The Elder Scrolls VI - Official Announcement Teaser

  • Published on Jun 11, 2018
  • Currently in pre-production at Bethesda Game Studios, the acclaimed developers of Skyrim and Fallout 4. The highly-anticipated next chapter in the iconic The Elder Scrolls series.
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  • Dark Void
    Dark Void 3 hours ago

    _same engine as fallout 76_

  • ArigatoDBD
    ArigatoDBD 3 hours ago

    i read somewhere saying not until 2021 ;[

    ITS OVETO 4 hours ago

    25 years of elder scrolls nice time to drop it

  • Vinnicius Rosa
    Vinnicius Rosa 5 hours ago

    We have green areas again! I think waters will be amazing. Flowers, trees, sand... High textures for this time, please Bethesda Game Studios :D. Ray Lederer, please create something special. :D

  • CaughtTag2016
    CaughtTag2016 5 hours ago +1

    This lasted as a long of a porn snapchat storie.

  • Dominic Jake King Lim
    Dominic Jake King Lim 5 hours ago

    Ching sai loke

  • Buzz Light
    Buzz Light 9 hours ago

    There is a teaser ahead. Wonder what is hiding inside ?
    Lydia shut up.

  • Castlevania Latino
    Castlevania Latino 11 hours ago

    Puede ser, creo que si, forjado por un Dios, creo ver, ante mi, un nuevo Elder Scrolls~

  • sewagedweller
    sewagedweller 12 hours ago

    100% online

  • Brian Edwards
    Brian Edwards 13 hours ago

    I think they should stick with online play :) the elderscrolls online tamriel unlimited is getting enough hype and has already been introduced to alot these past years next thing its getting introduced to in more in depth on the homelands of the khajiti :)

  • Rory Colwell
    Rory Colwell 13 hours ago

    If this game is set in Hammerfell, then I def won't be buying. It'll just be a re-hash of Skyrim and will probably use many of the same resources in order to save money. You all had so many good options to go with...Black Marsh, Akavir, Elsweyr, Valenwood, or even Summerset Isles. Any of those picks would of been an obvious winner in comparison to Hammerfell.

  • Gökdeniz Çetin
    Gökdeniz Çetin 15 hours ago


  • Irakli Mosulishvili
    Irakli Mosulishvili 19 hours ago

    don't F this up like you did with 76

  • carl
    carl 19 hours ago

    The Elder Scrolls VI: Skyrim 2

  • Onur çalışkan

    its too much im really impressed

  • Leviticus
    Leviticus Day ago +2

    Jeremy Soule had better be the composer for this games soundtrack.

  • Furtive Pygmy
    Furtive Pygmy Day ago +1

    I want Bethesda to have fun making this game. I feel like the reason old ES games were so good was because they enjoyed making these one of a kind games.

  • Wacław Sopel
    Wacław Sopel Day ago

    Coop pls

    • Wacław Sopel
      Wacław Sopel 18 hours ago

      +Lost in the darkness Yes they need. Single is for p.. Y

    • Lost in the darkness
      Lost in the darkness 19 hours ago

      Oh hell no. Fallout 76 flopped, Bethesda games don't need it.

  • Ami Accacia
    Ami Accacia Day ago

    Todd If you will screw this up, I’m sending you to cloud district.

  • Esteban Vaché
    Esteban Vaché Day ago

    *Suicide rates drops to 0%*

  • Akira
    Akira Day ago

    another game to fuck up, go ahead

  • William D'Auria
    William D'Auria Day ago +1

    Now featuring the Septim Shop where you can get EPIC Elder Crat-... Scrolls. Yes, Elder Scrolls... Horse Armor coming in at $9.99 or free with the $300 pre-order bonus that also comes with NPCs, Quests, and the new singleplayer version!

  • Solar_Steel
    Solar_Steel Day ago +1

    This still feels like damage control

  • Robba102
    Robba102 Day ago

    The Elder Scrolls: Redfall

  • silvershade255able
    silvershade255able Day ago +2

    I just hope the creative quests and stories make a come back. Enough "go kill everything and get the thing and bring it back, was it fun? It was fun I know it was. Just like the last 20 times." Make me fight something with a fork, or track down some "private entertainers" , make the boss fight(s) more than clicky until dead again. Oh! And hopefully the level scaling (both up and down) calms the heck down. If I wander into some bandit hq or daedric ruin at level 2 I should get wrecked. It's okay to have to level up before I can take on a quest or dungeon.

