• Published on Apr 4, 2019
  • DC and Warner Bros released the first teaser trailer for Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix, showing us the dark origins of Arthur Fleck aka the Joker. We’re introduced to Todd Philip’s corner of the DC Universe. We’re introduced to Arthur’s home life and how his failing stand-up career turned him from street performer into the Clown Prince of Crime. We’re also introduced to Zazie Beetz character as well as Brian Tyree Henry, as well as this worlds Arkham Asylum. We’re also introduced to a young Bruce Wayne, Thomas Wayne, and Robert De Niro’s character who is a fun nod to an icon De Niro role from the 80’s. How does A.Fleck turn from man to violent instigator of riots against the police? We’ll find out this October 4th! What easter eggs did you catch in this trailer? Let me know down below.
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  • New Rockstars
    New Rockstars  2 months ago +1664

    Hey folks! Erik here! Sam was awesome and stepped in to break down this Joker trailer while I covered the other stuff this week... and RECOVERED from this cold! I have not dusted away... yet... AND I'm curious to know whether this trailer has won you over on Joaquin Phoenix's Joker, or if a Joker movie without Batman is merely one-half of the story you want?

    • Akshay Mehta
      Akshay Mehta Month ago

      At 5:47 , joker is trying to control his anger.. look at his fist

    • zachary mcleod
      zachary mcleod Month ago

      @Yung_Night has everyone forgotten about jack nicholson joker he had to be mid 40s to early 50s since he was the one who killed bruce waynes parents in the tim burton batman movie

    • Bearded Patriot
      Bearded Patriot Month ago

      I get that it isn't out yet but.... Better be a sequel to this!

    • Jacob Holding
      Jacob Holding Month ago

      Umm the creator of batmans last name is Kane lol

    • Kandi Jar
      Kandi Jar 2 months ago

      Someone probably mentioned already.. but Pogo is more likely a nod to Gacy’s clown name not the old comic strip 😉

  • OOF Series
    OOF Series 19 hours ago

    I don’t think that Debra Kane is Bruce’s cousin she’s too old

  • Douglas Jordan
    Douglas Jordan Day ago

    Pogo was the name of the clown John Wayne Gacy would dress up as and perform at children's b-day parties.

  • blackkryptonite83

    Am I the only one that thinks this could be a prequel to The Dark Knight Christian Bale movies?

  • Joseph Bastidas
    Joseph Bastidas 2 days ago

    Wow I didn't even notice he shed a tear when he forced himself to smile. Really good observation

  • JT Norton
    JT Norton 2 days ago

    I will be there to see this

  • Klaital1
    Klaital1 2 days ago

    The batwomans last name is Cain, not Kane.

  • Robert TheHobert
    Robert TheHobert 4 days ago

    When joker was putting a smile on Brucey boy, it looks like Bruce was holding some McDonald's French fries. Weird.

  • optimuawesome 3000
    optimuawesome 3000 4 days ago

    can't stop watching this trailer this is gonna be so awesome once it comes out I will freak out I might fade away (just kidding) love it so awesome

  • Jorge Castillo
    Jorge Castillo 4 days ago

    will thIS MOVIE be part of the "DCEU"?

  • Steve Dannely
    Steve Dannely 5 days ago +1

    I predict it will be the highest grossing film of all time

  • the SAVAGE
    the SAVAGE 5 days ago

    Pogo comedy club is a reference to pogo the clown a character created and performed by notorious serial killer john Wayne gacy jr.

  • Gotham_edits
    Gotham_edits 5 days ago

    The front cover of his poison plant made me click strate away

  • John Collett
    John Collett 6 days ago

    hopefully that's Aaron cash loved him in the Arkham series

  • Beast Den
    Beast Den 7 days ago

    I think him running from Arkham is him with his psychology file so no one knows what’s going on with him

  • Beast Den
    Beast Den 7 days ago

    I do think the train murder scene is right

  • Artistic_Arsenal 1
    Artistic_Arsenal 1 8 days ago

    God this looks so good. I cannot wait. DC really needed to step up their game after the last few movies

  • Ansley givens
    Ansley givens 9 days ago

    You miss a one

  • ben Draughon
    ben Draughon 9 days ago

    Sooooo... did we figure out who joker is?

