10 of the Worlds Smallest Foods that You Can Eat!


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  • Walking With Giants
    Walking With Giants 7 months ago +9049

    WALKING WITH GIANTS approves 😜🤙

  • alesha tran
    alesha tran 3 hours ago

    thank you next

  • Maggie's World
    Maggie's World 4 hours ago

    Walking with giants approved🤪😂😂😂😂

  • Clay Corley
    Clay Corley 5 hours ago

    I agree with tanner. I Hate tamotos

  • Kyndra Kidd-Kirby
    Kyndra Kidd-Kirby 8 hours ago

    Matthias: Its a little mouse
    Me: bra thats a hamster

  • Duncan Pines
    Duncan Pines 9 hours ago

    mine is sherbet

  • Jamisen Yingling
    Jamisen Yingling 12 hours ago

    I was playing fortnite during watching this and I would randomly laugh and my friends would be like what was that great video guys leave a like if you love dope or nope!!!

  • Jazzy Jaz
    Jazzy Jaz Day ago

    Ommmfmgmgmfmf at 7:21 tanner sounded like the thing that they use to suck the water out at the dentist lolol😂😂😂😂😂😂💖😝😝😝🤣🤣☺️☺️👌🏾🌺🌸💐🌹

  • Cats and fries Before anything

    They have 6 mill and you have 6.3 mill

  • Stephanie Engle
    Stephanie Engle Day ago

    Vanilla ham ham and walking with giants replied. I'm shook

  • Stephanie Engle
    Stephanie Engle Day ago

    #tomatosareweak tanner for president 2020. "Tomatos see weak"

  • Laurie Metzler
    Laurie Metzler Day ago

    ong my favorite chese is mottzerella to tanner

  • Laurie Metzler
    Laurie Metzler Day ago

    I agree with tanner tomatoes are nasty but ketch up and speggeti sauce is sooo good

    ZACSNIPEZ Day ago

    The laungage for hms2 is japanese

  • Ceaserthe Ape
    Ceaserthe Ape Day ago +1

    Only the EXTREME OG will remember

    Kill shot James Bond style

  • Let'sgetrightintothecripplingdeppression

    Sadly HamHam died. RIP HamHam

  • Lone Libra
    Lone Libra 2 days ago

    12:05 is me on a daily basis

  • Kristi Allen
    Kristi Allen 2 days ago

    Like for Liz!!!

  • Nope Boi
    Nope Boi 2 days ago

    Check out miniture space

  • Caleb genesis
    Caleb genesis 2 days ago

    Never done before, even if you can prove it hahaha

  • Coffee lps Official
    Coffee lps Official 3 days ago

    The intro made me cry...RESPECT!

  • Dangerous Dragon
    Dangerous Dragon 3 days ago

    wait can you tell me what iron man mask where to buy it please

  • ShellMonsterX 2421
    ShellMonsterX 2421 3 days ago

    Like for liz

  • Oooo Meee
    Oooo Meee 3 days ago


  • stacey penney
    stacey penney 3 days ago


  • heyblindmouse
    heyblindmouse 3 days ago

    Can we for real get a "Matthias uncensored" video where it's nothing but his ramblings.

  • awsome kitty lover
    awsome kitty lover 4 days ago

    You guys should play dope or die again

  • Angela Sinclair
    Angela Sinclair 4 days ago

    You are funny

  • Grant LeBaron
    Grant LeBaron 4 days ago

    Tanner sounds like a space ship

  • Grant LeBaron
    Grant LeBaron 4 days ago

    These foods fit micheal

  • Devil Bros
    Devil Bros 4 days ago

    at 17:53 tho

  • Jade C. Skylar
    Jade C. Skylar 4 days ago +1

    I hate tomato but Love to Mata sace and ketchup, don't spell correct me.

  • Alison Gaming
    Alison Gaming 4 days ago

    False you have 6.3mil and they have 6mil plus i love yall and keep up the good work

  • badger boi
    badger boi 4 days ago

    #notificstion gugdrjvv sqaud

  • Ashton Reinhardt
    Ashton Reinhardt 4 days ago

    I agree with T on the salsa 😂 There is tomato juice in salsa but there is also lime juice!

