Doctor Mike Goes VEGAN For 30 Days | Here's How My Body Reacted...

  • Published on Jun 9, 2019
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    Thirty days of going vegan is in the books and I have to say this one was a bit more difficult than keto for me as it took me out of my comfort zone. This Vegan 30 day challenge certainly surprised me in several ways and at the end of the day, I think it is a reasonable diet to follow as long as it's planned adequately.
    If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Doctor Reacts Series & Responding to Comments so please submit more names of shows/episodes & questions you'd like for me to watch. Love you all!
    - Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • Doctor Mike
    Doctor Mike  10 days ago +3678

    I'm Answering comments on here since the premier ended!

    • BrothersInTheCreed
      BrothersInTheCreed 3 days ago

      Why is red meat bad?

    • MattGaming201
      MattGaming201 9 days ago

      can you please do it video on enhancing your jawline and if that’s even possible. in this video he claims that it’s all fake and now i’m confuses. like this so Doctor Mike can see this. :) thanks as always

    • Golden Lioness
      Golden Lioness 10 days ago +1

      *Doctor Mike!!!!* This might be off topic BUT....
      What do you think of chiropractors? I have heard they are harmful but also really good for you and now I’m a little confused 😅
      EDIT: also...this is slightly awkward but wth XD what causes gassiness? XD

    • Christy H
      Christy H 10 days ago +1

      The gas might have been the sudden increase in the amount of soy you were eating

    • Fatima Ghailan
      Fatima Ghailan 10 days ago

      Hey Doctor Mike Varshavski, hope you're doing well. Have you read The China Study? if so, could you do a review?

  • Geeky42Girl
    Geeky42Girl 31 minute ago

    Hey Dr Mike I think it's pretty cool you gave vegan a try I just wanted to point out that making a huge shift to plant based will cause gas but it's only temporary. unless you go crazy on stuff like garlic, cruciferous veg, and such.
    I've been Vegetarian off and on for about 26 years and went vegan almost a year ago. Everytime I would go from Omni to Veggie or Veggie to Omni I would be really gassy for about 1-1 1/2 months. My kids hated the adjustment periods. My biggest issues with dietary change is going from Veggie back to Omni as I have to start with small quantities of fish and slowly work my way up to poultry then beef, as it causes major discomfort if I just dive in. Pork doesn't like me so I avoid pork all together. Now that I'm vegan I would have to slowly introduce myself to dairy again as I cheated about a couple months in doing vegan and I was miserable. I don't really see that happen anytime soon as I'm doing what my body told me to do and it seems pretty happy with it.
    Also to get an appetite going you'd want to go with more fresh whole foods. Vegan processed foods can be healthier but they should be a treat like any processed foods, a lite snack/addition (like a sprinkle of cheese), or for things like mock meats only a couple meals a week. A lot of stuff is easy to prep if you have a few basic tools, a freezer, and an hour or two to spare a week. I always struggled with lack of appetite before going vegan and now I eat like a guniea pig. Large quantities of food each meal at least 4 meals a day. I can't believe how much actually eat but lost weight while doing it. While before I'd eat one snack and 1 meal and I felt like I had to force myself to eat more.
    And one more bit of info when making a major shift into a new diet slow conversion is the best way to go. I know that's not something you can do for a 30day challenge but IRL taking time to cut out meats and dairy, learning about/exploring/incorporating plant based foods works so much better than going cold turkey.

  • Femke Arts
    Femke Arts 36 minutes ago

    I'm a nursing student in the netherlands and finished a internship at the stomach-gut-liver section in the hospital. All i can think of when you talk about your symptons is YASS GIVE IT TO ME 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

  • Steliana Jasmine
    Steliana Jasmine Hour ago

    I'm almost 3 years vegan, I've lost over 70 pounds and my blood tests amazingly improved.... I'm not regretting it

  • maynstagram
    maynstagram Hour ago

    Okay, I'm actually curious as to why Doctors go see the Doctor if they have simpler things like a cough? I mean, they can diagnose themselves, right?

