The Elder Scrolls VI - Official E3 Announcement Teaser

  • Published on Jun 11, 2018
  • Currently in pre-production at Bethesda Game Studios, the acclaimed developers of Skyrim and Fallout 4. The highly-anticipated next chapter in the iconic The Elder Scrolls series.
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  • Ty B
    Ty B 15 minutes ago

    Am I the only one who thinks this is a little underwhelming...?

  • Gendry Baratheon
    Gendry Baratheon 34 minutes ago +1

    Buying a PC now that will be obsolete by the time this releases.

  • Giant Dwarf
    Giant Dwarf 47 minutes ago

    skyrim 4 multiplayer confirmed

  • Jailson Ola
    Jailson Ola 51 minute ago

    0:14 >->

  • Jei Benk
    Jei Benk 2 hours ago

    ДАВАКИН ДАВАКИН!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • one random guy
    one random guy 2 hours ago

    There still exists a person waiting for Skyrim 2

  • 123Dunebuggy
    123Dunebuggy 2 hours ago

    Hype train leaving the station

  • Bronzous
    Bronzous 3 hours ago


  • Im a Rhino
    Im a Rhino 3 hours ago +1

    I keep coming back to this. This game will be beautiful I hope. Hopefully Jeremy Soule composes the soundtrack once again.

  • Linda Linder
    Linda Linder 4 hours ago

    LeT mE gUEsS SoMeoNE sTOle YoUR SweET ROAL

  • AtlasNM
    AtlasNM 4 hours ago

    Jesus the fact that I’m still playing Skyrim to this day makes me cream myself thinking about what this game will give

  • BaldPipeSmoker
    BaldPipeSmoker 4 hours ago

    It's about time. Still have a long wait though. I wish Bethesda would have made this game before Fallout 76!

  • Serious GamerZ
    Serious GamerZ 4 hours ago

    1 Templar vs 20+ players=Templar wins (This is pvp system of elder scrolls)

  • woodlefoof2
    woodlefoof2 5 hours ago

    OH BOY!
    now the skyrim first timers can get all grown up and join us in bitching endlessly about how the previous game was infinitely better in every way, while making sure to ignore its every flaw
    like daggerfell oldies acting like the big ass semi randomly generated map made it better because it was bigger
    like how morriwind fans seem to have stolkholm syndrome and legitimately try to defend its combat system.
    like oblivion MASSIVE LEGENDS! correctly assuming that oblivion was a perfect gem of a game that had absolutely no flaws to speak of in any regard or viewpoint that is valid

  • Elisabeth Bowman-Yeend

    That music though! I'm am looking foward to this so much! Just hope it won't be online though...

  • SnlDrako
    SnlDrako 5 hours ago

    I think it's Summerset. Are we actually going to Summerset? Please let it be Summerset.

  • Alex Nasif Stoklosa
    Alex Nasif Stoklosa 6 hours ago

    So hyped to make my Argonian waifu again

  • Nico Amor
    Nico Amor 6 hours ago

    Can you make the character models cute? Like anime cute?

  • Neyshen Ratnam
    Neyshen Ratnam 6 hours ago

    let me guess, someone stole your *SWEETROLL*

  • andi toja
    andi toja 7 hours ago


  • L . L
    L . L 8 hours ago

    Can someone make a mod that gives it Skyrim or Oblivion graphics

  • tech support
    tech support 8 hours ago

    i hope they seize the production of the elder scrolls

  • Jere Huttula
    Jere Huttula 8 hours ago +1

    Can't wait!

  • endertwelve
    endertwelve 9 hours ago

    I could listen to those drums all day.

  • Сергей Ам
    Сергей Ам 9 hours ago

    Лучше б скайрим 2 выпустили.

  • Rafael Matias
    Rafael Matias 9 hours ago

    Too short, but enough to jerk off

  • No Signal
    No Signal 9 hours ago

    Bethesda, my boys (and girls) please bring back levitation! And btw i just got addicted to Skyrim.

