKings
    DentaKings 5 days ago

    When you came to 5th moment I was overwhelmed. Being ARR fan wn I saw the movie I really was thinking how he connected nerve shock with electric guitar and conveyed the pain. It was indeed a brilliant moment.

  • Mikha'el Zaahir Talib Bey All Rights Reserved

    127 Hours....Yeah. Anxiety. Had to skip that...

  • nighttime world
    nighttime world 8 days ago

    thats some deep shit

  • ccgsweaw
    ccgsweaw 9 days ago

    These are unraked.

  • jon
    jon 9 days ago

    inside of the brain voiced...

  • David Jones
    David Jones 9 days ago

    When Blair Witch came out I never wanted to see it because I thought it was bullshit.

  • LiveErrors
    LiveErrors 10 days ago

    i think another element in the Pub scene is that we get keyed in on the letter 3 with the repeated mention of thirty three

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  • Anthony Perrini
    Anthony Perrini 12 days ago

    Inglorious basterds is a great movie. One of my favorites

  • Anthony Perrini
    Anthony Perrini 12 days ago

    0:20 what does unraked mean?

  • Zookee The Hunter
    Zookee The Hunter 12 days ago

    0:20, was i the only one that saw the "unraked"?!

  • Vishnu Lal
    Vishnu Lal 12 days ago

    Thank you.

  • Liam
    Liam 13 days ago

    12:15 Meh I noticed that he has the blood on his forehead before receiving the bullet :/

  • Jacob Tallman
    Jacob Tallman 13 days ago

    O my god the way you talk you can say the same stuff you are saying in half the words

  • ajax khan
    ajax khan 13 days ago

    Da fuk is this bruh?

  • Turkish Man
    Turkish Man 13 days ago

    This milenyum hipster cinefil geek young adults make me sick! They love always same overrated movies: lotr, star wars, 2001:space... , indiana jones, bourne series, dark night, inglorios basterds, drunken master 2 and blah bla bla... Or tarkovsky, bergman, antonioni and fellini's overrated movies! Enough already!!!

  • Turkish Man
    Turkish Man 13 days ago

    Tiger .. Dragon and 2001 Space bla blah bla... Shitty list! Sorry. Better than 1000 brilliant scene in cinema history...

  • Jaii I
    Jaii I 13 days ago

    I 👍in the middle itself.

  • Jamie Lannister
    Jamie Lannister 13 days ago

    Only problem is, Franco looks too damn healthy for spending 5 days being dehydrated, without food, shitting and pissing where he stood!

  • maria cervania
    maria cervania 14 days ago

    sometimes, these adds are more interesting to watch than what i intended to watch.

  • Kavita Iyer
    Kavita Iyer 15 days ago

    I came for Tarantino and I was Proud

  • Althaf shameel
    Althaf shameel 15 days ago

    Now I understood why I'm not a director 😁😁

  • eric blair
    eric blair 16 days ago

    Lord what pretentious prattle as he drags us through the obvious and the tedium of 21st century film along with the heavy handed pretense of poor pacing and posturing. Don't look at the heavily budgeted frosted pastry, check out Lewin, Ulmer, Lewis. Do we really need a tortuous explanation of Hal figuring out the conspiracy against him? Daisy, .....daiszeeee....

    • Jamie Lannister
      Jamie Lannister 14 days ago

      eric blair = paid YT stooge. Go make your own channel instead of masturbating in your Googlag cubicle and harassing people who are doing something with their lives besides being assclowns.

  • FRooPLeSNaP8D
    FRooPLeSNaP8D 16 days ago

    My german teacher in high school told me about the inglorious bastards bit lol

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 16 days ago

    There is nothing brilliant about Inglorious Basterds

  • Titan Po
    Titan Po 17 days ago

    00:20 The best aspect of this video is how the moments go unraked

  • Sam Turner
    Sam Turner 17 days ago

    The HAL pov is especially spooky because the lens is focusing on them exactly when they are talking. HAL knows exactly what they are saying. Like it isn't even a case of human-like lip reading, the AI knows what thye're saying as if they are talking loudly.

  • Guillermo Ruelas
    Guillermo Ruelas 17 days ago


  • Kenny Stanley
    Kenny Stanley 19 days ago

    fucking nerds!

  • Sieb K
    Sieb K 19 days ago

    Karate kid pt. II: miyagi vs kreese car glass fight scene. Pure genius.

  • Matthew Mcclements
    Matthew Mcclements 20 days ago

    I dont see why you have to go into so much detail. If you dont understand the scene without it being explained i dont think you deserve the right to.