  • Jhoan Stanback
    Jhoan Stanback Hour ago

    30 day vegan challenge baby solves all your problems

  • Rosey1312
    Rosey1312 Hour ago

    Oh my gosh thank you so much!!! Green tea with honey...i have had a tickly cough non stop for 2 weeks. Went to the doctor and got given some stupid cough medicine which just made me vomit. I tried ginger, lemon and honey which was some home remedy and it tasted BAD. I will try your green tea and honey mix. How much honey?

  • M Ramsey
    M Ramsey 2 hours ago

    Please try the 30 day no processed sugar challenge

  • Nox
    Nox 3 hours ago

    I live mostly on a diet that's not vegan- as I avoid meat as much as I can., but I need milk in my live- so vegetarian.

  • Piper Wilson
    Piper Wilson 5 hours ago

    i think you were having bad digestive and bloating issues because of the large increase in fiber you were consuming. This happened to me the first 6 weeks of being vegan and it then went alway. I just think your body wasn’t used to it yet
    oh and btw, I eat honey and I’m vegan...only the extreme scary vegans demand that you don’t eat honey

  • Chimmy Chonga
    Chimmy Chonga 5 hours ago

    he need some MILK

  • Karen Xi
    Karen Xi 6 hours ago

    “We don’t force the bees to make honey! They just make it! It’s not like we milk them for honey!”😂😂😂

  • Abigail Link
    Abigail Link 7 hours ago

    You should do 30 days of zero waste living and show some health problems associated with plastic usage and micro plastics! 🌎

  • Kelly Hamm
    Kelly Hamm 7 hours ago

    I would love for you to do a video explaining what you mean by “health foods”. There are SO many diets out there and different ways that it seems people classify types of foods. I just want the easy to understand version of what is healthy and what isn’t. None has ever really been able to explain that to me.

  • Clarissa Jones
    Clarissa Jones 8 hours ago

    Charcoal tabs are great for the bloating and gas

  • Kaitlynn Rose
    Kaitlynn Rose 9 hours ago

    My fat ass is eating brownies while Dr. Mike is talking about a heathy diet lmao.

  • Kelsey Renee Carroll
    Kelsey Renee Carroll 9 hours ago

    My nephrologist suggested a low sodium and primarily plant based diet for recurring kidney problems. I haven’t had a single kidney attack or stone since I started it. I miss steaks though. So so much. 🥩 😭

  • 51Saffron
    51Saffron 10 hours ago

    Too much processed food and no variety.

  • KMan
    KMan 11 hours ago

    I challenge you to do One Punch Man Training Regiment for a Month.

  • Hannah Steinum Kvalvik
    Hannah Steinum Kvalvik 11 hours ago

    how do you recommend healthy eating for patients with a lot of allergies? Like I tried going vegan for a while when my friend did but Im allergic to nuts and soy milk (first and last time I had soy milk I ended up in the ER with my throat closing and I hadn't had that happen in almost a decade when I ate cherries for the last time) and I am so used to using dairy products to dampen my day-to-day itches (like my mouth and throat itches after eating tomatoes or avocados or salad. Basically anything green, but since my throat doesnt close I'd rather have greens with a glass of milk than no milk at all) Im asking because all diets and meal preps and tips and tricks ive found online are great for those cutting meat, milk, or gluten but what if I cant have the bananas or apples or almonds that is put in literally every mealplan?

  • scarsunseen24
    scarsunseen24 11 hours ago

    10:49 Cinnamon Toast Crunch isn't vegan :P

  • StarStruckKylie
    StarStruckKylie 12 hours ago

    oh my gosh I'm only 13 and I'm graduating(hopefully)at 15/16 and I'm going to do medicine............I think I'm gonna fail😹😹😹

  • Silence43
    Silence43 13 hours ago

    What about 30 day Soylent only challenge?