  • Miso
    Miso 10 hours ago

    Imagine co-op this

  • Miso
    Miso 10 hours ago

    Holyy im so exicited

  • Letsreview125
    Letsreview125 10 hours ago


  • Nozza
    Nozza 10 hours ago

    I love the remastered version of the song of the dragonborn here, so satisfying. I wonder if this game will follow the story of the dragonborn after what happened in skyrim?

  • zipfield55
    zipfield55 10 hours ago


  • FRƐD
    FRƐD 10 hours ago +1

    Is that Adamantine tower?

  • S olitude Official
    S olitude Official 11 hours ago

    cant wait for next-gen nazeem

  • David Horváth
    David Horváth 11 hours ago

    I hope it's Akavir and not Hammerfell

  • ScottishBawbag
    ScottishBawbag 11 hours ago

    mountain climbing simulator looks really good! gg bethesda, gg.

  • Janardan G
    Janardan G 12 hours ago

    The Elder Scrolls VI Battle-Royale

  • BlackHeart Blood
    BlackHeart Blood 12 hours ago

    Is the game online, like rest of the other games?

  • Evilda Noir
    Evilda Noir 12 hours ago

    *screams internally but also very much externally*

  • SombreBat
    SombreBat 12 hours ago

    "I'd be alot warmer and alot happier with a belly full of mead"

  • rjt197197
    rjt197197 13 hours ago

    """Currently in pre-production """
    see you in 5 years i guess

  • Mr White Négative
    Mr White Négative 13 hours ago

    And ?

  • Sebastian Guerrero
    Sebastian Guerrero 13 hours ago

    Al fin anunciado el juego, no puedo esperar a comprarlo

  • Benjamin Donahue
    Benjamin Donahue 13 hours ago

    Watch this every day for guaranteed happiness

  • Vince
    Vince 13 hours ago

    This game will be the reason why I will never find a girlfriend...

  • Arcaryon Xavier
    Arcaryon Xavier 14 hours ago

    how did I miss this ?!?!?!??????

  • IronSpider
    IronSpider 14 hours ago

    finally, jeeze.

  • Vince
    Vince 14 hours ago

    0:03 *Nazeem*:'Have you been to the cloud district before?'

  • Heitor Wilson
    Heitor Wilson 15 hours ago

    Vai ser em High Rock

  • Henrique2008
    Henrique2008 15 hours ago


  • Jackie Sanford
    Jackie Sanford 15 hours ago

    I've never been this excited about anything in so long.

  • Frederick Castro
    Frederick Castro 15 hours ago

    Very weak trailer

  • fauzan husain
    fauzan husain 15 hours ago

    Don't mind me just passing by for my daily nutrition

  • Mirous
    Mirous 16 hours ago +2

    Overhyped overratted bullshit :D

  • Bam bam Splinters
    Bam bam Splinters 16 hours ago


  • Gila6918
    Gila6918 16 hours ago

    i take 6 of it

  • Roadkill666Devil
    Roadkill666Devil 17 hours ago

    Ребят, заходите в гости

  • The 1001 1001
    The 1001 1001 17 hours ago +2

    now wait 3 years more for a gameplay .
    am i right ?

  • PeRoV_77 _
    PeRoV_77 _ 18 hours ago

    Просто пролёт камеры. И что? диз конечно

  • One above all
    One above all 18 hours ago

    Its going to be garbage

  • My AfterNoon Meme
    My AfterNoon Meme 18 hours ago

    Skyrim was a masterpiece. I doubt they'll live up to it with TES6

  • Frostbite 8.0
    Frostbite 8.0 18 hours ago

    It might be elyswere or outside of elyswere

  • Therrorth Midnight
    Therrorth Midnight 19 hours ago

    Despacito 2

  • Lordar007
    Lordar007 19 hours ago


  • K0_DU
    K0_DU 20 hours ago

    You are guilty of a crime in Valenwood (or whatever the place is called) stop immediately