  • Mikaela Constandache
    Mikaela Constandache 20 days ago

    Dude! Can you not with the last scene?!?!?!?!?!?! 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

  • Jade Lee
    Jade Lee 21 day ago

    Last example was awful

  • Game Pirate
    Game Pirate 21 day ago

    You NEED to cover the bar scene from Irreversible! Talk about sound, the film used an actual low frequency sound to disturb the audience and it worked! I still get chills to this day when I think about that scene. It conveys confusion and chaos unlike any other film I've seen.

  • TGAF 2018
    TGAF 2018 21 day ago

    Omg. Im austrian and never realized the diffrence in handgestures. So small but so true.

  • aquamarine ancient soul

    U guys should do more videos containing animation. Animation can really be great

  • Amanda Panda
    Amanda Panda 22 days ago

    I like it better when you begin with the lowest to the highest. Still a well done analysis.

  • FKNNutcase baby
    FKNNutcase baby 22 days ago


  • bsbs1986
    bsbs1986 22 days ago

    I don't why but somehow I feel there are much more smarter moments I can recollect of.. the technical things u are noticing u are obvious requirements of film making. Good , but not extra ordinary. Yes the script of these movies/scenes are brilliant anyway..

  • Ris Raid
    Ris Raid 24 days ago


  • medrano chav
    medrano chav 24 days ago

    "our language" just say english

  • guitarman0365
    guitarman0365 24 days ago +1

    wait wtf 12:19 dude gets shot in the forehead and still is alive enough to make choking sounds and flutter his hands and eyes around while moving his mouth still? hahaha that is so lame. That was an instant kill shot he would have flown back just like the first guy that was shot. Who the hell aloud that shot to be used I wonder in the editing process?

  • Primal Instinct
    Primal Instinct 24 days ago

    You are merely stating the obvious ... fuck u .. wasted my time . ..

  • Grandfather_Paradox
    Grandfather_Paradox 24 days ago

    As campy as Inglorious Basterds was, I have to admit I really appreciate the finesse Tarantino showed with shots like the Pub realization.

  • Anand Kumar
    Anand Kumar 24 days ago

    Its not as difficult as u r making it bro 😄

  • MercMan82
    MercMan82 24 days ago

    I'd add Matt Damon's facial expression when Tom Hanks tells him his brothers have been killed in Saving Private Ryan. How he did that so genuinely is beyond me.

  • Joel Rook
    Joel Rook 25 days ago

    Michael hears the subway in the bathroom. I don't think it's indecision at the table but tension as Michael waits for the train to cover the noise of the shot. Just my thought on that.

  • Amuserr
    Amuserr 25 days ago

    Can you talk a bit less...you keep dragging

  • Gregory Mandara
    Gregory Mandara 26 days ago

    Very good! How about a psychoanalysis of Christian Bale's portrayal of Batman; on a professional AND personal bias?

  • Greg Chua
    Greg Chua 27 days ago

    What about in the dark knight when batman asked 5 minutes to save the hostage and take down the joker but was only given two minutes. Also SWAT and doctors (terrorists) will shoot him while SWAT could shoot the hostage or the fake doctors could ambush the SWAT. He also saved some hostages from the snipers So he basically saved the hostages, terrorists, SWAT team and the joker.

  • Sarz93
    Sarz93 27 days ago

    If this kind of stuff tickles your pickle i strongly reccomend these insights into David Finchers directing style, and if you have any brillent videos you love please comment them cause they really tickle my pickle :)

  • Arturo Salas
    Arturo Salas 28 days ago

    God I love cinema! This video made me smile and cringe in pleasure of those masterful scenes. I love it

  • michaela rose
    michaela rose Month ago

    With all the attention to detail CineFix has, you’d think they’d catch the “unraked” typo at the beginning 😂

  • teNNy __
    teNNy __ Month ago

    Ive never been this educated since highschool. Thank u

  • NOTsiddarthorke
    NOTsiddarthorke Month ago

    This. Man!

  • Montana White
    Montana White Month ago

    Anyone remember the wow you tuber who was really arrogant and thought he was a genius, he was skinny and then started working out so “his body would match his intellect”? He was pretty popular years ago. I just can’t remember his name. He was really skinny, then got pretty ripped. Used to tell stories he wrote in his journal. Was in his early 20s.

  • Javier Ordoñez
    Javier Ordoñez Month ago

    What movie appears at 00:33

  • M M
    M M Month ago +1

    Don’t take me wrong, I am glad WWII ended as it ended, I hope we all agree on that. However inglorious bast. is total BS.
    In reality the German Army was the best Army in the world at time and they lost (thankfully) because they were outnumbered and their industry was unable to support Army, Navy and Air Force needs. However, if war would have been a just a matter of facing one German division against any division of any other Army in the world, the Germans would have won almost hands down.

    ROBERT DEAN Month ago

    That 2001 scene is absolutely beautiful, so atmospheric

    SERVESH KUMKI Month ago

    Thirty three years, three glasses. 333 sealed their fates.