  • Abigail Docchar
    Abigail Docchar 13 hours ago

    With eating honey, it does count as an animal product so isn't allowed in a strict vegan diet. That being said like vegetarians there are subcategories of veganism, one of which is called a "beegan". Essentially it follows the rest of the vegan diet however still allows the consumption of honey, this is more commonly used by singers as it can help soothe your throat.

  • Gergana Stanilova
    Gergana Stanilova 13 hours ago

    What's left now is doing a vegan keto diet for 30 days ^_^

  • JL T
    JL T 14 hours ago

    Another challenge for you. Doing a Carnivore diet vs Mediterranean diet compare that with vegan diet. Use analytical skills to find the best diet. Exactly honey is not vegan, but it's not cruel to the bees collecting honey. Or is it? Hmmm... gluten free but you don't have Celiac disease. Too much sodium is making me bloating. Yes processed food is not good.Unfortunately our society eats processed foods due to lack of time and busy schedule. Lot's of microwavable food.

  • KPopMultiFandomHereToSupportEveryGroupsThanks

    Personally, I think vegetarian diet is the best because you can eat most things except meat.

  • Justin Eatman
    Justin Eatman 16 hours ago

    I think vegans should focus on making sure animal slaughter is done with dignity rather than totally cutting it out.
    Let be real, being a butcher in America back in the day was equivalent to being a doctor. Standards have fallen and its up to us to push the standard.

    • Justin Eatman
      Justin Eatman Hour ago

      @Some Earthling We all will and, must die. Not wanting too doesnt change death in the slightest. You say without purpose but i think we all know the purpose.

    • Some Earthling
      Some Earthling 2 hours ago

      But can you ever kill an animal with dignity? Do you think the unnecessary taking of life can ever be done with dignity? No animal wants to die. You don't want to die. Would it make it okay if someone killed you or someone you love with dignity? What does killing someone with dignity look like to you?
      And how was someone killing equivalent to someone curing people? Why push the standard, if we can just give up hurting animals completely?

  • Pareen Sachdeva
    Pareen Sachdeva 17 hours ago

    Noone is saying veganism is the only healthy option. I think you’re talking about whole foods plant based diet.

  • Montana White
    Montana White 18 hours ago

    What if I don’t eat vegetables. Mostly meat, and I’m trying to lose weight right now so I’m lowering my carbs. Went from 199 to 185. My goal is 160-165.

  • Lainy Isabelle
    Lainy Isabelle 18 hours ago +1

    What about the carnivore diet?? Meat only? People swear by it. 😱

    • Lainy Isabelle
      Lainy Isabelle 14 hours ago

      @BarefootDreamer59 They don't eat fiber and apparently, the lack of fiber helps them absorb extra vitamins from the meat. And apparently none of them have constipation. I really want some long term studies just like keto.

    • BarefootDreamer59
      BarefootDreamer59 15 hours ago

      Eww. Where would they get fiber and vitamins?

  • Véronique Gosselin
    Véronique Gosselin 18 hours ago

    I believe your digestion problems were caused by the stress of having to resist temptation. As stupid as it may sound, not eating things that makes us happy for a long period of time can actually be stressful, which is why we tend to indulge ourselves once we eat it again, like a bunch of junkies. You said yourself the first day, looking at the food, you started having doubts, that's the kind of stuff that stays in the back of your mind and festers. I have chronic anxiety, and stress takes a huge toll on my digestion. Also, biologists did notice herbivores tend to have to pass more gas than carnivores, could be it too.

  • Kaylee Adams
    Kaylee Adams 19 hours ago

    I totally understand where you come from saying veganism is restrictive, but as a vegan, I say it’s so much easier to stick to veganism when you don’t focus on health alone! Taking all of the reasons for vegan into account makes it a breeze to say no to that cupcake or whatever it is. Plus, you can always find a vegan version of something😉

  • hal0cito
    hal0cito 19 hours ago

    Try all white meat diet

  • Alter Health
    Alter Health 20 hours ago

    YAYYYYY PROCESSED FOOD....! Real food is not expensive. Stop buying food from packages.