    RENEHIKO Day ago +1

    yeah, mountains.

  • Kjartan The Viking
    Kjartan The Viking 2 days ago +1

    Damn near pass out everytime I watch this trailer. I need this so fucking bad!

  • ACG Medical
    ACG Medical 2 days ago

    If they don’t make this single player only I’m gonna forge a long steel sword and shove it up their asses.

  • Erwin Andino
    Erwin Andino 2 days ago +1

    please i dont care if i have to wait 5 years PLEASE make a GOOD game like Skyrim

  • brian chen
    brian chen 2 days ago

    8 months passed by, as soon as it gets released it will be looking as good as fallout 76.

  • Ugh Ugh
    Ugh Ugh 2 days ago


  • LabMadeMonk
    LabMadeMonk 2 days ago +4

    "See those mountains? You can - oh that's a standard thing now."
    1) Don't make the controls console focused and then just port everything over with some tweaks
    2) Intricate skill trees
    4) Remove the mindless elements that let players autopilot through the game - like GPS/hovering markers on the 3d view, and don't let players sell rags, fish and flower baskets to blacksmiths.
    Please Bethesda.

    • LabMadeMonk
      LabMadeMonk 20 hours ago

      +Mihai Ciocoiu Good point - maybe sometimes some traders should accept unrelated items. But not always, I can come up to every single one of them and bankrupt them by selling all my junk. You can also invest in them to be able to sell more junk in the future.
      That's too easy for a method of making money, and it's kind of not such a bad method either if you get into it.

    • Mihai Ciocoiu
      Mihai Ciocoiu Day ago

      Without the markers would take tens of thousands of hours to play. Nobody got time for that. And can also be boring to just wander around looking for some hidden shit you can't find. And why do you assume that a blacksmith doesn't need rags or fish? If I sell computers this doesn't mean I'm not allowed to buy food or shoes or books.

  • Christian Federici
    Christian Federici 2 days ago

    can't wait to walk step by step, fight every enemy, discovery every secret place and easter egg, wield every weapons and cast the most destructive spells and most of all THE LORE

  • Jonavikingo21
    Jonavikingo21 2 days ago +1

    10 fucking years of waiting for TES VI??? Fuck you and you Fallout boring monotone and shitty games, seriously...

  • Pollo DiGomma
    Pollo DiGomma 2 days ago

    The Elder's Scrolls (7)IV, now with 42% less content

  • King of the Mountain

    WE WANT FUCK ABLE HORSES NOW!!!!!!1!1!111 >:(

  • happinessrunns
    happinessrunns 2 days ago

    uhh what?

  • Antonio M
    Antonio M 2 days ago

    Failout 76 intensifies!!!

  • Vincenzo Petrucci
    Vincenzo Petrucci 2 days ago

    most significant events in life:
    Getting a real job
    Getting married
    Reaching a life objective
    Your son birth
    Attending your childhood friend's marriage or another important event for him
    The realise of a new TES

  • WillWhiskey
    WillWhiskey 2 days ago

    the fact that its still bieng made with a 20 year old engine just makes me hate Bethesda even more than i already od following their recent events

  • Otaku Scythela
    Otaku Scythela 2 days ago

    I will literally sell my good leg for this to be good.

  • Nevermore
    Nevermore 2 days ago

    Please be Daggerfall 2 and not Skyrim 2... I miss the freedom and an open world, instead of being the "chosen one" and having an open county.

  • M T
    M T 2 days ago

    Wow it's Earth! Just leave computer and go for walking :)

  • TJRiss
    TJRiss 3 days ago

    Watch it be a battle royale game.

  • Loopey Studios
    Loopey Studios 3 days ago +2

    "Yes, i was in the chess club." - Todd Howard

  • Leeeroooy Jenkins
    Leeeroooy Jenkins 3 days ago +3

    This game should be more like Morrowind and not like a skyrim.
    I am sick of undemanding boring and simplified games.

