#BE3 | 2018 Bethesda E3 Showcase - 6/10 at 6:30pm PT

  • Published on Jun 11, 2018
  • Tune in to the Bethesda E3 Showcase for the inside scoop on Fallout 76 and RAGE 2, plus a few surprises.
    The fun starts on Sunday, June 10 at 6:30pm PT | 9:30pm ET.
    ESRB RATING: RATING PENDING to MATURE. May Contain content inappropriate for children. Visit www.esrb.org for rating information.
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  • Ben Oakley
    Ben Oakley 5 days ago

    I had the best chills ever when I saw Elder Scrolls VI

  • Thetdm zack
    Thetdm zack 8 days ago

    Loved fallout 76 I wanna get power armor edition

  • Anomalous
    Anomalous 9 days ago

    godd howard

  • Barfing Chicken Studios

    "It doesn't always 'just work'". It's becoming self-aware!

  • Vitz Video
    Vitz Video 10 days ago


  • Anna Leonard
    Anna Leonard 13 days ago

    ...and I really love the annousment of fallout 76

  • Anna Leonard
    Anna Leonard 13 days ago

    I am a normal gamer and I looooooove bethesda from doom to fallout!I came to watch it a few days after the end of e3

  • ironictronic yt
    ironictronic yt 14 days ago +1

    I fucked Todd howerds mom

  • thematrix28
    thematrix28 16 days ago +1

    Here is my bottlecaps Bethesda (pre ordered)now where's my Pipboy I'm going to West Virgina.

  • Broder The Hedgehog
    Broder The Hedgehog 18 days ago +1

    Fallout 76?
    More like...

    Fallout **ONLINE**

  • TheSorrowedMan
    TheSorrowedMan 20 days ago


  • bag gang
    bag gang 22 days ago

    Not spending my money on fallout 76 it strictly online play and no NPCs that took all the fun out

  • Faint Karma
    Faint Karma 22 days ago

    I remember when Bethesda made good games. Not asset-flip rust clones

  • Death And Hate
    Death And Hate 22 days ago

    28:51 Hyper mega ultra Hype

  • TimeIsIllmatic
    TimeIsIllmatic 22 days ago

    2 weeks ago but man I just really want to go back to 2:30 in the morning to relive this livestream. Thank you Bethesda for being my idols and always delivering

  • Simmer down Sunshine
    Simmer down Sunshine 22 days ago

    Let’s talk about fallout 76 for a sec..I LOVE IT!! I love fallout 3, I love fallout new Vegas (which my brother told me Bethesda didn’t make but I still played it anyway), AND I love fallout 4! I played all of those! I think the fallout franchise is the best! I know this might be (or will be) the last fallout which is sad in my case but I got to hand it to ya...the fallout franchise I think is the best idea you’ve ever had! Now I love Skyrim too! Now I do love fallout more then Skyrim by like.. 20% just cause I LOVE the uniqueness and the creativity made into fallout. Fallout is just overall THE best franchise! I know I’m saying a lot but before I end this there’s just one more thing I have to say... “Todd Howard you did one hell of a job at the fallout franchise! It’s over all the best and will always be in my heart no matter how old it gets! You deserve all and I mean ALL of the credit you get! I’m so glad someone thought of making the fallout franchise! Thank you!!”
    And yes I’m also hyped for fallout shelter to be on PS4 because I have one AND it’s free! Even better! I’m downloading it once I get the chance to!

  • CalebDKilla
    CalebDKilla 23 days ago

    Anyone else notice that they put that bethesda
    Employee in the crowd to cheer everytime something is announced

  • Oriond34 Mega
    Oriond34 Mega 24 days ago

    Why is Hugo Martin look so hyped to share info

  • Majid Ok
    Majid Ok 24 days ago

    Prey 2 instead of those garbage modes maybe ?

  • Airmo
    Airmo 25 days ago

    Y'all are excited for Elder Scrolls 6 and I'll admit that I am too. But I'm more excited for Rage 2 at the moment!

  • fire hawk
    fire hawk 25 days ago

    Hey Bethesda you should bring all the people from the other games on fall out 1,2,3,4 on fall out 76

  • Ayooluwa Olorunmola
    Ayooluwa Olorunmola 26 days ago

    Pls what's the song at 2:45???

  • Benjamin Thompson
    Benjamin Thompson 26 days ago

    I'd rather just play Kingdom Come . War Horse is going to kill Bethesda . I wish they'd make a new Elder Scrolls .

