Testing Mystery Objects (GAME) Ft. Jack Black


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  • Jessica Ross
    Jessica Ross 4 months ago +4874

    Great having Jack back with the GMM pack...sorry had to finish the rhyme. Love watching three grown men scare and shock each other with unknown device!

  • izzy bee
    izzy bee 2 days ago

    my uncle is also a plant pusher wow

  • Ashtõn
    Ashtõn 2 days ago

    *What's Jablin Jables?*

  • Pearson Wilt
    Pearson Wilt 3 days ago

    That shirt is like his uniform lol

  • Ken Wojnarowski
    Ken Wojnarowski 3 days ago

    Rhett could have died lol

  • Taylor
    Taylor 4 days ago

    6:15-6:24 had me rolling

  • Daniel Eusebio
    Daniel Eusebio 5 days ago +1


  • Logan Crum
    Logan Crum 5 days ago

    Kind of upset that Jack didn’t say, “Get that corn outta my faaaaace!” during round one.

  • Joe Hersedt
    Joe Hersedt 5 days ago


  • Prnce Thekidd
    Prnce Thekidd 5 days ago

    The movie was pretty good ngl🥴

  • Xtal Marcuccio
    Xtal Marcuccio 6 days ago


  • WFF
    WFF 6 days ago

    Dang. How did they get the legend named jablinski.

  • Steven VanDyke
    Steven VanDyke 6 days ago

    Jack seems drunk

    • Eve
      Eve 5 days ago

      He always seems drunk

  • sadira
    sadira 6 days ago


  • Caffeindo
    Caffeindo 7 days ago +1

    *_Family Friendly Show Jack..._*

  • Cosmic Playz
    Cosmic Playz 7 days ago

    Rhett and Jack both have beards. Link and Jack both have glasses. They're all hilarious. They all seem to fit together perfectly.

  • Eltsyr
    Eltsyr 7 days ago +2

    that guy looks alot like Jablinski Games

  • Zach is An Animator
    Zach is An Animator 7 days ago

    this jack dude is great he should be an actor

  • Alpha1 Returns
    Alpha1 Returns 7 days ago

    This man is going to single-handedly save youtube

  • Superzeroe pig
    Superzeroe pig 7 days ago

    Eggs are plants... Haha 07:26

  • Nooby Lasagna
    Nooby Lasagna 8 days ago

    i watched that movie

  • K
    K 8 days ago

    Where did Link get the shirt??! I love it!

  • Tyler Jones
    Tyler Jones 8 days ago

    Anyone else watching who used to watch Good Morning Chia Lincoln?

  • Lauren Juliano
    Lauren Juliano 8 days ago


  • Vegitto X
    Vegitto X 8 days ago

    Jablinski anyone

  • Dr Monday
    Dr Monday 8 days ago +1

    6:23 thank me later

  • vert!cal
    vert!cal 8 days ago

    The house with a pin in its balls

  • J Mevendez
    J Mevendez 8 days ago

    The Narrator Lady Said Porno at 10:11

  • Harry Daden
    Harry Daden 9 days ago

    Is it just me or did jack keep on going hmmm ehmmm mmmm

  • EchoVision
    EchoVision 9 days ago

    "It doesn't do anything"...then blows them up!

  • 💎Mr.Antimatter
    💎Mr.Antimatter 9 days ago

    Oooh now I get it... The house with a pin in it's balls is a reference!

  • Seffboi Productions
    Seffboi Productions 9 days ago

    J A B L I N S K I

  • RyanTheFlyinLion
    RyanTheFlyinLion 9 days ago


  • Sea Salt
    Sea Salt 9 days ago +2

    That guy looks like Jablinski

    • Popcornfoxys
      Popcornfoxys 6 days ago

      Sea Salt I can’t wait for all the “That’s because it is” comments

  • THEKING456
    THEKING456 9 days ago +1


  • sckuul the demon
    sckuul the demon 9 days ago


  • Pratyush Srivastava
    Pratyush Srivastava 10 days ago +1

    Came here for jablinski
    Stayed for jablinski

  • Ezekiel Chavez
    Ezekiel Chavez 10 days ago +1

    this was uploaded on the 21st night of september

  • Andrew Barnes
    Andrew Barnes 11 days ago

    Is that jAblibskI

  • Taylor Leigh
    Taylor Leigh 11 days ago +1

    Jack: “it’s as easy as one, two, thrEHHHHAHAHA”

  • Taylor Leigh
    Taylor Leigh 11 days ago

    I’m ecstatic for this one! They’re all hilarious.

  • SlinkStingray
    SlinkStingray 11 days ago +2

    It should’ve been featuring jablinski games

  • Joshua Lorenzo
    Joshua Lorenzo 11 days ago

    He looks like Jablinski Games.

  • KInG Of tHe COyoTEs ____
    KInG Of tHe COyoTEs ____ 11 days ago +1

    Use it as a taser

  • Lil Cooch
    Lil Cooch 11 days ago


  • The goat on strawberry toast

    Jack looks like a cat, and I love it.

  • Pompous Catfish
    Pompous Catfish 12 days ago

    “This is a Norwegian Bee Enticer...”

  • John Haney
    John Haney 12 days ago

    Pretty much every insect makes their own hive.

