Jon Stewart shames Congress over 9/11 first responders fund | USA TODAY

  • Published on Jun 12, 2019
  • Jon Stewart takes on Congress head on in defense of
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    Testifying before the House Judiciary Committee on reauthorizing the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund, Jon Stewart says, "This is a no brainer."
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Comments • 386

  • Alvian Zachry F
    Alvian Zachry F 3 days ago

    I'm Indonesian. And I too am angry at your congress.
    You all are a great people, and so are you, Jon!

  • Alex Ameskoa
    Alex Ameskoa 4 days ago

    Currently, the house and Senate approve of the 911 bill but guess who held it up once more? Republicans, Rand paul and Mike Lee. Just wanted to remind people that it's always Republicans avoiding to help first responders. Always has been and will be.

  • DrAngelMachine
    DrAngelMachine 9 days ago

    I betcha if any of the corporate dems ran for congress, the same exact thing would happen. They'd say they would focus on the issue, but then they wouldn't follow through with it, since they'd be too focused on trump and russia. It's the power of #moneylaundering, folks. Both corporate democrat and Republican politicians are both held responsible for their actions.

  • Patry Atry
    Patry Atry 17 days ago

    Damn....insane how awesome jon is

  • Katie Mock
    Katie Mock 19 days ago

    He needs to run for president cause he is amazing

  • Joshua Addo
    Joshua Addo 20 days ago +1

    I feel like Jon Stewart wants to throw the pen at them

  • Randy Johnson
    Randy Johnson 21 day ago

    Run for Congress...please

  • Robert William
    Robert William 26 days ago


  • Christe Thompson
    Christe Thompson 28 days ago

    You Mr Alzarus? Spelled wrong... YOU HAVE A EXPRESS TICKET TO HEAVEN!!!!! Wish I could meet you!!!! GOD BLESS!!!

  • Gerard Vandeninden
    Gerard Vandeninden 29 days ago

    Wow, i'm speachles, I didn't know these men and woman are forgotten by the authorities, I thought they were treated like the heroes they are. shame on american leadership and shame on the so called good presidents you had since then, they could have done something about it.
    my heart is with you all, respect.

  • Tracy Dee
    Tracy Dee Month ago

    have the citizens gotten their heads around the fact that their government did this and that country is an embarrassment to the world.

  • juan gerena
    juan gerena Month ago +1

    Real man fights for whats right, you have my respect. Jon

  • Tom Hunsberger
    Tom Hunsberger Month ago

    bravo!!!! wheres president bone spurs, the phony flag hugger, and moron mitch,? making these heroes beg for assistance. they couldnt care less about these people. how much have we paid for trump to PLAY golf ?? as of may 2019 102 million dollars

  • FongZi Barclay
    FongZi Barclay Month ago +7

    I'm not an american, but his speech kinda gets to me.
    Hope everything goes well for the heroes.

  • Benas Radzišauskas
    Benas Radzišauskas Month ago +3

    so, George Carlin was right.. Jon Stewart does have a bright future. respect.

  • Last First
    Last First Month ago

    18 years later and Israelis are still dancing

  • Last First
    Last First Month ago

    The government needs the witnesses dead. #Building7.

    LEGIN Month ago

    fair play to john a man among men

  • Posh Token
    Posh Token Month ago +2

    For anyone who disliked this, please reply and explain why.

    • Posh Token
      Posh Token Month ago

      @Nick K I figured that might be the case. I'm guessing those are old folks who don't know how to use the internet then lol

    • Nick K
      Nick K Month ago

      Just a guess, may not be disliking the speech, but disliking that it had to happen or disliking the situation.

  • Buddy Silver
    Buddy Silver Month ago +1

    Now a Jew is pretending to help the victims of 911, BUT he uses the opportunity to blame the ARABS for doing 911.
    Now that's chutzpah!

  • Efstathios Dimopoulos

    I'm not an American but a huge Jon Stewart fan since 2003. For all of you "patriots" over there ask yourselves why Mitch McConnell is killing the 9/11 first responders legislation as soon as it lands in US Senate. He's been doing this since 2010.