  • Jennie Olmsted
    Jennie Olmsted 20 hours ago

    being vegan isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle.

  • Highborn
    Highborn 21 hour ago +2

    I mean..... anything is better then the "standard" 'murican "diet"

  • Joud Sabr
    Joud Sabr 21 hour ago +2

    We don’t milk bees😭😭😭😭😭I’m dead

  • Yobogoya
    Yobogoya 21 hour ago

    Veganism just isn't an option for me. Diagnosed with ADD at a young age, one of the key things about that disorder is a hyper focus with regards to detecting textures in food that no one else does. Most vegetables have textures that trigger my gag reflex, and there is no amount of willpower that will allow me to swallow, as trying to force myself will result in violent vomiting. The few that I can eat (green beans, corn, asparagus, and frozen peas) aren't enough of a variety to sustain my life as a diet.

  • Dennis Kent
    Dennis Kent 21 hour ago

    To everyone put off by this video - I urge you not to listen to many of the things he says. I know at the end of the video he says he encourages people to try it and talk to qualified people. Nonetheless, I want to mention a couple of things: Being vegan can be an amazing journey with more stamina, clarity of mind, better skin, better weight control, more happiness, more compassion and so much more. Many things said here are just so typical for people with little to no solid nutritional education/for doctors. He got sick and wondered if he should have stopped being vegan? Let me tell you this: I used to get a cold two times a year before going vegan, even when I was a "healthy vegetarian". After going vegan it got much better and when I did get a cold it was gone faster. I have been working in an office with over 60 people and in the last 1 1/2 years I have NOT been sick despite everyone else being sick 2 to 3 times during that time period. Now I know, this is going to be called "anecdotal evidence" but ask many other vegans how their health improved and research yourself. It actually only takes basic logic that a balanced and abundant vegan diet with a focus on whole foods is one of the healthiest diets out there. Sure there are people whose health decreased over time, let's not pick cherries here but usually those people had much worse underlying conditions to begin with. And of course it takes some getting used to, since you're changing everything you've been doing your whole life when it comes to your eating habits but once you get the hang of it, it's everything BUT restrictive! I've followed Dr. Mike for quite some time and I used to think he's open and looks at things differently but the more videos I watched, the more I got a different vibe. Dr. Mike if you're reading this, in no way am I hating on you, I just think you could sometimes look a little further across the boarder of what you've been taught and of what you believe is "true", especially when it comes to medicine and nutrition.

  • Chloe Peterson
    Chloe Peterson 21 hour ago

    thanks so much for this! my children and i have been plant based for two years now. lmao, i lost it when you started talking about vegan cheese 😂 that stuff is nasty. never eat it 🤢 oh, and the gas usually doesn’t last that long. some people see honey as vegan and some people don’t. it’s complicated. you can youtube videos about the debate.

  • Synick
    Synick 22 hours ago

    If this video does encourage you to go vegan, ffs, don't tell anyone. You'll be judged for the rest of your days, mostly by vegans.

  • matthew weis
    matthew weis 22 hours ago

    the vegans in this comment section all sound like a bunch of anti-vaxer’s flat-earther’s... full of denial, with a “matter of fact” attitude. fuckin cultists.
    - you didn’t do it right
    - i’ve been vegan for 100 years
    - AlL yOuR fOoD wAs pRoCeSsEd
    - but the environment, think of the CLIMATE!!!

  • Tan Charlotte-Jayne
    Tan Charlotte-Jayne 23 hours ago

    why are your friends so pretty

  • Diana M
    Diana M 23 hours ago

    7:43 Did he just complain that corn chips were too plain so he had to eat them with...barbecue sauce? Has he never heard of chips and salsa?