  • Gecko Green
    Gecko Green 12 days ago

    He looks a bit like Jablinski games

  • Chloe Is A MemeStar 101


  • Mr.Ramdom
    Mr.Ramdom 12 days ago

    Easy as 1 2 3 motherf#ker

  • Eli Mannix
    Eli Mannix 12 days ago

    Didn't expect to see Jablinsky games here

  • nomercy 58
    nomercy 58 13 days ago

    He has really aged from last time

  • Jacen Bryce Torres
    Jacen Bryce Torres 13 days ago

    Rhett called Norway “norwiega”

  • Vicki Gill
    Vicki Gill 13 days ago

    Disclaimer Jack is amazing in the movies he is so great 😀

  • Rudolf Blodstrupmoen
    Rudolf Blodstrupmoen 13 days ago

    Fake hair guy should have got the insect point.

  • Kayla Stevens
    Kayla Stevens 13 days ago

    Hi, the comments were at 3,899, and my OCD is making me get it to3,900 so....that's it, bye😋

  • CS Castover
    CS Castover 13 days ago +1

    its jablinksli acctually

  • Leo C
    Leo C 14 days ago

    Shocker for kids lolol

  • Corysavo04
    Corysavo04 14 days ago

    It’s actually Jablinkskk

  • Luke Coughlan
    Luke Coughlan 14 days ago

    U guys must b upset he is the worlds best utuber now

  • Dad StopLikingMyComments
    Dad StopLikingMyComments 14 days ago +2

    I love that he is on USclip now, he actually knows memes, he understands the USclip community, he just fits 😊

  • Trevor C.
    Trevor C. 14 days ago

    Is that Jablinski Games?

  • Jack Rem
    Jack Rem 14 days ago


  • Alice R.
    Alice R. 14 days ago


  • pentagremm
    pentagremm 14 days ago

    woah it's jablinski

  • Jebu S
    Jebu S 14 days ago

    It’s Jablinski you normies!!!!

  • Jakey Bone
    Jakey Bone 14 days ago

    cant believe they got jablinzki games in this

  • Jakey Bone
    Jakey Bone 14 days ago

    cant believe they got jablinzki games in this

  • Alasdair Wanhalla-Smith

    Cheek lifter makes you look happy not depressed

  • Alexander Hawks
    Alexander Hawks 14 days ago

    Jack keeps grunting through the whole thing! Lol

  • Pepsi Boy
    Pepsi Boy 14 days ago

    No that’s jablinski

  • Disapproval Squidward
    Disapproval Squidward 14 days ago +8

    Is it me or does this guy look a lot like Jablinski?

  • Clorox Błeach
    Clorox Błeach 14 days ago

    You actually got Jablinski Games on your show?

  • Lemon Films
    Lemon Films 14 days ago

    We need the bees to watch the bee movie to surivive

  • Nigletoor Commi
    Nigletoor Commi 14 days ago

    Mmm mmm mmm Jack you so sexy

  • Claire Lord
    Claire Lord 15 days ago

    I love it how Jack wrote Soleil “Solie”

  • A r
    A r 15 days ago

    rhett's shirt yes

  • k. namjoon
    k. namjoon 15 days ago

    jack's laughter is iconic :)

  • alekm6
    alekm6 15 days ago

    that kinda looks like jablinski

  • Castel Pastel
    Castel Pastel 15 days ago

    Wow that guy looks like that one USclipr, Jablinski.

  • Meggy Bake
    Meggy Bake 15 days ago




  • zero edge
    zero edge 15 days ago +1


  • Hunter Wintermute
    Hunter Wintermute 16 days ago


  • TheBlazeGamerTBG
    TheBlazeGamerTBG 17 days ago

    Hey link nice goggles

  • Genniene Utesch
    Genniene Utesch 18 days ago


  • Jacob D
    Jacob D 19 days ago +6


  • King Doge
    King Doge 19 days ago

    I already know that the cheek lifter is from Japan because Japanese people make weird ass gadgets and stuff...

  • Lorenzo
    Lorenzo 19 days ago +2


  • One Republic
    One Republic 20 days ago

    Love from 🇯🇵 😊

  • very S P O O K
    very S P O O K 20 days ago +121

    Who is watching this after jablinski games was created

  • Prab Sandhu
    Prab Sandhu 20 days ago

    this was great

  • Tarun Shan
    Tarun Shan 21 day ago +93

    What is jablinski gaming doing here ?

  • Mason Maynes
    Mason Maynes 21 day ago

    10:38 I got scared and fart it

  • Kenadie Oliver
    Kenadie Oliver 21 day ago

    Goes home.....
    Shocks dog
    Shocks wife
    Shocks couch
    Shocks laptop
    Shocks shower curtain

  • W00K W00K
    W00K W00K 25 days ago

    You guys getting shocked by the laser is some of the funniest stuff I've seen in a while.

  • Jacob Tobias
    Jacob Tobias 26 days ago

    When you said unbreakable it made me think of Bruce Willis
    Specifically when he said " I don't know what it is, but it do"

  • Naomi Akerman
    Naomi Akerman 27 days ago +1

    Jack, The House With a Clock In Its Walls is AMAZING!!!!!!!
    Good Job, man!!!

  • Jared Kempton
    Jared Kempton 27 days ago

    My siblings and I just watched the movie, they really enjoyed seeing Jonathan shock himself.