    • Leeeroooy Jenkins
      Leeeroooy Jenkins 14 hours ago

      i thought about deep skillsystems ,nice combats and enemies which are not as hard on lvl 1 aswell as on level 100. they shall bring back some variety back to this shallow game. Also they could bring brack the unique weapons they once removed. Tes had this all already, but they got rid off it. this makes me sad. And it is selling better than ever before . +YEGETAone

    • YEGETAone
      YEGETAone 15 hours ago

      I agree, less quality of life, like organized journals, less waymarkers, less go here, kill that get paid, more of expore through dialogue learn secretes through this like when to go to a specific location to get x and deliver x to a place while holding y to get the satisfaction of actually exploring and looking for the hints of the quest, to finally get a neat set of armor or a cool looking Weapon..

  • Pink Ladys
    Pink Ladys 3 days ago

    If i die before this release............

    -I WILL KILL MYSELF !!!!!!!

  • Elisama Vi
    Elisama Vi 3 days ago

    coisa linda da cebola, não canso de assistir isso

  • Jenny Shy
    Jenny Shy 3 days ago +1

    ohhhh shitttt. This better be good. I swear if you let the fallout team touch this game, I will murder someone.

  • butchdeadlift10
    butchdeadlift10 3 days ago

    Hey Bethesda.
    I am not a long time fan, but I did grind skyrim to level 50 twice.
    1) Restock enemies. I kept running into the same dead castles I forgot I killed. Replace human settlements with Murlocks if you must. I need to KILL!
    2) More interesting slow motion kills for arrows.
    3) I know your lizard people and cat people are part of the lore, BUT THEY ARE CUTE! Give me some mean faces so I can be a Raptor man or a couger man!
    4) A Give Up button for quests. I like my Hud clean, dammit.

  • Svend Jensen
    Svend Jensen 3 days ago

    *T H E C A R D G A M E*

  • VisionEffectable
    VisionEffectable 3 days ago +1

    How to destroid internet and raise your bussiness with one sentence Todd.
    "We canceled the support of Fallout 76, and TES Blades. The time and the people involved in these two projects will join the team of TES VI as beta tester".

  • DanPaJo
    DanPaJo 3 days ago

    i hope the graphics look as good as in the video!! and i hope a release date will come soon!!!!

  • Ռուդոլֆ Մելքոնյան

    What about will be the game?

  • Mr Xori
    Mr Xori 4 days ago +1

    Всю жизнь ждать не хочется, а время идёт ! Игру с большим успехом можно было выпустить раньше !

  • Just Un -Gignac
    Just Un -Gignac 4 days ago

    fallout 76 is a good game people

    • Just Un -Gignac
      Just Un -Gignac 2 days ago

      +Antonio M ça aucun sans ce que tu dis sale shlag

    • Antonio M
      Antonio M 2 days ago

      +Just Un -Gignac Don'na otoko demo, anata wa mada LOL o taikutsu sa sete imasu

    • Just Un -Gignac
      Just Un -Gignac 2 days ago

      +Antonio M on a un bon esti dcriss t'étais icite sérieux le français c'est ma langue maternel. Ya juste ton espagnol à marde que j'ai un peu de difficulté sinon ton allemand est pitoyable sérieux

    • Antonio M
      Antonio M 2 days ago

      +Just Un -Gignac Gute Google Übersetzer-Kontrolle!

    • Just Un -Gignac
      Just Un -Gignac 2 days ago

      +Antonio M est-ce que tes sûr de ça? Gros connard

  • Ludi et Historia
    Ludi et Historia 4 days ago

    Please tell me it's not in the redguard lands...that would be such a fail. Do the elven realms, c'mon...