  • Rebecca Skotek
    Rebecca Skotek Day ago +1

    love you but PLEASE STOP REFERRING TO "NUTRITIONISTS". sincerely, a Registered Dietitian (aka a professional that has an actual degree, credentials, and licensure)

  • ThatLastWaffle Gaming And More

    It’s okay man unhicken can break anyone it’s

  • underestimated kid

    Why do vegan don't drink milk?
    You don't have to kill the cow to get it and they are willing to provide it.
    It's like we feed them and keep them safe and they give us milk

  • underestimated kid
    underestimated kid Day ago +1

    I am not a vegan
    But I mostly eat vegetarian food
    Cause I live in India

  • Jake S
    Jake S Day ago

    Dude why are you eating constant processed garbage instead of a balanced healthy vegan diet lol.

  • Una Kosovic
    Una Kosovic Day ago

    Go zero waste

  • madkatt333
    madkatt333 Day ago

    It is not expensive to be healthy. You get stuff in bulk and in season. You can always grab some chicken thighs, cabbage, carrots, and a package of whole wheat noodles and make a healthy and cheap soup out of it that can last several days.

  • vale vom
    vale vom Day ago

    Ohh boo no! All the time u were at MIT you didn’t make the challenge, Cinnamon Toast Crunch isn’t vegan

  • Shadow 3250
    Shadow 3250 Day ago +1

    there is no true “healthiest” diet. Everyone’s body is different. It’s really determined by your genetics, body chemistry, and environmental factors. I will say that veganism is both the most environmentally/socially conscious, and the safest option, but in no way is it the healthiest for everyone.
    Little bit of background: I did the vegan thing. Stuck with it for about 9 months. I do a lot of manual labor. No decrease in energy or anything, however, even though I watched my fiber intake closely, I could never avoid the gassiness, and I would smell disgusting. In addition, I lost muscle mass, because you must eat a good deal of volume of nuts, beans and other foods that I simply don’t want to eat all the time to get proper protein intake, nor do I have a particular taste for. Veganism wasn’t right for MY body. I swapped to my original diet, except I cut out about 90 percent of my red meats. Foods easier to come by, I wasn’t bloated, and got to eat my favorite foods again. I feel that my overall health is much better on my current diet, as opposed to the vegan diet. Hats off to those who can pull it off, but it simply isn’t for me. My physical well-being outweighed a social cause. Don’t regret trying it though.

  • nguyenhoang long


    JADE KESTER Day ago

    I'm vegetarian but all I eat is fruits,vegetables, grains and occasionally some nuts

  • Kyle Herzberg
    Kyle Herzberg Day ago

    Doctor Mike, you mentioned that you were 28. How are you already practicing on your own so young? Isn’t it usually 4 years university, 4 years med school, and then residency? So generally practicing around 30/31? (Starting college around 18/19?)

  • u g h
    u g h Day ago +1


  • Vannessa Mulinix

    what do you think abt ACV for dieting?

  • RaeLeigh Gibson
    RaeLeigh Gibson Day ago

    I love how you say embarrassing it’s so adorable 😂😂😂💕

  • Evan Miller
    Evan Miller Day ago

    I mean, a vegan/vegetarian diet is STILL going to be better than a mostly plant-based diet with a little bit of poultry and fish. Because no meat >> a little bit of meat in regards to health as long as you get the few goods things from meat from other sources in plants.

    Meat was incredibly easy to eliminate for me, and I don't think being a vegetarian (which is what I am) is restrictive AT ALL.

  • Katelin Is Here
    Katelin Is Here Day ago +3

    It's not hard to get enough calories. Well not for me anyway lol

  • desertrose88
    desertrose88 Day ago

    Please have my babies, Dr. Mike....