  • Jonathan Noel
    Jonathan Noel Month ago

    What a drama queen

  • Colin Pheister
    Colin Pheister Month ago

    The leaders of this country absolutely disgust me.

  • jasri j
    jasri j Month ago +1

    Why? Because no jewish Zionists were harmed or died in the heroic rescue

  • Tessaryen
    Tessaryen Month ago

    Well, maybe america isn't that great.

  • john hagerman
    john hagerman Month ago


  • Darcy Martell
    Darcy Martell Month ago

    Seeing this so glad I don't live in America. Most useless government in the world. Congress is a waste of space. They are in the pocket of the rich and only care about themselves. What does that say about the people that vote these useless POS into power.

  • ZombieTex
    ZombieTex Month ago

    After seeing the apathy, incompetence, corruption, and utter unaccoutability of Congress and the federal government in how they handle the healthcare of a group of people who are literally our national heroes, I'm now TOTALLY onboard with Medicare for all! /Sarcasm I mean, if this is how they treat high profile individuals, how are they going to treat YOUR family? Do you really want THIS for YOUR family?!

  • bigbangnone
    bigbangnone Month ago

    The Enemies that attacked in 911 were ((Muslims)).....and they were not asked by Muslim Obama to pay for their attack. Instead, Obama sent a plane full of money to Iran.
    If these Heroes need money they should have gotten it - but it seems that Democrats are more interested in spending money on illegal invading migrants who will vote Democrat in 2020 and that is allot of your tax dollars going to pay for all those non English speaking Migrants as the Dems force their Migrant Democrat Voter Agenda on US tax payers.
    Obama, Hillary, and other Democrats attempted a COUP of the US Gov.
    Democrats are very dirty and have killed many children to gain control of the money printers, AND to facilitate their plan to disarm a Nation. Notice how they continue to manipulate and destroy our immigration process by getting you to focus on a separation of children from criminal invaders.... which Democrats caused by promising Sanctuary Cities to 3rd World countries !!!!

  • Pink Alligator
    Pink Alligator Month ago +2

    Damn, I really felt his frustration, I'm not american but even still I felt it

  • wvitalec
    wvitalec Month ago +1

    The cowards in congress are disgusting. They all need to be removed.

  • Azrael
    Azrael Month ago

    They had money to wage war around the world to push their agendas and kill millions of innocent people who had nothing to do with 9/11. America is a joke.

  • The Engine
    The Engine Month ago

    And those few pompous assholes who did deign too show up had the unmitigated gall to half heartedly clap. Unreal....

  • Airsoftcleaner
    Airsoftcleaner Month ago

    I have a question Where's Rudy 9/11? The same man who tried to run a Presidential campaign on the backs of these very people? He's too busy lying for Trumpy and making a Fool out of himself.

  • Kim jaxson
    Kim jaxson Month ago

    You can bet your sweet ass if they were giving away more money for bullshit they would all be there to fight over it to get their share. Dirty bastards let me tell ya. This needs fixed yesterday healthcare for all next. Love ya jon!!

  • nartrokobs 2
    nartrokobs 2 Month ago +5

    Jon NEEDS TO BE PRESIDENT. Im libertarian and he is more left leaning but i would follow him till the end of the earth..... what an amazing man.... im in tears.

  • Phil Lattio
    Phil Lattio Month ago

    Our government doesn’t care about us. They care about our money and how much of it isn’t in their pockets...people need to start waking up

  • Diecastman 18-24-64

    I don't always agree with Stewart, but way to go, Jon. This elitist, bureaucratic b/s is EXACTLY what deserving, tax paying, law abiding citizens go through when it's time for this incompetent government to make good on social security benefits that this good citizen has paid into, whether he elected to or not, just GONE, out of EVERY paycheck. But S.S.I. is available to anyone that can get the right support from family, doctors...etc. As a cheap pander for underprivileged votes that don't understand what a con job they fall for from these king-sized political charlatans... This is a disgrace and good citizens should REALLY wake up and truly care about what these elected officials are really doing to the trust and confidence of the REAL backbone of our economy... THE EVERYDAY WORKING PERSON PAYING EVERYONE'S WAY IN THIS TOTAL SCAM!!