  • aka jean
    aka jean 26 days ago +1

    Bethesda sucks, usa sucks, take a look at Kingdom come and STALKER ! the best Games EVER.....(all European and Ukrainian games).......................

  • soy sans
    soy sans 27 days ago

    que chucha.

  • Vohemian Anarkyst
    Vohemian Anarkyst 27 days ago

    They fucking rule

  • Vohemian Anarkyst
    Vohemian Anarkyst 27 days ago

    hahahaha "Bj's is gonna be a co-op experience" aahahahaa

  • SapiaNt0mata
    SapiaNt0mata 27 days ago

    the 2 women talking is removed. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Fallout King Roblox and More

    Can't wait for FO76 and Elder Scrolls VI

    TDMMDI 28 days ago

    Hopefully TES 6 will have some role playing, quests and content in it unlike Fallout 4 that was a boring minecraft clone. "So your home is a shitty dump, not my problem, fix it yourself." If it's not my own house I don't care about it, just like I don't care about Shaun or any other crap killing my freedom as a player wanting to write my own story. Don't tell me how to play, don't fucking dictate who or what I am, just give me a world to (mod) wreck or save as I see fit and you got my money and loyalty. According to your own philosophy good level design is when the player can't feel the designer's hand forcing them into a specific direction, creating an illusion of freedom, you kind of fucked that up with fallout 4... fucking Shaun! This better not be Dragon birth, you're baby was abducted by dragons, rebuild Tamriel while looking for your useless baby. PUKE!

  • Globush gamer
    Globush gamer 28 days ago

    I started the chat saying garry because i said GARRY

  • Sean Dyer
    Sean Dyer 28 days ago


  • Zwei
    Zwei 29 days ago +1

    Fallout 100% Online -> 100% Dislike!. #saveplayer1.

  • Cody Rice
    Cody Rice 29 days ago

    E3 for Bethesda was Great!!!! But really this is a video game conference not a music concert 😂😂😂

  • gld1010
    gld1010 29 days ago

    Can PC FO76 players play with XBOX FO76 players? I am guessing no but I want to verify it.

  • Badger McWaffles
    Badger McWaffles 29 days ago

    the band should've been playing with the video... idk why so many pieces did this. we came here to see gaming; overall otherwise very enjoyable! me and my friends though were just like "and when does the video game start?" lol (not to say he was bad by any means! )

  • dr34m3r91
    dr34m3r91 Month ago

    Bethesda is so goddamn awesome!!!!!!!!!

  • James Greer
    James Greer Month ago

    Musical performances are becoming too overdone and I am just not big on them at game events like these so could you please just skip straight to the title announcements and big stuff. I love video game music so don't get me wrong but live performances I guess I am skeptical about unless it is orchestrated thinks like what Zelda's 25th anniversary was.

  • Serge Lemay
    Serge Lemay Month ago

    Glow map and fuking 40 years old children in extasy! What an usless population!

  • Christian Baier
    Christian Baier Month ago

    Wolfeinstein youngblood i hate this game

  • Parasız Oyuncu
    Parasız Oyuncu Month ago

    How can ı get pre order for ps4

  • JWord 1235
    JWord 1235 Month ago

    I was enjoying my Birthday when this happened

  • The Colin Michael
    The Colin Michael Month ago

    How could you RUIN a game like Fallout? You fucking inconsiderate assholes. You don't care about the gamers at all. Fuck you!!!!!!!!

    • SapiaNt0mata
      SapiaNt0mata 27 days ago

      they tried to make mods paid(but failed miserably) and called it mini DLC, etc bullshit, and you think they care about gamers? they don't give a flying fuck about gamers. btw, they're not good people either. they forced Human Head studio to go bankrupt and cancelled their game Prey 2. and they're not good developers either. 2018 and Skyrim that was released in 2011 has all the bugs-glitches non-fixed, and they released Skyrim Special Edition with the same bugs-glitches of original Skyrim

  • Melvin Otherwise
    Melvin Otherwise Month ago

    I can smell it now, this game will be another modern day Bethesda title, robotic npc's, little to no real choice in quests, pretty generic writing, probably average quests at best, nice scenery, but no depth to the gameplay or the gameplay is watered down immensely, now all hidden away by a multiplayer feature promising you to enable nukes, this marks the beginning of the end for traditional fallout. God I hope this game is gonna be fun, because its basically Fallout 4 with multiplayer.