  • J Bluewind
    J Bluewind Day ago

    I really like the plant based diet he talked about. It's more flexible, people are more likely to try it, and it's still a net positive for the individual, the environment, and other people in the area who can't have certain non-vegan items due to beliefs, dietary restrictions, and/or food allergies.
    I'm very alergic to whey protein and for a long time felt very limited and left out in some cases. The town I lived in didn't even have almond milk until about five or ten years ago. Now I live in a city with more vegitarians, vegans, and the like which means LOTS of great new safe options for me. I can have icecream with friends now, have safe options when I go out without it being a big deal, warm up with a nice cup of hot coco, and easily find safe snacks (like cliff bars) to keep in my purse for long walks or a day at the museam. I also know people with other food allergies and a friend with celiac disease who have benefited from foods that adhere to a belief system or are popular.

  • Leomhaiin
    Leomhaiin Day ago +1

    Thank you for doing this challenge. I’m so happy you mention some of the struggles I have had being vegan. Eating out with friends is so hard and ending up eating a lot of vegan chunk food when you don’t plan correctly.

  • Safaa El Gass
    Safaa El Gass Day ago

    You should've done more recherches before doing this , because obviously eating almost only processed food during the entire experience isn't good for you , and your body has to adapt too so the flatulences are absolutely normal at first.

  • Kavita Chaudhari

    Honey is totally vegan

  • abkeh.l
    abkeh.l Day ago

    it's awesome that you tried a vegan diet! flatulence is pretty normal when transitioning to a vegan diet. i mean it is a big change, so it takes some time for it to go away. in regards to your energy levels, gym motivation, and chub gain... maybe in the future, if you challenge yourself to do it again, restrict the packaged foods and eating out and then see how that makes you feel and describe those experiences. find healthy whole foods plant based recipes online and cook them at home so you can eat a healthy version of a vegan diet. keep us posted! :)

    • abkeh.l
      abkeh.l Day ago

      also, any diet is a journey. it's easy to get hooked on all the junky vegan food, but there are so many delicious healthy recipes too! when i first went vegan, i wanted to try all the substitutes and gained weight, but i am currently living a wfpb lifestyle and it makes me feel better than just eating anything that's vegan

  • arefin ahmed
    arefin ahmed Day ago

    hey doctor mike, can you please try the vertical diet. Im really curious to know hoe your body reacts to it and how your performance in the gym is

  • AlexMeow bleufeline

    Nothing shameful about gas, everyone gets it.

  • Nicole Afonso Alves Calistri

    Glad I'm one of those vegans that haven't had a single flue since shifting the diet. Not even when all my flatmates get sick altogether! You'll see I'll get a flue right after posting this lol

  • Nicole Afonso Alves Calistri

    ... You started by eating junk vegan food?! Ffs... You're eating horribly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You clearly haven't looked into eating healthy vegan meals....... Pretty face though....

  • Natasha Sardinha

    Unchicken... what is unchicken??? Lmao

  • Indigo Phenomena

    I follow a pescatarian diet because it's more realistic for me at the moment; I basically do what diet you described recommending in the video except i abstain from red meats because my body just doesn't like it 🤣 I tried going vegan once and I got bloated and gassy too! I figured it was all the FIBER! And no, honey isnt vegan but it IS ethical! Bee Keepers help bees and keep them alive, and bees are so incredibly important for our ecosystem. I think caring for our ecosystem is a little more important, but that's just my opinion.

  • ShimanoRF
    ShimanoRF Day ago +3

    I think maybe poor food combining caused your gas and GI problems

  • José Luna
    José Luna Day ago

    Trying a plant focused diet... I have to eat like a damn cow to meet my nutritional needs and satiate my hunger (it's so $@#$&ing easy to digest!)

  • Nikki T
    Nikki T Day ago

    You should of really done a whole food plant based diet. You were eating vegan junk and processed foods. And the gas subsides after a while. Your body is adjusting.

  • LeLouBeauty
    LeLouBeauty Day ago

    Please talk about the ethical vegan video! Most of us vegans are doing it for the planet and animals. Plant based is mainly for health. What’s funny though is I was constantly sick growing up and sick going vegan my doctor was shocked how I’m rarely sick anymore!