  • F P
    F P Month ago

    any thumbs down : First off if you did not like Jon Stewart or his views before then I can understand your GRANDSTANDING COMMENT as being an obvious indication of being representative of & for the COWARDLY UNCARING SENATORS MISSING & (not occupying)EMPTY SEATS .ITS SIMPLE if you cared you would show up , IF YOU CARED you would not be slinging mud 💩 hoping to muddy the water ON THE AMAZING TRUTHFUL CARING EMPATHETIC SPEECH by JON STEWART .

  • Nick Watson
    Nick Watson Month ago

    Fight for your NHS. These people would get free treatment in the UK - instead firefighters having to beg for healthcare / compensation. Disgusting. The Conservatives and The Brexit Party and UKIP are all PRO INSURANCE, PRO PRIVATISATION. Fight now. Before it is gone and you get a bill for cancer or a ambulance ride, like this backwards nation.

  • James Dick
    James Dick Month ago

    Jon would have my vote if he ran for president.

  • Ryan Thomas
    Ryan Thomas Month ago +2

    The ones who didn’t show up:
    The subcommittee members who were MIA when Stewart and Alvarez spoke include Democratic Reps. Eric Swalwell of California, Madeleine Dean of Pennyslvania, and Sylvia Garcia, Veronica Escobar and Sheila Jackson, all of Texas. Swalwell is running for president.
    The Republican members who were missing during their testimony were Louie Gohmert of Texas, Jim Jordan of Ohio, Guy Reschenthaler of Pennsylvania, Ben Cline of Virginia and Kelly Armstrong of North Dakota.

  • Susan Giello
    Susan Giello Month ago

    Bravo Jon Stewart!!! I pray that the hundreds of thousands of us who have been fighting to get help for Lyme Disease will find an advocate like you. We march on Congress & have meetings and they don't show up! Now they got a huge grant and they are handing it over to the CDC and people who have for decades not helped us. Read the new book "Bitten". We are dying out here, our children are crippled, it may be the cause of MS, ALS, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Parkinsons and more. Famous people have it, but none have done what you are doing. Thank you. God Bless. I pray we find someone like you!

  • Nourhan Salloum
    Nourhan Salloum Month ago +1

    Negotiating public healthcare in first world is shameful. C’mon we can do better than this

  • Brittney Leeb
    Brittney Leeb Month ago +1

    How are there 16 thumbs down on this!?? Run for president!!!!!!

    DAVID EASTWOOD Month ago

    911 was horrible but, should the families get free money forever? It's just ok for them to get free money forever! Shouldn't there be republicans complaining about this? Or is it ok for "certain people" who have gone through devastating hardships to receive free cash from the government?

  • Kimberly Olson
    Kimberly Olson Month ago

    More proof that The Republican party is the party of cruelty. God forbid rich folks need another tax cut.

  • Steven D. Bennett
    Steven D. Bennett Month ago

    "But Jon, we Democrats have been doing what you and every other Democrat wanted us to do: investigating the investigation of the investigation of the investigation."

  • Marduk Marduk
    Marduk Marduk Month ago

    We, Americans, need more people like Jon Stewarts and Bill Maher at the Congress. Brutally honest individuals...”government of the people, by the people, for the people ...” BUT, unlikely to happen.. good human being get corrupted or morder once in government. Unfortunate, huh?

  • R
    R Month ago +6

    *It would be an honor to say, "I served in the United States military under President Jon Stewart."*

  • Josiah Ward
    Josiah Ward Month ago

    I rarely agree with Jon on politics, but this went beyond that. Very respectful.

  • Jay Cruickshank
    Jay Cruickshank Month ago

    Members of Congress don't have a conscience. If this happened to someone in their family what would they do?

  • Keelia Silvis
    Keelia Silvis Month ago

    I had to keep reminding myself to breathe. This is powerful. Thank God for Jon Stewart and all of the 9/11 heroes.

  • Jack Jackson
    Jack Jackson Month ago

    How is this not the top news story in the country?