  • Prasad NSG
    Prasad NSG Month ago

    That awkward moment when they started a rock band Infront of nerd crowed....

  • Demonic Akumi
    Demonic Akumi Month ago

    Fallout 76 beta by just signing up and registering and it's free? Then why the fuck is it preorder only you fucking cunt?

  • Banzar
    Banzar Month ago

    By the way Fallout 76 is not a free beta. Pete Hines, the armlet is lying to you. You need to pre-order the game.

  • fungjungkung
    fungjungkung Month ago

    TES VI High Rock

  • usernameed
    usernameed Month ago

    Fallout 76 makes you fucking hypocritical scumbags. #saveplayer1 my ass. Up yours bethesda

  • Another Person
    Another Person Month ago

    Go to 1:25 and wait 10 seconds

  • Lance Ramsey
    Lance Ramsey Month ago +1

    Meh why go to a conference if your gonna pout like a 2 year old :/

  • Jesus FernandoLMZ MotoLMZ

    A mi me parece rage 2 un doom pero sin demonios y una estación en marte

  • Jett Palacpac
    Jett Palacpac Month ago

    Seeing as this is going to be an “online game” will people playing on console need PS Plus or Xbox Live to play?

  • Kill3r Gamer
    Kill3r Gamer Month ago

    Anyone else think that everyone that came out on stage in two look like the cringiest people.

  • Microlash
    Microlash Month ago

    Good fucking christ that intro is hyper-cringe.

  • Trailer revealer
    Trailer revealer Month ago +1

    Fallout 76 hype

  • Skylushasson
    Skylushasson Month ago

    Bethesda If you are reading this can you please add bots in private servers or let people mod npcs in the private server

  • David Dylan
    David Dylan Month ago

    ......am I the only one kinda looking forward to the mobile elder scrolls game?

  • Clell Biggs
    Clell Biggs Month ago +1

    1:25:53 This was a flat out lie.

  • Gizmo Feezer
    Gizmo Feezer Month ago

    MAKE THE REAL.FALLOUT. The idea.of online is cool. But the poor solo campaign is shit described by you... where you'll be alone because u have to play ONLINE.. just to see other chars.. bring back npcs! Side quests and.make.it story driven! I've been waiting for another fallout after fallout 4 and this just disappoint me knowing it became a narrow game definitely not.made for EVERYBODY. Hear me out bethesda. I love fallout franchise...don't make it worst.

  • WillGameRecord
    WillGameRecord Month ago

    Trash 76

  • SpiritHunter00
    SpiritHunter00 Month ago

    The Rage 2 part felt awkward lol

  • Michael Fox
    Michael Fox Month ago

    Why did you trim off the pre show??

  • 3 Bags
    3 Bags Month ago

    You better get ready to cry

  • Epic Mike
    Epic Mike Month ago

    Gary is a fucking legend

  • The unit squad
    The unit squad Month ago

    I want to give a personal thank you to Bethesda for the release of fallout 76 and the collectors edition I'm happy to say I have pre ordered one and that in the UK the game store which is called GAME exclusively has these on sale for 175 pounds. I believe it's more in the USA at around 200 dollars I've heard

  • nofebak tryagain
    nofebak tryagain Month ago

    Perhaps those out-of-a-cave-looking guys from Machinegames don't recall how Sweden helped Nazi Germany during WWII, to "preserve their neutrality". They should learn a bit of history before even pronouncing this name, which is hurtful to Germany and the part of Europe that stood up instead of cowering in their mountains.

    MDH TAFF Month ago

    How the hell have 2,300 people disliked this!??

    • SapiaNt0mata
      SapiaNt0mata 27 days ago

      How the hell have 32,000 people liked this?

  • Jose Manzanares
    Jose Manzanares Month ago

    I know that Quake is a PC game from the very first. But I really wish it was on Console with Cross-Play in mind. It would be nice to try it out instead spending another couple of hundred dollars for a good rig or building your own.

  • KhalidAbed96
    KhalidAbed96 Month ago

    What's the name of the game in minute 2:55 of the pre show?

  • cameron case
    cameron case Month ago

    falluot 76 is batter than the new skyrim will even be. And the new skyrim is so socking and so bad.

  • Smiy Face
    Smiy Face Month ago

    The Evil Within 2 DLC and 3?

