Testing Cheap Miniso Makeup! Nothing Over $6!

  • Published on Nov 6, 2017
  • Hey everyone! In this episode of Tina Tries It, I test out affordable makeup products from Miniso that’s all under $6!! Subscribe to my channel for more videos usclip.net/user/tinacreative
    Some products are really good whilst others are not that great. If you want to see which ones are worth buying, watch to find out!
    P.S. I’m currently in Singapore hence why I’m filming in my friends kitchen lol
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  • Satine Luso
    Satine Luso 3 days ago

    I love love love the vibrant colour of your hair!!! Would u mind tell me how to get it

  • Asmita Tamang
    Asmita Tamang 5 days ago

    Tell me the name of that eyebrows pencil

  • 김 태 인
    김 태 인 14 days ago

    Ironically I got a channel lipstick ad.

  • Iriani Novio Gloria
    Iriani Novio Gloria 15 days ago

    Where dud you dye your hair? What color is it? So beautifffuuulll😍

  • sindyyy sin
    sindyyy sin 19 days ago

    Please stop using these products,it’s not good for your health

  • Kayla IN
    Kayla IN 19 days ago +2

    Actually i really like the eye liner 💕 :) and the blush 😍

  • Anaiza Farhan
    Anaiza Farhan 20 days ago

    The stuff you bought from China in miniso is sold cheap but in Pakistan miniso cost a lot more than it costs in China the foundation in Pakistan miniso is above 10$ and the stuff you bought from China miniso is cheap but the beauty products in miniso Pakistan are mostly above 10$

  • Namma Veetu Vlogs
    Namma Veetu Vlogs 21 day ago

    Even if those makeups are cheap
    They are really gud

  • Its KauShIikI Adhikari
    Its KauShIikI Adhikari 23 days ago +1

    Your work is fully neat & clean.👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏

  • Reneelyn Sheeran
    Reneelyn Sheeran 24 days ago

    I cant believe u dont know grizzly bear and polar bear! But I cannot accept the fact that panda bear was left alone :((((
    P.S. whatever make-up you use, u still look beautiful😍😍😍

  • Ann Charlotte
    Ann Charlotte 26 days ago +3

    My bottle is a we bare bears ...

  • Vintage tears
    Vintage tears 27 days ago

    Miniso is so expensive here 😭 nothing under 100

  • Hyunjin trash
    Hyunjin trash 28 days ago

    how she doesn't know wbb makes me sad

  • Chicken Nuggets
    Chicken Nuggets 29 days ago

    I went shopping today and went past this shop, and my sister really wants to go there

  • viswanathan n
    viswanathan n Month ago +2

    Am I the only one obsessing about her hair???
    It freaking gorgeous

  • majdolina luxi
    majdolina luxi Month ago

    It's better than korean make up..I like it 😍

  • Jason Tan
    Jason Tan Month ago +1

    She don't have Say the price of each of the makeup

  • ArmyBlinkStay •
    ArmyBlinkStay • Month ago +2

    I *REALLY* love Miniso!!! Its my fav shop.

  • txt tommorow x take my heart

    Where is panda?!!!!!😠 (jk)

  • Gangarani Naorem
    Gangarani Naorem Month ago +13

    Tina, you look like Mina(TWICE)

  • Cute Madness
    Cute Madness Month ago +10

    Im so annoyed by miniso because theres no price written on it...
    Once,I bought a penguin,I thought it was like 10$ or something but it costs 40$

    • Su Myat
      Su Myat 5 days ago

      You should ask the staffs before u bought it

  • Jeon Kookie
    Jeon Kookie Month ago

    what color is her hair?

  • CJ DJ
    CJ DJ Month ago +1


  • ArmyOnceReveluvStayMooMooArohaAhgase Atiny

    I love miniso ❤️

  • blobby
    blobby Month ago

    True, don't use miniso make up or skin care products... They can damage your skin

  • Ira Zohra
    Ira Zohra Month ago

    love ur expressions .... from Bangladesh

  • Tropiclemon ___
    Tropiclemon ___ Month ago

    WHERE’S PANDA????!!!!

  • Tram Anh Nguyen Le
    Tram Anh Nguyen Le Month ago +1

    Miniso is actually from China

  • Ah Joo អាជូ

    You look like CL somehow

  • dancer girl
    dancer girl Month ago

    They sell internationally ? Because I live in Brazil. Here we talk 'Brasil' just a little different, ok. I like some of the products, and I want to buy.

