WINNING With Rusty Can ONLY In Fortnite Chapter 2!

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
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  • Muselk
    Muselk  Month ago +3198

    I do not recommend attempting this

    • Ry ry Gamer boy
      Ry ry Gamer boy Month ago


      I don’t care Ima gonna do it (maybe on my USclip channel

    • Valentin Uta
      Valentin Uta Month ago

      Why do you steal from lanan?

    • Jake Madalone
      Jake Madalone Month ago

      fortnite should make a tree area that spells team trees

  • Elijah Christian
    Elijah Christian 7 days ago

    And muselk

  • Lorgdh The Legend
    Lorgdh The Legend 11 days ago

    Dumbest challenge but win im so confused

  • hlambrou1
    hlambrou1 14 days ago

    People actually consider using the fishing loot a challenge? That's my main way to play. I used to fish a lot irl but now I am a vegan. Now I love to fish in videogames

  • Matthew Fruchter
    Matthew Fruchter 16 days ago

    hi muselk im a big fan i subed to your youtube but can you add me in fortnite my epic is termitewpb

  • Quincy Ackerman
    Quincy Ackerman 21 day ago

    its inpossillbal

  • Dawn Texada
    Dawn Texada 21 day ago

    I tried this and got 34th

  • SH4D0W / Gaming and More

    Gets mythic gold fish
    Me: OMG!
    Him: useless.

  • Random boi Brady
    Random boi Brady 22 days ago

    Can do

  • rexynator [j.o]
    rexynator [j.o] 25 days ago

    Can do headshot?

  • Dek Cat
    Dek Cat 27 days ago


  • Joseph14
    Joseph14 Month ago

    Fortnite needs to add the legendary rusty can XD I've got 1 kill off a rusty can before, In My opinion if you can get a kill with a rusty can, You've earned my respect lmao

  • Razz aus
    Razz aus Month ago

    Cans are OP
    change my mind

  • Samuel Donaldson
    Samuel Donaldson Month ago

    cans are so shit

  • Yung_PG_Pleb_TTV
    Yung_PG_Pleb_TTV Month ago

    "We need to get our hands on som CANS"

  • Hyper Scythe
    Hyper Scythe Month ago +1

    Lol sub to me

    ATOMIC FREAK Month ago


  • Matthew Gutekunst
    Matthew Gutekunst Month ago

    This is so funny

  • Vicky Bury
    Vicky Bury Month ago

    Muselk He says his cans are lethal
    Me: he has boobs

  • David U
    David U Month ago

    Now everyone knows how much damage cans do in fn
    I think this was the 1st time ever used :/

  • MeesMwoaun
    MeesMwoaun Month ago

    Make gun fright a permanent game mode

  • jobanski
    jobanski Month ago

    Doesn’t look anything like you. :/

  • The Fun Fact Guy
    The Fun Fact Guy Month ago

    n a r c i s s i s m

  • matthew Giles
    matthew Giles Month ago


  • Starren Bryce
    Starren Bryce Month ago

    Please respond

  • Starren Bryce
    Starren Bryce Month ago

    Call me if you decide to add me sorry if I seem desperate but I am not my number is 218-686-9522 please and thank you muselk

  • Starren Bryce
    Starren Bryce Month ago

    Add me Muselk my fortnite name is hi its bryce just as I did it spaces and no capitals and no punctuation please and thank you

  • Hema Gaming
    Hema Gaming Month ago

    Muselk this is outrages were are the rusty can only videos

  • Kellen Anthoney
    Kellen Anthoney Month ago

    That was one of these most boring muselk videos I've ever seen.

  • deserae petersen
    deserae petersen Month ago

    aw fresh

  • Will Treaty
    Will Treaty Month ago

    Dont worry everyone! I'm sure Muselk CAN do it!

  • Daniel Vicic
    Daniel Vicic Month ago

    Your the best

  • MrNightSlayer
    MrNightSlayer Month ago +1

    If you're missing Overwatch content or are looking for some Overwatch videos try checking out my channel, I do Overwatch and upload frequently.

  • Louis Wright
    Louis Wright Month ago

    9:32 “see that pole” damn I was so excited to make a fuck the police joke😢😂😂

  • ICF Mr Kittie
    ICF Mr Kittie Month ago

    muselk: im slowly whittling this guy away.
    me: you have no idea how slow whittling is

  • IncognitoMosquito927 {[Shadow_Wolfe927]}

    I placed 2nd and he only had *20hp*

  • cat owner
    cat owner Month ago

    Rusty cans only.. uses healing. Doesnt count. I want last dude to die from cans

  • BigBoy
    BigBoy Month ago

    Alternate title: giving people tetanus

  • YT_4nt3n
    YT_4nt3n Month ago

    I wanna have rusty cans in fortnite creative so that I could make a dodgeball mini game

  • David Iz lit
    David Iz lit Month ago


    Also Elliot: where’s fresh

  • Oogleborf Boi
    Oogleborf Boi Month ago +1

    “This might be one of the dumbest challenges we’ve ever attempted”

    *Say sike right now*

  • EnerJetix
    EnerJetix Month ago +1

    It’s basically a throwable pickaxe

  • Tilly Bear
    Tilly Bear Month ago

    I was thinking of this today before I saw your vid

  • April P
    April P Month ago

    The girl there looks like me character

  • Claus Jacobsen
    Claus Jacobsen Month ago

    You Can do des

  • Haroon-ur-Rashid Khan

    Fuck fuck fuck

  • Haroon-ur-Rashid Khan

    Fuck u

  • Adesh De Silva
    Adesh De Silva Month ago

    Cool win it

  • Carl Reyes
    Carl Reyes Month ago

    So rusty cans are basically throwable pickaxes... aight aight touche

  • Imaaz Amir
    Imaaz Amir Month ago

    Rusty can
    Mythic can
    Muselk can
    Big brain can

  • Isaiah & Cole
    Isaiah & Cole Month ago


  • SebsterPlays
    SebsterPlays Month ago

    Muselk is 24 yet he looks like hes in his mid 40s

  • destin gamer :o
    destin gamer :o Month ago

    I tried this right and I got 5th place and guess what I died to another can

  • Nate Cator
    Nate Cator Month ago

    Don’t skill base match makes me. 90% of the players you went against in this vid were AI bots!

  • DVN Thunder66
    DVN Thunder66 Month ago


  • Zero Boltz
    Zero Boltz Month ago

    I can't get the can from fishing for some reason

  • Gele
    Gele Month ago

    I knew you guys CAN do this

  • PIE Files of the Paranormal


  • Calvin New
    Calvin New Month ago

    The guy you spectated at 6:40 should be reported.

  • Destroyerjay 007
    Destroyerjay 007 Month ago

    Imagin if he got the legendary fish