  • Max Pizzo
    Max Pizzo 10 days ago

    I don’t think he will be shown killing anyone until the very end similar to the zac efron Ted bud you movie

  • Sam Hachmeister
    Sam Hachmeister 10 days ago

    I think he's struggling in that scene to stretch out clown shoes, he's angry because he can't get them to fit, like the smile he keeps trying to fit into.

  • Noodles Foot foot pep pep

    John Wayne Gacys clown alter ego was named pogo

  • The Dingwall
    The Dingwall 10 days ago +25

    I'm a hundred percent sure that this is going to be a modern classic and will be studied at film schools in the future

  • Neelesh Sane
    Neelesh Sane 10 days ago

    Pogo was the name of serial killer John Wayne Gacy's clown alter ego that he used to entertain children.

    MMGAMER50 11 days ago

    You look like Chris Pratt a little bit

  • Ancano
    Ancano 11 days ago

    please god let there be more gotham references i will cry

  • XxJasylxX
    XxJasylxX 11 days ago

    Omfg Jerome is my favorite character *ever* for his name to be in this movie my god is so exiting

  • GR Studios
    GR Studios 12 days ago

    Do you think if this movie does better than justice league they'll create an alternate dceu

    GAGERZZ 12 days ago

    You mean behave as if you don’t lol

    RADIN SYAH 13 days ago

    My theory is that he doesn’t want to be a clown, in fact he loathes it. He becomes the Joker as an ironic metaphor.

  • Lex Ram
    Lex Ram 14 days ago +4

    This is before the Joker has a lot of tattoos and damage on his forehead

  • mr. christophersmiles
    mr. christophersmiles 15 days ago

    i love it

  • Anonymous 19
    Anonymous 19 15 days ago

    Pretty helpful

  • gardini100
    gardini100 16 days ago

    he is perfect as the Joker

  • Rylee Johnston
    Rylee Johnston 17 days ago

    I love movies or shows who’s villain is the main character not anti-villians

  • Paula Petit
    Paula Petit 18 days ago

    Does anyone see how anorexic aurthor looks

  • Jackson Schwab
    Jackson Schwab 18 days ago +13

    8:47 could be the suspenseful part of af a horror movie trailer

  • vinny galanti
    vinny galanti 18 days ago

    Up my alley 🤪

  • Scott Davis
    Scott Davis 18 days ago

    Pogo was JWG’s clown’s name. Pogo the Clown. The more you know.

  • Makingaway Makingaway
    Makingaway Makingaway 18 days ago +1

    Pogo's comedy club is a reference to John Wayne Gacy

  • Lawrence Fishberg
    Lawrence Fishberg 19 days ago

    One thing.....everything is being co-opted by Hollywood.....even loneliness.....oh well....

  • Andre Bou
    Andre Bou 19 days ago

    Pogo was the name given to John Wayne Gacy’s clown alias. That might be why the place is named pogo. (Just an idea)

  • robyn
    robyn 19 days ago

    or what if his mother died? which made him more crazy?

  • Skiler Martin
    Skiler Martin 20 days ago

    He is no Joker!!!!!!!!!

  • Default
    Default 20 days ago

    I think a joker origin movie is a bad idea. I mean as a character the joker is fabulous but the big mystery thst has always surrounded the comics is that the identitt of the joker is a mystery.

  • Tazerz -
    Tazerz - 21 day ago

    When I first saw the trailer i was going to say juaquine will not fill in the shoes but.... a bunch of people doubted ledgers joker and his was the best one

  • keaton buster
    keaton buster 21 day ago +4

    i positively can *not wait* for this...
    joaquin is 1 of the most phenomenal actors of all time.