  • edison husomlat
    edison husomlat 4 days ago

    give a liek fot hi5 studios

  • Dilara Afrah
    Dilara Afrah 4 days ago

    BTW this is not a hate comment i just saying i love dope or nope i would never hate dope or nope

  • Dilara Afrah
    Dilara Afrah 4 days ago

    5:04 its a hamster Matthias

  • Aj_alizajane
    Aj_alizajane 5 days ago

    16:46 I watch him Infinite Lists

  • Emmett Bond
    Emmett Bond 5 days ago

    Tic Tac dope when you get three in a row you say Tic Tac dope.

  • Emmett Bond
    Emmett Bond 5 days ago

    I am hungry delicious yummy delicious delicious delicious delicious food.

  • ExOTiiC Dynasty
    ExOTiiC Dynasty 5 days ago

    Mint chocolate sherbet

  • Bella Pearce
    Bella Pearce 5 days ago

    The ant group has entered the chat

  • Taylers gaming Channel

    I hate tomatos I agree with tanner

  • ninja penguin
    ninja penguin 6 days ago

    And I'm reacting to you
    Dun dun dun

  • Gayathri Ranaweera
    Gayathri Ranaweera 6 days ago


  • Shazel Fable Art
    Shazel Fable Art 6 days ago

    FINALLY!! Someone who likes tomato sauce but not tomato's. Trying to explain this to someone is so hard cause they say they are both the same thing. Tomato's on their own, are gross. Tomato sauce though, is good XD

  • Lenntowaavvvyyy
    Lenntowaavvvyyy 6 days ago

    I agree tanner is right tomatoes suck

  • Elani Mauss
    Elani Mauss 6 days ago

    while I was watching this I thought my phone became small🙃

  • Cosmic Radiation
    Cosmic Radiation 6 days ago

    im basically drinking 2 boxes of kool-aid as im watching this

  • Cosmic Radiation
    Cosmic Radiation 6 days ago +1

    The language you questioned was in Japanese

  • Canyon Anderson
    Canyon Anderson 6 days ago

    17:57 - did anybody notice that there straw was a lego piece or was it just me

  • Lincy Ramirez
    Lincy Ramirez 6 days ago

    Mini stuff is so cute but i like small things 😄😄😄😊😊😊😊

  • Andrei Ioan
    Andrei Ioan 6 days ago

    i already drinked a 2 centi-meters soda

  • athena prentice
    athena prentice 6 days ago

    I be never typed sherbet ice cream

  • Papiringo09
    Papiringo09 7 days ago

    Just do it

  • Charlotte Stone
    Charlotte Stone 7 days ago


  • 26Ainsley Oliver
    26Ainsley Oliver 7 days ago

    do a video on the cutest animals

  • Ethan Chang
    Ethan Chang 7 days ago

    sherbert is better

  • Maileen Jimenez
    Maileen Jimenez 7 days ago

    You should do a video on tinny Mexican food

  • Ashley Arruda
    Ashley Arruda 8 days ago

    i totally agree with tanner tomatoes are GROSS but things like pizza and tomato sauce are AMAZING

  • Olivia Weber
    Olivia Weber 8 days ago

    Tiny donut? Cheerio?

  • Cosmic Giggler
    Cosmic Giggler 8 days ago

    It’s crazy scrolling down the channel to the older videos before he added the other two guys to the show and before he grew out his beard. Beards look great on any man. For real. A shaved man is no man for me

  • Amanda Braun
    Amanda Braun 8 days ago

    Tanner is absolutely right about tomatoes. I HATE tomatoes because they are so watery and have a nasty consistency. However, I do l like ketchup, marinara sauce, tomato soup, and basically anything that doesn't have even the slightest hint of a chunk of a tomato in it. Tomatoes themselves taste so much more different than the other products aforementioned. I literally just told my dad the other day that the reason I hate tomatoes is because they're too watery. Dude, we are like-minded, Tanner.