  • Audrey Halla
    Audrey Halla Month ago

    $35 makeup look

  • janerholyn herras
    janerholyn herras Month ago

    How to get white teeth like Tina

  • Annie Stoaks
    Annie Stoaks Month ago

    So for makeup that’s made in China for somewhere else or whatever,does it have regulations, like would it be similar to like the wish makeup? Or is it legit?

  • jasper gig
    jasper gig Month ago

    you look like dara and cl

    ANDREA GUZMAN Month ago

    They have one in Mexico

  • Lee Lee Cabrera
    Lee Lee Cabrera Month ago

    Is this even safe for the skin?

  • shadowcadet 55
    shadowcadet 55 Month ago

    I literally just went to this store and got makeup two days ago.

  • Patricia
    Patricia Month ago

    next time maybe u shuld do a wear test as well

  • Justforfun
    Justforfun Month ago +1

    Nicole cordovez💓

  • Justforfun
    Justforfun Month ago +1

    U look like filipino.

  • Anna Lalla
    Anna Lalla Month ago

    Trademark try tutorial

  • Tijana Petrovic
    Tijana Petrovic Month ago

    I m in love with beauty blenders😍

  • Din Feli
    Din Feli Month ago

    Funny how so many think that it won't look good just because its cheap

  • Mohan Lal Roy
    Mohan Lal Roy 2 months ago

    miniso is super expensive in our currencies. In dollar it is pretty cheap. but in my country's currency it is super expensive

  • Fantasia Wonderous
    Fantasia Wonderous 2 months ago

    The makeup blenders are from three bare bears!

  • Fantasia Wonderous
    Fantasia Wonderous 2 months ago

    I love miniso.Let's see if this changes things...

  • khubaib khan
    khubaib khan 2 months ago

    This brand also had in pakistan

  • Hidba Memon
    Hidba Memon 2 months ago +1

    I heard that we shouldn't buy cosmetics from there

  • Gacha Pink Milky
    Gacha Pink Milky 2 months ago

    Time to nag my mum into getting these for me! 😂

  • VD P
    VD P 2 months ago

    I always avoid buying cheap makeup made in China because I worry about contamination and carcinogens

    • Hong Ye
      Hong Ye 19 days ago

      Buy made in Japan, dont worry about the radiation from fukushima.

  • soup bowl
    soup bowl 2 months ago

    Your hair looks so good in this video

  • Shanze Nasr
    Shanze Nasr 2 months ago

    That looks so good Tina but just asking is their highlighter there

  • Angela Kartolína Luntian

    miniso watches dont last that long... the straps are lose and gets unattached easy even if its placed in properly. though this only happened to one of the watches we brought there, the other had its own share of issues

  • ChEeSy PoTaTO
    ChEeSy PoTaTO 2 months ago

    I went to miniso

  • Stina Sebastian
    Stina Sebastian 2 months ago

    we bare bears

  • shazwin shaima
    shazwin shaima 2 months ago

    Tina you look so healthy and so pretty in this videooo

  • WiLlOwHiSpP
    WiLlOwHiSpP 2 months ago

    the end result is beautiful

  • JCvideos xoxo
    JCvideos xoxo 2 months ago

    Where I come from this place called Superdrug sells makeup for drugstore brands but they have there own brand where everything is £1

  • Mubarakka Z
    Mubarakka Z 2 months ago +22

    For Us (Indians) ,Miniso is new and We Basically purchase just 🏠 stuffs but Skincare and make up not much but when I tried Miniso’s Aloe vera Gel Moisturiser on my wrist , it felt nice so my friend purchased it but when another friend used t on her , she got allergic reaction to t ..

    • Kingdom of the Clouds & the Stars
      Kingdom of the Clouds & the Stars 24 days ago

      I'm an Indian too n I was tempted at buying Miniso products cuz its a new brand in my city. But after watching this video I don't think I'm gonna go for it. Especially cuz it looks cheap too. I don't think the 2 shades of foundation will be fitting for all skin colours (of course).
      So... Nope nope for me...
      Have you tried any other of their products?

    • Disha Is a carat
      Disha Is a carat Month ago

      +The foodie I'm kinda allergic to aloe vera too :( and I'm indian but the miniso cherry blossom toner just burned my redness lol

    • The foodie
      The foodie Month ago

      Bura hua😭abh to woh thik hai na??

  • deaddevil
    deaddevil 2 months ago

    Ur eyes like the same of cl's eyes

  • aliha raza
    aliha raza 2 months ago

    I love miniso

  • aliha raza
    aliha raza 2 months ago

    I love minis :-)

  • Hiba Tahir
    Hiba Tahir 2 months ago +1

    Idk y but I love miniso!