  • San Geet
    San Geet Month ago

    Nadler looking around and reluctantly clapping - what for? Not doing his work?
    But really, why would these politicians harass a group of people that ran into the danger zone to save others, without stopping to consider the harm the toxins could cause to their own lives? Because it was their job? And it is the job of these people to take care of them hurt by the consequences of their public job. America's 'greatness' out in the open - the shining city on the hill, built over cruelly ignored honest workers

  • Akinyemi Akinara
    Akinyemi Akinara Month ago

    I implore Americans to go out and vote for Jon Stewart regardless of whether he runs for office or not

  • dru
    dru Month ago

    How can you not be disgusted with the left controlled congress that’s done NOTHING. Nadler is a joke and so are the rest of them. If it was about the Russia hoax they would all be in attendance. Real issues? Not even a 50% show out.

  • John Robinson
    John Robinson Month ago

    Why are we one of the lowest countries with health care? Raise the taxes if needed and start to govern hospitals and what can be charged to the public. Standard health items are outrageous prices. I had a bad appendicitis and it cost 78k.... just to put that in perspective my house it worth 83k. How can we continue to let this be a problem.

  • Crni Covek
    Crni Covek Month ago

    Where is the response video?

  • walan31
    walan31 Month ago +2

    This is disgrace...and i living in 3rd country so my bar is low... how do a supposedly a powerful country like USA treat people who are front line defense and relief to people in need.
    This is straight BS...everyone even around world got effected by 9/11 and yet USA policy makers cant this f*** ing right.

  • badazzboxer
    badazzboxer Month ago +1

    Where's Colbert on this matter?

  • Browntau
    Browntau Month ago

    Meanwhile 9/11 first responders had to go to Cuba for treatment...which was given to them free of charge. If Cuba can look after them, why not the US? How many trillions were spent on the wars after 9/11?

  • Dennis W
    Dennis W Month ago

    I am lost for words....... In this period in time; how is this possible? To Mr. Jon Stewart: you are a real humanist and my hero

  • warrupcuz1
    warrupcuz1 Month ago +1

    Respect all the way from Kurdistan!

  • joerahman1
    joerahman1 Month ago +1

    Jon Stewart should the president of the USA

  • george xmas
    george xmas Month ago


  • amnesiai
    amnesiai Month ago

    he talks about how the nypd response was 5 seconds..I wonder why our US military strategic capabilities failed so horribly that day that ANOTHER plane hit the PENTAGON...crazy shit..if this nation ever goes to REAL WAR..I hope to god those people are not in power

  • Clintin Nehemia
    Clintin Nehemia Month ago

    Jon Stewart your a legend of a human

  • stevenesq
    stevenesq Month ago +1

    Im not american but Jons speech was wonderful and true congress should be ashamed and that pathetic clap was insulting he might as well of just said "Yeah what ever jon".

  • Frickin Ferret
    Frickin Ferret Month ago

    I think it's fair to say everyone agrees on this no matter all opinions. happy to see congress coward up to give them the insurance money i have a family member who works in the doctors office and they have couple 9/11 victoms who use that fund so ye GG Jon

  • Skelld
    Skelld Month ago

    «They responded in 5 seconds...Now 18 years later, do yours!!!”

  • Mohd Arsalan
    Mohd Arsalan Month ago

    Every country need to have a Jon Stewart

  • Christoph
    Christoph Month ago

    What a man!

  • Eddie Bravo
    Eddie Bravo Month ago +1

    Jon Stewart for President!!!

  • Steven Yu
    Steven Yu Month ago +1

    Wow this was one hell of a speech

  • Charles Roberts
    Charles Roberts Month ago

    Ask for more military spending & it's there instantly. But, 18 years later (18 years FFS!) & still the excuses keep coming. There is something very very wrong with the priorities in the USA.

  • In His Will!! !!
    In His Will!! !! Month ago

    Please run for office!!!! I would vote for you these folks need Care just like our veterans!!!!