  • Diax1324
    Diax1324 22 days ago

    Hmmm... Watch Joker become a class-war icon.

  • _.Kanell._
    _.Kanell._ 22 days ago +3

    And that's how DC strikes back :)

  • Divine Vision Studios
    Divine Vision Studios 22 days ago

    You missed the fact that the guys on the subway say the word "Joker" at the 1:18 mark (well, part of it at least).

  • Daniel Wayne
    Daniel Wayne 23 days ago

    Bob KANE also was the name of the creator of Batman. You kinda missed that one.

  • Ronald Mcdaddynuggets
    Ronald Mcdaddynuggets 23 days ago

    Where is Eric where is he

  • Marvel Legend200
    Marvel Legend200 23 days ago

    I reckon Phoenix will be the best joker out of all of them. Number one before Ledger's. My prediction is that this upcoming film will end with the Joker possibly killing Thomas and Martha Wayne starting the Batman 2021 spin off film.

  • Tony The wisk
    Tony The wisk 24 days ago

    I hope this movie isn’t rated R because if it is I’m not aloud to see this movie,and I really want to see it

  • Kristin
    Kristin 24 days ago

    I couldn't focus after you said you weren't a fan of Gotham.... Lol 😆 🤡 I can't wait to watch this tho for real Joaquin is an amazing actor.

  • Tanya Ramirez
    Tanya Ramirez 24 days ago

    I feel bad for the joker

  • William Pulfer-melville

    5:50 i think he might be Aaron Cash the head of security at Arkham before he lost his hand to Killer Croc

  • sop aa
    sop aa 25 days ago

    Sourcefed. .....

  • Benjamin Gable
    Benjamin Gable 26 days ago +1

    Let’s go ahead and get this out in the open:

  • Jimbo Jones
    Jimbo Jones 26 days ago

    joaquin phoenix was casting genius.

  • Abdullah Bin-Qasim
    Abdullah Bin-Qasim 27 days ago

    I can’t wait for this movie

  • TankBromansky
    TankBromansky 27 days ago

    So by the time Batman is even like 25, the joker is gonna be 70 or somethin? lol

  • slowndes79
    slowndes79 27 days ago

    way to virtue signal buddy

  • Justin is in Broussard

    Hot garbage.

  • GrimReefer
    GrimReefer 27 days ago

    No Jack Napier killed bride wayne’s parents it should of been that

  • Nobody
    Nobody 28 days ago

    Joker the leader of antifa

  • servo90
    servo90 28 days ago

    I thought the Charlie Chaplin reference was because his film "Modern Times" is where the song "Smile" comes from.

  • Ian Mac
    Ian Mac 28 days ago

    The glass break is joker hearing about his gf/wife/mother's death

  • Krs Villegas
    Krs Villegas 28 days ago +1

    Who else is going to get a blow job at the top of the theater while all are watching the movie!!!

  • Tana Rileywalters
    Tana Rileywalters 28 days ago

    Pogo= John Wayne Gacy

  • Jonathan Ziegler
    Jonathan Ziegler 28 days ago

    This video is like my college essays, just trying to make the word count

  • Jesse Buckle
    Jesse Buckle 28 days ago

    Pogo was John Wayne Gacys clown name

  • Basic Guy
    Basic Guy 29 days ago

    i wonder if jokers dad is in it and if his glasgow smile will be carved

  • Nysi Tay
    Nysi Tay 29 days ago

    Caveat ignore your spirituality, identity, mental health, circumstances will break will break as part of humanity it....deep

  • Nysi Tay
    Nysi Tay 29 days ago

    The bronx in 80s had trash piles like that

  • Andy Burns
    Andy Burns Month ago

    You can see a Charlie Chaplin banner on Wayne Hall at 8:00 -
    Charlie Chaplin wrote the song 'Smile' that plays for the trailer.