  • 彭广才
    彭广才 2 months ago

    Are you Chinese

    *CHAEYOUNG PARK* 2 months ago

    The miniso in Singapore are sooo expensive

  • SuJu is my addiction
    SuJu is my addiction 2 months ago

    Idk but Tina and SandaraPark kinda look a like🖤

  • Lejindary Potaeto
    Lejindary Potaeto 2 months ago +1

    Gurl, you don't even need makeup to begin with! You're face looks beautiful even without makeup! 😊

  • Fluffy The Japanese Spitz


  • Sophie Johnson
    Sophie Johnson 2 months ago

    You are so cutee

  • Lyila two
    Lyila two 3 months ago

    loved your makeup thank you for reviewing cuz I both the foundation though.

  • lee Anna
    lee Anna 3 months ago

    How come your hair look so shinyyyy! Just realize

  • jeskei nyan98
    jeskei nyan98 3 months ago

    I used their essence and omg! It made my dry skin so much better! Their eyeliners and eyebrow stuff are really good tbh, but they don’t have selections for concealers and even foundations do powders 😩😭

  • espeon
    espeon 3 months ago

    with this hair & makeup you look a little like dara!!

  • Izze
    Izze 3 months ago

    Nice, I love the miniso shop, I always visit the shop when I am In China. I am half Chinese/Norwegian 😊😇

  • Dawn Corona
    Dawn Corona 3 months ago +1

    If that’s the darkest shade god help me cause I’m screwed

  • Rihannia’s World
    Rihannia’s World 3 months ago

    Blush brush! Lol!

  • Eman Naeem
    Eman Naeem 3 months ago

    Its also in Pakistan fsd

  • Paula Halina
    Paula Halina 3 months ago

    Poor Grizzly

  • Anonymous Girl
    Anonymous Girl 3 months ago

    Miniso is lifeee

  • Uniza Zahid
    Uniza Zahid 3 months ago

    Some products you say it's really dark some products you say not pigmented what is your problem if a product is cheap it does not mean it's bad

  • Georgina Githungo
    Georgina Githungo 3 months ago

    Miniso had become HUGE in Kenya. There is a store in every mall!

  • Amity James
    Amity James 3 months ago

    My mom doesn’t let me buy skin things at miniso because they aren’t “good quality” but I sneak them in the basket anyway.

  • Poonam Agarwal
    Poonam Agarwal 3 months ago

    do you know that Mini So is also in India

  • gryffindorgemini
    gryffindorgemini 3 months ago +2

    Miniso doesn't even count as cheap here in turkey lol

  • Coolyne _05
    Coolyne _05 3 months ago


  • Ra fa
    Ra fa 3 months ago

    Ano po color ng hair mo Sis😊

  • Saroor Qalb
    Saroor Qalb 3 months ago

    Griz is the name

  • Jenny T
    Jenny T 3 months ago

    I have a miniso near my house so I'll try their makeup!

  • Dolly Von Crown
    Dolly Von Crown 3 months ago

    Girl Miniso save me with the cheap but good lashes

  • Anime Girl
    Anime Girl 3 months ago

    I got these makeup for christmas.

  • dechen lhamo
    dechen lhamo 3 months ago

    What's your hair colour?

  • iqra arshad
    iqra arshad 3 months ago

    I love its lipsticks. Really like a colors gloss

  • iqra arshad
    iqra arshad 3 months ago

    Well I have bought concealer from there. And it's in stick. Not so baad but get patchy after hours... Black eye liner hot dried up after 2 3 uses

  • m a
    m a 3 months ago

    They have minso in gold coast now

  • Oniya Nani
    Oniya Nani 3 months ago

    Which hair color??????? Looks so good

  • r e t r o
    r e t r o 3 months ago

    oh my gosh she doesn't know we bare bears

  • Valeria plays
    Valeria plays 4 months ago

    She doesn’t know those bears are from a tv show

  • Holiday Pup
    Holiday Pup 4 months ago

    Poland literally Just got into the trend. Like 2 months ago they opened a MiniSo store…hmmmm we Don’t Have as many things XDDD

  • Shinee Bhuvnesan
    Shinee Bhuvnesan 4 months ago

    You r show beautiful. In every Look.. So no problem. Whether cheap. Or costly.

  • Monisha Russelraj
    Monisha Russelraj 4 months ago

    Yu look so beautiful tina😍😍