    • Ludi et Historia
      Ludi et Historia 3 days ago

      +Armrnil Spellal yeah, I agree. Elven lands or black marsh would be awesome. Now that I think of it the marshes would be even better than elven lands

    • Armrnil Spellal
      Armrnil Spellal 3 days ago

      Ludi et Historia personally I would rather see black marsh or one of the elven lands but I also feel that Hammerfell is the least generic of the human lands

  • maxa
    maxa 4 days ago

    "Fallout 76 is our biggest game." - Todd Howard.
    Don't get too excited for anything Bethesda related anymore

  • Wolfram von Vyller, the Wizard

    Please, bethesda, don't screw this up, i beg you

  • The Last Targaryen
    The Last Targaryen 4 days ago

    this 30 second trailer is better than Fallout 76

  • gory tho snool
    gory tho snool 4 days ago

    god i cant wait for this game to come out so i can break it with mods

  • Pete Copter
    Pete Copter 4 days ago


  • Rafał Burdzy
    Rafał Burdzy 4 days ago

    WHEN? :(((

    TREEGO TOP TOP 4 days ago

    I'm sure they learned their lesson from fallout 76 and fallout 4 this game will be good they can't release three duds in a row

  • AlthePro 10
    AlthePro 10 4 days ago

    How's this for a plot
    The age of dragon has ended for 20 years and almost all dragon species are dead. The dragonborn had been backstabbed and assassinated by The Blades and now they are mercilessly rulling all over the region. You play as a rebel that escaped from captivity and from there on you decide your on path.
    Pretty neat huh?
    *Alexa play the elder scrolls theme*

  • Kapero_HD #
    Kapero_HD # 4 days ago

    please let the dragons in the game

  • Airon Gress
    Airon Gress 4 days ago

    Veeeryyy интригующще!!!

  • m1.00
    m1.00 4 days ago +1

    Hey Bethesda If you wanted to do something new to bring more people into the elder scrolls franchise why not do what far cry 5 did instead of making your game fully online like Fallout 76 you can make it a single player and co op with a story and quests because thats the only reason people bought far cry 5 (excluding the core fanbase who would play the game no matter what) you can get new people to buy your game if you made the co op as good as far cry 5 or even better (please make it Better )i have faith in Bethesda studios i really want this game to be better than skyrim if you guys put your mind to this then there is nothing impossible.

  • AGENT 47
    AGENT 47 5 days ago

    For the love of talos don't make this into another fallout 76 or into any online battle Royale

  • Kavin Chandar
    Kavin Chandar 5 days ago

    Please ditch the engine

  • Duygusal Pislik
    Duygusal Pislik 5 days ago

    ...but then i took an arrow in the knee

  • Movie Nerd
    Movie Nerd 5 days ago +1

    I finally beat Morrowind after numerous false starts, losing save data and game breaking glitches on console. A game I started playing over 15 years ago.

  • NewAgeVampire
    NewAgeVampire 5 days ago

    Bethesda Game Studios, the acclaimed developers of ESO and Fallout 76......... better stops working on shitty Online Games 😂
    Get a new Engine, throw dat MMO Shit out of the Windows and start making Games again, pls. 😅

  • Kylian Yhuel
    Kylian Yhuel 5 days ago

    je pri pour qu il ne soit pas en ligne et redevien comme skyrim

  • Dodecore
    Dodecore 5 days ago

    please bethesda do this single player only and pls do it with a MODERN engine! don't recycle the one of fallout PLEASE do this with heart. elder scrolls saga is too important to be wasted

  • zam z
    zam z 5 days ago

    they better fucking hire Jeremy Soule.

  • SushiVoador
    SushiVoador 5 days ago

    medieval country roads

  • Moszi
    Moszi 5 days ago +2

    Поставьте лайк под моим комментом чтобы американцы подумали что я написал что-то умное вот даже серьезный смайлик поставил😐

  • A A P M
    A A P M 5 days ago +1

    The Elder Scrolls VI : Terrain

  • Johann Kachelmeier
    Johann Kachelmeier 5 days ago +1

    Please have native 21:9 support

  • Kejiri
    Kejiri 5 days ago

    Can't wait for it. Looks amazing

  • il mietitore
    il mietitore 5 days ago

    I was hoping in "The Elder Scrolls VI: Black Marsh", but it looks like it won't be like that :(

  • R.K.Playz
    R.K.Playz 5 days ago +3

    Considering the themes of the last three games foreshadowed at least how the games were, like -
    1. Morrowind theme was chill with a sense of wonder and adventure like a sunset, just like the game which was chill and didn't rely on heavy set pieces.
    2. Oblivion's theme had more grandeur and a feeling of majesty, just like the game which has more reliance on set pieces and epic events felt a lot a more inspired by real life Imperial history
    3. Skyrim's theme was epic and powerful with a heavy reliance on strong orchestral vocals, just like the game which relied very heavily on epic set pieces and that vocal part was quite literal.
    If we go by this pattern, in my opinion, TES 6 will be an epic adventure with a sense of grandeur and mystery like a mixture of Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim, just like what this theme sounds like.