  • White Thunder
    White Thunder Month ago +1

    You think too much....lol

  • The Retard Kid
    The Retard Kid Month ago

    11:00 I actually do that whenever I think.

  • Bat Man
    Bat Man Month ago

    Lol unraked, good video though

  • Lauren Lucas
    Lauren Lucas Month ago

    Your title card in the video says unraked not unranked

  • delfin7461
    delfin7461 Month ago

    In talking about sound, there is a great scene in "All That Jazz" where they are doing a table read for the show and all of the sound is wiped except for Joe tapping the pencil, when he finally breaks it, all the sound comes back into the scene. It's brilliant and shows the inner mental workings of the character.

  • Sachit Nayak
    Sachit Nayak Month ago


  • Sandra Winkler
    Sandra Winkler Month ago

    Dumb dumb dumb
    I was waiting for the commenter to say he had discovered the formula for infinity squared all from watching someone use a paint brush
    Dumb dumb dumb

  • Willis Yang
    Willis Yang Month ago

    First one is kind of odd to include; as a person who know how to write Chinese characters with a brush, the way she wrote and hold the brush was the same as what I learned before. A writing master may be able to tell the difference but definitely not for me

  • Wesley McElheney
    Wesley McElheney Month ago


    KRAFTWERK2K6 Month ago

    The best thing about Inglorious Basterds was the nearly flawless German pronouncing by Michael Fassbender. British actors are just so much better at speaking German than US American actors.

    • The God-Emperor Of Mankind
      The God-Emperor Of Mankind 26 days ago

      Fassbender is Irish-German, not British. It's not really surprising that someone with a German dad, and who spent a lot of their childhood in Germany, and speaks fluent German, is able to pronounce German words correctly

  • Hussain Ali
    Hussain Ali Month ago

    Too much pla pla pla

  • Sheikh Hajj
    Sheikh Hajj Month ago

    Tarantino has some of the best shots it's an art

  • Kevin Reeder
    Kevin Reeder Month ago

    Very well done

  • KhoiKO
    KhoiKO Month ago

    Wow all great movies. But fuckers like marvel nowadays sad.

  • Craven Payne
    Craven Payne Month ago

    Thats not a pot its a train

  • Divyansh Bhuwalka
    Divyansh Bhuwalka Month ago

    Does the title in the video says 'UNRAKED' instead of 'Unranked' ?

  • Mihir Panchal
    Mihir Panchal Month ago

    Spoiler alert

  • Tom Beattie
    Tom Beattie Month ago

    Hate 2001. Fucking awful movie. 2 hours 15 minutes leading up to 2 minutes of fuck all. Honestly - 30 MINUTES OF MONKEYS? I've watched it once, never again.

  • Ubayla
    Ubayla Month ago


  • MiChaEl lEe
    MiChaEl lEe Month ago

    5 "Unraked" Scenes.

  • shutemdwn
    shutemdwn Month ago

    One of my favorite subtle but powerful scenes is this: usclip.net/video/WZMKOrwGk9g/video.html
    When Michael hugs Fredo, the mixed emotions, like I fucking hate you for what you've done, but farewell my brother. Then he only needs to look at the hit man who has been intently watching the meeting of the brothers unfold. You see the realization on the face of the hit man. It only took a look and everything was communicated.

  • redeclipzegsx
    redeclipzegsx Month ago

    In other words... no shit.

  • Mark Wolf
    Mark Wolf Month ago


  • James Weaver
    James Weaver Month ago

    One film playing on the audio (or lack thereof) is A Quiet Place. Brilliant film and the sound (or lack thereof) really draws an audience in

  • Amar Mitra
    Amar Mitra Month ago

    haha back door.

  • Amar Mitra
    Amar Mitra Month ago

    the scar on the hand too. @Crouching Tiger

  • Manny Salazar
    Manny Salazar Month ago

    #1 wasn't that brilliant

  • Kite Key
    Kite Key Month ago

    When the camera moved in on al Pacino's character the sound of the train and the way his eyes shifted up ,was our que to exactly what was gonna happen

  • Zavy G
    Zavy G Month ago

    I came here from Michael Fassbender… But I wasn’t disappointed this video was amazingly well thought out and executed! Good job :D

  • Song Seungyoon
    Song Seungyoon Month ago

    Whays the movie at 12:29 ?

  • Javi Xande
    Javi Xande Month ago

    Another brilliant moment its on Brave Heart, the prince wedding scene

  • Oscar Park
    Oscar Park Month ago

    The dirty Cops spectacular death, erases your memory of anything else in that scene..Blair witch was great in using all technique with zero special effects.. I laughed at myself for being terrified of seeing a guy standing in a corner .

  • Dylan McAdams
    Dylan McAdams Month ago

    Who’s gonna do that extra credit for The Godfather scene, with the moment of indecision