  • K0_DU
    K0_DU 20 hours ago

    YOU RELEASE FALLOUT 76 AND ELDER SCROLLS VI You are my favourite game company

  • K0_DU
    K0_DU 20 hours ago


    JOB JOB 20 hours ago

    жду эбат

  • Laura
    Laura 20 hours ago


  • Lucas Holstein-Bech
    Lucas Holstein-Bech 20 hours ago

    This feels like Hammerfell or Elswey because of the deserts, but also the fog at the start could be a rainforest or more desert.

  • Son Sukcharoen
    Son Sukcharoen 20 hours ago +1

    How have I travelled to the year 3978 ?

  • B Kaz
    B Kaz 20 hours ago

    The sad thing is that an E3 teaser means it probably wont’t release this year :/

  • Daymo Shivi
    Daymo Shivi 21 hour ago

    The Daedra demand to let us know more about the dwemer and snowelves, in a time where we lived under the earthsurface in all of tamriel!

  • FailingMoon
    FailingMoon 21 hour ago

    I think its Yokuda! We get to explore tamriel through online. It looks like an island, its rocky and hilly..

  • xz0rg
    xz0rg 22 hours ago


  • бешеный ананас

    When this music starts to play, I start to cry

  • Empty V
    Empty V 23 hours ago

    Heres hoping its not a 5000 gig MMO

  • Ender Heroes
    Ender Heroes 23 hours ago +1

    If Elder Scrolls 6 takes place in Elswere
    Elder Scrolls 6: Skooma Den

  • Shrekt
    Shrekt 23 hours ago

    Elder Scrolls VI is actually Elder Scrolls Version 1 and a remaster of Arena

  • Joe1up
    Joe1up Day ago


  • Venturi4nF4n123
    Venturi4nF4n123 Day ago


  • Le Radis Irradié

    OH GOD !

  • José Augusto
    José Augusto Day ago

    Please! Please! I beg you! Don't make online co-operative shit. At least not as a main mode. I know we'll not see anything about it till 2022, but please!

  • Chính tkt
    Chính tkt Day ago +1

    The Elder Scrolls IV: Despacito 2

  • Roo N
    Roo N Day ago

    my mind and soul are ready

  • zMolarity
    zMolarity Day ago

    I’ve watched this like 80 times and it still gives me goosebumps.

  • Mario Antonio
    Mario Antonio Day ago

    Awesome! New lands to fast travel back to your Windows desktop in a flash.

  • Proto Snake
    Proto Snake Day ago +1

    Turns out it's an enhanced port of Skyrim adding it to your toilet

  • Kacie Miller
    Kacie Miller Day ago

    That's a teaser trailer, for sure!!! -_-

  • Hatim Turki
    Hatim Turki Day ago


  • Master FaneZ
    Master FaneZ Day ago

    Can't fucking wait

  • Felix Viehl
    Felix Viehl Day ago +1

    Finally blyat #dabforever

  • Nicolas Cuevas Estrada

    WHY WON'T YOU DIEEE - Friendy guard

  • MJokerr
    MJokerr Day ago +3

    Can this please reveal more information about the dwemer? Why did they die out and such? Pleaase. Im very curious of that race, or even if the story would be based around the time of their life it would be even better. Idk how it would work lol but it would be nice

  • Alex Stone897770175

    That’s it?

  • Zrakxor
    Zrakxor Day ago

    *Fus ro dah! DOVAHKIIN!*

  • Eduardo Betta
    Eduardo Betta Day ago +1

    in far mountains i can see ice mountains i hope we can travel to this unknow place must be beautiful (:

  • Igor Garcia de oliveira

    The most happy 36 seconds of my life

  • Simon Winther
    Simon Winther Day ago

    I hope it’s another mmo

  • m80
    m80 Day ago

    I haven't been this excited in years! Hell yeah!