  • noy
    noy 5 days ago +1

    Why are people asking for no multiplayer? A completely optional co-op system would be so fun for an Elder Scrolls game. Just look at Skyrim Together and how much people are loving it and how long they've been wanting it. Should be asking for a simple feature that allows for someone to host a game and play with friends.

    FFFFA 6 days ago

    You lovely Benethda corp made me peed in my pants
    지려따리 지려따!!

  • Sinister Garbage
    Sinister Garbage 6 days ago +1

    Todd Howard.
    The elder scrolls: an angle
    Fallout series: a devil

  • Pa Lei Wa
    Pa Lei Wa 6 days ago

    Please take your time and don't rush the game. I started skyrim like 3 weeks ago and I am so fucking hooked. A game made in 2011 had so much better gameplay then most of 2018 games. I hope you add more improvment and exceed previous elder scroll game

    • Nicolás Nielsen
      Nicolás Nielsen 6 days ago

      Lol you mean it?
      Objectively the gameplay is garbage, all you do is stand front your enemy and click the mouse.
      Plain and shit
      You notice the creatures only have 1 animation to attack you?

  • deadshot 090
    deadshot 090 6 days ago

    Lets hope it will be more like Oblivion, could you imagine a new Arena? It would be soooo cool.

  • Bolverk
    Bolverk 6 days ago

    Dear god please don't fuck this series like you did fallout.. I beg you

  • Citizen Goose
    Citizen Goose 6 days ago

    everyone, brace for a possible new disappointment from your boy todd... its coming in 2024 and it uses an engine from the 90s... this is gonna get nasty...

  • Dlones
    Dlones 6 days ago

    How to shake whole internet in just 36 seconds.

  • Benjamin Ah
    Benjamin Ah 6 days ago

    Anyone else feels being lollygagged ?

  • NHP
    NHP 6 days ago

    “Again, it works. It just works.”

  • Eu Sou Korominas
    Eu Sou Korominas 6 days ago

    Bethesda: **Launchs Fallout 76**
    Fans: You've commited crimes agains't the fanbase and her people. What say in your defense?
    Bethesda: **Launchs TES IV Teaser**

  • Noober
    Noober 6 days ago

    Da prey...approaches...

  • jim030
    jim030 6 days ago

    wabedi woedie

  • Garrett Horsch
    Garrett Horsch 6 days ago

    When I was watching E3 I expected no mention of TES6 at all which was disappointing and just wanted to get a look at Starfield. Obviously we got the star field trailer and it will most likely be an awesome game but I was still longing for the feeling I had the first time I booted up skyrim when i got goosebumps walking out into the world. That game got me through some tough times. Then out of nowhere Todd Howard said and we have one more thing to announce and yes it is the one you have been asking about. My soon to be wife was downstairs and I was in bed because I felt sick but all that sick feeling went away as a leaped from the bed like a child on Christmas and started cheering and texting as many people as possible. Obviously now the excitement has settled a little bit because I know it is a long way off but that trailer gave me a fix for at least a little while. Can’t wait to play it. I have been trying to play other games lately to distract me and while there are some good games out there I am just not truly satisfied without the elder scrolls 6. Not trying to rush you Bethesda but please hurry, I am trying to make sure I don’t have kids by time the game comes out.

  • Nikola Dimitrov
    Nikola Dimitrov 6 days ago

    0:16 You see that big crater to the left ? That's going to be the Battle Royale arena.

  • Randy Savage
    Randy Savage 6 days ago +1

    You better add in a village full of nazeem clones for us to slaughter

  • Meratashi
    Meratashi 6 days ago

    man Arena 6 looks great