  • Tue Lindholt
    Tue Lindholt Day ago

    Don't sweat it Dr Mike. A lot of vegetables are almost never produced without the cultivation of bees. If you had broccoli or avocado you were technically not vegan.

  • Linii Holly
    Linii Holly Day ago

    I think with almost all diets/diet changes you have to figure out the best way how it can work for you. And that will take more or less time. For me, it took almost three years to find the best way how veganism works for me, but in my whole lifetime, I never found a way how eating "everything" would work. So 30 days might be a good start, but if someone really wants to become vegan (or any other diets) they might have to take more time to figure it out and kind of "learn" how to cook a certain way. As long as you feel good and healthy doing this, of course.

  • Lilly Brewster
    Lilly Brewster Day ago

    There are a lot of videos and vegan recipes to make good food for breakfast. My Mom made a weekly meal plan.

  • Lilly Brewster
    Lilly Brewster Day ago

    You don't have good friends of that's how they reacted. They should except your preferences

  • Lilly Brewster
    Lilly Brewster Day ago +20

    It's easier to be vegan if you're doing with someone. I'm being vegan with my mom and my sister is vegetarian

  • Annie Truong
    Annie Truong Day ago

    eat steak for 30 days. :D

  • Lina Willard
    Lina Willard Day ago

    Atkins Diet!

  • Dayna•Panic's! At A Why Don't We Concert

    Zero waste! Zero waste! Zero waste!

  • John Miller
    John Miller Day ago

    Please talk about Dr. Jordan Peterson's red meat carnivore diet.

  • Joe Zawinul Reviews and Reactions

    If you really wanted to do it for the animals it would be easy

  • andy holbrook
    andy holbrook Day ago

    Some good points raised..and you showed how to do a vegan diet in the wrong way, which is great because it shows that even doctors can get it wrong when they aren't educated on the science. It also showed how to fail well when you don't plan your meals and you eat processed vegan junk foods. You also promoted pre prepared processed meals throughout, which (vegan or not) generally are not healthy. You do however support a Mediterranean diet, which has very little science currently available for the treatment of non-communicable diseases.

  • Dingy
    Dingy Day ago

    No argument here except for if someone really wants to be vegan they shouldn’t eat anything that uses pesticides. Most vegan lie to themselves about them helping the environment or even themselves it is unhealthy overall

  • glam&growth
    glam&growth Day ago +1

    Hey dr mike I’ve been a vegetarian for two years now and I was told that we have certain bacteria in our stomach that change when you no longer eat meat. The gas does stop big shout out from Staten Island.

  • First Last
    First Last Day ago

    google indian food,

  • Sanne
    Sanne Day ago +34

    There's this cool thing called cooking you know..

  • Marianne
    Marianne Day ago

    The gas problem will disappear after a couple of months. I've been vegan for about a year and I will never go back to eating dead animals. (Yes, I'm a vegan because I don't want to kill animals, I love ALL animals, and I believe the animal babies deserve their milk, not soy milk (we ought to drink that!). So basically I'm being kind to animals. That's the reason.
    TO BE HONEST the main reason I managed to lose weight while changing to vegan diet, was that I stopped eating snacks all the time, and thus allowed my insulin levels to drop to a healthy level, which in turn allowed my "body to eat the lunch from the fat".

  • Samantha Q
    Samantha Q Day ago

    Do you have a video on the Mediterranean diet?

  • Liv Ing
    Liv Ing Day ago

    mike i would say the “best” way to do vegan is eating all whole foods or even raw, it causes you to eat nothing processed and you feel so good, just remember to drink apple cider vinegar

  • that's not logic

    If I would be in a hospital
    You would give me a meltdown

  • that's not logic

    Your face is everything
    Doctor feel good in the morning

  • Liv Ing
    Liv Ing Day ago

    apple cider vinegar is the secret to getting rid of the bloating and gas

  • Danielle Haury
    Danielle Haury Day ago

    You realize thrive market isn't cheap right?