  • Oldass Gamer
    Oldass Gamer Month ago

    Wish I had the ability to sit down and talk with Mr. 25yrs in the business himself. The one and only Todd Howard.
    I will be playing multiple Bethesda titles but I have so many questions about Fallout. I may be excited for what the new content for series has to offer, I'm just not sure it's going to be this fun experience like it's being portrayed to be. And most it will not Bethesda's fault, it's going to be to toxicity of the little Jimmy & Trolls fresh spawn killing. Walk out of Vault and get insta killed from a player being a fucking asshole.
    Or, not wanting to interact with other players and being griefed because that's just how people are. Yes there will be a Beta, and yes Todd did say that they are still fine tuning some things but when you have an open server like this, players prey on the weak and/or have no consideration.
    Other things to note, Todd did say it was a softcore survival game but there will also be the classic questing and storyline. So will there be a campaign story with survival elements? Or is it, walk out of Vault 76 and the story is completely survival based? Make a weapon, find food, make a camp, build a sleeping bag, find materials etc etc. Is it a sandbox or what? Of course the game hasn't had any hands on time for article or video review but, Bethesda isn't known for making the greatest online games.
    And with no NPCs in a nearly endless sized environment with only a few dozen players on the server, I'm a little confused on how the game is supposed to draw us in to a narrative.

  • 木村勇大
    木村勇大 Month ago

    My guess is late 2019 or early 2020 for Starfield and then late 2021 or early 2022 for TESVI. I'd like to bet on 2022 for ESVI, because 11 * 2 is 22 and 11 is the year skyrim came out, idk? lol

  • ZrBazza
    ZrBazza Month ago

    I drooled when Elder Scrolls 6 was announced

  • Joshua Savage
    Joshua Savage Month ago

    yup I shit my pants.

  • Valentin Msx
    Valentin Msx Month ago +1

    8 : 20 that was "HugoDelire" my best french youtubeur ahah vive la france lol

  • Cullin Head
    Cullin Head Month ago

    So the prey dlc coming later this summer is like prop hunt in Garry's mod right?

  • Josh
    Josh Month ago

    Todd Howard lit god

  • Blue Flames
    Blue Flames Month ago

    Anybody notice the crowd after TES6 teaser was shown that the audience didnt freak out........i think they are NPC's

  • arkham666
    arkham666 Month ago

    Thank you God howard. I hope it all just works.

  • Daniel McFee
    Daniel McFee Month ago

    Lol at all the fat middle aged men not digging the music 🤣

  • bree sucks
    bree sucks Month ago


  • ᆞ한누리tv
    ᆞ한누리tv Month ago

    hello i'm korean gamer bedesda games you should be your games in the korean cc okay? bedesda games

  • cringe central
    cringe central Month ago

    holly shiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeetttttttttttttttttttttttt skyrim

  • hell Bent
    hell Bent Month ago +1

    Fallot 76 online game only ...yeah you can shove it up your ass

  • Ian Devine
    Ian Devine Month ago +1

    Fallout 76 is not Fallout!

  • Floyd Smith
    Floyd Smith Month ago

    It’s fine... don’t listen to your fans

  • Floyd Smith
    Floyd Smith Month ago

    I feel like Bethesda is fucking their fans over.

  • HexicWaste55
    HexicWaste55 Month ago

    Everyone in that crowd has killed a mudcrab and each one in a different way lmao

  • That Woman
    That Woman Month ago

    West Virginia

  • MrTheDutchman
    MrTheDutchman Month ago

    Did you guys really have to upload the first hour and eight minutes??

  • Kombiice
    Kombiice Month ago

    The Fallout 76 snare movements are actually correct

  • Benjamin Veller
    Benjamin Veller Month ago

    #e32018 #gamready cant wait for this faullout to come out

  • Rynn21
    Rynn21 Month ago

    Worth it to see all the Todd Howard jokes

  • Amanda Cardwell
    Amanda Cardwell Month ago

    These morons commenting probably have only ever played fallout 3, New Vegas, and Fallout 4. Like bitch please. You guys probably never even played 1 & 2 or Brotherhood of Steel. If you haven't played those, please sit the f down.

  • Sapphir
    Sapphir Month ago

    If Bethesda doesnt give people chance to make this game coop only (without dealing with random assholes), this will probably be first Fallout game and first Bethesda game i won´t buy. I know it will make both me and Bethesda employees very sad, but i will have to do it.

  • narutofan9999
    narutofan9999 Month ago

    Why does this include nearly one and a half hour of foreplay?

  • Kombiice
    Kombiice Month ago

    a-ha -> Great!

  • Kombiice
    Kombiice Month ago

    Thought the hi hat was widely opened