  • Louie LoPresto
    Louie LoPresto Month ago

    I’ve been saying he should run for president since I was in Highschool. Looks like people are starting to see him for who he really is. A patriot and a hero.

  • Sam GG
    Sam GG Month ago

    Everything he is saying is correcting but he is acting hardcore af. All of the hand gestures while he was "crying" and ZERO TEARS came out, and then he stops the crying stammering instantly? He is doing this for dramatic effect. He is saying real shit but not being real himself. He never actually cries.

  • benjamin lipinski
    benjamin lipinski Month ago got my vote!

  • hurcule911
    hurcule911 Month ago +5

    I have a question why are the congress men even clapping their hands,,, they should be ashamed. :S

  • Marilyn Durant
    Marilyn Durant Month ago +1

    your a good man john,keep standing up for your mates they just want a hand up not a handout.

  • Lori Rappleye
    Lori Rappleye Month ago

    What the F is happening to our America.

  • Laurie Conway
    Laurie Conway Month ago +1

    Stewart/Colbert 2020!!

  • bait clicker
    bait clicker Month ago

    You cannot shame Congress.

    FLYMB Month ago

    The terrorists won

  • tommyt1971
    tommyt1971 Month ago

    I heard that one of the guys he represented took Stewart's prepared script away from him and told him to speak from the heart.

  • Terin Stewart
    Terin Stewart Month ago

    Doing my last name proud man. Hed get my vote for president

  • MalizLewa
    MalizLewa Month ago

    "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country" as one president put it. Well, theyve done all they physically could for their country, now they have earned every right to ask what their country can do for them.

  • riniflex01
    riniflex01 Month ago

    Jon Stewart, hero by proxy, and you have my all of my respect for it!
    Thank you for representing the first responders out of the goodness of your heart! I was not one, but have several friends and friend's family members who were. Some of those people (the ones that are still living) are sick. Thanks Jon, we all appreciate the signal boost you provided to this issue.

  • Mai Tai's All Day
    Mai Tai's All Day Month ago +3

    Don't mess with Jon Stewart. He'll hit you back with some truth.

  • Catherine Dunne
    Catherine Dunne Month ago


  • ANAS jalal
    ANAS jalal Month ago

    They did it that's why they don't come

  • skechid
    skechid Month ago

    Shame on you america for your lack of gratitude. These people saved lives. They put other people before themselves. Shame. On. You.

  • Firebourn94
    Firebourn94 Month ago

    I can't believe he's speaking off the cuff I can feel his emotion from here

  • Tracy Tremelling
    Tracy Tremelling Month ago

    If it doesn't have to do with "Hate Trump!" Congress doesn't

  • Brandon Coates
    Brandon Coates Month ago

    Its because people are fighting rights that are already around here in the states instead of using the energy to help our vets.

  • Jasminder Singh Jesse

    America has always been notoriously famous from day one to abuse its own good hard working citizens in a myriad of ways , the ingenuity of the excuses made over and over again and the public will always let the decency in them rule out any doubts that might creep up into their heads and then when you start seeing friends or family starting to drop like flies , you have that anger which in no time builds and expends into a furnace and you would like nothing more then ripping the heads off their shoulders because they could have saved a lot of lives , good decent , honest to God , simple people . These folks died simply because they were decent , believed in goodness and they rushed in without the slightest hesitation with only one thing in mind and that was to save as many as humanly possible not knowing they had already started their own personal journey towards death , some fast and others slow but ultimately all those heroes died not because of the air they took into their nostrils but because of the hypocrites who so shamelessly still sit and pass laws playing God. What a bunch of double headed cockroaches!!!

  • Chad Donbach
    Chad Donbach Month ago +4

    Bravo mr stewart !!! Love it ..need more people like you ...u should run for president !!!

  • Jeremie Bricout
    Jeremie Bricout Month ago +1

    Always knew I loved the dude, when he was on TV and even more now that he's not on TV anymore

    • Jeremie Bricout
      Jeremie Bricout Month ago

      @Null Void it doesn't really matter, I love the guy and his way of speaking regardless

    • Null Void
      Null Void Month ago

      What does not being on TV matter? Jon had always been a class act