  • Jenna W
    Jenna W Month ago

    I feel bad for him.. the way this country is going in 20 years it wouldn't surprise me if this is what it's like.🙄

  • TheLoading 123
    TheLoading 123 Month ago +1

    In the comics batman can ask this entity any question and can get an answer. He ask whats the identity of the joker. It is then revealed that there are 3 different jokers. People are saying this is a different joker to jared letos joker from a suicide squad which is true. So maybe this one of many jokers?

  • Lebogang Mokoena
    Lebogang Mokoena Month ago +5

    This will be epic. Heath Ledger thank you, after your performance I think this will be the best yet.

  • villigiance
    villigiance Month ago

    Wow he looks like chrisnpratt people probably say that though

    SSTEAS Month ago

    It's not a Joker movie if he isn't fully aware of everything he's doing. Smartest villain of all time.

  • KingHum77
    KingHum77 Month ago +1

    A nice ending would be that Joker fights with batman and falls of a building but batman saves him like always and then Joker says the "Killing Joke" and they both laugh.

  • Walter Richardson, Jr.

    From what has been shown so far, I can definitely relate to Joaquin's Joker 🤡 more than any other versions.
    Not saying that's a good thing but I definitely feel his pain in this trailer.

  • Nuddels 1
    Nuddels 1 Month ago

    Wait remember in the scene were he is getting kicked out in the Wayne hall maby he will be the one to kill Bruce Wayne's parents

  • Mr Blobfish
    Mr Blobfish Month ago

    I think Sophie will become Harley Quinn

  • Daialamare Lamare
    Daialamare Lamare Month ago

    Where is Jeanie

  • Toxic Onion
    Toxic Onion Month ago

    This is a good break down, great job fellas. I would also like to piggyback on the Easter eggs, and point out a few eye-catchers from the scene with Joker stalking the young Bruce Wayne: First, How and why is Joker able to get so close to young Bruce and to only put his fingers in his mouth ? Now was it through fear or did young Bruce's curiosity get the best of him ? Second, pay close attention to young Bruce's5 smile. It almost appears as the Dark Knight symbol. It's as if Joker had a preconceived notion that young Bruce will grow up and someday take revenge against him in some different form or fashion. Is this a coincidence or intentional?

  • notthebest name
    notthebest name Month ago

    Personally I think the joker is better without his backstory

  • Stewart Boyle
    Stewart Boyle Month ago

    I'm walking on sunshine plays in the background.

  • Keygan Miniard
    Keygan Miniard Month ago

    Arthur ? Isn't the jokers real name jack Napier

  • xc5647321 xc5647321

    Lots of KILLING JOKE over tones in this.

  • Tyler Basham
    Tyler Basham Month ago

    Bob kane one of the creators of batman

  • Dan _
    Dan _ Month ago

    This movie is a presequal i think of batman begins

  • Jason Beaudry
    Jason Beaudry Month ago

    At this point, DC should just tap out.

  • watcher of videos
    watcher of videos Month ago

    so half the movie is him getting beat up, they could have 10 mins of that at the beginning then the rest of the time hes killing people

  • Jenny K
    Jenny K Month ago

    I feel like, "I started a joke", by FNM, would've been the PERFECT theme for this movie

  • barbie x
    barbie x Month ago

    i cant wait for this movie!!!! i watch the trailer every day

  • Brandon Staley
    Brandon Staley Month ago

    I will definitely watch the movie. I'm not anxiously awaiting it though. I guess I'm to much of a batman fan to get really excited about this. I'm glad it's happening for sure but I'd rather batman be apart of it too.

  • Konrad Heumann
    Konrad Heumann Month ago

    I thought this analysis was insightful, original and entertaining.

  • Maverick Ramah
    Maverick Ramah Month ago +4

    I think he is lacing up a shoe in the locker room scene