  • Godith Shadowind
    Godith Shadowind 9 days ago

    tomatoes are weak

  • iron skull
    iron skull 9 days ago

    Mint is terrible

  • Big Noob 500
    Big Noob 500 9 days ago

    Unsubing for the dab

  • The Gamer Freak
    The Gamer Freak 10 days ago

    I'm not a fan of sherbet or mint chiclate chip my favaorite is classic vanilla but out of sherbet or mint chip i would have to choose mint chip only because i HATE the taste of sherbet

  • Tais Gutierrez
    Tais Gutierrez 10 days ago


  • Lynx jewels
    Lynx jewels 10 days ago +2

    R.I.P vanilla ham ham

  • Rebekah McMillan
    Rebekah McMillan 10 days ago

    I prefer sherbert

  • Sofia Achtner
    Sofia Achtner 10 days ago

    like for lizz

  • Open water Diver
    Open water Diver 10 days ago +1

    That’s a hamster not a mouse they have pouches in there mouths which is why the hamster ate it so quickly it what’s storing it for later

  • Nyeshia Bailey
    Nyeshia Bailey 10 days ago

    I am happy that Matthias has a beard because before he look like a baby man 😬

  • Daisy Warden
    Daisy Warden 10 days ago

    I have never had rainbow sherbert

  • Isabella gymnastics
    Isabella gymnastics 11 days ago

    at 5:11 you guys said it ways a mouse it is not a mouse mouse it is hamster, that is way the chanallal is called vainilla hamham

  • Al Mi Gaming
    Al Mi Gaming 12 days ago


  • Seamus Haddock
    Seamus Haddock 12 days ago

    Hey Matt, where did you get that Neon Bike sign from? Its really cool!!!

  • Isaac Pong
    Isaac Pong 13 days ago

    Vinilahamham died

  • Richard Shonquist
    Richard Shonquist 13 days ago

    Put #sherbert if u like sherbert

  • Bearicas
    Bearicas 13 days ago

    I bet Michael could open his own mini restaurant

  • Dom_The_Bomber
    Dom_The_Bomber 13 days ago

    Im with tanner on tomatoes

  • Noah Cho
    Noah Cho 14 days ago

    i don't like mint on my ice cream but i don't care ill eat it anyways

  • Ren695 The legend
    Ren695 The legend 14 days ago

    Like not lick I’m not creepy

  • Ren695 The legend
    Ren695 The legend 14 days ago

    Lick for Liz

  • Blakwulf Mora
    Blakwulf Mora 14 days ago

    5:05 Really mat a mouse lol its a hamster 🐁=🐹=?

  • Zachariah Sears
    Zachariah Sears 14 days ago


  • The Hoobgooblins
    The Hoobgooblins 14 days ago

    Like if Dope or Nope should bring back TanManChan!

  • Cute Baby
    Cute Baby 14 days ago

    I love infinite list so much

  • Cute Baby
    Cute Baby 14 days ago

    Bro you make my head hurt bro I had a full week of no school is that so cool that was so much s snow yah love you dope or nope

  • peanutlovesyou vlogs
    peanutlovesyou vlogs 14 days ago

    This made me hungry, also tomatoes are weird the way they, they are better in salsa and ketchup! I don't really like ketchup though

  • Cloudx XxxXxxX
    Cloudx XxxXxxX 14 days ago

    Mint Chocolate chip it’s my fav

  • Cc
    Cc 15 days ago

    I'm watching this and ...I'm hungry

  • Brooklynn Draws
    Brooklynn Draws 15 days ago

    Pretty sure that’s Tokyo’s language

  • Lane Bigelow
    Lane Bigelow 15 days ago

    Do giant products

  • Heather Patrick
    Heather Patrick 15 days ago +1


  • MeowTube
    MeowTube 15 days ago +1

    I had a weird dream...

  • Fireball Noah
    Fireball Noah 15 days ago +1


  • december 8, 2006
    december 8, 2006 16 days ago

    You should watch Miniature Space